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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 12 - Jonathon

    My heart was racing again, but for all the wrong reasons!

    The police? Bloody hell! My life... fuck, my whole future would be ruined!

    They called him by name, for fucks sake! Was Charlie some drug dealer or something?

    Maybe he has body parts stuffed in bags around the house! Fuck!!

    I was trying to pull it together, but was panic stricken. What did I really know about this bloke? Nothing, that's what!

    What was that look he gave me about? Those lil bites he did earlier, was he just testing before cooking me up? Bloody hell!

    Oh, fuck! The cops just said they're going to come in shooting!

    I'd never been this scared in my whole frigging life!

    Charlie pulled on his trousers, looking pretty upset. I told him to be careful.

    Then came that loud voice again, giving him just a matter of seconds. He gave me an odd look then left the room.

    When I heard the word `hunting' as part of what was next said, I almost pissed myself! What the fuck was I going to do?

    I had to get out of here somehow... the window! I crossed to it and moved the drapes aside.

    Bloody hell! It had bars on the outside of it!

    The voices dropped too low for me to hear. My anxiety level was off the charts!

    Aw, fuck! With all this going on, I was still stark naked!

    I don't think I'd ever dressed so fast in my life. When I picked up my boxers I couldn't help but think of Charlie.

    This all had to be some huge mistake. It just had to be! I began to pace, but there wasn't much space to do it in.

    "Booty caller, come on out, I won't hurt you!" I heard in a woman's voice.

    Bloody hell! Were they going to arrest us for what we'd done?

    I perched myself on the edge of the bed and began to gnaw on my nails. Yeah, it's a really bad habit, but I only do it when stressed to the max.

    It was about then that Jonathon came back in the room.

    When he explained that the person out there was one of his best mates, I nearly lost it!

    He could sodd off for all I cared! The past several minutes had been hellish!

    Then he said it was a `she' out there. Bloody hell! No woman I ever knew had a voice like that.

    When he said `sorta' I became totally lost. The tension broke and we both laughed.

    I found myself actually wanting to meet this person. If nothing else, just out of curiosity.

    What I saw in the mirror was a fright! No way could I have `her' meet me for the first time looking this disheveled!

    Charlie wanted a bribe of some sort just to get me my hat and glasses. Oh, I'd give him something for that lil errand!

    When he returned, he became demanding. Nothing brings out my `evil twin' faster than a demand made of me!

    There wasn't a moments hesitation when I started on those ribs of his. I'd already noticed he seemed sensitive there, and had saved that bit of information for future use if needed. Well, this was needed!

    He says that I started it, but it was bloody well him that asked for it!

    Well, I have to admit. Even using my evil twin to exact my revenge for his attitude, I took delight in just hearing him laugh.

    Fuck! He got even... the wanker! He wasn't supposed to do that, you know?

    I finger combed my hair as best as I could before putting on my hat. Still, I thought I looked like shite! At least the glasses could hide how tired my eyes looked.

    We went into the living room. Bloody hell! I did my best to not to laugh out loud.

    Gem, his good friend, is a sodding drag queen! She was fat, but dressed well enough it was okay.

    The wig on her head looked like a nightmare though. On closer look, the bright red hair was her own. It was short and all done in huge curls, so it had been hard to know for sure.

    We bantered back and forth for a short time. Both of us were flirting but it was all in fun.

    Then she wanted my glasses off. Fuck! They've been my part of my disguise for quite a while. Without them I felt vulnerable as hell.

    I was squirming like some pig on his way to slaughter. A quick glance showed me that Charlie was noticing it.

    My heart was sinking. He'd hate me if he found out I'd lied about my real identity. I know it would have to come out sometime, but I wanted to be the one to tell him.

    Maybe Gem wouldn't recognize me at all. I'd just have to chance it.

    When I removed them she studied my face intensely. I prayed to God that she wouldn't know me.

    She asked if she did, and I quickly denied it. Then she said she knew exactly who is was! Fuck!!

    I could feel the blood drain from my face. I'd be outed, my career over, friends and family disowning me. But the worst of all, Charlie... I'd lose him!

    If there'd been a cliff handy, I would have gladly jumped from it. Anything to prevent losing my Charlie! I would die knowing he loved me rather than live knowing he despised me as a liar.

    "Your real name is... Billy Bob Jackson! You used to dance at the strip clubs in Atlanta!" She clapped her hands in glee.

