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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter Two - Jonathon

    As I sat on the plane, I couldn't help but think on why I was here. That last fight with Kate was a bad one.

    I'm good at controlling my temper, but can only take so much of the same shite. Anytime I was free from a shooting schedule, she wanted to visit with her family, and to hell with mine. It wasn't fair.

    Even if we didn't have much free time, she wanted all of mine. Christ, couldn't I have some time to myself once in a while?

    I guess I loved her, but this was all too much. So I decided to go to Kentucky a week early. She could just piss off!

    Just as I was calming some, the captain came on and explained that landing would be delayed due to bad storms. Fuck! Can't I have something go right?

    I debated and decided on the offer of another drink from the stewardess. God, she was so gushie!

    That was something I totally hated about my life these days. Wasn't there one person out there that would like me just for myself?

    I held the glass tightly and this time I sipped it, I didn't need to be wasted when I landed. I did my best to clear my head and think of my lines and the Yankee accent I'd been coached on.

    Another hour passed before we landed. Bloody hell, it was rough!

    I swear, I nearly kissed the ground. Don't laugh, unless you were on that flight too!

    At least I got to skip luggage claim. All I'd packed was my carryon, I could spend a bit of time shopping during the next week. Give me something to do at least.

    I pulled on my black overcoat and a hat. After a quick debate, I put on my large sunglasses too.

    Finally I was off that plane. I slung my bag over my shoulder and found my way to the car rental counter.

    Thank fuck, the old gal behind it didn't recognize me. That would be all I'd need. I pulled out the ID and credit card I'd had done up using my middle names and got myself a simple Ford. Even with a decent map, I was so tired I knew I'd have a time of it.

    Okay, it was pissing down rain. I could handle this. All I needed to do was find my way to I-65 and go south. Yanks do this all the time, I'd be able to manage. I tossed the hat and glasses in the back and put it in gear.

    I had the wipers on their fastest speed and they barely kept up. Ah, there was the sign. Veering to the right, I heard a few tires squeal as I cut in front of them to take the ramp.

    After a deep breath, I merged onto the road. Now I could just chill, it wasn't a long drive ahead.

    Twenty minutes passed before I realized something was wrong. Why did the bloody signs say I was in Indiana? That's a different state!

    Fuck all! I was going north instead of south!

    I swear I was near to tears as I got turned around to head the right direction.

    With the rain coming down so hard, it was close to an hour before I finally saw a sign that listed Elizabethtown. I let out a huge sigh of relief.

    That was a mistake. The car started to wobble, and I knew what it was.

    I pulled off to the side as far as I dared in the dark. All I could do was hope the flat was on the far side.

    Of course, that wasn't my luck. It was on the left rear.

    At that point, I was too knackered to care. I won't go into the struggle to change in the rain and the dark. Did it before back home, more than once.

    If only there hadn't been so much traffic it would have been easier. If I thought I was miserable earlier, that was nothing. I got back in the car and turned the heat on high. The passing traffic had drenched me to the skin.

    The clock read past three. For only three hours since I had landed, I wasn't impressed by this place in the least.

    It was sheer luck that I found the place at all. I thanked God for the countless signs there had been.

    I parked as close to the door as I could and still be in a spot. Closing my eyes I said a quiet prayer. Just something I always do when I get to where I'm going.

    The rain wasn't about to let up, so I got out and went inside. There a surprise waited for me.

    Back when I first started with movies, everyone that knew me told me to give up 'that' part of my life. It would only stop my career before it started.

    Bloody hell, this man would have been worth it on looks alone! Time to put on my actor's mask and not show it to him.

    At first he shied away, then I realized how I must look to him. I did my best to just smile.

    He was tall, nicely built and disheveled. A look I really liked in a man. His short golden hair was a mess and his deep blue eyes were bloodshot. It was easy to tell it wasn't from drugs or drink, thank fuck!

    The first thing he did was bring me towels. I guess that thing I'd heard about southern hospitality was true. At least of this man it was.

    He made me some hot cocoa too. And when our hands touched, it felt like a spark hit me deep inside.

    No fucking way, man! I gave that shite up, and besides, he had to be straight!

    He stared at me a few times, but didn't seem to know me. Sure I was a mess, but most anyone would have recognized me. He didn't seem to though.

    His voice was a mellow sound, deep and resonant. I was feeling chills that weren't from the soaking I'd had. This had to stop, and quickly!

    Bloody hell, he went and got me extra toiletries! Guys only did sort of shite when they knew who I was. He had to know!

    I wanted an excuse to stand there longer, but couldn't think of one. We talked for just a bit more than I went to my room.

    As dead tired as I was, he'd awakened something I'd kept locked away for eight long years.

    I peeled off the soaked clothes and just left them in a corner of the room. It was then I saw how much mud had gotten on them. Not a wonder he had looked at me so strangely.

    Taking the bag he gave me I went into the bathroom and turned on the water as hot as I could stand. Once the shivering stopped, I lathered and rinsed until I felt all the grime was gone.

    As soon as I allowed myself to think about Charlie, the expected happened. The tingle in my groin took over.

    I would not wank, at least not thinking of a man! As much as I tried, it didn't work.

    Christ, I'd just met him. What the fuck was going on inside my head?

    Sure enough, as soon as I thought of Charlie, I was as hard as steel again!

    There was one solution to this, as I could see it. I turned the water on cold, and though it took a few minutes, shrinkage occurred. Not fully, mind you, but enough.

    I dried off completely, even using the blow dryer on my long mane of hair. When I was done, I glanced in the mirror and smiled at myself. There was something I liked when my hair looked so wild.

    It was then I remembered I didn't even have a brush with me. I debated on pulling on the wet clothes and running to the car. Looking at them again, they were pretty foul.

    I'd seen a door to the outside that was close to my room and to my car. I could surely just dash out in a towel, grab my bag and dash back in. At this late hour, no one would see me.

    I reached into my jeans and pulled out my keys. Then, without looking, I grabbed the key card from the table.

    Peering out the door, there wasn't any one in sight. I could do it easily I thought.

    With one hand holding the towel around me and the other clutching the keys and card, I let the door to my room gently close.

    I know I had a grin on my face. If only some paparazzi could see me now, that pic would create a stir!

    It was then I realized what I had in my hand. They were my keys alright. The keys to my car at home!

    Oh, well. Not to worry, right? I tried the key card in the door, and nothing happened. After trying it every way I could, I took a good look at it.

    Fuck! It wasn't the key card at all. It was the instructions for dialing the sodding phones here!

    I was going to have to go see Charlie for another. Shite!

    As soon as I thought of him, that tingle started up again! I'm not huge, but more than average. The tent that formed couldn't be missed by a blind man!

    The thought of Charlie sent an extra pulse to that area. I'd just have to do it, there wasn't any choice.

    Putting on my most stoic expression, I walked down the hall. As soon as I got close enough to see him, I cleared my throat.

    He raised his eyes from the desk and looked at me. Then he looked down at the tent and up again, a slight grin formed and his eyes twinkled.

    I found myself grinning back.

    (To be continued?)

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