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My Elizabethtown

Chapter 27- Charlie

If I'd thought my head was spinning before, now it was ready for orbit. Could I do such a drastic thing as quit what I'd worked years for? Go and be subject to God knows what around those Hollywood people? And I'd have to leave Gem and Carol and...

No, I couldn't just decide this yet. It was something I'd have to think through from all angles first.

It wasn't just a choice of stay and be safe but alone, or go and be with my baby, my Jonathon. That would be as foreign to me as living in Tibet. Maybe even more.

Damn, I was really torn on it. But there he was, pulling me toward the bedroom again. No, there was something I needed to do for me first.

I stopped him and hushed him. There wasn't a need for words just then.

Going over to the cabinet I kept my small stereo in, I looked for the cd. It was at the bottom of the stack.

I'd bought it after I got back from that disaster in California. My song to Martin, how stupid it seemed now. `Unforgettable' had way more meaning to me now than that sick relationship from years ago.

But I had to play it and have Jonathon in my arms to make sure. It felt so right to hold him and move to the music.

Not long after I began to sing to him, his voice joined in. The tears flowed and we just held on tight.

Just feeling him pressed to me and looking in those soft brown eyes of his... this was really happening. He wasn't some dream, he was the man making my heart sing and filling it with a happiness I'd never known.

We talked and committed to each other once more. We kissed. Oh, sweet heavens, I would never tire of that.

Then we danced again. This time he was leading in more ways than I'd ever thought of. We both trembled and moaned as our passion built and built.

I couldn't tell you now whether my touching him was equal to or better than the sensations he was causing me. But I can tell you that I almost wished they'd never end.

We couldn't have been much more than a minute or two from `launch' when the unimaginable happened. If only my zipper had been all the way down it might have been avoided. But, no... everything was just right for his foreskin to get snagged on it.

Though I didn't have one myself, my poor penis had suffered a few nasty times from a zipper. I full empathized with him; any guy that's had it happen would.

He'd gone soft in such a short time, it just added to his pain. The expression on his face was one I hoped never to see again. My poor baby!

Being as careful as possible I managed to get it free again. Damn, but I was feeling badly about it all.

I slowly walked him over by the light and turned it up so I could get a better look. Then I got down on my knees so I could thoroughly inspect it.

Even in a slightly shrivelled state from the pain, I still got a certain thrill from touching him so intimately. Granted, I was looking for any cuts but I was secretly hoping to take his mind off the pain.

My face was close enough to smell the scent of him. No cologne, just pure him. It wasn't that it was strong, but it had been several hours now since we'd showered. What an incredible high I was getting.

As I handled this very special part of him, I noticed it started to grow once more. I saw a few spots that looked tender but so far no blood.

Jonathon was about halfway to hard again when I thought to look at the last place possible for injury. Slowly I peeled back the skin and exposed the tip.

I don't think I was being biased. But he sure seemed to have the most perfect peter I'd ever seen. There was only the slightest upward curve and it was the same thickness the whole length.

Letting my warm breath blow onto it, I watched as it finished expanding, the head flaring and darkening. Being cautious of the bruised places I took my time moving the skin back and forth, feeling the heat of it and giving it gentle squeezes. The response of a slight throb was enough to push me into even further action.

There was no question that I had a grin on my face when I asked him if he wanted me to kiss it. Hell, I wasn't waiting for his answer. I'd never ever wanted this as much as I did with my baby.

A single drop of clear fluid formed at the opening and glistened like a diamond. It begged me to taste it. To coax more from the hidden reservoir. My soul begged of me to make love to this wonderful man.

All those thoughts passed through my mind in the time it took for me to move forward just a few inches. I guided it to my wanting mouth, not wanting more than just the head to enter. With my other hand I gently massaged his lightly haired nutsack.

My tongue caressed that small dose of nectar from deep inside him, savoring it as if only his essence could quench an immense thirst. I searched for more and was quickly rewarded with another.

