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My Elizabethtown

Chapter TwentyThree - Charlie

    I could go over everything that Jonathon just told you about, but that can get pretty tedious. The main thing was the disaster we all had feared was averted and I had the camera.

    We ended up back inside with more of the champagne. It was Jonathon's idea to put on some slow music. I was taken aback at first when he reached for my hand.

    Yes, there was still that magical feel as I took his and he led me to the middle of the dance floor. We embraced and slowly moved to the music.

    So much had happened to us in such a very short time. Being in each others arms was like a balm for the recent stress. The warmth of him, his scent, the slight puffs of his breath as it passed by my ear, all made it feel nearly ethereal.

    I had such elation coursing through me that, without thinking, I began to softly speak the words to him. When I started to fully sing, I can't recall exactly. But no words seemed more fitting, he was truly the best thing that ever happened to me!

    When the song ended we just stood and stared deeply into each others eyes. We had just exchanged `I love yous' again and I was so ready for my lips to touch his. Mine were quivering in expectation.

    When Gem interrupted us, I almost cursed aloud. A faster song started and she let me know with a single glance that we were going to `perform'.

    It was something we'd done many times. She was the one first taught me dance, then proper moves to accent it all.

    We rarely stumbled and it went smoothly. I was very pleased with Jonathon's reaction when we finished. It was easy to tell how impressed he'd been.

    I was in for a surprise as the music to another slow song started and he took Matt onto the dance floor. There was no sense of jealousy on my part, but I was in awe of my guy. He already had my heart, and he just kept winning it over and over.

    It was no small thing to let go of what Matt had tried to do earlier. Not that the picture would have done any harm to anyone. But the intent was enough.

    All in all it was an evening I'd always remember. But all too soon it seemed it was to end as Gem saw us all to the door.

    "Where do we go from here, Charlie?" Jonathon asked as we got in the car, his brow was just slightly raised.

    I reflected for just a few moments on that, wondering what did lie ahead for us. Then my instincts kicked in and I leaned toward him and grinned.

    He broke into a smile and moved his lips closer to mine, "yes, we're well past due for this!"

    What started out slowly built quickly almost like a rocket going off. Just when I was silently cursing the lack of room in my car there was a sharp rap on the glass.

    "Go home, or get a room somewhere you two lovebirds!" Gem called out to us.

    Jonathon put down his window, "honestly, we were just talking, love."

    "Don't love me," she said, "I don't think my heart could take a kiss like that!"

    We were all cracking up by then, even Thomas. "And I don't know how the hell you two could be talking with your tongues so busy!" she added.

    "Gem, it's called `the language of love'!" I stated.

    "Looks to me like there may be a bit of lust in there too somewhere!" she laughed again as she knew she had got us. Even in the dim light I could tell Jonathon was blushing at least as much as I.

    "Seriously, it's not a good idea to be sitting here. Charlie, you know that as well as I do," she said.

    Remembering how many crazies were out there and the occasional problems Gem had there, I knew she was right. I started the car.

    "Love you boys. Have a good night!" she exclaimed.

    "We love you too, m'lady," Jonathon added.

    As I pulled out I headed for the river. I wasn't sure why I did, but it struck me as the right thing then.

    I parked the car and we just sat there for a few minutes. "Let's go for a walk," I said.

    "Sure," he replied. I'm sure he knew this would be serious.

    Contrary to the usual, there was only a trace of fog near the water. With it being deserted I took his hand in mine as we walked.

    After a few minutes, I spoke, "this is where I came earlier when I left the club for a while. I'd bet I've walked a thousand miles along here over the years. For some reason it almost always helps me think better."

    "It's lovely. I wish I had a place like this to come to," Jonathon said.

    Kissing his hand, we continued to go a short distance more. "So, you're serious about working on this relationship with me?" I asked.

    He was silent for a while, then kissed my hand as we walked, "yes, in spite of how crazy it's been in such a short time."

    I ran a hand through my hair then chuckled, "baby, I promise you my average days are not a thing like today has been. My life is usually pretty quiet."

