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My Elizabethtown

Chapter Nineteen - Charlie

    It was almost impossible now to shut off the alarms in my head. `My Charlie.' Damn, why did he have to be from Hollywood?

    Was it fair to hold that against him? Or, was it even more unfair for me to try to put my past behind and pretend it never happened?

    After all, we hadn't even met twenty-four hours ago. How could either of us really be feeling what we thought was love?

    One look at him as he slept and my heart nearly leaped. But my own doubts about it all began to seethe inside me. Somehow I managed to fall into a troubled sleep.

    The ringing of the phone woke me. I pushed aside the doubts as I opened my eyes. Jonathon had such a tender look upon his face as I stared into his deep brown eyes.

    I had to kiss him, even if we both had `morning breath'. We did limit it to closed mouth this time, just out of respect for each other.

    As I wondered about pushing it further, the phone rang again. Damn, for another of his intense kisses, I would have risked my bad breath against his!

    When I answered it was Gem. She was being pretty forceful about having us over to her club for a celebration of me finding someone.

    Jonathon was reluctant at first, but I talked him into it. I cooked up a simple meal for us, which he praised me for several times. Praise isn't something I was used to from many people, and I know I blushed accordingly.

    He helped with the cleanup after, then we showered separately and I loaned him some of my clothes to wear. Secretly it gave me a thrill to think about it, but I didn't say anything.

    I teased him about wearing that old cowboy-style hat and sunglasses. "Got it two years ago as a present from a close friend." He explained.

    "And have you even ridden a horse in your life?" I inquired.

    He gave me a wink. "Just a few times, just a few."

    We both laughed and I pulled him to me. There was time for a decent kiss before we left. Just as we were about to go to far with it, I pulled back.

    "Let's go, baby." When he reached down to adjust his goods, I had to grin. Then, as soon as I took a few steps, I had to stop and do the same!

    Warm fuzzies were in abundance, not to mention some serious wood in our pants! I drew him to me for one last embrace and kiss, just a short one. It was time we got to the club.

    On the way there I kept him smiling and chuckling with some stories about me growing up. The trouble I got into and the rescues that Gerald had done. There were a lot of those.

    Then a few about me and Gem. We definitely shared some weird times over the years. How I loved the sound of Jonathon as he laughed or chuckled.

    I'd pushed any negative thoughts away and was just enjoying being with him. We held hands most of the way there, just sharing something simple.

    When we arrived, Gem guided us to a remote table where we could watch what was happening on the stage. Then, of all things, she had Thomas bring champagne.

    Gem was the first to propose a toast. "This is to the two of you, may what you have be enduring and filled with love, understanding, respect and honesty."

    It was as though a dark cloud had passed over Jonathon's face as we three touched glasses. I had to be imagining it, I was sure.

    Without waiting for him to speak next, I did the second toast. "I can't add to what Gem just said. To my big sister, and to the man I've needed waited for all my life."

    As I looked, tears started falling from his eyes. Damn, had I said the wrong thing? I thought it seemed okay.

    Jonathon lowered his eyes for a few seconds, then looked into mine. "To our wonderful hostess... and to the true love of my life." He said.

    His composure seemed to be crumbling. In a panic I resorted to the one thing I thought would be okay. I leaned in for a kiss.

    It was flat, and void of any feeling. After just a few seconds he pulled back.

    I was crushed! What had I done in so short a time to ruin what I thought we had? My mind was running in circles to find the answer.

    Gem asked me to go get some things she'd forgotten at her place. It was a code we had worked out years past between each other. Translated it meant that the other was to leave for an hour.

    I took the list and put it in my pocket. I'd read whatever she wrote shortly. Right now I felt a deep sadness forming deep inside me.

    Gem told me that they'd be there when I got back. For whatever reason, I needed reassurance.

    I asked Jonathon directly if he'd be there. He paused before replying that he would.

    Just as I was about to leave, he took my hand and gave it a long kiss. "Charlie, I do love you!" He insisted.

    My insides were in a knot the size of a Buick. "I love you too, Jonathon." Then I left.

    Getting in my car, there was only one place to go for now. I drove down to the river and parked. Before getting out and going for a long walk, I pulled out the paper from Gem.