By now his hands were tightly in my hair and he was softly moaning. I pulled back just enough to free his hardness from my mouth. Raising it only as much as I needed, I pressed my nose into his scrotum, reveling in the stronger smell of his musk.

I bathed the skin slowly then sucked on each orb. His moan become almost a growl. Damn, but I was loving doing this to him. To the man I loved.

Pulling his skin as far forward as I could, I used my lips and tongue to massage it. More of his heavenly liquid came forth. I didn't allow it to cool for more than a few seconds.

I formed a seal around it once more, gently adding suction as my tongue cleaned the tip over and over. He pulled even tighter on my hair as I lightly grazed the surface with my teeth.

"You... are... so... cruel!" he stuttered. His voice sounded hoarse.

That was when I went several inches down until it filled my mouth. I fully trusted him not to push further in.

"Aw... I... love... you!" He managed to gasp. "So... bloody much!"

The throbs I could feel in is stoney hardness signaled that he was getting way too close. There wasn't any way that I was going to allow that. At least not yet!

Without hesitating I pulled back my head and reached around and harshly pinched both of his lean glutes. I knew I'd be paying for that one! But I still couldn't prevent the grin on my face.

"Fuck! That hurt you bloody beast!" He cried out as he grabbed for both my hands.

I tried to put on an innocent look. "Baby, it wasn't time yet. Besides, I owed you that from earlier!"

His eyes became slits as he pulled me to my feet. He went to say something and just shook his head. Was he that angry?

I had no way to tell what he was about to do. There was a twitch at the corner of his mouth, as he pressed it firmly to mine.

Oh, yeah! It was every bit as intense as the one by the car earlier. But he was careful not to push his groin to mine much.

Dammit! We weren't even fully naked yet- that had to be fixed. I pulled us apart and smiled at this tender wild and handsome man of mine.

"Baby, let's get these clothes off and move to the bed," I explained.

He chuckled, "yes, we surely don't need another willy accident."

I had to grin. "We do want to put a limit to that if we can."

"Bloody hell! I don't want that again for either of us," he replied.

We both were laughing by then. Shucking off the rest of our clothes, we put them on the sofa. Turns were taking as we playfully slapped at each others ass.

I motioned toward the bedroom. "Race ya!" I called out.

"And what does the winner get?" he asked.

"The loser!" I replied as I dashed around him and into the room.

He only lost by maybe half a second I'd guess. I turned on the bedside lamp- a personal preference of mine. If a guy is good looking I wanted to enjoy it.

And believe me, Jonathon was the best looking man I'd ever seen. No question of that.

"You didn't state the rules first," he stated. There was a devious look on his face.

"Sure I did."

"No, you didn't. So I declare that the last one in is the winner." His eyes were twinkling.

"Okay, you win then," I said.

With that I laid back on the bed and waited. His mouth turned up in a big grin.

"Yes!" he nearly shouted. Getting between my legs he took my erection in his hand and slowly stroked it causing me to groan.

"To the victor goes the spoils!" He said as he lowered his head toward my center.

Chapter 28- Jonathon

I didn't believe that ecstasy would be so totally redefined for me the way that it had. It seemed that no matter what Charlie and I shared the intensity was off the freakin charts.

How could I have been missing this my whole existence and not even realised it? Bloody hell, where had he been all these years?

Do I really need to go into details on what he did to me in the front room? Yes, I was ready to explode and more than once. But the closest I got to that was when he gave me a good pinch on both my arse cheeks. He was going to pay for that, I promise you!

He was laying back on the bed, me having claimed him as my prize. After all, he had left that loophole, and I was determined to use it.

Just when I was about to polish my first nob in my life the alarms went off. What the fuck was I thinking? Me, giving a go at giving a guy a blow?

My mouth was only a few inches away when I'd stopped. Christ, I couldn't do it! No matter that we both wanted it, my gut was in knots and forbid me to go on with it.

His eyes caught mine and I went to look away. There wasn't anyway I wanted to face him at that moment.

"Baby," he said softly, "it's okay. Honest it is."

