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Mutant High

Chapter 4

Ryo used his power to look around the room while facing Jean. A strange computer with holographic capabilities stood in the centre of the War Room, and there was a large number of various equipment and computers along the walls. His teammates stood near him, all clad in their uniforms.

"Team A, all present," Sam announced. He stood rigidly at attention, looking smart in his black uniform jacket and trousers. Bobby rolled his eyes at Ryo.

"Cut it out, Sam," Jubilee said. "You're not Cyclops."

"You have a problem with Scott?" Jean asked.

"The same problem I have with sleeping on a board," Jubilee said. "It's just not fun when something's that stiff."

"I always thought it was more fun when it was stiff," Bobby remarked innocently, carefully avoiding Jubilee's gaze.

Jean groaned and shook her head. "One day, Bobby, and maybe I'll be prepared for those awful jokes of yours."

"I guess I'll have to make more of them then," Bobby said. "So you get more practice."

"Would you just keep quiet?" Sam glared at Bobby in exasperation. "We're having a drill now."

Jubilee mouthed "just like Cyclops" to Ryo, and he winked in acknowledgement of her statement. Ryo didn't know Cyclops all that well yet since he'd only met the guy twice. Three if Ryo counted the first sighting back in Florida when he came with the Professor and Jean to bring Ryo and the others to school.

"Moving on," Jean brought them back to the topic at hand. "You guys made it down here in six minutes and thirty-seven seconds. That's about two minutes slower than before."

"Well, I did just come out of the shower in Ryo's room," Bobby said. "I didn't have my uniform with me."

"Wait a moment," Ryo said. "This is a drill? I thought there was a mission briefing?"

Jean smiled. "It's a drill. If it was a real mission, the professor would be here to give the briefing, and everyone else would be here too."

"Sam said it was a mission," Ryo eyed Sam in mock anger.

"It's the Cyclops syndrome," Leyu laughed. "The one where they blow minor things up into major things."

Jean's eyes widened, then narrowed at Bobby. "Robert Louis Drake, you give your dirty mind a good scrubbing."

Bobby feigned an innocent look, but the mischievous glint in his eye made everyone laugh, much to Sam's irritation.

"Alright, you're all dismissed," Jean said, glancing at her watch. "Enjoy the rest of your weekend."

"Man, Jean doesn't do this every weekend, does she?" Ryo asked as the group left the War Room.

"Nope," Bobby said. "Maybe about twice a year. Otherwise I think we would have expected it by now." He grabbed Ryo's arm. "Hey, since you're here, let's go see the X-Jet."

Ryo tried unsuccessfully to extricate himself from Bobby's grasp as the latter led the way to the hangar. "No, it's alright, I've..."

Bobby dragged Ryo out of the War Room while the others looked on in amusement. "Come on guys. Let's show Ryo the hangar."

The rest of the group exchanged glances, then shrugged and followed Bobby to the hangar. The door opened automatically just before they got there. Julian stepped out of the hangar, his shirtless body covered in sweat that left dark streaks down his grey sweat pants. He looked at the group and groaned.

"I just cleaned up the whole hangar," he said, wiping sweat from his forehead. "Can you please not mess it up?"

"You're telekinetic," Ryo said. "You could clean it up easily if we mess up anything."

Julian scowled. "I'm supposed to clean it every Saturday for the next month. Without powers."

"Another punishment," Sam said. It wasn't a question.

"No," Julian corrected. "The same one as before. Just extended, that's all."

"We're just showing Ryo the Blackbird," Bobby said curtly. "We'll be out in a bit and won't make a mess."

"You'd better make sure of it, Drake," Julian said. He glanced at Ryo. "I'd like to talk to you later, if you have the time."

"Sure," Ryo said, ignoring Bobby's frown. He managed to remove Bobby's grip on his wrist. "I'll see you after dinner."

Bobby grabbed Ryo's wrist again and started dragging him into the hangar, the rest of the team following behind. Bobby struck a dramatic post and gestured at the sleek black jet in the centre of the large hangar. "And that is the Blackbird. Have you ever seen anything so majestic before in your life?"

