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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 13 - Charlie

    I have to admit that I was really lost as to what was going on between Gem and Jonathon. Their expressions were so varied, I didn't know what to make of them.

    The mutual flirting was pretty cute. I was so awed by the way that Jonathon managed it all. If he could win over Gem, we'd be in good shape.

    When she accused him of being a stripper, I almost split a gut laughing. But I held it all in. At least until they traded a few more words, then we all lost it.

    Gem's stomach interrupted it all, and I was sent to bring her, and us, back some fodder.

    I was almost embarrassed by the kiss Jonathon gave me before I left. But I'll be honest here, God as my witness, I doubted that I'd ever want to skip one if given a choice.

    Part of me didn't want to leave them alone together, but I had to show trust here. Gem had been like a big brother and sister both to me my whole life. She'd never do anything to hurt me.

    Besides, that kiss told me enough. Jonathon wasn't after Gem. Such a stupid idea on my part.

    On the way to Subway, I caught myself singing along to the radio. I can't begin to remember the last time I felt happy enough to do that.

    "Hey Charlie, how are you?" Walter said when I entered. He was ancient and moved slower than molasses. But a friendlier person would be hard to find.

    "Really excellent today, Walter. Thanks for asking." I replied.

    He pushed his glasses low on his nose to peer over them. "Excellent?" He repeated.

    "Really excellent!" I corrected, adding a huge grin.

    "I won't be a nosey old goat and ask why, Charlie. But it's a wonderful thing to see you this happy. Keep doing whatever it is you're doing, and know you have my approval."

    "Thanks, Walter. I'll keep that in mind."

    I kept him busy for the next several minutes. Not knowing what to get Jonathon, I ordered six different subs. One for me, one for him, and whatever he didn't want, I knew Gem would devour.

    "Have a blessed day, Charlie." Walter said as I paid up.

    "Thanks, it already is." I stated.

    On the drive home, I reflected on the past day. Or at least the part of it that started with Jonathon's arrival.

    Had it only been a matter of hours? So much had happened.

    I sure couldn't have hoped that the handsome wet stranger that had appeared would turn my whole idea of my comfortable life upside down. In such a short time I had finally found someone to love and he loved me too.

    That's what I was thinking about when I opened the door to see him and Gem in each others arms.

    I felt like a truck had hit me square in my gut! How could they do this to me?

    "What the hell are you two doing?" I roared.

    "Oh, Charlie. Chill the fuck out!" Gem said.

    She rarely swore, much less to that degree. She pushed Jonathon in my direction.

    "I'd had a problem about something and he helped me talk through it all. It was no more of a kiss than you and I have had from time to time."

    Damn, did I ever feel the fool!

    Jonathon took my hand and kissed it. For way longer than he had Gem's. Then he raised his eyes to mine. "Charlie, I love you." He said with such a wonderful smile.

    An alarm tried to go off at the mention of that word, but instead I fully accepted it. My heart soared.

    "I love you too, Jonathon." I responded, kissing his hand too.

    I'd never said that before in my life to another man. But with Jonathon it seemed so damn right!

    "Hallelujah!!" Gem yelled out, forgetting her falsetto again.

    "Hallelujah!" Jonathon and I both repeated at the same time.

    "Enough lovey dovey stuff, boys, there's something much more important here!" Gem said.

    Jonathon looked puzzled. Then I held up the bag with the sandwiches and Gem made a dive for them. He totally cracked up laughing, and so did we.

    As we ate, she controlled most of the conversation. "So, Jonathon... what do you do for a living?" She inquired.

    He cleared his throat, then replied. "I, um, work for the director. Whatever he tells me to do, I jump and do it. Sort of a personal slavery thing I guess."

    "Do you ever meet famous people?"

    "Um, sometimes I do." He said.

    "Gem, hush and let him eat." I admonished.

    "Just getting to know your man, Ceci." She replied, with an evil glint in her eye.

    "Ceci?" Jonathon asked.

    "My first two initials, she gave me that nickname back when I was a kid."

    "Aw, that's cute. Want me to call you Ceci too?" Jonathon asked, trying to hide the smirk on his face.

    "No!" I answered.

    He started this one for sure! I reached for his ribs, and he slapped my hand away.

    I hung my head in my most apologetic fashion then went and stood behind him and began to rub his shoulders. "I'm sorry baby." I said.

    "All's forgiven." He put a hand on mine.

    That's when I dug both hands into his armpits and started another tickling match. It seemed he was extra sensitive there, and I took full advantage of it!

    "You... cheat... ed!" He gasped between howls of laughter.

    "Not I!" I replied, as I went at him even more intensely.

    In a few minutes he ended up sliding to the floor. That was when I moved wrong and he got his revenge. Gem sat calmly watching and eating her feast.

    When it seemed I couldn't breath anymore and I hurt from laughing we both drew a truce.

    I had him by the back of the head and his look was one of defiance. There was one sure way to end this.

    Leaning closer, I put my lips to his. Resistance was pointless, and in seconds we were too breathless to continue.

    "Boys." Gem called out. "You have to remember to breathe once in a while!"

    A few minutes passed with us on the floor panting. Gem was still eating.

    "If you weren't a lady these days, I do recall you being ticklish too!" I taunted.

    "Ceci, if you even dared to try it, I'd have you over my knee and spank your bottom!" She retorted.

    "Can I watch if you do?" Jonathon added in.

    "Of course you may, sweetie." Gem said.

    I was feeling outnumbered here but I didn't mind much. "It's not going to happen so you can both just get that image out of your heads!" I was feeling mildly defensive.

    Again we ended up laughing. Damn, but I was sore from it. But it felt wonderful too. I hadn't laughed much in a very long time.

    Just then Gem fell from her chair.

    (To be continued?)

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