    "I know he loves you Charlie and you love him. When you get back, be ready to be as understanding as you've ever been with another person. Love you, Gem."

    For the next forty-five minutes, I was in anguish. What the hell did her note mean? Was my love for him too smothering, too lax?

    Maybe I was letting too much of the past from Martin manage to sneak through at times. Was that it?

    Or the fact he wanted to back out now because he still loved his girlfriend more than me? Or because he couldn't begin to give up his job to be with me?

    Or... or... Fuck! I was ready to pull my hair out! I know it had been way fast. Too fast! Was that it?

    By that point, I was crying pretty heavily. I didn't bother to look and see if anyone was watching as I dropped to my knees.

    I bowed my head and clasped my hands together. "Dear God, please! I beg of you, give me some answers? Help to guide me to do what's right. I try not to ask much of You. Just because I'm gay, I don't think You hate me. I do love Jonathon a great deal, and hope he loves me the same. Help us both overcome whatever obstacles we have ahead. Please? Amen."

    For several minutes, I stayed like that. Then, a soft warm rain began to fall. If it was a sign, I didn't know how to interpret it.

    Glancing at my watch, it was time to get back. I washed my face with the rainwater then got in the car.

    During the drive back, I simply did my best not to think. But the words in Gem's note said I needed to be understanding. I just wished I knew what to expect.

    When I parked, I just sat for several minutes and watched the action of the wiper blades clearing the windshield. Back and forth, slowly, wiping it clean.

    Whatever I was going to be told, it would mean we needed to clear up past ghosts and start clean. Surely that was a message I was getting.

    My heart was racing, as I let myself in. Only Thomas, Gem and Jonathon remained. He was wiping down the bar and I heard laughter coming from the corner where as I headed to it.

    They didn't notice me at first, and continued talking. "It's only right that he know." Gem said.

    "Know what?" I asked.

    "My full name is Orlando Jonathon Blanchard Bloom. And the work I do for the director is act." Jonathon stated.

Chapter Twenty - Jonathon

    Bloody hell! How could I just blurt that out so easily? Please don't let me have fucked it up beyond all repair, God!

    "So, you're an actor?" He asked.

    All I could do was nod and hope he could handle this. Christ, God, someone please help!?

    He lowered his head and took a deep breath. It reminded me I was holding mine, and let it out.

    When he raised it, I couldn't fathom his expression as he locked eyes with me. "I see. So... are you any good?"

    "I'd like to think I am." I replied, defiantly.

    "Okay." Again, he took a deep breath. "What do I call you now?"

    "Baby okay?" I gave him my best puppy dog eyes.

    "Under one condition." He said. I raised my brows. "That you call me your Charlie."

    I felt a lump form that I didn't mind at all. My eyes became moist and my jaw quivered.

    "I love my Charlie." Came out in scarcely a whisper.

    "I love you too, baby!" Tears trickled down his face but the expression told me he meant every word.

    He took my hand and pulled me up. "All relationships take work, all have problems. Do we stop now, or work?" Charlie said in a matter-of-fact way.

    Sodd it all! "We work!" Came out, almost as a shout.

    "That's my baby!" The smile on his face and knowing it was for me was worth whatever was ahead.

    Arms that I'd never tire of wrapped around me and pulled me close. Lips that were nearly impossible to deny found mine.

    This time I didn't reject any of it. I was, after all, behind by a kiss from earlier!

    It was everything all of our kisses up until then had been. All combined into one! Fuck! I loved it! Oh, God, thank You. Thank You!!

    Oh, yes... time stood still. I haven't a clue as to how long that Gem waited for us to come up for air. If we'd been alone, I would have allowed him anything he wanted at that moment, just to prove I truly loved him.

    "Boys!" Gem shouted, dropping her voice. "We need to clear up a few more things before you both get hired by Ringling for those tents you have!"

    I can only imagine my blush was as bad as Charlie's. We sat again, this time together.

    "Jonathon, you need to tell Charlie about your last five years or so of work. I'd start with the Trilogy." Gem stated.

    It was nearly impossible to know just what she meant. "What part of it should I tell him?"

