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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 11 - Charlie

    Damn! If I had someway to escape to some tiny island with him, I'd kidnap him and we'd spend the rest of our lives there!

    How did it happen so fast? Frankly, I didn't care about that.

    Here he was worried about his lack of experience. Should I pretend I'm some sort of an expert?

    At thirty years old, I could count my encounters with other guys on both hands. And that included three during my school years. Two boyfriends, neither of which lasted more than a few weeks. One lover, which is something I won't discuss if I can avoid it. And three dates, two that I didn't even allow as much as a kiss goodnight.

    Hell, even if I counted my school days in with all the rest, my practical experience was pretty limited. Even with my so called `lover' there had been limits to what was allowed and not.

    I'd fantasized for most of my grown years. During that time I've remodeled my ideal man inside and out, time and time again. What I really wanted was a guy, didn't have to be a model in the looks department, a decent personality and pretty much a virgin.

    Then I looked at Jonathon on the bed, crying because he thought I wanted some experienced stud. He was sweet, honest, funny, his looks were incredible, and... pretty much a virgin. What more could I ask for?

    I'm going to skip ahead a bit here. All I can say is WOW! In my wildest imaginings I never was close to what Jonathon and I shared. And that had been just the start!

    The front door flew open before I could even begin to explain it to him. He looked terrified! I tried to give him a reassuring look, but it wasn't working.

    "Mr. Brown, you have exactly one minute to come out, or I'll come in there firing!" Came the voice again.

    I jumped from the bed and hurried into my jeans. Jonathon grabbed my arm. "For God's sake, be careful!" He said.

    "Twenty seconds!" Boomed the voice.

    I just nodded and left the room as quickly as I could. My feelings were mixed as I walked into the living room.

    "You're damned lucky you got your ass in here when you did, I was about to go hunting it!"

    This came from one of my dearest friends. A five foot five, overweight, forty-year-old drag queen that went by the name of Aunt Gemima. Even though she was white, her specialty was singing soul songs. Hence, the name.

    "Gem, will you tone it down?" I implored, taking her gently by the arm and sitting her on the sofa.

    She was in drag today, which was normal for her. My neighbors never had a close enough look to see that it was a man when she did show up. Thank God for small favors!

    "It's not as if you have a booty call going on. In the years I've known you, you never do." She stated.

    I know my face gave it away in a minute. The blush on it was burning.

    "No!" She gasped. Then she changed to her falsetto. "Booty caller, come on out, I won't hurt you!"

    Ever had an experience where you wanted to just die then and there? Well, that's how I felt at that moment.

    "Gem, I beg of you, don't do this!" I went down on one knee and took both of her hands in mine.

    "Not a booty caller?" She was watching my expression closely.

    "No." I said softly. She gave me an appraising look. "He's someone very special to me."

    A twinkle formed in her eye. "Child, if you hadn't asked me to chill, I'd be shouting Hallelujas from the roof!"

    I grinned. "Jem, there's not a roof in town that could hold you!"

    She pointed her finger at me. "You got that right!"

    We both laughed. "I'm not leaving until I meet him. So you best let him know, okay?"

    I stood up then hesitated. "Go on and fetch him! I'm not going to bite him!" She insisted.

    Jonathon was sitting on the edge of the bed, fully dressed and biting his nails when I walked in. His expression was frantic!

    Putting my hands on his shoulders, I gave a gentle squeeze. "Baby, that's one of my best friends out there."

    Pushing them off, he stood up and his eyes flashed. His nostrils were flaring too as he glared at me.

    "Baby, she wants to meet you." I explained.

    He was incredulous. "She?" He nearly spat out.

    I hung my head slightly then nodded. When I allowed a slight smile to form.

    "That voice belongs to a woman?" His eyes were wide in shock.

    Cocking my head to one side, I fumbled for what to say. "Sorta..."

    His head moved in small circles as my grin grew and then I chuckled. Finally he let out a laugh. "This I have to see!"

    He paused and looked into the mirror for just a few seconds. Then he turned on that little boy look of his. "Hon, I look like death! Could you get my hat and sunglasses from the kitchen first?" He pleaded.

    "What's in it for me?" I said, giving him a big wink.

    "Just bring them to me and I'll figure something out." He retorted.

    I dashed from the bedroom, down the little hall, through the living room, dining room and to the kitchen. On the return trip Gem raised an eyebrow and I just shrugged.

    When I went into the bedroom, I held them behind my back. "Now, I want my reward!"

    "Later he said." Winking at me.

    "Now!" I insisted.

    That was when it started. He went for my ribs first, so it was his fault really! In seconds I began to giggle then laugh harder and harder. No one had tickled me in ages!

    As soon as he paused, I moved in and gave him a similar torture. How I loved the sound of his laughter!

    "Boys!" Was barked from the living room in that deep voice again.

    "You should never keep a lady waiting!" Gem called out, back to her falsetto again.

    We both chuckled at that. Jonathon was definitely not upset with me anymore. What a relief!

    He perched his gangster styled hat on his head then put on those over sized sunglasses. As bloodshot as both of our eyes were I couldn't really blame him.

    When we entered the living room, I could see the comprehension on his face.

    "Gem, this is Jonathon. Jonathon, this is my dear friend Gem." I said.

    He crossed the room and took her hand. I was nearly stunned when he turned it and placed a simple kiss on the top. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Gem."

    I was close to busting a gut at the expression on her face. "Jonathon, the pleasure is mine., truly." She was beaming.

    "At least there's a gentleman in this house now, Charles. And it certainly isn't you!" She nearly spat.

    "Gem, I totally agree!" I countered.

    She patted the spot next to her on the sofa. "Come sit beside me, Jonathon. I won't hurt you."

    He smiled and sat.

    "Now, if he ever treats you badly, you just call me. I'll take you in in a flat second!" She nearly whispered.

    "I'll keep that in mind." He said, with a big grin.

    "Sweetie, do an old gal a favor and take off those glasses of yours. I find them dreadfully unappealing. And besides, I like to look into a handsome man's eyes when I'm flirting!" She stated.

    He started to fidget, then finally removed them. She was eating this up.

    "Thank you, sir."

    "You are most welcome, sweet lady." He replied.

    She turned a bit to the side and a puzzled look formed. "Have we met before?"

    I couldn't understand why he was so uneasy.

    "Um, no. I would have remembered." He tried to give her a sincere smile.

    A few moments passed in an uneasy silence. Then recognition hit her.

    "Don't lie to me now, your name isn`t Jonathon. I know exactly who you are!" She hissed.

    (To be continued?)

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