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My Elizabethtown

Chapter 35- Charlie

I felt as dumb as a rock as I didn't have a clue what to do with it. Thomas quickly explained that all I needed was to open it to answer any calls.

"Hello," I said, expecting a tinny sound from such a small phone.

"Charlie, it's momma," came the voice clearly.

I hesitated in replying. After the past hour or so I wasn't sure I was in the mood to handle her.

"Charlie, are you there?" I could hear that whine in her voice.

"Yes, momma, I'm here," I answered.

"Well, it's not even six yet. I'll expect you for dinner at seven," she said.

I didn't want Jonathon to see me loose my temper again so I walked to a far spot for some privacy.

"Momma, we've both had a bad day. Would it be okay for us to wait a few days... say Thursday?"

"Oh, you'd be bringing a date. I wasn't sure of that when I started cooking."

I had to take in a deep breath. She was up to something and I was afraid to find out what.

"Momma, when you were over this morning, you invited us both. You were very explicit about it being the two of us."

"Oh, was I? I'm sorry, Charlie... my memories of this morning are a bit fuzzy."

"Momma, just what are you up to?"

"Why nothing, Chuckie," she replied. She knew I totally hated being called Chuckie and she did it out of some need to make me feel like I was still a kid. When she used it, she was really pushing for her way on some issue or other.

"I just thought that the three of us could have a nice meal together is all."

There was a long silence. Do the math here, me minus Jonathon plus momma wasn't three. The only third person I could think of was... no, she wouldn't just spring that on me! Would she?

"Momma, I'm not going to meet my father tonight. If that's what you had in mind."

"Look, if you have to bring Jonathon along, I'll manage somehow. But, Charlie, you can't put off talking to your father for much longer. I do expect you at the wedding this Saturday."

That hit me like truck. How could she even think that?

"Just be here at seven, that's all I ask. If things go that bad between you and your dad, then I won't ask you to see him again. Fair enough?" she asked.

"Momma, let me talk to Jonathon first, then I'll call you back in a few minutes, okay?"

I could hear her sniff first before she spoke. "I'll be by the phone. Don't take too long, if I have to fix extra I need to know asap!" she stated.

"Fair enough," I said and closed the phone.

I took a few deep breaths before I walked back to Jonathon and the others. They all had an expectant look on their faces.

My baby took a better look at me and wrapped me in his arms. It was sorely needed right then, and I let myself gather strength from him.

"We're still going to eat dinner with momma," I explained while trying to hide the disdain from my voice.

He gave me such a sweet smile as he said, "I'm good for that, Charlie."

Right then I felt like crying or hitting someone, I wasn't sure which. It became clear that I'd have to fight the tears first. If there was anyone deserved to be hit, it would be that man at momma's house.

"What's wrong?" Jonathon asked, his face full of concern.

"It's my father... he's going to be there!" I answered. It took everything I had not to break down then and there.

"Charlie, I'll be right there by your side if you want. You won't have to feel like you're going it alone," he said as he gently caressed my cheek. His eyes were full of so much warmth and caring that I began to calm as I gazed into them.

He sat me down on a stool and began to work on the tension in my shoulders and neck. His hands were like a balm to the turmoil I felt inside.

"Charlie, I just want you to know that Thomas and I are here for you too. Your momma isn't being fair about this to you, not one iota!" Gem exclaimed.

"Thanks, Gem. I know I can always count on you both to help me through the shit when it gets too deep."

Jonathon cleared his throat a few times. Then I realized why.

I spun around on the stool and pulled him close to me. Minutes went by as we just stared into each other's eyes, feeling so many emotions pass between us. Dear God, thank you for bringing him into my life.

My eyes began to tear as I spoke, "Baby, whatever may happen ahead... please don't ever stop loving me."

His eyes were moist as well when he replied, "That's not something I'd easily do, my Charlie. I do love you very much, if you hadn't noticed."

His mouth turned up in that slight smile of his. If I could have frozen us in time, that would have been one of the moments I would have chosen.

"And I love you at least that much, my Orlando Jonathon Blanchard Bloom."

His grin widened and just looking at his face I had to kiss him again. It was gentle at first, then it quickly built until Gem starting pulling us apart.

"Not fair!" we both blurted out at the same time, putting on our best pouts.