    His face crumbled just a bit as we stopped to sit on a bench. "My dear darling Charlie," he said as his eyes searched mine in the shadows.

    "I've had a lot of bizarre days in my life in the past four years or so. Several would even exceed today," he sighed.

    "Baby, I'll stand by you as much as you'll let me. I'm just sorry I wasn't part of your life sooner to help more."

    "Thanks, Charlie," he paused for a few minutes. "All my life I wanted to be an actor. On stage or movies or even television. I sure as fuck didn't expect to become famous!"

    His words stunned me a bit. "Jonathon, just how famous do you mean?" I asked.

    "I've done some tv shows and some stage work. Just recently we finished what will be movie number twelve for me. Four of those were huge huge hits. It only took the first one to get my face all over," he let out a heavy sigh.

    "Baby, I know I haven't watched any in years, but maybe I've heard of one or two."

    "The Lord of the Rings Trilogy and Pirates of the Caribbean," he said in a tone that marked his dismay.

    Oh my God. Even in my cocoon I'd been in, I'd heard of them. "Wow!" I exclaimed, "even I've heard of those."

    "Yeah," he gave a small smile. "The Trilogy series had several stars to it. I guess things would have been worse even sooner if there'd been less. Pirates I co-stared with Johnny Depp. It all went to hell after."

    "No privacy anywhere?" I asked. The thought of such a life seemed pretty disturbing to me.

    "Not very many places. Sometimes it's nearly bloody impossible to take a piss without a camera near much less get in a good wank when I want!" His voice was full of his exasperation.

    "Damn, that is bad... baby, what's a wank?" I inquired with a raised brow.

    He broke into a full laugh, relieving the tension that had just been building. Glancing around, he pulled me to him and gave me a `fast and furious' kiss that left me almost breathless. His hands were stroking my thighs. That lecherous expression was back.

    I was so ready to just go in the bushes with him when he stopped and pulled me to my feet. We were both showing quite a tent.

    "Let's go home, my Charlie, and I'll give you a proper lesson on what a wank is!"

Chapter Twenty-Four - Jonathon

    We walked along the river without saying much. So many things were running through my head. But the feel of his hand in mine helped to keep it under control.

    It bothered me only a lil that I was so quickly dependant on this man. I mean to say I didn't fall in love easily, much less in a matter of just a few hours.

    There was a light fog and looking over the river it gave the twinkling lights there an almost mystical quality. It was slightly cool, but still comfortable for so late an hour.

    It was a slow pace as we didn't have any place to be. Things were pretty mellow until we stopped to sit for a few on a bench that faced the water. It was the closest I'd come to pouring out to Charlie some of what I really disliked about my life.

    He was being a rock and didn't waver. I felt so good just to let the words out. When I got into such a sour mood it usually would last for far too long. Charlie fixed that with just a simple question.

    "Baby, what's a wank?" he asked with such an innocence.

    I couldn't help but laugh. Charlie had killed that mood and triggered something else deep inside me.

    Not only was I in love with this man, the whole part and parcel of him I found sexy as fuck! Pulling him to me, I gave him a quick but intense kiss, letting my hands rub his thighs close to his bits.

    Bloody hell, I was ready to drag him back behind the shrubs! It took all my control not to just go at it on the sodding bench!

    I jumped to my feet and pulled him up as well. There was a fire in his eyes which I'm sure my own matched. And I do believe we both had our cannons loaded and ready to fire at the least provocation.

    "Let's go home, my Charlie, and I'll give you a proper lesson on what a wank is!" I told him.

    "Baby, I have a feeling I'm going to like you as the teacher!" he shot back at me.

    We both laughed as we took off at a dead run back to the car, holding hands all the way. Granted we were a bit winded when we got there but it felt great!

    As I was about to let go of his hand he pulled me to him for another incredible kiss. Our hands were everywhere at once.

    I was only seconds from reaching the finish line when he pulled back. Aw, bloody hell! The throbbing inside my boxers was pleading for a finish and it wasn't going to happen. Not yet.

    "You bastard!" I growled.

    "Damn right!" he snarled.