He tilted up my chin until our eyes met. Tears were forming in mine, I was so bloody mad at myself. I know I was letting him down.

"Don't even think for one second that you're letting me down," he said.

Fuck! How the hell did he do that? It was as though he'd looked inside and knew my thoughts.

"No, you're my prize, and I'm going to claim you as such!" I fought back the tears as a new determination grew inside me.

Suddenly it was clear what I wanted to do. First I went for the hollow at his breastbone, kissing him there and lightly sucking too.

Next I let my tongue trace through the hairs in the valley between his pecs. Until that moment I'd never felt much attraction for body hair of any sort. It wasn't something I'd encountered with the women I'd bedded.

But it was part of my Charlie. That's all it took for me to find it appealing. The way that he was breathing told me it must have been okay for him. I know that I was enjoying every bit of it so far.

Next on my feast had to be his nubs. They were about the size of American nickels and accented everything perfectly.

I mostly kissed them and gave them a few lil love bites. He gasped at first then settled into an occasional moan. So far so good.

Tracing down from there with the tip of my tongue I reached his navel. It was an innie I guess. That's what some people said I had and his looked very much like mine, with the exception of him having body hair in places I was fairly smooth.

His staff was in the way and I had to move it while not allowing myself to massage it. I didn't want this over with for a while yet, so I behaved.

A fair puddle of his clear fluid had filled it. Ever so slowly I cleaned that away first, savouring that special essence of his. It was just a slight bit tangy but mostly sweet.

Then I probed at his navel and kissed it. Charlie's moans grew a lil louder at that. I know I was grinning just at the thought.

All this I'd been doing from a standing position. It was time to change my position.

Weird as I think back on that. Until I stood long enough to clamber on the bed, I hadn't noticed that I was so raging hard again. This was Charlie's turn, mine would just have to bloody well wait!

I sat on his shins, something about them against my arse felt so right, and so sexy! Enough of such thoughts, I had something else that was more important to see to.

When I leaned forward and was only an inch from his good, I took in slow deep breaths. Only those of you who have done this can appreciate the awesome scent that greeted me.

A mixture of the soap from earlier with a lot of Charlie added in. At that moment I wished I could bottle it to always have. To say it had a profound effect on me is quite the understatement.

No sodding way the alarms were going to stop me now, just no way! Eau de Charlie beat them back easily.

At first I was going to go just for his nads and try and work up the nerve for what I deemed the biggest turning point in my life to that point. But as I looked at it, it wasn't some disgusting piece of flesh that another guy is supposed to run from. It was part of the centre of my Charlie.

In its beauty I could see his strength as it pulsed and knew it was capable of giving me his life force through it. That was something I was desperate to have then. And I would do what was needed to obtain it.

He didn't have a skin to work with, it was bared for the world. Well, bare for me. The world better not mess with it as I was already proclaiming ownership rights.

I took it and put my hand near the tip. It throbbed and another droplet of fluid emerged to join the several others already there. How I loved the feeling of it in my hand, the softness of the skin and the heat it emitted.

`It was now or never,' I said to myself. My breathing was shallow as I parted my lips and moved forward until they touched my fingers. Fuck, I'd done it!

It throbbed again and my tongue instinctively sought out the sweet nectar at its source. Charlie let out a loud moan and gently ran his fingers through my hair.

This wasn't bad, it was totally fucking awesome! Other than a slight salty taste to the skin there was only the sweetness of him for taste. I could do this, I could make love this way to my Charlie!

My tongue had a mind of its own and toyed and teased with the inch or so of him that I'd allowed in my mouth. No, I wanted more of him.

Slowly I slid my hand further down as I followed with my lips. When it was reaching near the back of my tongue I decided that was far enough for a first time. No way did I want it to be the last.

I brought into play every lil detail I could recall from the times I'd had it done to me. Stroking the shaft with my hand and following it with my mouth. And at the top of it using my tongue as fiercely and tenderly as possible.

