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My Elizabethtown

Chapter 31- Charlie

Dad had left us close to thirty years ago. I was only about two when he disappeared. And so then he showed up and to make things even worse, momma said she's going to marry him.

She and I got into it, which was nothing new really. As was almost always the case I ended up backing down.

What happened next was nearly a blur. The look that Jonathon gave momma wasn't one I ever wanted directed at me. I was numb as her words stung me deeply.

Jonathon wasn't about to put up with her it seemed and had a firm grip on her elbow as he guided her to the door. I couldn't believe how he was standing up to her.

It looked like she was about to slap him when she passed out. Damn it all!

I should have known what was going on when her mood started going all over the place. It was really stupid of me to have forgotten something so important.

Jumping off the couch I went and took her from Jonathon's arms and laid her flat on the floor. I tried to wake her but it wasn't going to happen easily.

"Baby, go get me some juice. Momma's diabetic and that's why she's been off the freakin wall since she got here," I explained.

He jumped up and quickly headed for the kitchen. "I hope she's going to be okay, hon," he called out to me.

He was back with it in seconds it seemed. Carefully I managed to pour some of it down her throat without her gagging on it.

"She should be hon. I feel so damn stupid forgetting her diabetes like this. Momma was diagnosed with it about four years ago. The doctors explained to me at the time what to look out for.

I wasn't living with her anymore, so I had to keep in touch by phone and frequent visits to make sure she was taking care of herself.

Once she was on the insulin steadily she was a totally different person. As hateful as she'd been to me in the past at times, she became very loving and a joy to be around.

I was still cursing myself for being forgetful. Jonathon got on the floor with me and wrapped one arm around me while we waited.

"Charlie, you're not her keeper. So quit blaming yourself, okay?" he said in a soft voice.

He kissed the side of my head as I felt some tears begin to slowly fall. "I love my Charlie," he nearly whispered.

Blinking back my tears I looked into those gentle brown eyes of his, "and I love my baby, very much!"

I allowed our lips to touch in a light kiss when momma began to stir. A quiet moan escaped her and her eyes opened slowly.

"Momma, drink some of this juice," I told her as we helped her to sit up.

She knew better than to refuse it. At least she had some sensibilities returning.

Holding the glass for her I reminded her, "small sips, honey."

She simply nodded as I helped her finish the glass. Jonathon helped me lift her onto the sofa and we propped her up with some pillows.

I went and got a cool damp washcloth and began to dab at her face. She only allowed this for only a few minutes.

She gently grabbed my hand and looked at the cloth with it`s spots of makeup on it. "Honey, you're messing up momma's face doing that. I'll be fine in a few minutes," she insisted.

"Momma, I'm going to make you some breakfast. Nothing large mind you, but you need some carbs," I said.

"Now don't you go to any bother, I have to run at least a dozen errands today," she protested.

"Momma, you're going to lay there and take it easy for a while. Those errands can wait, or we can help with them. Your health is the main thing," I replied.

The look I gave her, she knew better than to argue. I knew I'd won when she smiled at me and simply nodded.

"Jonathon, you hungry at all?" I asked.

"Um, sure I could do with a bite or two of something," he said.

I couldn't help myself as a huge grin spread across my face and I arched my eyebrows. He copied me fully and I let out a chuckle as I headed to the kitchen.

Looking in the cupboards I wasn't well supplied for feeding three. At least I had potatoes and onions.

They were busy talking but all I could do was hope whatever was said that it would all be good. Dicing up the potatoes and some onions I mixed in some eggs and bacon, then topped with a few slices of cheese I had. It was a poor excuse for a skillet breakfast but it would have to do.

"Breakfast is served," I called out as I poured coffee into mugs on the table.

They came in with momma holding tight to Jonathon's arm, smile on both their faces. That on its own was a relief. He helped her with her chair, quite the gentleman.

"Baby, I hope you don't mind onions," I said to him.

"Ah, a man after my own heart, truly!" he replied.

"That's just what I'm trying for," I retorted.

"Chuckie, you don't need to try too hard for that," momma said.

"No, you've pretty much got that already my Charlie," Jonathon stated with a big grin that I matched with my own.

"I know the feeling," I added.

We ate in silence for several minutes, each of us with our own thoughts. I wanted to see if she'd apologize first or wait for me. Maybe she'd forgotten the whole thing.