    I broke into a heavy laugh. "Ah, dear lady. While I'd gladly dance for you, I'm afraid you're mistaken about me being Billy Bob."

    She gave me a conspiratorial look, then put her hand on my thigh. "Honey, be careful of what you say. If you danced like that for me, I'd prove to you that I'm no lady!"

    I turned crimson, and all three of us broke into a gale of laughter. But I had to wonder, did she know the truth?

    Just then her stomach let out a loud growl. "Heavens! Excuse me." She said.

    "Boys, it's time for us to eat. Charlie, be a dear and run to Subway for me?"

    "Sure thing, Gem. Jonathon, are you hungry yet?" He asked.

    My stomach let out its own growl. Damned if this wasn't embarrassing!

    "Um, I guess I am. I'll eat most anything, so you decide for me, Charlie." I said, giving him my most adoring of looks.

    Gem and I sat in silence while he went to finish dressing. She just stared and smiled at me. Her eyes told me that she knew. I felt a panic begin again.

    Charlie came back and gave me such a sweet smile. "I'll be back in about twenty minutes." He said.

    I didn't want to risk not ever doing it again, so I motioned him over and pulled him down for what may have been our last kiss. Only Gem could determine that for sure.

    It was passionate, but more than that, it was possessive. I almost let out a sob thinking that it could be over way too soon.

    With a great reluctance, I let him go. He was grinning from ear to ear and put his hand down to cover what the kiss had caused. "Make that five minutes!" He said, and darted out the door.

    Gem waited until we could hear the sound of Charlie's car leaving. "So, how long have you and Charlie known each other, Jonathon?" It sounded sweet but with a hidden venom beneath it.

    "Um, we met last night when I checked in at his hotel." I stammered.

    "I see." She was doing that staring and smiling thing again. The air was thick with tension.

    "It may be too soon to ask, but do you love him?" She dropped the falsetto, but her deep voice was soft now.

    My eyes filled with tears and my throat seemed to have a boulder lodged in it. "Yes, more than I thought I ever could."

    She reached over and gripped my hand firmly in hers and looked right at me. "Honey, that man has had some bad times in his life. Hell, most of us have. He's a good man. I've known him since he was still in diapers. Charlie has a whole lot to give the right man, and somehow I think that could be you. He isn't rich on the outside, but he's all jewels and gold on the inside." Gem paused and took a fag from her purse.

    She lit it and took a deep drag from it, then looked at me again. "Hit?" She asked.

    I nodded and with trembling fingers took it from her and let the smoke deep into my lungs. I'd quit them years back, but badly needed right then. When I went to pass it back she declined.

    "I think you need that more than I do." She said.

    "Thanks." I replied.

    "You're welcome, sweetie." I could tell there was more talking to be done.

    "He's going to find out sometime. And he really hates deceptions." She stated.

    I hung my head and nodded. The tears began flowing again.

    She tilted my head up and gently wiped a finger under each of my eyes. "You are Orlando, don't deny it."

    Fuck! I began to weep heavily then. I was such a sodding fool! My emotions began to tear through me like a wildfire.

    She pulled me to her and rubbed my back. "Honey, I have an idea or two as to why you haven't told Charlie the truth. But you admitted to me that you love him. He's had precious few in his life that really have. I'll do anything in my power to help you both. Everyone deserves a chance in life, to love and to be loved. I'd take Charlie in a second, but I'm not what or who he needs in his life. There's a lot of hurdles ahead for you both, but I'll help you with everyone of them I can. I just hope and pray it works, for both your sakes."

    All I could do was hold on tight. This one person had the key to my life and I respected that and feared it both.

    "Now, you go wash your face and dry those tears. Gem isn't going to blab this to anyone!" She said.

    I felt as though a weight had been lifted. Not all of it, but a sizeable amount.

    The cold water helped me feel a bit refreshed. When I returned, Gem stood up.

    "Orlando... I mean, Jonathon," She hesitated. "I have one request before Charlie gets back."

    Her expression was coy and timid. "No one would ever believe me if I told them. But could I have a kiss from the handsome and extremely famous Orlando Bloom?"

    I felt myself blush. "Just lips, no tongue!" She added.

    It couldn't hurt a bloody thing, right? She was being terribly good about everything.

    So, I took her in my arms and leaned way down and let our lips touch. It felt akin to kissing my sister.

    "What the hell are you two doing?" Charlie shouted.

    (To be continued?)

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