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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 1 - Charlie

    As you'll read in the following, it's not always bad working the night shift. But as a rule, it's usually quiet except on the weekends when the party animals come in.

    I'm employed by a national hotel chain. I could name drop, but it's not a Hilton by any means.

    My dream was to climb the corporate ladder, so I was taking classes during the day in hotel management. By two in the morning, I was bleary eyed from studying and a severe lack of sleep. Coffee was all that was keeping me going and my nerves were on overload from it.

    We had one more week before all hell was to break loose. That's when the film crews were due to start arriving. I don't believe in what stars make these days, and had started my boycott of them all years back. The attitudes were something I wasn't looking forward to.

    Now a lot of people would think that we live in a small town in Kentucky, but it's not all that small. We have our share of hotels, fast food and even a few good restaurants. If you want to party, then I recommend a trip up the road to Louisville.

    That's where I always went. I'd go to a few of the gay clubs, but usually just the mega one. If you've ever been to The Connection, you either love it or hate it. I like it for the dancing madness of the place.

    After several tries at relationships, I had given up. I was thirty and it was time to work on a career. That's what put me where I was on that cold night in April.

    Graveyard shift manager. Believe me, it's not glamorous in the least. But the company was paying for most of my classes, and that wasn't cheap. I wasn't `out' at work, but with my lack of a love life, that didn't seem an issue.

    Damn, but my eyes were burning. Time for a quick trip to empty out the old coffee to make room for more. While washing my hands, I took a look in the mirror. Damn, I was a fright!

    My hair was disheveled and my eyes looked like I was possessed. All I could do was hope no one would see me this way. With a splash of cold water I went back to work.

    I started a fresh pot of coffee at the `welcome' center and drank down the last of the cold bitter brew in my cup. The heavy rain we'd had for hours was finally letting up, now it was just a drizzle against the large windows of the lobby.

    The last thing I remember hearing was the gentle tapping of it against the glass. A loud crack of thunder woke me, followed by a blinding bolt from the sky. It was now just past three and the rain was back with a vengeance.

    I tried to study but the storm made my mind drift for some reason. It was while I was lost in my thoughts that I saw a figure in a long trench coat approach the door. A glance at the time showed it was well past three. Who in their right mind would be out in this?

    When he first came in, I thought it was a street person lost. He was soaked and mud caked.

    With a flick of his head, his long wet hair flung away from his face. Damn, this guy was handsome! But the expression he wore seemed close to tears as he slowly approached the desk.

    "I hope you can help me." He let out in a very tired sounding voice.

    Now he stood before me. His soft brown eyes bore into mine.

    "Um, do you happen to have a reservation, sir?" I was secretly hoping this man did, as I hated tossing even a street person back out into this weather.

    He nodded. "That would be for Jonathon Blanchard." His teeth were chattering.

    I quickly went into the adjacent room and came back with several bath towels and passed them to him.

    "You can at least try and dry yourself some while I look it up."

    "Thanks." He started on the tangle of dark curls first.

    "There's some hot coffee over there if you`d like." I said, pointing to the corner.

    "I'd really like some cocoa if there is any." He had such a forlorn look to him, but he was getting to me.

    "Well, I have some `private stock' of my own." I gave him the biggest smile I had.

    Damn, the smile he gave back to me was awesome! Even teeth, and his eyes crinkled too.

    I took two packets of Swiss Miss and a large coffee cup I kept as a spare and went over to the center and mixed the hot water in it for him. His icy fingers touched mine as I handed it to him, sending a spark to my groin.

    Again, I got rewarded with a smile and a soft thank you. I smiled back and nodded.

    "Let's get you signed in so you can get a hot shower and warmed up."

    I ran his name through the computer. He was listed as part of the movie crew. "Mr. Blanchard, it says here that you aren't due for another week."

    "Yes, I wanted to arrive early and look around before it gets too nuts. Can you maybe find me a room at least for tonight?"

    Damn, he used puppy dog eyes on me! This whole thing seemed so unfair! A movie type was totally against my grain.

    "Yes, sir. We have a few available. Would you prefer smoking, non-smoking, king bed, two doubles?"

    "Sir is for someone much older than myself, please call me Jonathon. And the king bed sounds great! Thanks, Charles."

    "Charlie is fine. And you're welcome." As I ran his credit card, I couldn't help but ask. "Jonathon, how did you get so wet and muddy?"

    He gave out a slight chuckle. "Ever get a flat tire on the interstate?"

    I closed my eyes and nodded. "Let me guess, it was on the driver's side, just to make things worse?"

    "Brilliant deduction! Every car and truck that could, drove close enough to splash. I guess I could have called for road service, but changing a tire isn't usually much of a chore."

    "Wait here a sec." I quickly returned with a small bag and handed it to him.

    "You have way too much hair for just one of our little bottles of shampoo. There's enough in that bag to get it done and extra soaps too."

    This time his eyes seemed to sparkle when he smiled at me. My stomach did a flip.

    "Thank you for everything, Charlie. After the night I had you're like a bright sun."

    I could feel myself blush. "I'm just glad to help. Do you need a hand with your luggage?"

    "Thanks, but I'll look after it later."

    "If you need anything, I'm here until eight."

    "You'll be the first I call if I do." He replied. Again with that smile.

    "Rest well."

    "Thank you."

    "You're welcome."

    I gave him directions to his room and watched him leave. He sure wasn't anything like I imagined a Hollywood type to be. For the next half an hour or so I let my imagination run wild with the thought of this man and I in a more intimate setting.

    Just as I was forcing myself back to studying, I heard a throat clearing.

    I looked up and there was Jonathon returning. The expression on his face was priceless as he was naked except for a towel held tightly by one hand around his waist.

    (To be continued?)

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