"Honey, about earlier before I crashed to the floor, I'm sorry, truly I am. I didn't mean those nasty things I said. Forgive me?" she asked.

I pushed the food around on my plate. "I know you didn't, momma, and I forgive you. But what the hell is this about you and my sperm donor after all this time?" I spoke, raising my voice.

She lowered her head and just stared at her plate before raising her eyes and looking directly at me. "I guess that was a bit of a bombshell to drop on you," she spoke quietly.

I was doing my best to control my temper. It was something I got from her really. "A bit, a bit?" I repeated.

She rolled her eyes, "okay, so it was a huge assed bombshell!"

Jonathon nearly choked on his food and struggled at not laughing out loud. I caved in and let my energy go to laughing and dropped my anger to a fraction. They both added to it.

"He's the man I first met, honey. Not the man that walked away from us." she explained.

"Momma, I hope you can understand my feelings. There's no way that I ever want to see him. Not after what he did to us and to you. It's not something I can forgive." I said.

"Charlie, give the bloke a chance," Jonathon added.

It was clear that momma had brainwashed Jonathon on this in just the short time I'd been cooking. I wasn't about to be ganged up on.

"Look, how I feel about that man is my business and it's got nothing to do with you, so butt out!" my temper was in control again.

He just stared at me and let the quiet descend on the room. Almost imperceptibly he shook his head no several times.

"Charlie, if it has to do with you, then I won't butt out as you so aptly put it. And I expect the very same from you with issues I may have. Deal?" he asked.

"But you don't understand..." I responded.

"Then bloody well explain it to me!" he shot back.

Again the silence fell and all three of us just sat there. Momma was silent even.

"I can't even remember him much. Just the shouting and him and momma throwing things. Guess there's a few memories of him carrying me on his shoulders and tucking me in. But that's about all there is. I had my grandpa and that was it growing up, no dad, no father," I said, suddenly aware of the tears that were falling down my face.

"Charlie, do you love me?" Jonathon asked softly.

"Yes, I hope you believe me," I replied.

He smiled at me, "Yes, I do. And I love you too."

"And we've been together how long now?" he asked.

I was embarrassed to say it in front of momma and he could tell. "Less than two days," I murmured.

"Don't you think you could at least give him an hour to just sit and talk?" Jonathon said.

I chewed on my lip and thought about it. It would mean giving in to momma. Or would it mean letting go of some of the feelings of resentment, distrust and nearly hate I'd been carrying around for my father for most of my life?

Were such negative emotions even healthy to hang onto? It was my choice and no one could make that for me.

"I guess I could try," I said as I wiped at the tears.

Momma took one hand and squeezed it, "thank you."

Looking at her I had to ask, "does he even know I'm gay?"

When she turned her head away, I fought back my temper.

"I just didn't think it was my place to tell him. He did ask about you and I told him you were finishing up school and climbing the corporate ladder at work with it. There wasn't much else that I volunteered to him.

At first I simply nodded then a thought hit me and I slapped my forehead.

"Momma, you've got to go, I promise to call you later. Jonathon, we're late!" I nearly shouted.

Chapter 32- Jonathon

Holy fuck! What had I done? I thought it had to be my fault, right? She'd had a stroke or some such. That was the only thing I could think of right then.

If I'd gone and killed his mum I could never forgive myself! It was a huge relief to find out she was diabetic, but I was still feeling guilty.

When I look back at it I was a lil stunned at how quickly I'd sprung up to protect Charlie. I just couldn't accept someone hurting him, no matter who they may be.

He knew just how to get her fixed up with the juice and all. Thank fuck!

While he was in the kitchen cooking, I knew that she wanted to talk. I was just a bit worried what she'd say or ask though.

"Jonathon," she started, "I want you to know that I'm not usually the evil bitch you witnessed this morning."

I felt myself swallow hard. What in bloody hell was I supposed to say back to her?

"Well, I certainly hope not!" came out of my mouth. I can be a stupid wanker at times and this seemed to be one of them. She'd surely hate me for that and I couldn't rightly blame her if she did.

Instead she shocked the piss right out of me by laughing! I said a silent thanks to whoever may be listening up above.

"I love a gentleman with a quick wit to him," she said.

It was my turn to laugh. "I'm not always so quick, you just caught me at the right time was all," I replied with a wink.

We both got a chuckle at that.