"Do you boys have clean underwear and pants with you?" she asked with a big smirk on her face.

"Why would we need that?" Jonathon asked, there was an innocence to his face at that moment.

"Because at the rate that kiss was going, you'd both be shooting a load in your drawers is why!" she replied.

I'd already figured out what she meant and was blushing, but that was nothing compared to the deepening red on my baby's face as he finally understood what she meant. Her laugh nearly filled the place and ours added to it.

Thankfully there were no cameras around to catch this `Kodak moment'. But I guarantee it would have been a priceless picture.

"Don't forget to call your momma back," she reminded me.

As much as I didn't want to, I caved in and made the call. At least she agreed to Jonathon being with me. I wasn't too sure that I wouldn't kill my father, but my baby could possibly stop that from happening.

"Before you two leave, I have a little something for Jonathon. Now, don't go putting up a fuss before you see what it is. I started on it as soon as I got home yesterday- with a little help from some friends," Gem explained.

She had Thomas hand her a large satchel from behind the bar. "Go on and open it, it won't bite you, I promise," she said to Jonathon.

His eyes were wide as he looked at it then replied, "I'd trust the bag not to bite before I'd trust you not to bite me, Gem!"

"See, he's not just a pretty face, but he's got smarts too!" she directed at me.

We all laughed at that as Jonathon opened it and began to pull out the contents. First was a nasty looking wig done in spikey blue-black, which was followed by black clothes and a small bag of something. When he opened it, there were several pieces of costume jewellery, some white makeup and black lipstick.

I was confused by it at first, then I watched Jonathon give her a big hug and a kiss right on the lips. That made my confusion grow even more.

"You're a bloody genius, Gem! I can go goth and people will avoid me like I was down with some sodding plague! They won't even look at me for more than half a sec at most," he said in an excited voice.

"It's a disguise then?" I asked, still not fully sure that it would help.

"Yes! And an excellent one at that!" he answered. He hugged her again, then he even hugged Thomas who seemed embarrassed by the contact.

"Charlie, we'll be able to go places and me not get recognized, almost guaranteed!" he said, his voice still filled with the excitement of it.

The implications of that finally hit me. "No shit? It could work that well?" I asked.

He pulled me to him and danced us around in circles until we were both dizzy. "Yes, it really could!" he yelled over and over.

I have to admit, his enthusiasm was nearly overwhelming. But it was great to see him recuperating from what he'd been through earlier too. We could only hope that the disguise would help as much as he expected it to.

"Okay, kids... do I have to remind you of the time?" Gem stated more than asked.

Jonathon could feel me tense in his arms. "Charlie, we'll manage this, okay? If it becomes a battle, I'm by your side. So let's not think the worst until we know how it goes," he said with a slight smile.

He was right, I needed to get a grip on this and not worry so much. We'd deal with whatever happened- together.

"I love you, baby," I told him as I looked into his eyes.

"And I love my Charlie," he replied as his face lit up.

My watch told me we'd have just enough time to arrive at momma's by seven. It was with great reluctance that we left the tavern, got in the car and headed to God only knew what.

It would be hard enough to even call him `father', much less dad. We rode in silence with Jonathon holding my hand the whole time. Occasionally he'd give it a gentle squeeze.

When we pulled up in front of momma's house, it was all I could do to just put the car in park. After several minutes, Jonathon reached over and turned it off and took the keys.

"Charlie, let's get this over with," he said softly. Then he leaned over and gave me a soft kiss on the cheek.

"Yeah," I replied as we got out and walked up to the door. My hands were sweating and my heart was thudding in my chest as I pushed the doorbell and waited.

Chapter 36- Jonathon

Charlie's dilemma over his father brought back volumes of memories to me. I was all of about four when Harry died. At the time I'd thought him my real dad. Mum waited years to tell me different.

My thoughts of him are scattered as it was such a short part of my life that he was around. He and Sonia, my mum, had some horrific fights. Though he never laid a hand on her, nor she on him, the shouting was enough for neighbours to call the constables more than once.

Samantha, my sis, was a few years older. When the yelling and screaming started, she'd always take me to the back room in the upstairs of the smallish flat we all lived in. She'd play word games with me, teaching me the largest ones she could for me being so lil.