"Yeah," Ryo said, unimpressed. "Last week. I rode one to school."

"You're kidding, right?" Bobby asked. "I knew you were rich, but I didn't know you rode a jet to school."

Jubilee rolled her eyes and smacked the back of Bobby's head. "He's talking about this jet, doofus. That's how they brought the group of them here."

"Oh, right," Bobby said, rubbing the spot Jubilee hit. "I knew that."

"No you didn't," Theresa said.

Ryo looked at her in surprise. "Wow! That raises the number of words I've heard you speak to a total count of twenty, I think."

Theresa just blushed and stared intently at the Blackbird's boarding ramp as it lowered itself.

"You think David's hot, don't you?" Ryo asked her suddenly. Theresa whirled around, a look of shock and panic on her face.

"How did you know? Is it that obvious? Did you tell him?" She started to turn a bright shade of red, nearly matching the colour of her hair.

"Thirty-two now," Ryo laughed. "You should talk more. David likes quiet girls, but not THAT quiet. And don't worry, I didn't tell him anything."

"Someone's been taking Bobby lessons," Leyu laughed. Theresa giggled.

"I think Bobby's found his soul mate, especially after this morning's fiasco," Sam said as he walked towards the hangar door. Bobby shot a dark look at Sam. Sam just smirked back, then continued walking. He took a step and slipped, falling onto his butt.

"Gee, I wonder how that patch of ice got there," Bobby said, walking carefully around it. "It's a good thing you found it Sam. Someone else might've gotten hurt."

"Up yours, Drake," Sam growled. He slipped on another patch of ice.

The common room was unusually empty, but then Ryo had only seen it during the weekdays after classes, and not on the weekends. He figured most people either slept in or went out to town. He checked the grandfather clock in the corner of the room. He was fifteen minutes early, so he decided to sit on the couch and wait.

"Hi there, you must be Ryo Summers."

Ryo sat up and turned to face the speaker, a good-looking youth with light brown hair and matching eyes. "Wow, you really like brown, don't you?" All the boy's clothes were various shades of brown. His long-sleeved t-shirt was a pale brown with chocolate brown sleeves, his slacks were a pale brown shade, and even his sneakers were light brown with dark brown shoelaces.

The guy laughed. "Not exactly the response I was expecting. But then, you're new here and a rather unexpected newcomer at that."


"Word around school tells of how you single-handedly defeated Team C in the Danger Room during practice." He smiled conspiratorially at Ryo. "And certain other sources make mention of some form of interest in you by our dear Mister Keller."

Ryo raised an eyebrow. "Julian?" He narrowed his eyes and matched the stranger's smile. "And what sort of interest do they say he has in me?"

The young man grinned. "Interest of the rather, shall we say, erotically-inclined type?"

"And what, pray tell, does that interest of his have to do with your business, my good sir?" Ryo asked playfully.

The youth inclined his head towards the couch with a slight bow. Ryo grinned and patted the seat. Smiling, the young man sat next to Ryo. "Well, it is well-known to me that Mister Keller has a rather uncanny knack for identifying people rather attracted to people of the same gender as themselves."

"He has good gaydar?"

The guy punched Ryo jokingly. "You're ruining the mood." He grinned as Ryo rubbed his shoulder in mock pain. "Now where was I? Ah yes. I find myself drawn towards such an exotic and unique specimen of masculinity such as yourself and would like to extend my hand in friendship for the sake of getting to know you better."

"You know, if you want to hit on someone, it helps to let them know your name," Ryo hinted. He somehow just couldn't stop grinning.

The guy groaned. "I knew I forgot something. My name is James Arthur Madrox, but you can call me by my less formal nickname, Jamie."

Ryo gave Jamie a coy smile. "So..." he drawled, "is this the part where you kiss the back of my hand, or do we just exchange handshakes?"

Jamie chuckled, grabbed Ryo's hand and stood up, pulling Ryo up with him. He made a formal bow and kissed the back of Ryo's hand. "A pleasure to meet you, sir."

"The pleasure's all mine, Mister Madrox."