    Our eyes were slits as we had a stare down. After just a few minutes I pulled him to me roughly and bit his lip. There was no waiting for him to do the same to me.

    For several minutes we continued the tasting. We nibbled gently, sometimes harshly on ears, necks, throats and even noses. I'd never been this brutal before, but maybe it had to do with it being a man. This man!

    I could feel sweat trickling down my back and my brow. It was clear that Charlie was as worked up as I.

    Aw, fuck! I was so close again, I had to stop. When I pushed him away he glared at me but with a slight grin.

    "You prick!" he said in a teasing tone.

    "Cocksucker!" I hissed.

    "Yes, and I'm going to prove it to you very very soon!"

    I had to grin. "You better bloody well teach me too!" I said.

    We were standing at arms length and just grinning at each other.

    "Baby, we'll take turns at teaching and learning from each other. Sometimes we'll both be students," he said, his voice taking on a softer quality.

    I nodded. No alarms were going off, they'd fully stopped some hours back. There was no way to know what tomorrow or next week might bring, but I wanted Charlie there beside me for it. No matter what.

    My heart was pounding in my chest but at least the throbbing lower was subsiding. It wouldn't take much to regain it though.

    He squeezed both my hands in his and just smiled, "I love you, Jonathon."

    I gripped his tightly, "I love you too, my Charlie."

    Oh, yeah. It thrilled me just to say those words to him and hear them said to me. Please, God, don't ever let me awake from this!

    We spent countless minutes just standing there and looking as deeply as we could into each others eyes. It was as if we were trying to consume the other through it.

    We got in the car and fastened up. He backed out and slightly burned rubber as we headed home.

    "Are you hungry at all, baby?" he asked.

    "No, hon, unless you are," I replied.

    "Not really. But if you'd like to stop somewhere..."

    "Don't you bloody dare!" I nearly shouted.

    "Aw, baby. Don't get upset. Just trying to take care of you is all," he said.

    "If we don't go right home, I swear!"

    "So I've noticed," he retorted.

    "Charlie, don't be a bloody tease. You want and need it just as much as I do, don't try to deny it!"

    "Jonathon, I'd never do such a thing!" He was trying for an innocence to his voice that wasn't very convincing.

    "Oh, you are such a liar! You just wait!" I threatened.

    "Why, sir. Such an assault on my good character! I would never lie," he said.

    That did it! What choice did I have, really?

    I was careful just how I got his ribs with my fingers, we sure didn't need a sodding accident! Oh, how I tried to make him pay!

    To be honest I think I was giggling as badly as he. For all the intensity we'd developed between us, there was something relaxed to it as well.

    I'd rarely ever tickled an adult since I became one myself. It just never seemed a grown thing to do. Not that I hadn't wanted to at times, it just seemed very improper.

    Now I didn't care if someone though I was nutters, or the both of us even. So many pretences seemed to be gone.

    My heart felt so carefree, but I knew that Charlie was the reason. It felt lighter and yet was overflowing with how much love I'd found. Mine for him, and his for me.

    "Dammit!" he gasped. "If you don't... stop with the... tickling, I'll do... something drastic as payback!" He threatened.

    "Oh, yeah? Like what?" I egged him on as I gave a subtler jab to his ribs.

    "I'll... I'll glue your foreskin shut!" he giggled some more.

    "You wouldn't dare!" I exclaimed.

    "Don't you trust me, baby?" There was that teasing tone again.

    "Not now, I fucking don't!" I answered.

    "Aw, but baby!" he chided.

    "Hands off!" I pouted.

    I should have known better than to cross my arms in defiance like that. It gave him full access to my ribs.

    Not that it lasted long as he did have to drive as well. With us being on a motorway, he was still being cautious.

    I grabbed his hand and kissed it. "Truce?" I inquired.

    "Truce," he responded.

    Now I can't say what possessed me to do it. Even though I'd had it done to me before, I'd never reciprocated. Starting with his pinky finger, I ran my tongue along it then gently sucked on it. Then the ring finger and on until I finished with his thumb.