She wasn't that much older than me, about eighteen months, but for years she was my big sis. To this day we're quite close and no matter where I may be during a shoot, I try and ring her up at least once a week.

It was Samantha told me the facts of life when I was maybe ten. It didn't make a lot of sense at the time, but with some scattered talks to mates, the pieces began to fit.

My first crush on another boy was quite obvious to her. I met Ivan at school one year. He fascinated me to be honest here.

Both of us were fourteen, but he was from that mysterious place called Russia. Although his accent was barely noticeable, it was there nonetheless. He was pale with blond hair and the bluest of eyes.

I guess I went all gushie around him and never saw it. But... Samantha picked up on it. It was embarrassing as fuck the talk she had with me, but she wasn't judging me, only looking out for me.

She told me she didn't care who I wanted to be with but that my life would be much more difficult if I decided to be a poof. As we talked, she didn't pull any punches about what two poofs would do when behind closed doors.

I wasn't about to tell her that I longed to do any of that with Ivan if he'd let me. I'd discovered wanking about two years previous to then and I'd mostly do it while thinking of Ivan. If not him, then it was other boys filled my fantasies. Girls just didn't do much for me at the time.

Samantha didn't know that her lecture would change my life. She painted mental images of me being discovered as a poof by mates or strangers and having the bloody shite beat out of me, each and every time. Also she said that any future I may dream of just won't happen if I'm getting it on with guys and not girls.

It was to her credit or blame that I became the idol of millions. Sure, I dabbled at a few mutual wanks while I was still in school, but she'd put the fear in me of what would happen if anyone ever found out.

I dropped my friendship with Ivan immediately after her talk to me. The hurt in his eyes was no more than what I felt inside. But it would all be for the best for him and me both.

Not long after I moved to London to study theatre, I lost my virginity to a girl that had the reputation for it. She'd never give a bloke a second go, all she wanted was to know that she was the first.

I think she ended up preggars the following year, but as she dropped out of sight no one could confirm it. Was it good for me? Seriously, it didn't seem much more than a wank, but at least it was different.

Maybe my acting training helped me to become the gigolo of the school. I dated girls way more often than I fucked them. But I was good with the lips and fingers, so that made them happy. Deep inside, it was thoughts of being with some guy that got me through most every time.

The drama school was full of poofs, I guess that's par for the course really. I had my share of offers from most of them, but politely I declined. Sometimes it was more of a fight to keep their hands off of me.

If not for that talk from Samantha when I was fourteen, I would have been quite the slut for most of them. I had a long mental list of the ones I'd want, and several had made it clear they wanted me. Bloody hell, it was hard!

Okay, that was a poor choice of words, but take it however you want. I took to wearing briefs under my boxers to help hide the wood I had so often. If I hadn't, some of the guys may not have accepted my rejections so convincingly.

Let's face it, saying no when you have an obvious tent pole in your trousers just wouldn't work. I still wonder what life would have dealt me then if I hadn't been running scared from my desires. There's no doubt I wouldn't have managed the fast rise to stardom if I'd been honest with myself and others.

Enough about all that, I meant to talk about my father. Or 'fathers' as it turned out.

Harry took a stroke and died when I was four and Samantha was barely six. Although he and mum fought like rabid animals, he'd always treated us lovingly. We were too young to understand the fights or we would have joined in on most of them.

He'd found out that he was impotent. That may not sound so bad as he already had me and Samantha. But his doctor explained that it had been from a fever he'd had years back. He was our father, but not biologically.

Can't blame the poor sod for getting into it with mum. She'd cheated on him twice. We didn't know any of that for years though, so we mourned him deeply.

I was thirteen and Sam wasn't yet fifteen when mum sat us down for a long talk.

She was sipping a tall brandy, so we already knew it would be some serious shite ahead. Mum rarely drank even a glass of port.

She had tears in her eyes as she started out with a hug and apology to us both. As she explained the mess that had happened we both truly felt for her.

Harry had been older at the start, but they were in love so that made no difference. They tried for a family at the start, but nothing happened. They read books and drank potions and took herbal remedies but still no results. Mum caved and agreed to go see a specialist to have tests run.

It never occurred to Harry that he was firing blanks. When mum got back her tests, she knew it was him and not her. She didn't have the heart to tell him as he would have been crushed. So she had a long talk with his best mate, Colin.