    "Well, I'd mention popularity for one thing. As the main thing really. I expect that to have quite an effect on you both. Paparazzi being what they are." She replied.

    "Ouch." I said. Charlie raised a brow. "Yes, I dare say that they may pose a problem for us." Bloody hell, I forgot to tell him I'm English and I'd just dropped the fake accent.

    His eyes were wide. "Wait! Let me guess... the American accent... that's the fake?"

    I averted his eyes and simply nodded. "Well, I guess I can handle that. It's almost the same language." He said, and I could hear the tease in his voice.

    "I'll have you know, it was our bloody language first, you Yanks stole it from us!" I retorted.

    "Somebody had to fix it, left to England it would still be broken!" He shot back.

    We both locked eyes during this verbal jousting. I was so relieved and happy at the same time.

    "Jon Boy, I already loved you just for you." Gem said. "But don't ever call us Yanks down south here again... unless you plan on becoming a eunuch!"

    "I promise I won't, Gem!" Quickly, I covered my bits.

    Charlie pulled my hands away. "Baby, I'll give those all the protection they need!"

    It was time for my lecherous look again. "Promise?" I inquired.

    Gently, he squeezed them. My wood came back in full force in micro-seconds! "Most definitely!" He whispered as he kissed me again.

    Gem cleared her throat rather loudly and got our attention once more. "Now, where were we?" She asked.

    "You were about to tell me that Jonathon is some mega-star I think." Charlie said with a smirk.

    "Well... you guessed it, Charlie." I said, giving him a very sincere look.

    His look became one of incredulity. But as he looked at myself and Gem, we both nodded.

    "I wouldn't call myself a mega-star as such. Just that most times I can't go out in public without being recognized. It's a bit of fun at times, but other times it's a bloody nuisance. I end up buying my clothes on the sets most times!" There was a touch of despair in my voice.

    "Baby, we'll get past that." He tried to reassure me.

    "My Charlie... that's a major thing to me. You not knowing who I was knocked down some major barriers with me. I don't think I've had someone just love me for myself before." Tears started in my eyes again.

    He took me in his arms and just held me close. I loved the security they gave to me.

    "Boys, I'll do whatever I can to help too. Just ask it." Gem said.

    "Gem, I know you would. But I'd probably have to dress in drag to get past some of the wankers with cameras out there!" I replied.

    We all broke into a laugh, just to relieve the tension. That was when Thomas brought back the champagne and glasses. "Mr. Bloom, that may not be such a bad idea." He said.

    Fuck! He knew me! What was I going to do?

    Gem patted my hand. "Relax hon, Thomas has been my lover and best friend for fifteen years. He's not about to blab to anyone!"

    I heaved a sigh of relief. "Please, call me Jonathon or Jon Boy. I'm getting rather used to that."

    Thomas just smiled and said, "Jonathon it is." And went back to the bar.

    "One day at a time. That's how we'll deal with things." Charlie said.

    Gem filled the glasses and raised hers. "To one day at a time, and may each one be better than the one before."

    "Amen." Charlie said.

    "Amen!" I emphasized.

    After a long sip, I set down my glass as did Charlie. We were giving each other such an intense look of love, I had to kiss him!

    I pulled him to me and our lips touched. In only seconds it became a much deeper kiss.

    That was when the recognizable bright flash of a camera went off! Fuck!!

Chapter Twenty-One - Charlie

    The full name he gave me sounded so familiar somehow, but I couldn't place it. When he said he was an actor, the alarms started clanging like at a major fire.

    When I repeated back to him that he was an actor, he just nodded. Briefly, I lowered my head and took in a gulp of air. The alarms could go to hell! I wasn't about to give up what I'd had for such a short time.

    Setting my eyes directly on his, I asked if he were any good. He assured me that he was. I took another deep breath and asked what I should call him.

    When he asked if baby were okay, something gave way inside me. I replied only if he'd call me `his Charlie'.

    His eyes were becoming teary. "I love my Charlie." He said softly to me.

    My heart was thrilled by those words. "I love you too, baby!" I said loudly. My own eyes were filling up.

    I took his hand and made him stand before me. We both agreed that what we had we'd work at keeping. For some reason I had to hear that.

