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My Elizabethtown

Chapter Seventeen- Charlie

    I really wanted to make love to Jonathon again, but I was totally wiped out. When I told him how tired I was, he was so dear to me. Taking off my shoes and pushing me back onto the bed.

    We didn't bother undressing. Pulling the covers up over us, we just laid there and smiled at each other. I took his hand and watched as sleep came to him.

    I knew there'd be a time ahead when it wouldn't be so smooth. But for now, as I watched his beautiful countenance resting, I thought him so perfect a man at that point.

    Were there any minor things I'd change? None so far that would make me ever think of letting go.

    I looked upward. "Thank you God, for sending me this a wonderful person." I whispered.

    A few minutes later, I was out.

    I'm not sure how much time had passed when I awoke. It wasn't just a murmur from Jonathon this time. His face was a grimace of anguish. It tore me apart to see this.

    He was moaning in agony almost. His words were indecipherable and he had sweat upon his brow.

    "Baby, wake up!" I called out to him softly. Even after repeating it over and over, it wasn't working.

    Oh dear God, don't let him be diabetic or having some sort of seizure! I tried again, this time gently shaking him.

    Increasing the intensity of my moves, he was finally coming to. There were tears of concern and relief both in my eyes.

    I told him he'd been having a really bad dream, and he began to cry. When he asked if I'd meant what I'd said earlier, I was puzzled for a few seconds, then knew somehow what he meant.

    My reply to him left no doubt of my feelings for him. I told him I loved him and he said it back to me. Those were words I'd never tire of hearing from him.

    We ended up in another wonderful kiss, then I insisted we get more rest. I held him close and hoped that would help keep the bad dreams away, then gave him a quick peck on his nose.

    Having this man in my arms gave me such a feeling of contentment and love both.

    "You're my Charlie." He said softly. I hid the memories that stirred by giving him a slight smile.

    Something was troubling him, but I was sure we'd manage. Just a feeling I had deep inside.

    Once he was peacefully asleep, I allowed my mind to return those memories to the surface. They weren't welcome, as I'd done my best to bury them.

    I was twenty-four when Martin Phillips crossed my path. He was twenty-two. I'd been working at another hotel in town at the desk when he was hired in as the bellhop.

    He stood all of maybe five seven and had such an endearing little boy quality about him. And he knew how to abuse that to get his way, over and over.

    I knew his age, as I'd happened to see his job application a few days prior to his start. It wasn't that part that attracted me to him.

    He managed to convince me of how sincere he was. Little things he'd do to win my heart at the time. We didn't always work the same days, so on his days off he'd stop by to talk when it wasn't busy.

    I didn't see it as flirtation really. But that's what it was. Did I happen to mention he was excellent in the sack?

    No, that didn't happen right away. He waited until he had a ring through my nose first.

    I thought it was love. How na´ve is that? All it took was for him to say it to me first, and I figured that it was true. Why would anyone lie about something so important?

    At first, he was so tender and caring in bed, then he became more and more bizarre. I accepted it as something that happened, and never once questioned it.

    The humiliation he liked to inflict on me was part of it. Adding in the sadism he was very capable of, and I was being pretty much tortured.

    There wasn't any of that I enjoyed. It was all a part of him loving me, was all. So I endured somehow.

    The first time I found out he was cheating on me, he just laughed about it. "You were at work and I was horny!" Was the excuse he gave me.

    When I tried to talk to him about it, his temper went wild. He was smart enough not to leave marks where they could be seen at least.

    Why didn't I fight back, you ask? Because I loved him. And, because I was `his Charlie'.

    I rarely saw any friends or family. It was expected for me to stay home if I wasn't working.

    Whether he was there or not. He had almost total control of my life then.

    Several months passed, and things only stayed on a level that I tolerated but most people would have run from. They were extremely bad, but didn't worsen at least.

    Not until Mr. Grimes came to town. He courted us both. A big `Hollywood producer'. Damn, but I was so stupid at the time.

    He managed to convince Martin and me both to fly out there and `audition' for a role in one of his movies. I'm sure looking back on it, he'd already auditioned Martin several times before he left town.

    I wasn't given much choice in it. What things that Martin didn't manage to sell of mine, I stored at my grandparent's house. At the time they were still alive.

    Yes, they were totally against this at the very start. But I was doing it for my love of Martin. Anything to keep my darling happy.

    Even my car was sold, so we'd have enough for our flight and some spending money once we got there. He insisted we could afford the best. "We'll be movie stars soon!" I heard that so many times from him, especially if I dared to protest too much.

    We flew first class and stayed in Beverly Hills for a few days. Martin was going through what cash we had faster than I could have guessed.

    On the second day, he called the number on the card and we got an appointment for the next afternoon.

    Well, it was true after all. Mr. Grimes was a producer, but it wasn't what I expected. The studio was a decrepit building in a bad part of town.

    We were shown into a room with a couple of cheap chairs and an old desk and told to wait. The receptionist looked like a bag lady, but I remained quiet about it.

    Martin babbled on and on about how great this was going to be! I just wanted to go home.

    At last, Mr. Grimes came in and sat down. He pulled out some forms from his desk and asked us to fill in just the top and sign the bottom. Better sense told me to look it over first.

    It wasn't easy to understand as there seemed to be a lot of legalese to it. But I had a creepy feeling that wouldn't go away. With Martin urging me on, I finally signed it.

    Grimes had a look like an animal about to eat his prey. It chilled me to the bone, still does to think back on it.

    "Let me take you to the set, I think we could use you both, starting today." He said.

    The whole place reeked like old garbage, but I just followed along.

    The set was like something from a medieval movie. I didn't recognize it as a dungeon at first. But it didn't take long to figure it out.

    We were the only ones there. What the hell was this?

    "You can put your clothes on that table back there." Grimes pointed, as he picked up a cheap video camera.

    I was stunned. When I turned to Martin, he had a big grin on his face as he was half out of his clothes already. "C'mon, Charlie... it will be just like at home!"

    "No, it won't." I said softly. My heart was breaking, but it was time to end this.

    I walked out on him and Grimes. Funny, neither did a thing to stop me, nor did they say a word.

    Martin had all our money, but I knew what I had to do. Staying in California wasn't going to work for me.

    I managed to get to the airport. Once there, I called home and my grandparents sent me a ticket back.

    They never once asked what happened, and I never told them. The only person alive that knows is Gem. It's something I had to put behind me.

    To this day I hated and feared anything to do with Hollywood. I stopped going to movies or reading magazines about them. And, after my grandparents passed, I even got rid of their television.

    I was brought back to the present by a soft sound from Jonathon. There was a smile on his face as he slept. He had called me his Charlie!

    (To be continued?)

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