"You know," she hesitated for a few seconds. "I've rarely come up against anyone that would stick up for Charlie the way you did with me. I'm not easily impressed on first meeting a person either. But, you've managed to get a few pluses in my book already."


I could feel myself blush. Bloody hell, this woman was getting to me.

"Ms. Brown," I began, then she fixed me quite a look. "Momma," she smiled and nodded, "don't go making me into something I'm not."

"You know, I've seen you on some talk shows in the past few years," she said, taking my hand in hers and locking her eyes on mine. "What's really weird is that each time I thought to myself what a nice young man you were. If only my Chuckie could find himself someone like you."

I was stunned as fuck! "You're making that up, right?" I asked.

"Oh, no... I couldn't make up something as bizarre as that. And now, I have to believe that sometimes a mother's wish can come true."

I smiled at her, "bloody glad it did, momma!"

"I'm `bloody glad' too," Jonathon.

At her poor mimicry of me we both broke out laughing. Once it subsided, she pulled me to her in a slight embrace.

"It took me a while to accept him being gay. It's not like we're San Francisco here in Elizabethtown, or even up in Louisville. I hated and still hate the thought that he won't be able to love who he wants right out in the open anywhere he may go. And now, with you being who you are, that's going to have to be kept even more quiet."

"Yes, that's something that may pose a problem ahead of us yet." I replied.

"May?" she asked, her eyebrows arching just like Charlie's would do.

At my sheepish expression we again began to chuckle. It was then that Charlie announced breakfast was ready.

Talk centred around him and his dad. I did my best to stay out of it, but even good intentions can have their faults. In the end he did at least agree to try a meeting with him.

Then his eyes suddenly grew large and he told his mum she had to go and that we were late.

"Late for what Charlie?" I inquired.

"I'm supposed to be in class in forty minutes, baby," he replied.

"Just how far do we need to go?"

"Louisville," his mum answered.

"Oh, fuck!" I said without thinking.

"Well said!" they both responded at the same time.

Again, we broke into laughter.

His mum gave us both hugs and kisses, making me blush just a lil. "One of you or the other give me a call on my cell phone later. Maybe we can have dinner together tonight."

"I'll call you momma, I do have to work tonight," Charlie said.

"Doesn't mean you couldn't stand a home-cooked meal once in a while. Neither one of you has much meat on your bones!" she retorted.

"We have enough where it's needed," he said, obviously without thinking.

She gave us both quite the look as we reddened by his foot-in-mouth comment.

Then she shook her head, "isn't that what young people call `too much information'?"

"Um, I believe that would be correct, momma," I stated.

She simply nodded with a grin, "on to my billion and one things to do, bye!"

At that she grabbed her purse and quickly left.

"Baby, I'm not sure what you want to do today, but I have classes from one until four. And it's nearly one now."

"Well, I do need to buy some clothes. Is there any stores along the way you could just drop me at and pick me up after?" I asked.

"Do you really think you can hide out that long?"

"Well, I won't know if I don't try, right?"

He grabbed a satchel and we were on the road again. I was starting to feel like this stretch of highway and I were old friends.

We avoided talking about his dad on the drive and too soon we were at a rather large mall. Bloody hell, he didn't own a mobile, and I'd left mine in California.

Well, this is America, I was sure I could find a pair for us to have. I wasn't looking forward to even this much separation. At least once we had a pair of mobiles to call each other I'd feel better.

It just wasn't a practical thing for me to try and go to class with him. And his wardrobe couldn't begin to keep us both clothed.

I had him pull to a distant spot first. What can I say... I didn't want to do a `see you soon my Charlie' type kiss right where we'd have witnesses.

You've had bloody well enough descriptions to know it wasn't some lil peck on the cheek either, right? No, it was far more, it was fucking great!

Before we went any further, and I could easily have done that, I had him drop me closer to an entrance. I nearly cried to see him drive away but he'd be back in just a few hours.

No harm to that. I'd just keep myself busy was all.

First thing I did was find a Radio Shack. The sales clerk was an older man and seemed to take forever with my purchase.

When I left I had two matching mobiles with the number for the other already programmed into it. I hadn't mentioned this to Charlie, but I already figured how I'd plead my case for their necessity.

So far it seemed the place wasn't too busy. Seeing mostly younger people working in the Gap, I avoided it and went to posh department store at one end.