    There was a sensuality to this act that I'd never found in it before. He was squirming and licking his lips as I did this. I watched in the dim light from the dash as a lopsided grin formed on his face. The whole thing was erotic as hell.

    I'd never taken such pleasure in making another person aroused until I'd met Charlie. All I wanted was to make him as happy as possible. Not that I was selfish before, but nothing had prepared me for him.

    I was rock-hard in my trousers. That didn't escape his notice even in darkness.

    His hand dropped from my lips to my lap and gently gave me a fondle. A soft sigh escaped my lips.

    Two could do this and I lightly rubbed his goods. Oh, yes... he was stiff too!

    We were careful the rest of the drive. Only enough attention was given to our wood to keep them that way.

    After we got out of the car, we stood at the door. Both of us were well aware of what was ahead and our lecherous looks proved it to one another. We eyed first our faces then our considerable tents.

    "Well, professor. Your two students are ready to learn what a wank is!" His face broke into a grin.

    "That will be a `proper lesson on what a wank is'. I'm sure you'll both be excellent students!" I wiggled my eyebrows at him.

Chapter Twenty-Five - Charlie

    I hope you'll forgive me for skipping ahead. By the time we got back to the house I had a hunger for him I didn't think I could ever feed. Sure it was partly sexual, but it went far beyond anything I'd ever felt before.

    Then he arched his eyebrows up and down he licked his lips too. Damn, but that got to me! Down below, another part of me noticed too.

    "Y'all get this here door open so we can get this class commencing'!" he teased at me. His southern accent was pretty bad.

    Added to that was the stern look upon his face. I couldn't help but laugh.

    "Young master Brown, you will be kept after class for your insolence!" he threatened.

    This time it was with his Brit accent back. I did my best to reduce back to just a smirk.

    He allowed a slight grin to gain control, "Charlie, will you please get the bloody door open?" he asked. Now he was sounding a bit exasperated.

    "Yes, baby. If you'll just move some, I'll do it," I said.

    There was that defiant look again with a larger grin. He really didn't give me much choice so I bumped my hip against his just enough to gain access to the lock. Now his grin was full sized.

    I put the keys in my pocket and was about to open the door when a sharp pain struck me.

    That brat had pinched my ass!

    "It's what you get for your insolence!" he stated.

    "Insolence my ass!" I retorted.

    "Exactly!" he exclaimed.

    My face reddened slightly as he chuckled. I would seek my revenge at some time. But not right now.

    When he started for the bedroom, some alarms went off. Damn, but I wished I had more control of them.

    "Jonathon, we need to have a talk." My expression was totally serious.

    "I know, Charlie. We truly do." His face had become solemn.

    We went into the kitchen. "Coffee?" I asked.

    "Yes, that would be good," he replied.

    While I set about brewing some, he sat to the table. I couldn't help but notice him biting his nails.

    When he caught my eyes he had a slightly guilty look. "I know that it's an atrocious habit, but I started when I quit the fags," he explained.

    I didn't understand at first. "I used to smoke," he added.

    "Well, I'd rather see you at your nails than nails in a coffin," I stated with a smile.

    "Yes, I'm bloody glad you don't have that habit," he smiled back.

    I nodded and finished getting the coffee. Placing two steaming cups on the table I sat down across from him.

    "Jonathon, I'm not sure where to start on this," I paused and took a sip, letting it burn my tongue as a penance for this situation. He was quiet with his eyes on mine, an almost hurt expression on his face.

    Reaching out I held his hands as I continued, "pretty soon, the film crews will be here. Once you're all finished, what then?"

    "We'll figure something out, Charlie," he replied as tears began to form in his eyes.

    "I don't want to be a temporary item in your busy life. My feelings for you are deeper than that," I stated. My eyes were becoming moist as well.

    "You aren't temporary. Granted I'm famous and have money. But for what I've found in you, I'd gladly give it all up," he said softly.

    "No! I'd never forgive myself if you did, Jonathon. It's too much a part of who you are. The whole of which is the man that I now love." I tightened my grip on his hands.