It was an almost constant reward each time with another droplet to be found waiting. Charlie was gasping and moaning both within just a few short minutes.

When the throbbing became more frequent, I could feel the thickness of him start to increase even more. Yes, I was ready for the proof of our love, I wanted it badly.

Just then he pulled my hair hard enough to cause my head to raise up, dropping the treasure out of my mouth. "Charlie, I want it!" I was near to tears in frustration.

He answered by pulling me to him for another duel of our tongues. After a few minutes he stopped. His eyes were wild with passion and yet soft and tender at the same time.

"Baby, I want us both to do this. At the same time," he said with a slight smile.

"I love you my Charlie," I replied.

"And I love you baby," he said.

Yes, we had another terrific kiss. I didn't think I could ever tire of those.

He had me turn around so that I was over him in the opposite direction. Without hesitation I leaned forward and resumed my quest once more.

Charlie was moaning from my ministrations as he took me into his mouth once more. If I'd thought earlier was incredible, the mild vibrations sent me almost into an ecstatic overload.

This of course caused me to moan which I believe had nearly the same effect on Charlie. The more that one of us moaned, the more sensation from it to the other, so it caused an exponential increase in our passion.

It was his pleasure I tried to focus on but it became more difficult as the sensations kept increasing. We both reached that precipice at nearly the same moment and crossed over into a mind-numbing bliss.

We greedily consumed that which the other provided. Contrary to what some may think, it's not an endless supply, but was enough to ease my want at the time.

Knowing how sensitive mine was feeling I gently eased off of his slowly deflating erection. We gently stroked the other and caught any remnants that came forth, being cautious of what I call `the squirm factor'.

The taste of him wasn't at all what I'd expected, even though we'd shared some earlier. This was fully fresh from the source and I knew I'd want more in the future. Much more!

Sweet and tangy and just a lil bitter, but it was all that made him Charlie. And I knew that his life making force as far inside me as was possible. I just wished I could keep that there forever somehow. Sounds mad I know, but that's how I felt.

I turned around so I could lay fully on top of him and gaze into his eyes. There was that contentment inside me again. The depth of it was something I'd never felt before Charlie.

We both smiled and said `I love you' at the same time. We joined lips once more, this time was slow and tender, our passion assuaged for now.

Moving down a bit, I settled in with my head upon his chest, my ear resting above his heart. It's soft and steady beat soothing me even more. He pulled the duvet over us as we both fell into a restful slumber.

It was hours later when an urgent pounding on the door woke us and a shrill woman's voice added to it. "Charlie, let me in, it's a goddamn emergency!"

Chapter 29-Charlie

I can't really add much to what Jonathon just told you. He woke things in me I didn't even dream possible. To love a person such as I did him, and to want to make love to him as well. That's something I'd pretty well avoided since Matt.

Pushing that aside, it was the ultimate experience with Jonathon that night. I'd never felt so alive, so loved, and so totally drained.

When sleep claimed us, it was a rest we'd both earned. He felt so right on top of me like that. Then again he felt right next to me as well. My only preference being that he was close to me as we slept.

I wasn't sure of the time when the noise woke us. This was getting old, damn fast!

"Charlie, who is it?" Jonathon asked, his eyes barely open.

I gave out a tired sigh, "I'll tell you after. Just let me try to get rid of her, okay?"

"Sure, if that's what you want," he replied. I could see the disappointment on his face.

Giving him a quick kiss on the forehead, I pulled the door shut. Damn, I needed clothes!

Then I remembered ours were in the living room still. I pulled mine on and set Jonathon's behind the sofa.

The noise at the door had been relentless. Even though I was sure I'd regret it for one reason or another, I opened it anyway.

"It's about time!" she shouted as she shoved past me and almost ran to the bathroom. She slammed the door hard enough to wake the dead.

I raised my eyes to the ceiling. `Why couldn't my mother be a bit less off the wall?' I implored.

Granted she was my only close living relation that I was aware of. Guess that was something to be thankful for.