    We embraced and sealed it with a kiss. I'd have to say that it was the most intense one that we had yet shared. Damn, but I loved this man, famous or not!

    Even though I wanted it to continue forever, we were kept from that happening. I can't honestly say how long I'd held him and our kiss had lasted when Gem interrupted us.

    I'll skip over the most of what we talked about. You've already read it in Jonathon's version of things. There were a few things I'll mention.

    What seemed like ages ago, back at the hotel. He'd slipped up and spoke in his normal accent. I fought against its effect on me by telling him it was a poor try at it. At the time I was really fighting a chill down my spine from it.

    Ever since I could remember, I had loved hearing certain English accents. It almost seemed like a cruel joke just to hear it so briefly back then. It teased at my ear and much deeper inside me.

    As we sat with Gem, discussing so many issues, he told me that he was effecting the American accent, not as a deceit to me, but as practice for the role he had in the movie.

    He couldn't very well have explained that away without disclosing he was an actor. Looking back on it now, I can understand why he never admitted to it. I'm sure I'd done enough small rants about Hollywood in front of him.

    I told myself that they would have to stop. It wasn't fair to him for me to hold my past against his profession. To keep him, that would have to change, no `ifs and or buts' about it!

    We'd deal with his fame and the problems it may cause us. I loved the man, not the star. He had Gem's vow to help in any way, which would include Thomas as well.

    He brought us more champagne. Again, glasses were filled and Gem made a toast.

    We all took a long sip then Jonathon's eyes caught mine. It was much more than adoration I saw in his eyes.

    I was more than ready when, this time, he pulled me to him.

    At first it was tender, then the momentum built once more. Just as we were approaching what I'd have to call the maximum, a bright flash went off.

    Jonathon went tense in my arms. "I'll be totally fucked!" He cried.

    Before we could even think, there was the sound of the backstage door slamming shut. Without hesitating, I ran for it as quickly as possible, leaving Jonathon just standing there.

    "Be careful!" Gem called out.

    "I will." I shouted. Not that I was sure they could hear me.

    Beyond the door was a dead-end alleyway. When I shoved it open, there was a car sitting there with the motor running.

    The only way I could block the escape was to stand in the way. It was far too narrow for the car to go around me.

    Standing my ground, I waited. It was evident that the driver was also debating what to do. The car lurched forward, but I didn't budge. When it was only a foot away, it stopped.

    The rain had stopped only to be replaced by a modest fog. It was impossible to see the driver, or if anyone else were in the car too.

    The horn blared and the car moved slowly forward. The bumper was almost touching my knees when it stopped again.

    I knew too well what that picture could do in the wrong hands. There wasn't any way I'd let that happen to my baby. No way in hell!

    Some of the fog moved just enough for me to see inside the car. Its loan occupant was glaring at me. Aw, damn! It was Marta!

    Marta was really Matthew Orson, and had been after me for the past three years. I was polite to him, but he wanted nothing more than to land me in bed. Something I refused to do with anyone by then.

    The driver's window went down and he leaned out. "I'll run your uppity ass over, shithead! Don't push me!" He was nearly screaming.

    "No, Matt, you won't!" I replied.

    "Found yourself a hot Hollywood star to fuck, huh? Well, wait until the press gets ahold of this pic I got of you two faggots!"

    "No, Matt. That's not a good idea." I said.

    "You always thought you were too good for me, didn't you? Well, Charlie... with this I'll get to screw you and that pretty boy Orlando!" He was nearly hysterical.

    "Matt, I've barely dated two or three people in the past five years. Does that sound like I was against you?" I asked.

    "I don't believe you, you bastard!" He hissed.

    "Matt, five years ago I was in a relationship that was bad. Evil is a better word for it. I didn't want to have much to do with anyone after."

    "Fuck you, Charlie!" His voice wasn't quite as severe as it had been.

    "Matt, I wasn't good enough for you or anyone until very recently."

    "Charlie... couldn't you have at least taken me to lunch sometime? Would that have been so bad?"

    I hadn't thought just how lonely he was. It wasn't that he was unattractive, but I really never thought of a relationship with an impersonator. Just wasn't something I ever wanted. Jonathon was what I wanted then, and didn't expect that to change.