    "Charlie. You're much more to me than a romp in the sheets. Granted, that's been bloody fantastic! But I enjoy just being with you. Even as bizarre as this may sound, If we never made love again, I could manage somehow. Just as long as I knew that you loved me still. And that you'd hold me when I needed it and even when I don't."

    His words had covered most of what my alarms had raised. Tears began to slowly fall down my face. He softly brushed at them with his fingers.

    "Baby, I feel that way about you too. But what about next week, next month? I don't want to just be with you once in a while between movies."

    "No, then I'd be a sodding wanker to expect that of you!" he replied.

    Now his tears started. I felt totally to blame for us both being miserable now.

    "I could never think ill of you, Jonathon." It was all I could do to keep from sobbing. Why had I let it go this far? Those alarms I had I'd put there for a damn good reason!

    Suddenly his face lit up, "I know, I can get you a job on the crew, or as an extra!"

    How I hated to burst his bubble. "Baby, that would only work for this one film. You try doing it for more than one and someone somewhere is going to notice. If not on the next one, then the one after that."

    He hung his head again and nodded, "you're right, you know? We'd have to be nearly glued at the hip professionally and yet hide this at the same time."

    My heart was almost breaking to think that I'd come so close to having such a wonderful person to share my life with. Again I thought, I should never have let him in as I had.

    God only knew what he was thinking as we sat in silence and occasionally sipped at our now cold coffee.

    I was just about to toss in the final towel and offer to drive him back to the hotel, when his face brightened once more. Already I knew that I'd have to shoot down any idea he'd have. My life wasn't meant to have someone in it was all.

    "Charlie... can you type?" he inquired.

    "Of course I can," I answered, wondering where this was going next.

    "And answer phones?" he said.

    "Yes." Now my curiosity was rising.

    "And you can obviously read too, correct?" His voice rose slightly as he was speaking.

    "Right, but what good does that do?" I was feeling totally lost by now.

    "And drive and shop and cook?" he asked.

    If he was about to suggest me be his butler, I'd flat out refuse. "Yes, I know how to do all that."

    "Charlie, go get me a book. Any sort will do," he stated.

    I went to my bedroom and brought back a crime novel I'd been reading. Placing it on the table I sat again.

    "Now open to any page and start reading to me," he requested. His face was all smiles.

    This was something I used to do for my grandmother her last few years, as her eyes were growing weak. Easily I started at the top of a page and read half-way down.

    "Excellent!" He actually clapped. "Now give me the fool thing!"

    I handed him the book and he re-read aloud what I'd read. He stumbled slightly but did a decent job of it.

    "Now, listen close, Charlie," he said as he turned to another page.

    The difference was shocking. He was stumbling over even simple words! My face must have registered my shock and he began to laugh.

    "My Charlie, I'm dyslexic as all fuck!" he explained.

    I was still puzzled, "what does this have to do with us, baby?"

    He took my hands in his again. "My life can be pretty hectic. Between one function and another and on location shoots, I can't ever seem to keep organized. Often I don't eat right or sleep right knowing I'm forgetting something, such as no sodding food in the place! I'm bloody good at memorizing some things, if someone reads them to me. That's how I manage acting," he said. "I really do hate reading because it's so difficult for me."

    "Jonathon. You still have me at a loss. What does this all have to do with us?"

    He paused and took in a deep breath, "I've had loads of people after me to hire a full time PA."

    "Okay, here a PA is a Physician's Assistant. Are you ill?" I asked.

    "No!" he started to laugh again. "I never took the time or trusted someone for it. PA is a personal assistant. It's something that many in my line of work need but too often can't find."

    "Are you serious?" I couldn't believe this.

    His face went calm. "Charlie, I need you in my life, I want you in my life. It's the only answer really."

    "Jonathon, I don't want to be bought like some hooker." I was trying not to get indignant.

    "You'd earn ever cent of it, trust me. And what we do behind a closed door will have no bearing on that," he assured me.

    I sat there with so many thoughts and emotions going through me, my head was spinning.

    "You'd have to travel with me when I go on location shoots. That's part of what a good PA does. No holidays at all to speak of," he added.

    He has his fingernails, I was chewing on my lips at this point. It was a lot to think about.

