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My Elizabethtown

Chapter 16 - Jonathon

    Bloody hell! Charlie said it was just an old neighbour that was a nutcase. After some more laughs he ended up taking me back to the bedroom.

    Just seeing the bed again brought mixed feelings to me. I was so knackered I was nearly numb, yet a part of me was crying out for another dose of making love to my Charlie.

    He had a timid look on his face. "I hate to say it, but I don't think I have enough energy left to take off more than my shoes."

    I smiled and pushed him onto the bed and pulled off his shoes. Then after removing mine I climbed over him and laid next to him.

    "It's time we both got some sleep. We can do whatever afterwards." I gave him my lecherous look again. He just smiled and nodded.

    He pulled the duvet out from under and drew it over us. We each were on a separate pillow this time. With his hand gently held in mine, I fell asleep just staring into his eyes.

    We woke to Charlie's phone ringing and Gem's voice from the living room again. "Boys, there's some big trouble going on!" She called out, I could hear the tension in her voice.

    "Charlie, don't answer the phone!" She added.

    When we got into the living room, I could see a huge crowd standing around outside. Fuck! Most were paparazzi, their flashes going off constantly.

    "What the hell is going on, Jonathon?" Charlie bellowed.

    "Charlie, just calm down!" Gem ordered.

    "Gem, just keep your fat fucking mouth shut for once in your life!" He barked.

    I didn't know this man now. How could he talk to her that way?

    The voices from outside were louder now, like a pack of hungry wolves searching for a feast.

    "Charlie, I have something to tell you." I stammered.

    "Okay, so tell me already!" He shouted.

    "I hope you can forgive me, Charlie, but I lied to you?" My heart was thudding in my chest.

    "About?" His mood was one of the darkest I'd ever seen on another person.

    "Well, I didn't lie about my feelings for you. I did lie about my name." I was hesitating, he was waiting for more. "It's really Orlando Jonathon Blanchard Bloom!"

    "Is that supposed to mean something to me?" He nearly spat.

    "Charlie, I'm the star of the movie they're going to be making." I said in almost a whisper.

    If it were possible, his anger doubled. "Does that mean I'm supposed to grovel at your feet?"

    "Of course not, Charlie. I still love you!" I wanted him to believe that.

    "Love? You're a piece of that Hollywood trash! Everyone knows how heartless they are!"

    "Charlie, that's not true!" I protested.

    "I'm just some toy to you. Some local idiot you wanted to have your damned way with!"

    "No, it wasn't that way at all!" I insisted.

    "Gem, you can take him and his Hollywood ass out of here! I hate a fucking liar! I hope the press ruins you, you sonofabitch!" He actually spat in my face.

    I was sobbing by then. To finally find a love like I had with Charlie and lose it was devastating me.

    Then he took me by the shoulders and began to violently shake me. "I want you out of my house and my life for good! Can you understand that in your deranged Hollywood head?"

    "No, Charlie, no!" I pleaded.

    "Get out!" He yelled and shook me even harder.

    "No, Charlie, no!" I moaned.

    I felt myself blacking out from the shaking and the stress. Slowly my mind began to surface again, I was still being shaken but not nearly so roughly.

    "Jonathon, wake up!" Said Charlie's voice.

    "No, Charlie, no!" I still repeated.

    "Baby, come on... wake up!" He said again.

    The fog lifted as I opened my eyes and saw Charlie next to me, hands on my shoulders. His face was filled with worry, his eyes moist.

    "Baby, you were having a major nightmare. I've been trying to wake you for at least five minutes." He explained.

    I could feel tears running down my face. The fear I'd felt in my dream still remained.

    "Charlie?" I asked. He was stroking my face where the tears wet it.

    "Yes, baby?" His concern was still evident by his voice and face both.

    "Did... did you mean what you said to me earlier?" I had to know.

    At first he hesitated and my heart began to sink again, then I realized that my question wasn't all that clear.

    His face began to change to that tender look he'd given me so often that day. "If you mean do I love you, then that's a definite!"

    I closed my eyes for a few seconds, trying to stem my tears. They were falling now for a different reason. When I opened them it was to more of that wonderful smile of his. "I love you too, Charlie. All my life I thought I knew what it was, but you take me to a higher understanding. Much higher." I said.

    "Jonathon, you make me ache inside. It's a torment and wonder mixed together. I've never had someone to love me and love back before. Not like this." He replied.

    "Promise me that you'll be patient, Charlie. I have some issues I'm dealing with. Promise that we'll work them out, that you won't give up on me?"

    "I promise, baby. We both have baggage to sort out. And I don't plan on ever giving up on you!" He made sure to stress that.

    "I love you very much, Charlie." My lips moved closer to his.

    "And I love you very much too, Jonathon." He replied.

    Deep inside, I was hoping he still would when he found out about my deception. For now, I wasn't about to mess with it.

    Our lips touched and there was that spark. We moved closer and continued for several minutes before he pulled back.

    "Baby, I think we need to sleep, you way more than me. Being so tired is probably what caused that bad dream you had. This time I'm going to hold you until we wake up." He wrapped his arms around me gently, and gave me a kiss on the nose.

    His embrace felt so very right. It was just what I needed at the time.

    "You're my Charlie." I whispered. He just smiled at me as I fell back to sleep, I was totally exhausted. But my worry about the truth still lingered.

    (To be continued?)

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