Jamie let go of Ryo's hand. He chuckled and pretended to wipe sweat off his forehead. "Whew, now that's over, I don't have to be so formal now." His laugh was contagious and Ryo soon joined him in laughter.

Julian heard the laughter coming from the common room and recognised one voice easily. Jamie. Julian clenched his fists. Jamie always seemed to cause trouble for him. He hoped the other voice wasn't Ryo. He peeked cautiously through the doorway. His heart sank as he saw Ryo and Jamie chatting and laughing with each other. Forcing himself to remain cheerful, he walked in a smiled. "Funny joke?"

Ryo and Jamie both stopped laughing and turned to face him. "Jamie's just being friendly," Ryo said.

Too friendly for Julian's taste, but he maintained his fake smile. "I see. Jamie, could you excuse us for a moment? I want to talk to Ryo."

Jamie glanced at Ryo, who sighed and nodded his head slightly. Julian scowled inwardly. He had passed word around school telling everyone to avoid the common room at this time, or else. And that damn Jamie Madrox had the cheek to look for Ryo in the common room. Julian was sure it wasn't an accidental meeting. He glared at Jamie as the boy shook hands and said farewell to Ryo and left the room.

"What's all that about?" Ryo asked after Jamie was out of sight, his voice devoid of the warmth it had earlier.

This wasn't going at all like Julian had planned it. "I just wanted to ask if I could come over and play a few Xbox games with you. Phantom Dust or Dungeons & Dragons Heroes or something."

"You could have asked me that this morning," Ryo said, sitting down on the couch again. "What is this really about, Julian?"

Julian pushed his hair back and sighed. He sat next to Ryo and put his arm around the red-head's shoulders. "Nah, it's nothing. That's all I wanted to ask you."

Ryo stood up. "Fine, let's go to my room now and play then." He abruptly left the room.

Julian snarled and punched the couch. This was really not going as planned, all thanks to that damned Jamie Madrox.

Ryo put the Xbox controller down. "I'm tired."

Julian fired one last attack at Ryo's stationery Phantom Dust character, winning the round. They had only played several rounds, with Ryo winning most of them easily. The game was based on luck as well as skill, so Julian had managed to beat Ryo a few times. Julian checked his watch before putting the controller down. "We've only been playing less than an hour."

It wasn't as if Julian hadn't noticed Ryo's lack of enthusiasm. Ryo was already lacking a lot of it before they started playing, but he seemed to get more and more listless with each passing round. Julian scowled inwardly again as Ryo switched off the Xbox and placed the controllers back in the cupboard under the Xbox.

"I'm going to bed now," Ryo announced.

"Can I stay the night?" Julian asked quickly. It was now or never.

"Man, the only night I had the bed to myself was the first night I spent here," Ryo grumbled. He seemed to mull it over for a moment. "Fine, you can stay the night."

Julian cheered inwardly. Maybe he could salvage something of the mess Jamie created. He got into bed with Ryo, both of them wearing only their boxers. Julian tried to put his arm under Ryo's neck, but Ryo shifted further up the pillow, blocking Julian's attempt to cuddle him. That option failed, Julian turned on his side to face Ryo and attempted to put his arm around Ryo. The boy responded by shifting to face Julian, his arm subtly deflecting Julian's arm. Julian sighed.

"What?" It was more a growl than a question.

"Nothing," Julian said, shifting onto his back again. "I just wanted you to do what you did the first time I stayed overnight here."

"I can do that," Ryo said.

Julian smiled, then turned his back to Ryo, waiting expectantly for the hug.

"Dork," Ryo said. He turned the other way, his back facing Julian's back and didn't move.

Julian scowled at Ryo's unresponsiveness. He inwardly cursed Jamie Madrox again for ruining his plans. But he had a trick up his sleeve that might turn the situation to his favour. A trick that Julian knew Jamie would never pull. He waited for Ryo to fall asleep before he made his move.

Ryo's breathing slowed to a regular pace after what seemed like forever to Julian. He forced himself to wait a while longer, fearing that if he started too soon, Ryo would wake up before he could start putting his plan into action. After Julian was sure it was safe, he slowly shifted himself to face Ryo. The chill night air seemed icy against his nervous sweat, and he briefly wondered how Ryo slept without a blanket in this temperature.

