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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 14 - Jonathon

    Bloody hell! It was just a basic kiss, for fucks sake!

    Gem put a dead stop to that noise. I guess that made for each of us showing our arse when it came to temper then.

    He looked so remorseful after, I acted without hesitation. Taking his hand in mine, I kissed it and told him I loved him.

    No bloody hell went off in my head or any other alarm. I mean, it should have, right?

    Then he said those words back to me, "I love you too, Jonathon." Oh, sweet Christ! My heart had never felt anything close to that moment. There was no doubt of his sincerity, not a flicker!

    Gem's reverry helped to lighten the mood a bit. If she hadn't, I swear I would have shown him how much I could love right there in front of her!

    She directed us to the kitchen so we could eat and chat. Her questions of me were pointed, to say the least. I could see she was having fun with me by the bit of gleam in her eye.

    Charlie ended up with her attention next. That's when she let out her pet name for him. Aw, I really thought his nickname of Ceci was cute. Charlie, however, didn't seem so amused by it.

    You've already heard about another round of tickling. I swore to myself that I'd get even with him, one way or another.

    Yes, we had another kiss. I'll try to reduce the superlatives I use, but it was truly great!

    The subject of Charlie being spanked arose, and it triggered a quick reply on my part. A bit of honesty here, I remembered his arse very fondly, and the thought of him across my knee, not Gem's, stirred a naughty thought or two.

    He got his dander up a little bit on that, then we all were laughing again. Shite, my ribs were sore! I'm not sure from just the laughing, or from Charlie's fingers administering his tickle torture to me.

    Okay, another honesty tidbit here. If it meant being tickled, and Charlie was the villain behind it, I was okay with it. Something inside me craved his touch, as a tickle, or the tender ways of his. It was all good.

    Oh, shite! Gem hit the floor moaning and groaning. "I know CPR!" I shouted.

    She let out a laugh and went back to moaning. "Don't be a drama queen, Jon Boy, I get bad cramps in my legs is all!"

    "Jon Boy, help me get her to the front room, will you?" Charlie inquired with a huge grin on his face.

    He was trying for another tickle war, but I decided that seeing to Gem was more urgent right then.

    "Sure thing, Ceci!" I shot back. So we were tied, with a time out for now.

    Between the two of us we got her to the sofa and Charlie gently worked on her cramp. She was `ooohing and ahhing' as the pain subsided.

    After several minutes she pushed him away. "I don't want you using it all up on me. Save some for Jonathon!"

    He and I both blushed, but we all laughed.

    "I'm keeping a stockpile just for him, trust me!" He retorted, with a big wink.

    "You'd better if you know what's good for you!" I added in, trying for a stern look.

    We laughed even more. The mood I'd been in less than a day ago, was a distant memory from this.

    "Maybe I should go and let you work on that stockpile of yours." She said, winking at us.

    We both tried to disuade her.

    "Boys, I'd love to stay, but I have other people on my list to torment today." She had that evil glint in her eye again.

    We couldn't help but chuckle.

    "Gem, it is only in your leaving that we will be tormented." I said. Then I kissed her hand again.

    She was beaming then she grabbed my hand. "Charlie, I'm taking him with me!"

    "Gem, you know how many hearts that would break for you to have another boyfriend on your list!" Charlie was grinning.

    "Who said a thing about boyfriend? I'm going to marry this man!" She said, defiantly.

    She nearly dragged me to the door, when she stopped and turned to him. "You aren't going to stop me?"

    "Gem, if I thought you really meant it, I would have had to shoot you by now!" He was being too cute.

    She pulled me back over to Charlie's side then took her hand and joined mine with Charlie's. Going to her handbag, she pulled out a card and handed it to me.

    "Should you ever need to get ahold of me, sweetie. Maybe we can set up a rendezvous when Charlie isn't looking!" She gave me a big wink as I kissed the card and put it in my wallet. I returned the wink.

    Somehow I knew at the time that I'd be putting it to use.

    "Now, you two need to go back to bed. And I mean for sleeping not working from your stockpile!" She lectured.

    "Aw, gee, Gerald. What do you take me for?" Charlie was trying to look innocent and failing at it badly.

    Gem dropped her voice low again, her eyes looked like fire. "You ever call me Gerald again, Jonathon will get to watch you get a first class ass whuppin!"

    "Yay!" I cheered, getting quite a look from Charlie.

    "I've been Gem for eons, Gerald never fit me as a name." She explained to me

    "I'll make sure never to make that error, dear lady." I said to her with smug look at Charlie.


    "Ow!" I yelped.

    My arse felt a sharp stinging as Charlie withdrew his hand. It was his turn to look smug.

    "We'll see who spanks who around here!" He stated.

    The look I gave him let him know this wasn't settled. He escorted Gem to the door, and was about to open it.


    "Ow! You brat!" He shouted, with a huge grin on his face.

    "Enough!" Barked Gem, without her falsetto.

    "You two are running on pure adrenaline. If you don't get some rest soon, I'll put you both over my knee!"

    Charlie calmed immediately. Something told me I should too. We tried to look contrite, but Gem laughed at that.

    She hugged us both and kissed us each on the cheek. "I'm serious about the rest boys. As handsome as you both are, you look like the cat dragged you ass first through a knothole!"

    "Yes'm." Charlie said meekly.

    "We will, Gem." I added, feeling equally subdued.

    She turned and waved from the porch, then made her way to her car. We were alone again, at last. I know that sounds clichéd but that's how I felt.

    Nothing against Gem, but I was ready for more of my Charlie. I didn't really care what we did next, I just wanted him all to myself.

    I could tell by his eyes what came next. He took me in his arms for another incredible kiss.

    We were really getting into it when suddenly there was the sound of a gunshot and a piercing scream!

    (To be continued?)

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