I stopped myself before I started as I saw some great things I'd like to get for Charlie. Somehow I didn't think he'd take too kindly to me buying things for him. At least, not yet.

A nice woman that I'd guess was in her sixties helped me out. I didn't blush too badly as I picked out boxers and socks. But when I found a sparkly blue thong thing I couldn't resist adding that to my purchases.

Yes, that made me turn a few shades of red as she gave me a slight grin. I wasn't sure if Charlie would think them sexy or not, but it was just a whim made me get them.

I thought it was cute that her name was Charlotte, which was fairly close to Charlie in my mind.

"Could I ask if you work on commission or just an hourly wage young lady?" I inquired.

It was her turn to become a bit red. "I work on a combination of both, and you may call me Char," she replied.

"Thank you, Char. Let's me ask, can I have these delivered to my room in Elizabethtown, for a fee of course?"

"Yes, of course. That all would depend on what you buy, young man. Do you have one of our charge cards?"

"I don't, but if I apply do you get a credit for it?" I asked, almost openly flirting with the old gal.

"Well, yes I do. But if you're possibly going to be a regular customer here then I do recommend one. You'll receive ten percent off of any of your purchases made in the first month." she responded.

"Fair enough, let's get me one then." I said.

I knew that even with my `alter ego' ID that it would easily go through. And I was correct in that assumption. In less than ten minutes I had a Dillard's card.

"Um, do I happen to have a credit limit to this?" I thought to ask.

"Let me check on that for you... the first month they usually put a limit on them."

She picked up the phone and was back to me with the answer in just a few minutes. "Most unusual. They want a fax of your signature and print from your index finger for some reason. Do you mind the delay?"

"No, not in the least, dear lady," I replied, doing my best to maintain my northern dialect.

She called for a manager to see to it all. While I waited for them to finish their protocols, I did some more shopping.

They had some sweet dress leather jackets, and I couldn't help but pick up one for me and one a size larger for Charlie. They were only five hundred each, so I thought them a bargain.

I'd come up with some excuse to give it to him as a present. Surely that would work.

Finally Char called me over. "Well, we finally got an answer to it. There will be a limit your first month of twenty thousand. They didn't come up with an answer as to how high it will be afterward," she said with a bit of awe in her voice.

"Want to help me burn some of that?" I asked with a big grin.

"I'll be glad to help you in any way possible, Mr. Blanchard," she replied.

"Good!" I said as we went about trying to challenge my limit.

By the time I added shirts and jeans and some decent trousers to it all we'd hit to nearly four thousand. I had her call her manager back as I insisted that Char receive the commissions on anything I purchased. That was quickly agreed to, thank fuck for small favours!

The old gal had won me over and I decided that she would be the one I'd always deal with for as long as I was in the area. It seemed only right in my book.

I needed some shoes and colognes. And I couldn't resist buying another present for Charlie. He'd just have to accept that it was a token of my love, and the money wasn't an issue.

That all added another three thousand. I'd done far more damage in one shop on Rodeo Drive before.

They asked how soon I'd like it delivered and it was agreed for the next morning sometime. I'd need to be there or make some arrangement for it to be put in my room. I didn't see that as a problem in the least.

"I do hope this helped you make your daily quota," I said to her.

"Honey, you just made me enough to get my car fixed up and then some," she said with a smile of gratitude that was worth every bit of my spending and more.

I gave her a quick hug and she gave me a peck on the cheek. "I'll be back, maybe we can test the limit then," I told her.

"Just call ahead to make sure I'm working, and I'll be more than happy to help you anytime," she replied.

I had about twenty minutes yet before Charlie was due back to pick me up. All I had to show for my shopping was the lil bag from Radio Shack. That was good by me as I hated to haul bags of things through a mall.

Walking around for a bit I found just what I was craving. There was an Orange Julius. It was something I'd become fond of in the states.

The young girl at the counter had seemed extra friendly but I shrugged it off as I continued to explore the mall. It was a lil busier than earlier, but not enough to seem a bother.

I stopped to stare through the window of a shop with paintings in it. That's when they gathered all around me and I'd not even noticed.

"Orlando!" screamed dozens of teen-aged girls.

Oh, holy fuck!!

Chapter 33- Charlie

I'd completely forgotten about school. Pretty stupid of me with only a few weeks left until I'd be finished.