He slowly moved his arm over Ryo and moved it down to the sleeping boy's crotch. He felt around Ryo's groin, lightly squeezing Ryo's soft cock through the cotton boxers. Ryo grunted in his sleep and shifted his position onto his back, causing Julian to yelp softly and remain motionless. A few tense minutes later, Julian made his move again. Using his telekinesis, he lifted Ryo gently off the bed and removed his boxers before laying him back down on the bed. So far so good.

He took in the sight of Ryo's flaccid cock as he slowly moved his head towards it. His heart pounded in anticipation as he inched nearer and nearer to his goal. He smiled as he stopped mere millimetres away from Ryo's manhood, then slowly flicked his tongue out and licked it. He kissed the head, then took it into his mouth. He heard Ryo moan softly as his tongue stimulated Ryo's stiffening cock.

Julian began to suck on Ryo's dick as it grew and hardened. He tasted the sweet flavour of pre cum and began sucking in earnest, Ryo moaning and writhing in his sleep. Julian stopped sucking for a moment to lick Ryo's balls, then began sucking them one by one while Ryo moaned in pleasure. He kissed Ryo's shaft and slowly licked it from base to tip, then swallowed Ryo's tool again. He suppressed his urge to gag as the head pressed against the back of his throat, before slipping past it. Julian continued to deep throat Ryo.

A moan escaped Ryo's lips. "Shawn."

Julian grimaced, then consoled himself. At least Ryo didn't say Jamie. Dripping some saliva onto his middle finger, Julian pressed it against Ryo's hole. Ryo grunted as Julian's finger penetrated his ass, and Julian began to thrust his finger into Ryo's hole. Julian's hard-on raged in his boxers and he rubbed it with his free hand as he continued sucking and finger-fucking Ryo.

"Julian," Ryo groaned, "please stop."

Julian ignored him. He used his powers to stop Ryo from pushing him off and continued sucking. His finger felt around Ryo's ass, and suddenly Ryo moaned, his body twisting slightly under Julian's telekinetic hold. Julian grinned and began massaging Ryo's prostate as he sucked, and Ryo could barely keep his moans quiet.

"Please stop," he begged Julian. "Please... urrrgh! No." The taste of cum flooded Julian's mouth and he swallowed it greedily as Ryo continued to shoot. After a few more spurts, Ryo's cock began to soften in Julian's mouth. He gave it one last suck, then took his mouth off it. He slowly removed his finger from Ryo's ass.

"You like?" he asked Ryo, a grin spreading over his face. He released Ryo from his mental grip.

Ryo's face remained emotionless. "I told you to stop."

"It's alright," Julian said. "I knew you were close already, so you didn't take me by surprise."

"That's not it," Ryo said. "I wanted you to stop and you didn't."

Julian shot Ryo a confused look.

Ryo shook his head angrily. "I don't want to talk about it."

"It's that Shawn fellow, isn't it?" Julian asked, his frown on the verge of becoming a scowl. "You called his name in your sleep."

"That's none of your business," Ryo snapped back.

"Who is he, your boyfriend?" Julian asked, his anger growing. If Ryo was attached, why was he still flirting with that damn Jamie Madrox? "He's not here now, is he?"

Ryo sat up in his bed. "That's because he's dead," he snarled.

"So you would rather have a corpse suck you off rather than a living being?" Julian asked, his voice nearly a yell. "Or maybe that's just an excuse to make me feel bad so you can go slut around with Jamie."

"Get out," Ryo growled.

"No," Julian said. "I'm not going to budge until you tell me what the deal is with that dead guy."

"Fine," Ryo said, getting up from his bed. He picked up his boxers and pulled them on again, then opened his cupboard and grabbed a pair of sweat pants. "Stay here for all I care." He slammed the cupboard door and stomped towards his room door.

"Where are you going?" Julian asked. He got off the bed and walked towards Ryo. Ryo whirled around to face Julian, his eyes glowing green in the darkness.

"Take another step towards me and I will break your neck."