    "As you're bound to find out at some point, I can be a right bastard at times! I don't want you thinking that I'm just the sweet person you've seen up until now." His brows were slightly raised, one higher than the other.

    "And you think I'm just some angel all the time myself?" I asked with a big grin.

    "I'm hoping you aren't, I liked some of that devil I saw back by the car park." His eyes were sparkling.

    "That can be arranged," I replied.

    "Promise you'll think about it, Charlie? The PA thing?" The serious look was back on his face.

    "Yes, baby, I promise." Just the thought of it not ending was sending my heart soaring higher than ever. But I would have to consider what all it would mean before agreeing to it.

    "I'm not about to make you decide on the spot. I wouldn't do that to you," he said.

    "Thank you. I will have to think on it first." My mind was almost in overload trying to comprehend it.

    "You're welcome. Now..." He stood then took my hand and pulled me up. That lecherous look was back, "we're quite late for class!"

Chapter Twenty-Six - Jonathon

    I used an atrocious southern accent and got him to laughing more. We bantered back and forth a few times and things got a lil bit rowdy.

    When Charlie hit me with his hip, I just had to seek some revenge of some sort. Then my eyes fell on the curve of his arse. That would do just fine!

    With no hesitation on my part, I reached down and got a good pinch. It was clear he wasn't expecting it.

    As quick as it was, I couldn't help but feel how much muscle was there. My mind darted back to the shower. Bloody hell, I had to shake my head of those thoughts! We'd have other showers like that, I felt sure.

    Once he had the door open, I started right for the bedroom. That's when he stopped me and said we had to talk. Aw, fuck! I'd been dreading the time but knew it had to come. Guess better now than later.

    We went into the kitchen and he put on some coffee. I hadn't even noticed that I was biting my nails.

    My mind was racing on me. What if I said the wrong thing? Or what if he did? Were we both really ready to try for a long term relationship?

    The only thing that kept resurfacing was that I didn't want to lose Charlie. Not at any cost!

    He put the mugs of hot brew down and sat opposite me. I felt like pulling out my hair when he mentioned all that was ahead. God, give me some solution to this, please!

    I blurted out that I could just give it all up. There was lots of money, we didn't need worry on that.

    Naturally, he declined the offer. Somehow I was sure he would, but I'd meant it. If that's what needed to be done.

    The next idea got shot down too. What a sodding mess we were in for! There just had to be a way! Christ, there had to be!

    We sat wordlessly, each of us lost in our own thoughts. I couldn't look at him as his face would just be a reflection of my own misery.

    Our coffee had lost its warmth but somehow the bitter taste barely registered with me. I felt like banging my head on the bloody table! Think, damn your arse, think!

    A freakin' PA! Oh, that would be perfect! Why the sodding hell didn't the idea come to me sooner?

    As was typical of my way of working things it, it took several minutes for me to explain it to Charlie. I didn't expect him to jump at it, but at least he promised to think on it.

    I pulled him to his feet and started for the bedroom. We were partway across the front room when he stopped me. He had a shy grin on his face.

    As I went to speak he put his finger to my lips. Letting go of my hand he stepped over to a small cupboard. After a few minutes soft and slow music began to play.

    There wasn't much floor space as he took me in his arms and softly sang the words in my ear as we danced. It was a song I was vaguely familiar with. But, as his voice caressed the notes, the meaning of it really drove home.

    If you've never heard the duet of Unforgettable as done by Natalie Cole and her late father, Nat King Cole, than you couldn't understand.

    Not that I can sing well, but I let myself join in. We held each other closer and allowed the tears we'd held back not so long ago to flow freely. Our voices both quivered.

    Though the music stopped we continued to sway slightly. Each of us had one hand slowly stroking through the others hair and one arm held tightly around the others waist.

    There was nothing sexual about our embrace. But it was extremely loving.

    Minutes passed, before we stopped and our eyes locked on the others. "I love you baby," he said quietly.

    "And I love you, my Charlie," I stated.

    He closed his eyes for just a few seconds and opened them, that slight smile upon his face again. "I know you do."