    "Matt, we could still do lunch... or even dinner. I'm sorry I've been so wrapped up in my own gloom I never thought to ask you."

    "Oh, Charlie... even after this, you'd still take me out?" He was crying now.

    "As long as you know, we'd be going out as friends, Matt."

    "I've been so mad at you for so long. I'm sorry for being such an ass tonight." Matt was slowly calming down.

    "Would you like to come back inside and have some champagne with us?" I inquired.

    "I... I just couldn't have him meet me looking like this." Matt said.

    "Since when is there a lack of makeup in the dressing room?" I asked.

    He started to laugh. "Yeah, you're right on that."

    I let out a deep sigh. Please let this be resolved dear God.

    He shut off the engine and got out, locking up his car. "Here, Charlie." Matt handed me his digital camera. "You can either save it at home or delete it. But I do want the camera back."

    "Thank you, Matt." I hugged him to me tightly.

    "Charlie, I still love you." He said to me.

    I wished I'd known that moments before the door had opened and Jonathon and Gem were standing there.

    "What the bloody hell are you doing with her, Charlie?" Jonathon roared!

Chapter Twenty-Two - Jonathon

Chapter 22- Jonathon

    Charlie had chased after whoever it was while I sat there in a panic. Not only would my career and future be doomed from that picture of us, but it could possibly hurt Charlie too!

    Aw, this was such a sodding fucking bloody mess! Damn, damn, damn! Gem did her best to console me, but what if the bugger had a gun? Shite!

    "Jonathon, it's going to be fine. Try not to worry so much." She told me.

    "Gem, I'm not just worried for me, but for Charlie. What if that person has a gun?" I said, my voice filled with concern.

    I could tell she hadn't thought about that. It was a shock to me just how fast she could run. She was pulling me by the hand, while telling Thomas to get the shotgun.

    We could hear voices from outside, but they were muffled. It only took Thomas a few moments to join us. Slowly, so as to not startle anyone, I pushed open the door.

    "Charlie, I still love you." Said an attractive brunette, held tightly in his arms.

    Here I was worried about him and he's got some woman on the side!

    "What the bloody hell are you doing with her, Charlie?" I yelled.

    He let go of her and grinned as he raised up the camera. "Baby, I want you to meet Matt, professionally `she' is Marta."

    I felt myself doing that thing again, where I just move my head in small circles. After a few seconds I had my composure back.

    "Hello, Marta." I said, in as calm a voice as I could.

    "We're all going back inside and have more champagne." Charlie stated.

    I was still quite perturbed by his casual attitude, but he did get the camera. Somehow I'd mellow. Amazingly, Gem stayed silent until we returned to the table.

    Thomas went and brought two more glasses and another bottle. I did my best not to look at Matt. He had one of those sodding star-struck expressions. Sometimes I'd find them cute, but it did get bloody tiring.

    "I have something to say." Matt spoke up. "All of you are owed my apology for earlier. It was wrong of me to do it, and I'm really sorry."

    We agreed to accept it and Thomas poured the champagne. No toast was made and we sipped at it in silence.

    "Mr. Bloom, I have to say this. You're much better looking in person." Matt said.

    Bloody hell, I wish I had a fiver for every time I'd heard that in the past five years or so. I did my best to just smile and be gracious about it.

    "Matt, after all this trouble. Do you mind if we see the pic you took?" Charlie asked.

    I could see Matt was a bit flustered as he turned on his digital camera and opened the file. His eyes went wide as he looked at it. "Holy fuck!" He said, then he started laughing.

    Unable to hold back her curiosity, Gem took it and just stared for a moment, then began to laugh too. She handed it to Thomas, who quickly smiled.

    Seeing that I was getting frustrated, Charlie took it next and held it where we both could see the image. It showed Charlie clearly, but with my hat in the way, it was impossible to see much more than my lips touching his.

    Shite! After all we'd been trough from the time of that flash, and my face didn't even show in it. The irony was too much and we both broke into a hearty laugh. Really, you couldn't even tell by the pic if Charlie was kissing a man or a woman.