Don't get me wrong, she wasn't all that bad. Just that she was sometimes outspoken enough to make Gem seem pale.

Mom was just fifty and in spite of a fairly harsh life, managed to look younger and not brittle like so many in her circumstances would. Yes, she was an attractive woman still, and she knew that. But as soon as she opened her mouth, she could embarrass Satan himself. It wasn't always the words she used but how she used them.

I said a silent prayer that she wouldn't stay long. Quickly I added another that Jonathon would remain in the bedroom. `Please God!' I nearly begged.

There was the sound of flushing and I waited with baited breath. I knew it would still be a few minutes as she was always checking her hair and makeup. No matter where she was going or how her health was, she always dressed decent and primped like hell.

Finally she emerged and I was already doomed. She missed very little and her eyes took in my closed bedroom door.

"Give your momma a hug and kiss!" she commanded.

Reluctantly I complied and gave her a peck on the cheek. Damn, she was studying me. How I hated when she did this.

"So, my Chuckie got luckie?" she inquired with a nod to the bedroom door. She was waiting for me to bury myself with this.

"No, momma, I didn't get lucky," I protested.

"Bullshit! You got a dozen hickies on you if you have one! And I imagine some more that aren't showing," she tormented, as she locked her gaze on several places on my torso and neck.

`God, this would be a good time for an earthquake, tornado, flash flood or all of the above!' I begged again. I would have settled for the earth to just swallow me whole really.

"Charles," she said in a firm voice, "you've lived most of your life celibate with the exception of that bastard Martin. I want to know what sort of man you'd allow to mark you up like that and have you turning so red. Not to mention your breath. I'd know that smell anywhere!"

"Momma!" I protested.

She eyed me closer than ever, "you did the nasty, been there myself enough to know, dammit! You only get that sort of breath if you..."

"Stop it!" I shouted.

She knew enough to step back when my temper flared. Her mouth hung open in shock for a few moments as we stood there staring each other down.

"I'm sorry," she muttered, looking down at the floor.

"Momma, this just isn't a good time to meet him," I explained.

Dammit to hell, why didn't I think before speaking? She raised her head and her nostrils flared. There was no mistaking she was angry.

"You lied to me! You little shit! I'm not going to try and steal him from you," she was nearly yelling. "Not that I couldn't if I really tried," she added with a toss of her long auburn hair.

It was my turn to hang my head. "Momma, I'm sorry I lied to you. It's just really an awkward situation right now," I nearly whispered.

"Honey," she said taking my arm and guiding me to the sofa, "I only want to meet him because I worry about you."

"If I thought you wouldn't gossip, I'd trust you," I replied.

She put on her injured look again. "Chuckie, I can keep a secret when I need to. You have my word on that," she stated.

I was chewing on my lip. Part of me wanted to trust her and yet could I?

"Look, it's not like you have some movie star in there or something. I just want to give him a `once over' sort of thing," she added.

She was studying my face closely for my reaction. I was doing my best not to give anything away.

"I'll be pleased to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Brown," Jonathon said as he entered the room, fully dressed.

If I'd thought her jaw dropped earlier, this was priceless. It moved but nothing came out. There was no doubt that she fully recognized him.

"You're... you're... um," she stuttered. This was a very very rare occurrence. One for the books, definitely.

Her eyes were so wide I thought they'd pop right out. I did my best to suppress a laugh.

His eyes were twinkling as he held out his hand to her and she took it. "You can call me Jonathon if you'd like," he said.

"But you're... you're... HIM!" she gasped.

He fidgeted for a few seconds. "Yes, I suppose I am. But if you truly love your son, you'll call me Jonathon," he said in a firm voice.

She glanced from his face to mine and back again. Only God knew what all she figured out with that.

She nodded, "I can do that, Jonathon."

"And keep this strictly between us?" he asked with both eyebrows arched.

She was still holding his hand and placed her other on top. "Yes, there's no one would believe me anyway," she stated.

I leaned over and kissed her cheek, "thank you, momma."

Jonathon kissed her hand. "Thank you Mrs. Brown," he said.