A chill went down Julian's spine. Ryo's voice was flat and his face betrayed no expression, but Julian somehow just knew that Ryo was being serious. The utter coldness and lack of emotion in Ryo's voice unnerved Julian to the core, and he could only watch as Ryo slipped out the room.

There was no other word to describe it. Ryo felt violated by Julian's actions. He had thought it was Shawn at first, then remembered with painful clarity that Shawn was dead. He just wished he could get over Shawn's death, but it was too soon, too fresh in his mind. He stared at his closed room door for a moment, then put on the sweat pants he had grabbed from his cupboard. Not a good idea to wander the school in just his boxers.

Ryo wondered where he could sleep for the night. While he didn't mind sleeping on the floor, sleeping on the floor in the middle of the hall would raise a lot of questions if anyone happened to see him. He briefly thought of rooming with David since he had no roommate yet, but he quickly put that thought out of his mind. A bomb could explode in David's room and he wouldn't have stirred. Bobby was out of the question because he would wake Alex as well.

Jamie! Ryo remembered Jamie mentioning his roommate had gone to visit his parents for the weekend, so he would probably have a spare bed. The problem of finding Jamie's room was easily solved. Ryo focused his power to his eyes and began spreading his vision outwards in all directions. Everything seemed to be made out of energy at this level, and his sight pierced the walls and floors of the school with ease. He ignored the lightless glowing auras of living things, scanning each one briefly for Jamie's. In a second, he found it, and he diverted his energy away from the rest of the mansion in his view. What he saw as energy now solidified into matter as his sight began to see in the normal light spectrum. He could see and hear everything in Jamie's room with crystal clarity, could hear Jamie's slow breath as he slept. Ryo shifted his vision slightly outwards to see Jamie's room number. Finding the information he wanted, Ryo shut his power down and made his way down the stairs to room 222 and Jamie.

Stopping outside the plain wood door, Ryo hesitated for a moment, then tentatively knocked on the door. He peered into the room briefly with his powers and saw Jamie stirring from sleep. He knocked quietly again and saw Jamie wake up and glance at the digital clock on his bedside table. With a groan, the boy got out of bed and made his way to the door.

The door opened and Jamie peeped out, rubbing his eyes. "Ryo? What are you doing here?" He paused for a moment. "What happened?"

Ryo looked at the floor. "It's complicated. Can I stay the night?"

"Sure," Jamie said, opening the door with a sleepy flourish. "Come on in." He glanced over at his roommate's bed. "I'd offer you Adam's bed, but as you can see, you'd probably need shots tomorrow morning. I swear he was a big in his past life or something."

Ryo regarded the dirty clothes scattered on the bed and the floor around it. "How does he sleep at night?"

"I have no idea," Jamie said, making a face. He sat down on his bed, then glanced at Ryo. "Aren't you going to sleep?"

"I thought I'd just sleep on the floor," Ryo said.

"Oh no you're not," Jamie said. "I don't care if you're used to it or whatever, but no guest of mine sleeps on the floor when there's ample space on the bed."

Ryo gave him a shy smile, then sat on the other side of the queen-sized bed. Both guys lay down on the bed at the same time, facing each other.

"You shouldn't frown so much, Ryo. You look better when you're happy."

Ryo shot Jamie a weak smile. "I'm just dealing with things at the moment. I don't really feel like talking about it. I don't want to seem like I'm being..." He was interrupted by Jamie putting a finger over his mouth and smiling at him.

"You don't have to explain or excuse yourself for anything," Jamie said. "If you don't feel like talking about it, I'll accept that." He stroked Ryo's cheek gently, running his fingers over the high cheekbones and sharp Asian features.

Ryo froze for a moment. "Jamie, I..."

Jamie withdrew his hand with a smile. "If you don't mind, we'll sleep back to back?"

Ryo furrowed his brow for a moment then realised Jamie guessed that he was uncomfortable with the touching. Jamie had thoughtfully suggested sleeping back to back so nothing would happen just to ease Ryo's fears, but made it seem like it had been his own idea all along. As Jamie rolled on his side facing away from Ryo, Ryo couldn't help but smile.



"Thank you."


to be continued

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