    At that, I began to kiss at the tears he'd shed. We took turns at it, tasting the salty remains of what was anguish and love mixed on his face and mine.

    Our lips at last touched and it was tender, long and deep. There was a need for this, a re-affirmation that passion wasn't needed with our every kiss. This was love.

    Even with the dim lamp across the room for our only light, his eyes nearly glowed. Oh, God, how my heart leapt when he looked at me. It was me, myself- not Orlando! He gave not a flying fuck about the movie star... he loved me for me!

    And don't doubt for a bloody second that I didn't love this man for all he was, the inside was even more wonderful than you could imagine. Oh, no.. don't ever doubt that!

    "We'll work this all out," he said. His face was solemn yet a hint of smile showed.

    I gave a quick nod of my head, "you best believe we will!"

    We were grinning then as our lips met once more. This time I can't deny that passion returned. When we stopped for air I bent down and removed his shoes and socks.

    "Could you put on more music to dance to?" I asked.

    "Sure thing, baby," he replied.

    While he busied himself looking after my request, I stripped to my bare feet. I knew what I had in mind. It was going to be spectacular!

    As soon as we began to dance again, I pulled his shirt from his trousers. I moved my hands up his back, then slowly and gently raked my stubby nails down it again.

    Charlie arched and tossed his head back with a soft moan. I lowered my lips to his Adam's apple and sucked and nibbled while my hands still went up and down.

    He was near to a growl, when he pulled my shirt loose too. Bloody hell if he didn't mimic just what I'd done to him! And with pretty much the same reaction.

    Our groins were pressed tightly together. There was no mistaking our arousal. A blind man could have seen it!

    But I had plans to take this higher. I undid the buttons to his shirt and pushed it off then he did mine. No question that this was going to go much farther yet.

    We both undid belts but I only undid the top fastener and lowered his zip halfway. Charlie hesitated and let me make the next move. I pulled him to me for more dancing. Then I slid my hands down his back and between his jeans and boxers.

    I could feel the heat of his arse muscles through the thin cotton as I slowly squeezed and released them. Our swords dueled at the front while I got a good feel of the firm globes his trousers too often hid.

    "My turn," he whispered in my ear, then gave it a gentle nibble. Fuck, I was hot from and for this man!

    He went one better as he unzipped me completely. Then he pulled me to him and we moved to the music once more. Our lances were barely separated by the boxers we wore.

    Oh, Christ! He slid his hands down my back and inside onto my bare arse! Oh... how can I describe the fire inside me? It was going volcanic!

    I was clenching my glutes, totally relishing it. His hands felt like lava on them. When his fingertips went into my crack I nearly spilt my load. Bloody hell, this felt beyond what I could have thought of!

    Then the unplanned happened. The wrong twitch of hips maybe? I don't know for sure what was to blame.

    My cock had sprung loose through the fly of my boxers. And my curtains got caught in Charlie's partly-lowered zip! Fuck, that hurt! Oh, sodding wanking zippers!

    "Charlie, stop for fucks sake!" I nearly screamed.

    The pain was clear to him, but the problem wasn't. He tried to pull away, but I held him too tightly for that.

    "Baby, what in the world is wrong?" he asked. His face was full of concern and confusion.

    I was trying not to laugh as it was hurting so bloody much! "It's my foreskin, got it caught up in your zip!"

    My willy had shrunk out of the danger of it all. Charlie, ever so patient managed to free it without much added pain.

    He guided me over to the lamp and turned it up to bright so he could inspect for damages. It still hurt like a dull knife had been taken to it, but was lessening some.

    His touch was so gentle that even with the recent bad luck, I began to harden one more.

    "There's some bruising on it, but you're not bleeding. Probably be a good idea if we let it heal for a few days," he stated.

    I let out a loud moan as he was slowly moving the skin back and forth on a now very hard peter. The pain was pretty well gone and I saw that lecherous look on his face.

    "No, baby, I don't think you'd like that idea much. How about I kiss it and make it all better?" he asked, a huge grin on his face.

    Before I could reply, he leaned forward, and... Oh, fuck!

    (To be continued?)

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