"Whoa, wait a minute here! Are you two in love or not?" she asked sternly.

We looked at each other and grinned, then we simply nodded. She smiled at us both.

"Then I expect a peck on the cheek as well. And even though I'm way too young for the title from either of you, you may call me momma as well," she said with a twinkle in her eye.

He leaned in and gave her a soft kiss on the cheek, "thank you, momma."

She was beaming. "You know, I may never wash that cheek again!" she declared.

We all broke into a hearty laugh. The tension in the room was pretty well gone by then.

She stood up. "I'd really love to stay and chit chat some but I have a thousand things to get done before Saturday," she said.

"What's going on Saturday?" I asked.

"Oh, nothing special," she replied with a wink to us both. "Just going to finally marry your father."

Chapter 30- Jonathon

I could hear the voices in the other room, then silence. Getting up I went to the mirror and gave myself a long look.

My hair was a mess, but that was usually the case. A shave would be needed soon, not that I had much to worry about but it looked sloppy as fuck really.

The image looking back at me didn't seem much different. I'm not sure what I expected. Maybe some visible sign that would tell the world what I'd done and become.

No, nothing seemed to betray that no matter how intently I looked. I even tried forming my lips into a large O and relaxed them again, seeing that they didn't look any different either. Well, they were considerably chapped from the amount of kissing. And maybe a bit rough from Charlie's whiskers too.

Less than forty-eight hours ago I was just your average major Hollywood star type. Women and girls screamed for my attention most anywhere I went. And I knew some guys drooled after me too. It was part of the deal once you became famous really.

Sure it was cool at times I guess. Mostly it was a bloody nuisance though.

You pay the price by not having a life in public anymore. Unless you really are some sort of exhibitionist, it's disconcerting at best.

Even a trip to the corner grocer can be taxing. Fans are always spotting me and asking for autographs. It's the ones that want more that I can't abide.

If I had a quid for every offer of sex I'd received in the past five years from women and men both, I'd be richer than that Bill Gates beggar! Well, maybe not quite, but damn close!

Sometimes I resorted to disguises but they don't always work either. Add to that they're a bloody bother as well.

So there I stood staring at the mirror, Orlando Jonathon Blanchard Bloom.

A few days ago I'd broken up with my girl and just left. At the time I wasn't sure if I'd go back or not, but Charlie changed all that for me.

Charles Christian Brown to be exact. He was the night manager at the place I checked into a few days back. Handsome and strong with a soft voice that could melt stone if he tried enough.

Sure I'd had thoughts of guys at times but never did much about it. And certainly I didn't after I was cast in an epic movie. I wanted to be a famous star and bloody well did it!

There was no way to do that and be a poof. Not even slightly a poof.

But my Charlie changed all that in me. Or was it me changed him?

For all my life I'd sought answers to things; the meaning of it all, what to do next with it. Once I met Charlie I had one goal. To be with him as much as I could and for as long as possible.

I was in love with him, body and soul and anything else that I was comprised of. And with one look into his wonderful blue eyes, I knew it was fully returned to me.

That one lil word- love! He turned my world and my life upside down in such a very short time, and I loved it. I loved him!

Anyone that wouldn't accept it could just sod off! Not that I planned on going public or anything, but our love was our business and if someone didn't like that, they could just bloody well go to hell!

I had to try and calm myself as I heard voices again. All I knew was that someone, a woman, was out there with my Charlie.

As I was about to go see for myself, against his wishes, I remembered I was still starkers. Wouldn't do on first impressions for someone to see all of me and my bits on display. That was Charlie's right and not for view to anyone else.

I rummaged through his bureau and found some socks and boxers as well as a T to put on. Though the pants I found in the closet were a bit large they'd do in this pinch.

The voices raised and lowered as I dressed. Surely it wasn't Gem, Charlie's older drag queen friend, come for a visit this early in the day.

No, at one point I distinctly heard Charlie say `momma'. Fuck, I'd be meeting his family?

