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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 10 - Jonathon

    I could cover the same details as Charlie but I don't want to really. Where were my alarms when this started?

    Only a tiny voice inside could be heard and it asked me if I truly wanted those alarms back. I responded with a firm- `fuck no!'

    It was like having been blind and gaining my sight back. Bloody hell, this was a man I was with, swapping spit, doing a tongue tango, and I no longer gave a shite!

    And it wasn't just about how his kisses made me feel. It was the whole sodding thing!

    Christ, I was falling in love with this man, and I wanted to! Everything about Charlie I found appealing.

    I'd never felt this way about another living soul, much less another man. It was time to stop questioning what I was feeling so deep inside and run with it.

    What happened during that kiss was fantastic! And then the shower.

    Bloody hell, I'll never think of a shower the same way again!

    `Love' I had said it. Not in the context I wanted to, but at least I'd gotten it out.

    Then what he did next was so unexpected! He lifted me up in his arms and just gazed into my eyes. I'm not heavy by any means, but it was still impressive.

    Everything about him seemed that way.

    After several minutes had passed, he gently laid me on the bed. I don't think in my life I'd ever seen so much emotion from another person, or felt so much either.

    Fuck! There went an alarm after all!

    "Wait!" I cried out, sitting up.

    He pulled back about a foot.

    "Charlie, I have something to confess to you." I could feel tears welling in my eyes.

    He stayed silent and let me continue. "Earlier, when I said I'd had sex with guys, but it had been years, that wasn't quite true."

    A single eyebrow arched on his face.

    "I never let it go beyond masturbation with a guy." A few tears made good their escape. "I want this, but you'll have to teach me."

    For a few seconds he closed his eyes and bowed his head slightly. When he opened them again he had a slight smile.

    "Baby, we won't do anything you don't feel right about, only what you feel comfortable with." He stated.

    "But I want to make love to you!" I exclaimed. More tears began to flow.

    He took both of my hands in his. "My wonderful Jonathon, we already made love twice in the bathroom."

    At first I shook my head, then thought about his words. I let a smile form and he leaned down and kissed both my eyes, then the tears that had fallen.

    Laying back, I pulled him on top of me. How I loved the way his body felt against mine!

    Then I lifted my head just enough for our lips to touch. I moved my mouth to his jaw, his ear and to his shoulder. The sound he made was more of a soft growl than a moan.

    Pushing him upright, I planted light kisses on his chest. When I started on his nubs, he gasped.

    This went on for several minutes. I wasn't sure what to do next, but he solved that for me.

    He had me lay me back down, then he smiled. With just the tip of his tongue, he traced down my ribs to the hollow at each hip. I was squirming and moaning as though my mind had left me!

    After a quick kiss on my nads, he stopped. Then, without a word, he sat up and guided me to his lap.

    No, not what you're thinking! We ended up balls to balls, hot erection to hot erection.

    He took both of his hands and held the two together. I could feel his throbbing against mine. Even without any movement, I had to stave off my orgasm.

    Fuck, I was so hot for this!

    We just stared at each other. He was so bloody sexy and so very much a man. There wasn't one thing that I'd want to change about him.

    After several moments, I pushed his hands away and replaced them with mine. I swear that it felt like I was holding fire!

    Reaching out, he removed the tie from my hair. Then he grabbed onto it firmly and tilted back my head.

    I wasn't expecting that, but gave no resistance. He went for my Adam's apple.

    Christ! He could have been polishing my nob, for the pleasure that I felt. Never in my life had it been so sensitive.

    I let out almost a wail from deep inside me. You could have nearly checked our pulses by the throbbing that was contained in my hands.

    Bloody hell, two can play at this!

    "My turn!" I cried out, a gleam in my eyes.

    He stopped, smiled, then tilted back his head. The stubble on his neck was irritating my lips, but I didn't give a flying fuck!

    I nibbled at first, watching him take in deep gulps of air. Then he began to slowly rake his nails up and down my spine. I reacted by arching my back, and now we both were moaning. He wasn't clawing me, mind you, but he knew just the right pressure to use. I was going on sensory overload by then.

    My hands became wet from the amount of fluids we both were releasing. I reached a thumb to massage some into the tip of his throbbing manhood. It caused him to tilt his head back further and moan even louder.

    With all abandon, I increased my attack on his Adam's apple, nibbling and sucking like a starved man trying to consume it.

    He began to thrust his hips as much as he could with me being in his lap. I tightened my hold, my entire body was crying for release.

    Again, he grabbed my hair. This time he bit my chin, then my lips. I bit back, bucking my hips now too.

    His tongue was demanding as it entered my mouth this time. I allowed it for only a few seconds, then forced mine into his mouth.

    He sucked it fiercely while biting it too. My hands, by now, were trying to contain something wild.

    We both were moaning in an animalistic passion. It felt like any sense of reason had left me. All that remained was sensation.

    I can't tell you which of us exploded first. Yes, it was an explosion!

    Fuck! Bloody hell!

    There's no way to describe what happened and do it justice. It was as though our entire bodies had poured out when our climax hit.

    We were both panting like we'd been in a race. Sweat covered us both and I'd never even noticed.

    Once our breathing slowed a bit, Charlie leaned forward and gave me tiny kisses. My forehead, my eyes, then the tip of my nose. My hands were resting on my thighs, the evidence of our passion turning cool. He raised one and slowly studied it like it was a precious jewel or something.

    "Us." He simply stated with a tender smile.

    It was 'us', the mixture of both our seeds. A very special blend.

    He took my index finger and slowly licked it clean. There was something deeper to this act.

    Without hesitation, I smeared some onto his hand. "Us." I replied, taking his finger into my mouth.

    The taste wasn't what I'd expected. `We' were mostly sweet, a bit salty, and just a hint of bitter.

    The expected alarms didn't sound. This was jizz in my mouth, and I wanted it there. I even savored it.

    Slowly, we cleaned our hands. It was very tender and very loving.

    We laid back and wrapped our arms around each other. No words were needed as we gazed once more into each others eyes.

    "Open up, this is the police!" A deep voice shouted from the front of the house, followed by heavy pounding on the door. "We know you're in there Mr. Brown, now open the damn door!"

    Bloody hell!!

    (To be continued?)

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