Momma was great about it and so was Jonathon. He insisted he needed to do some shopping. I really couldn't protest as it wasn't too practical to take him to my classes. If I could have, I sure wouldn't have learned a damn thing with him there.

The one bonus was the kiss he insisted on at the mall. It was enough to make me want to turn around and race back home again with me stripping him naked along the way!

For some stupid reason I'd felt a sense of foreboding when he got out of the car. I know it was silly, but it nagged at me.

He gave me a big grin and a wave then I drove off. I think I started missing him about one second later, maybe less.

It wasn't easy to concentrate in my classes but somehow I managed. I didn't look at the clocks on the walls any more than maybe every three to five minutes.

Yeah, I had it bad. But it was so great too!

A few of my fellow students even commented on the grin I held through the boring lectures. They guessed at the main reason but I didn't confirm it to them.

I could have driven crazy to get to the mall early, but I wanted to give Jonathon the idea that I at least was punctual. Besides, I really didn't want a ticket.

Something was wrong when I turned in. I'd never seen it this busy on a weekend except for during the Christmas season, and there were cars all over the place.

There wasn't any way for me to get close to where I'd dropped him off, so I parked and walked it. Hopefully he hadn't bought much as it would be a long schlep to the car again.

When I got closer, I saw the tv trucks and news crews milling around. My feeling of foreboding starting leaping out at me.

I finally managed to isolate a cameraman as he was packing up. Just hoped to God it wasn't what I feared it was.

"So, what's all the fuss about? Someone rob the dollar store?" I quipped.

"No, this was way better. Orlando Bloom was inside and got mobbed by a bunch of fans. Mall security had to call the police. He was taken away in a squad car for his own protection," the man replied.

"Any idea where they took him?" I asked.

He began to laugh. "If I had that info I could probably peddle it for a small fortune!" the man retorted.

My heart sank at that information. Then it dawned on me they'd probably take him back to the motel. But what if they didn't?

Damn, I wished that gut feeling had been wrong! But what was I going to do to find him?

I did curse myself for not having a cell phone. In my pocket was a beeper from work but that was it. Why didn't I at least give him that number to have?

I made my way back to my car and just sat listening to the music and tried to figure this out.

Stupid, stupid, stupid! I thought as I pounded my hand repeatedly against the dash.

I was chewing my lower lip big time. If only I had a clue as to what to do next. No matter how I ran this through my head, I didn't have any previous experience with someone famous.

Maybe he'd see I was just a southern hick and call this whole thing quits. No, that was wrong thinking. But it did put that idea in my head.

Several minutes passed when the news came on the radio. I didn't pay any attention to it until they announce what they called an `Orly sighting'. They mentioned the fracas at the mall with very little details about it as well as the fact that he'd be in the area for the next several weeks due to filming in nearby Elizabethtown.

Shit! That would be all it took for him to give me up, I was sure of it. And I wouldn't blame him one little bit.

Yes, I started crying. I couldn't help myself really. The frustration of it all was too much.

Just when I didn't think I could feel any lower my beeper went off. It was Gem's number at the bar followed by 911.

She didn't put that after unless it was something important. But right then there wasn't anyone I wanted to talk to except Jonathon.

When it went off again five minutes later with the same numbers I caved in and looked for a payphone. The nearest would have to be inside the mall.

Wiping my tears with my sleeve I trudged inside. I hadn't reached a payphone yet when my beeper went off a third time. Gem was getting a bit ridiculous.

I slammed my change into the phone and dialed. My temper would get me in trouble some day.

"Gem's Tavern," I heard a strange voice answer.

"This is Charlie, put her ass on the phone, now!" I ordered.

I could hear laughter as it must have been on speaker phone. This wasn't setting well with me in the least.

"My Charlie, you'd never believe the day I've had," Jonathon said.

I was stunned for several seconds and left speechless.

"Charlie, are you there?" he asked.

There was a lump in my throat as I spoke, "yes, baby, I'm here."

"Well, I'm feeling bloody lonely without you. Care to come and fetch me before I let Gem seduce me?" he chuckled.

It was contagious and before I could reply I was laughing too.

"You do that and I'll have to take you over my knee!" I threatened in a mock-serious tone.

"Yay! I may just have to do that then!" he retorted.

I was so relieved just to hear his voice that there was a long pause again.

"I love you, my Charlie," he said softly.