I knew his dad had skipped out on him and his mum back when he was lil. So I guessed that only left his mum for me to meet. No sense in putting it off, I knew I may as well get it over and done with.

Taking my fingers I did my best with my mane of hair. I'd have to get a decent brush to have here as it seemed I'd needed one a fair amount recently.

There was only so much I could do without a full shampoo and dry and brush, so with a shrug and a wink at myself, I quietly opened the door.

"Look, it's not like you have some movie star in there or something. I just want to give him a `once over' sort of thing," I heard her say.

When I entered the room, I wasn't prepared really. She was actually an attractive woman and didn't look old enough to be Charlie's mum. Her makeup was a lil heavy but overall I'd have to say she was pretty.

The two sat side by side on the sofa seemingly intent on staring at each other. Neither one saw me as I entered the room.

"I'll be pleased to make your acquaintance, Mrs. Brown," I said. Her jaw actually dropped and I watched a smile start on Charlie's face. The look of recognition on hers was very evident.

"You're... you're... um," she stuttered. Judging by the grin on Charlie's face, this was turning into an okay situation.

My eyes were on him as I held out my hand to her and she took it. "You can call me Jonathon if you'd like," I said.

"But you're... you're... HIM!" she gasped.

I tried not to openly sigh. This was a reaction I'd seen way too bloody often. "Yes, I suppose I am. But if you truly love your son, you'll call me Jonathon," I said in a firm voice.

She glanced from my face to Charlie's and back again. I really didn't like her scrutiny but I hoped that she didn't say much longer, just to be honest.

She nodded, "I can do that, Jonathon."

"And keep this strictly between us?" I asked, hoping like fuck she could do this.

She took my hand and held it between both of hers. "Yes, there's no one would believe me anyway," she said with a slight grin.

Charlie leaned over and kissed her cheek, "thank you, momma."

It seemed only right and I kissed her hand, squeezing it gently, "thank you Mrs. Brown."

"Whoa, wait a minute here! Are you two in love or not?" she asked in a firm tone.

I couldn't help myself when I looked at Charlie. My whole insides lit up, probably much like I was seeing on his face. She gave a slight grin back at us both.

"Then I expect a peck on the cheek as well. And even though I'm way too young for the title from either of you, you may call me momma as well," she said to me with a gleam in her eye.

After all, this was Charlie's mum. So I bent down and gave her a lil kiss on the cheek, "thank you, momma."

She almost glowed, "you know, I may never wash that cheek again!"

There wasn't any helping as we all started to laugh. I'd go through fire for him, so any dealing with his friends and family were part of loving him. I just hoped like fuck it didn't get much more insane.

She stood, "I'd really love to stay and chit chat some but I have a thousand things to get done before Saturday."

"What's going on Saturday?" Charlie asked.

"Oh, nothing special," she said, then winked at us both. "Just going to finally marry your father."

The colour drained from Charlie's face. "You can't marry that bastard, momma!" he nearly shouted.

"Charles, I won't have you talk about your father that way!" she exclaimed.

"Momma, you've called him that and much worse over the years," he retorted.

"Don't you get fucking mouthy with me, Chuckie!" she shouted, her face reddening.

I don't care that she was his mum, at that moment I hated the bitch. How dare she talk to him that way!

His head hung down as he responded, "I'm very sorry momma."

I turned to her and gave her a look that I didn't think was possible, my voice was filled with venom. "Mrs. Brown, you have a choice here. Either you apologize to your son, or I'll expect you to leave."

She got right into my face then. "Look here, `pretty boy', he's my son and I deserve respect from his sorry fag ass!"

At that I took her firmly by the elbow and started her toward the door. "When you learn to show him some respect then you may possibly deserve some of it in return. Madam, I want you to go and get in your car and not come back until you can do that."

Charlie sat frozen, his eyes wide in disbelief of the scene in front of him. I watched as she raised her hand to strike me, then tears began to form in her eyes and I caught her as her lids closed and she collapsed.

    (To be continued?)

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