    "I have an idea." Came from my mouth without a clue as to what I was about to say. Somehow I knew that Matt wasn't the bad person I'd taken him for at first.

    All eyes were on me right then. "Gem, do you have any dance music?"

    "What sort would you like?" She asked.

    Taking in a deep breath, I looked at Charlie and smiled. "Something slow and romantic?"

    "I think I can do that. Thomas, you know the one." She gave him a small grin.

    Endless Love began to play and I held out my hand to Charlie. He had a shy look almost as he stood and took it. Aw, fuck, this already felt so bloody good!

    Just holding him again was bringing tears to my eyes. The slow movement we made as the music played. My heart was close to bursting with my feelings right then.

    Our heads were nuzzled on each others shoulders. That's when Charlie began to whisper the words to the song that was playing. Then his voice built until it was strong and clear.

    I think I had goose bumps from top to bottom as his mellow baritone sang to me, "You're the best thing that ever happened to me."

    When the song ended we stopped and just looked into the others eyes. "I love you, my Charlie, very much!" I said softly.

    "I love you at least as much, baby." He said in a whisper just for my ears.

    We were just about to kiss when Gem interrupted and took Charlie by the hand. A faster song began to play. I think it was called `I like dreaming'.

    It was totally amazing to watch the two of them as they glided across the dance floor. The twists and turns and spins they did were bloody stellar! They both looked so light on their feet, which given Gem's size was quite remarkable.

    When they finished I gave them a standing ovation. Well, I was already standing but you get my meaning well enough.

    They turned and, while holding hands, took a deep bow. I stomped my feet and whistled.

    Both smiled, but Charlie looked like he'd swallowed the bloody canary. "Did we look okay?" He asked.

    "You both looked `marvelous' as could be!" I exclaimed.

    "I think you're just a bit partial, Jon Boy." Gem chided.

    "Nothing of the sort!" I protested.

    We were all laughing when another song started. This one was slow. It was then I noticed Matt sitting alone at the table. He looked sad and whimsical at the same time.

    I glanced at Charlie before going over and holding out my hand to Matt. He looked incredulous. "You... you want to dance with me?" He stuttered.

    "Only if you don't mind my two left feet." I said with a grin.

    He gave a tentative smile back to me as I led him to the middle. Though it was nothing to compare to my dance with Charlie, something about it was memorable for me.

    I'd have to guess it was me showing no ill feelings after the deal with the pic earlier. Or maybe reaching out to someone that was very lonely. Maybe a bit of both.

    At the end, Matt hung his head down. "I'm truly sorry for all the shit I caused tonight, Mr. Bloom."

    "Please don't be. Sometimes we need to have things shaken up in our lives. But please, don't do anything again that could hurt me, or more important, Charlie." I replied.

    He shook his head. "Don't worry. I'm not exactly the sort of person that people would believe anyway. And I won't do anything to screw up what you guys have, I promise."

    I gave his hand a quick squeeze. "Call me Jonathon. And I do believe you."

    He actually had a nice smile when he let it out. "Thank you, Jonathon." He said.

    I gave his hand a quick kiss. It just seemed proper with him still in drag. "You are most welcome, Marta."

    "Charlie, I think he's about to dump you!" Gem called out.

    "No bloody way!" I retorted.

    Aw, fuck, I thought as I turned to look at Matt still in front of me.

    He gave me a big wink. "Go get him, tiger!" He stated.

    I crossed back to the table and poured the rest of the champagne into the glasses.

Looking at Charlie, he had no worries on his face.

    "This is to all who are here tonight. My thanks for making it one I shall never forget!" I said.

    "Cheers!" Everyone said, smiles on all of our faces. The glasses were quickly emptied.

    "I hate to break up the party, but this ol' gal needs some rest." Gem stated.

    "You don't want to be around if she doesn't get it." Thomas spoke up.

    "It?" Charlie said with glee.

    Thomas and Gem both were blushing as we teased them about `it'.

    "That's enough of the bubbly, all of you- out!" Gem said with a smile and snarl mixed.

    We said our thank yous and goodbyes and headed to the car.

    "Where do we go from here, Charlie?" I asked.

    Indeed, where?

    (To be continued?)

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