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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter Three - Charlie

    Damn, he's a Hollywood type. It wasn't fair for him to be doing that to me!

    Clean and in that towel, he was just way too hot. If that wasn't enough, he looked to be hard too.

    I reigned in my emotions, and did my best to just smile at him. It wasn't easy, trust me.

    As he stood in front of me, I couldn't help but rake my eyes up and down his bare flesh. His eyes caught mine and that bulge under his towel twitched. This was a difficult situation at best.

    He smiled that smile again, and I felt something almost snap inside me. I couldn't let emotions of any sort get to me. My future was all planned and it didn't include sharing it with a soul.

    Damn, but he had a nice body on him! The devil must have sent him, just to tease me. A silly thought, but I was grasping for straws at the time.

    "I can see that you clean up pretty well, but you didn't have to show me this way." That really didn't sound too clever on my part. He chuckled. "I don't do this every time I travel!" He attempted to sound stern, but we both ended up chuckling.

    "I found out that this won't open the door." He set the card down in front of me.

    As soon as I saw it I broke into a full laugh. "Do I want to know why you were on the outside in just a towel though?"

    "Ah, that would require you to buy me a drink from your bar!" There was that cute stern voice again.

    "Sorry, but it doesn't open for hours. And I'd think you'd want to be better dressed for there. The seats could prove a problem on your tush in just a towel."

    We both laughed again. Against my will, I was liking this man a lot.

    "How about I buy you one then?" His eyes were sparkling again.

    "Nothing opens until at least ten, and I'd think you'd still be sleeping."

    He looked at his watch. "It's only one-thirty. Ten is a long ways away."

    "I think you need to re-set that to Kentucky time. Add three hours."

    "I think I'm more tired than I knew."

    I handed him a new key card. "You can leave the towel behind for laundering if you'd like." The big wink I gave him made him seriously blush. It started on his face and worked its way almost down to the towel.

    "I'll get even with you for that one!"

    "I'll look forward to it!" I retorted. "Rest well, Jonathon."

    "Thank you." He started walking down the hall, then stopped and turned his head and gave me a big wink.

    As I grinned back at him, he casually let the towel fall then walked on. I slowly went over to pick it up as he stopped at his room. With his hands covering his crotch, he worked the door, gave me another wink, then went in and closed it.

    The sight of his firm and muscular ass as he walked away was etched in my mind. A lurching in my groin begged for attention. Awkwardly, I went back to the desk.

    Self-gratification would have to wait. It was something I refused to ever do at work.

    No matter what I tried, I couldn't get him out of my head. His voice, smile, eyes. His laugh. Not to mention what I had seen of his body.

    I never set out with a pre-set idea of what I liked in a guy. It had to be the whole package. And, damned if Jonathon didn't seem to fit that part.

    After half an hour, I couldn't help it any longer. My briefs were getting too wet and there was only one solution. It went against my rule, but this was an emergency.

    At just past five, I went into the office and locked the door. I had the towel he'd dropped in my hand. Something I hadn't noticed was a slight damp spot on it. They were thick and it hadn't shown through.

    I held it to my nose, wondering if there was any scent to it at all. Yes, a slight sweet smell was there.

    I pushed my slacks and briefs down and it was just in time. Only a few strokes and I shot into that very same towel, thoughts of making love to him filled my head.

    Damn, that was intense!

    I was just getting cleaned up, when the phone rang at the desk.

    (To be continued?)

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