The lump returned as I said, "I love you too, baby."

"Then get down here and save me from this place before I decide to change careers!" he spoke with almost a giggle.

"I'll be there as fast as my four tires can get me there!" I replied quickly and hung up.

A shudder of relief coursed through me as I went back to my car at almost a dead run. Over half the cars that had been there were trying to leave at the same time I was. I tried to be patient but it wasn't being easy for me.

It was now late enough for rush hour to have jammed things up too. Damn, but this was aggravating, but I had to keep my cool.

What would have normally taken fifteen minutes took closer to thirty with the traffic. My lower lip was getting sore by the time I pulled into the parking lot.

As I got out of my car I raised my head and gave a silent `thank you' to the man above. I was sure he'd given me some help today.

I was no sooner inside the door when I was `pounced'. That's what Jonathon explained it was called.

If he hadn't been so close in height to me it could have worked. But when he tried to literally jump in my arms we both fell to the floor.

He proceeded to cover my face and neck with small kisses while avoiding any love bites. "I love you so much, my Charlie!" he said.

I pulled him to me for a one-to-one kiss and made sure it was extra special. In not time at all we were both squirming as we ground our bodies against each other.

"Come up for air you two, or I'll have to call 911!" Gem called out to us from a short distance.

Although I hated to stop where this was leading, I knew it was only sensible. "I love you too, baby," I finally replied.

We finally got to our feet and awkwardly walked to the bar. I'm sure it was due to the posts we both had in our jeans.

Gem stood there with a big grin. "I'd let you use my office, but I don't want it smelling of sex for a week!" she teased.

"If you let us use it, we may not come out again for a week!" I shot back.

Jonathon grabbed my hand. "Let's see if we can go that long!" he responded.

He pouted when I stopped him and all of us began to laugh. "Baby, as much as I'd love to try, we both have other things to do," I reminded him.

"Bloody hell!" he protested.

All I could do was shake my head and grin.

"Charlie, I think you let loose a wild man with him," Gem stated.

"Oh, yeah," I replied.

"Not as though you aren't a lil wild yourself, Chuckie," he stated, for which I gave his ribs a gentle jab.

"Oh, no... he's met your momma!" Gem exclaimed. "And he didn't run away?"

Jonathon pulled me to him and gave me a very possessive look, "Not a chance in hell he'll be rid of me so easy!"

"Last chance to back out, baby." I teased.

He turned and batted his eyes at Gem. "Don't think I wouldn't, Jonathon, but Charlie and Thomas would shoot us both dead!" she said.

"No, I'd just have you neutered is all," I responded, with an evil grin.

"Ouch!" they both shouted.

After we stopped laughing, Charlie took a small bag from the counter. "My wonderful Charlie, I bought something for the both of us today. And after what happened, don't you bloody dare say no to it!" he said.

I opened it to find a cell phone. This man was a genius as to what we needed and when it seemed.

"Baby, after the past few hours, there's no way I could be upset about this. Thank you," I replied.

Just as I was about to give him a `good boy- job well done' type kiss, the damn thing rang!

Chapter 34- Jonathon

They had me surrounded in a matter of just a few minutes. Bloody hell! This was just what I didn't want to have happen.

It was close to five minutes of dealing with them by myself before some security officers appeared. Until then all I could do was smile and sign autographs. In that short time it seemed the crowd of girls tripled in size. But, I may have only imagined that.

The screaming was quickly getting to me, not to mention the tossing at me of bras and panties both. To be honest I'd found that pretty disgusting from the first time it happened.

Think about it... standing somewhere and an unknown quality and quantity of such things start bombarding you. It was all I could do not to just hurl at the thought of it.

If my sister had ever done such a thing, I'd have her locked up in a looney bin somewhere. I can promise you that!

Didn't these girls have someone, a parent or brother or boyfriend, that would keep them under control better than this? In a way it saddened me to think that no one cared enough and they lacked self-esteem to the point that they'd do such a thing.

I begged one of them to call the police to help get me out of there. Far too often I'd been through this in the past three or for years. I don't know why I thought I could actually go to a mall like most people can.

This was totally my own fault. "A lesson too soon forgotten is one poorly learned." I have no idea where that came from, but that's how I felt right then.

My eyes searched for potential rescuers among the crowd, but there were none to be seen yet. Did they have to bring them in from fucking California?

The one thing I was keeping in mind was what to do about Charlie. He'd never get through the crowd, and if he did, we'd never get away from here without being followed by countless fans, and I was sure, paparazzi too.

Sodding, bloody, fucking hell, this was a mess! I could feel the perspiration running down my back and I was fighting wanting to just make a run for it. That would never do, but it was quite a temptation.

"Mr. Bloom?" I heard a deep voice ask from right behind me.

How the policeman got there through this crowd was plainly evident. He was at least half a foot taller than myself, and easily weighed half again what I did. To say he was huge would come close.

"Yes, officer," I hesitated as to what to say next. His friendly smile did help quell some of my distress at least.

"We have a car waiting at the back door to get you out of here," he whispered to me just loud enough to be heard above the din.

I took his hand and pumped it several times. "Sir, you have my extreme gratitude. I wasn't sure I'd make it out of here in one piece really," I said.

"I'm Sergeant McDonald, as soon as we have a few more officers block the way, we'll get out of here," he replied.

All I could do was nod and sign a few more autographs. At least with the police present the undergarments had stopped flying through the air at me.

Well... there was one last pair of panties that landed on top of a young officer's hat and draped fully down over his face. Judging by the size of them they didn't come from one of the petite young ladies in the crowd. I'd have to say that two would have fit inside these.

He flung them off with a look of disgust mixed with major embarrassment. The poor sod!

A few more rather stern and stout officers made their way through the crowd. It was less than a minute before we were at the rear door of the shop I'd been held prisoner in front of for what was hours to me. The sergeant led the way the whole time.

Beyond the door sat your basic American police car. I was quickly sat in the back as Sergeant McDonald got behind the wheel. A large sigh escaped me as I had to wonder how in fuck I was going to let Charlie know where I was.

Well, in the back of a bloody cop car, again! That's where I was at that moment.

The sergeant knew his stuff and we were quickly clear of the mall and there were no cars following us. How could I possibly contact Charlie about this?

"So... where to, Mr. Bloom?" he asked, while his partner up front stayed silent.

Shite, I didn't even know the name of Charlie's school. I didn't have his mum's number either, so I couldn't ring her up.

My last choice would be a drive back to the motel. That didn't even seem viable even if they would take me that far a distance.

Wait! Something was starting to surface in my head. I did have something, if I could only remember what it was.

I was getting strange looks from the policemen as I was thumping my fist against my forehead. "Think, you wanker, think!" I shouted to myself.

"Officer, if you'll give me just a minute, I may come up with an answer for you," I stated.

Then it dawned on me- Gem! She'd given me that card with several phone numbers on it. All I had to do was find it in the mess of my wallet.

It took me three times going through every item in there. It was behind that new charge card I'd gotten earlier and had been sticking to the back of it.

There wasn't a lot of charge to the new mobiles yet, but it was worth a try. The only number was for Gem's Tavern.

I prayed that she'd be there as I fumbled with the phone. Techno things and me rarely mixed well.

After several tries it began to ring through. And ring... and ring. Bloody hell! Can't I get a break once in a while?

I was about to disconnect when it picked up. As soon as I heard Gem's voice I began to babble. It was pretty stupid of me as what I had was a recording.

"You have reached Gem's Tavern. Our hours of operation are Wednesday through Sunday from six until two. If this is an emergency, please dial 911. If this is a real emergency, you may call my answering service at..." it ended as I fought to remember the numbers.

I disconnected than dialled. Please let me have it right. My nerves couldn't take much more today.

"Hello... you have reached the answering service for Gem's Tavern. How may I help you?" a soft feminine voice inquired.

"Hi. My name is Jonathon and it's very very important that I speak with Gem as soon as possible," I blurted out.

"Hi, Jon Boy, this is Gem. What's wrong honey?" she asked.

As quickly as possible I explained the whole thing to her, including that Charlie was supposed to pick me up about ten minutes back. My heart was thumping in my chest as to what he'd have already gone through.

She gave me her address which I repeated to the officers. They readily agreed to take me there.

I closed the phone and leaned back letting out another sigh. Maybe there was someway for some normalcy for the rest of my day.

It was a pleasant old house, what I believe is called a Victorian style, in an older neighbourhood of similar homes. Thomas was waiting out front when we pulled in the drive.

"Er, Mr. Bloom," the sergeant stuttered, "would it be possible for you to sign an autograph for my two girls. They're huge fans of yours."

"Sir, it's the least I can do. If you'll jot down an address I could also see about them getting a pic or two as well," I said.

The other officer seemed a lil embarrassed too before he spoke up. "It's my girlfriend, she goes nuts over you. Do you think maybe she could have your autograph too?" he asked.

I smiled and nodded, "sure, I'm in your debt as well, sir."

Taking their addresses I also signed several autographs for them both. Sure, such things are against most police department policies, but it seemed the right thing to do something extra for these men.

They no sooner left then Gem backed her car down the long drive from somewhere behind the house. "Get your skinny ass in the car, both of you!" she called out.

I gave he my best smart arse expression as I gave her a one finger salute to which she plainly responded with one from each hand. We were laughing as we got in and left.

It wasn't a far distance from her house to the tavern. She explained along the way that she could call Charlie's beeper from there, and with any luck, he'd call her back.

My anxiety was still fairly high, but not nearly as bad as at the mall. Please, God, let us be able to get in touch with Charlie.

Thomas opened up as I helped Gem carry some parcels from the boot. He asked me my favourite poison and I told him that a lil shot of tequila would be fine.

Bloody hell, he poured me what had to be a triple or more. I must have looked like I needed it.

He quickly sliced up some limes and set out the salt and all three of us did a silent toast with equally full servings. It took four tries for me to get the glass empty.

My head was doing a fair bit of spinning as Gem rang up Charlie's beeper. She explained that it could take several tries before he called. `If' he called.

Thomas poured me another less generous shot and I just stared at it. You don't have to tell me that alcohol is a depressant, I'm fully aware of that fact. But just then it didn't seem a bad idea.

Gem put her arm around me. "I gave it two tries, honey. All we can do is sit and wait for him to call us," she said.

I nodded and a few unbidden tears rolled down my face. It felt so empty not having him next to me. And after the mall debacle, I really needed him.

"Okay, they say that `three is the charm', let's try one more time," she said, picking up the phone again.

My fresh shot sat untouched as the minutes passed and all of us simply stared at the phone. Please, ring. Ring, for fucks sake!

When it did, we were all startled by it. I became almost fully sober as Gem clicked on the speaker phone.

My voice sounded high and squeaky as I blurted out, "Gem's Tavern."

Oh, thank fuck! It was my Charlie! I felt like dancing around in a whirl. It was such a bloody relief just to hear his voice.

He sounded pretty relieved as well. This whole thing had to have effected him nearly as much as it did me.

When he rang off, he said he'd be here as soon as he could. Gem explained that it could take a while as it was rush hour and traffic would be bad.

I worked at pulling myself together. It was then that I remembered the mobiles and that they needed a charge.

Gem was fairly impressed when I showed them to her. "It's a crying shame you two didn't have these earlier," she stated.

"Tell me about it!" I shot back.

All we could do was grin, it was too ironic really to laugh about.

Thomas was quite proficient at programming them and added in several numbers to each with the speed dial feature. He tried in vain to explain the simple feature, but it was lost on me.

I used the one that was to be Charlie's to call his mum and explain why we may not make it to dinner that evening. She said she understood and would call back in an hour or so to make sure all was well.

As I was sitting closest to the door, I could hear Charlie's car as it pulled in. I quickly had Gem put Charlie's mobile in a bag to give to him, then waited in ambush for his entrance.

The rest of what happened you're quite aware of. But I will mention again how much I loved him at that moment. It made me realize it to myself as well.

Also, his kisses and holding him in my arms with his arms around me made nearly all the earlier anxiety wash away in a peaceful sensation. Yes, there were other sensations too, I won't lie about that.

He wasn't upset about the mobile like I'd thought he may be. I gave an additional sigh of relief at that.

All of us were quite puzzled when it rang though. Who in the world had this number already?

It became quite evident that it was momma calling. I watched as Charlie tried to contain his temper, and he walked to a distant corner to finish the conversation with her.

When he returned, he looked as if he'd lost something dear to him. It was an expression I'd see often, but found heartbreaking.

I hugged him to me tightly and didn't say a word. After several minutes he broke the silence as we all heard, "we're still going to eat dinner with momma."

"I'm good for that, Charlie," I said.

He just shook his head, looking even more despondent.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"It's my father... he's going to be there!" Charlie stated.

    (To be continued?)

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