He and Harry looked enough alike to be mistaken for brothers, and that had often happened. Mum just had to convince Colin to agree to her plan. "For Harry's sake", she'd told him.

It wasn't to be an affair as such, just a go round until she got preggars. Mum explained it took three tries for Sam to happen and only two for me. I guess we could understand her reasons as we got older. But it still seemed like she'd cheated on Harry.

I was still a baby when Harry found out the truth. That's why I didn't even know Colin until after Harry had died.

Mum did her best to make it up to Harry, but his sense of honour had been violated. Most of the fights were due to the nearly insane jealousy he developed after the truth came to light.

He'd nearly beaten Colin to a bloody pulp at the first. Their friendship was to be ended for all time. Harry swore that he'd kill them both if he ever caught them within so much as sight of each other.

But that didn't keep Harry from imagining mum having torrid affairs with most any man she even spoke to. She swore to Sam and I that she never allowed another man near to her but Harry. At least until after he passed.

We weren't left in the best of shape money wise when he died, and it was Colin came to our rescue, unknown to Sam and I of course. He and Harry never did make amends, something I wish had been possible just for Colin's own peace of mind.

Mum and Colin never became more than close friends from then on. If we lacked anything, it was only what their combined resources failed to provide. He was there for every holiday and birthday from the time Harry died until I went away to London at the age of sixteen.

He never tried to replace Harry in our hearts, but was there for us anytime we needed him. As much of a lil bastard as I could be at times, that was fairly often.

I'd had it in my head that it was mum fighting with Harry that had killed him. She had taken away my dad, so she was a right bitch in my book. Once in a while I'd let down my guard and allow some love to pass between her and I, but until that talk when I was thirteen, it had been bloody rare.

Sam was the only one I'd let in close to me. My feelings were an open book to her, as hers were to me. Colin was a friend to us even as small kids, but we refused to think him as anything more.

All three of us broke into tears that day mum told us. Many a hugs were exchanged as well. But it was nearly impossible at the age of thirteen to fully change my thinking. I was still mostly cool and often cold to mum, I'd done it for nine years by then.

Even though I knew he was responsible for many things in my life, I refused to call Colin by anything but his name. It just didn't sit right with me to do otherwise.

Through all my life, he still, to this day, was the family friend. Samantha treated him slightly better than that, but not by much.

After I did the move to London, I guess the distance and separation helped some. When I'd visit home or mum and Colin would visit me, there seemed to be less and less a barrier.

Maybe it was just a matter of me finally growing up and understanding it all better than when I was young. I've never seen a therapist on anything emotional, so all I can do is guess at it.

My past left me ill prepared to really council Charlie about his father. I just knew that I'd felt deprived of having mine as I grew up. All I could do was hope things would work out decent between them. After all, I did have Colin as I grew up, which was more than Charlie had had.

I'll have to admit that I was nervous as fuck at the thought of this meeting. There was no way I'd allow Charlie to be hurt by it if I could prevent it in the least. I just wish I'd had some idea of what would happen, but there wasn't much information to even try at a guess to it.

All these were the thoughts that ran through my head on the drive to his momma's. I'd stay strong for Charlie, no matter what. It didn't seem a choice really, not with the way I felt for him.

Too soon, we were both standing at the door, Charlie's anxiety was very obvious, while I did my best to keep mine hidden from him. I gave him a big grin and a wink which he returned. Fuck, this was all such an awkward situation!

We nodded at each other and he reached out and pushed the button for the door bell. A minute or so passed and he pushed it again.

"Just a damned minute!" came a gruff voice from just beyond it. Then the door slammed wide open.

Chapter 37- Charlie

When he flung open the door so harshly, my panic climbed more notches than I thought it could. But what greeted my eyes nearly blew me out of the water!

It was pretty clear that the man at the door was my father. The one thing that puzzled me right at the first was that he looked more like my older brother than anything else.

Sure, momma had gotten rid of any pics of him ages ago. But I didn't expect to have him look so young. What the hell was going on, I had to wonder.

He wore a nervous smile and one of momma's frilly aprons. It was clear he wasn't fully buff, but was built pretty good.

Maybe it was the apron that was all I'd needed. One more glance at it on him and my tension vented a bit into a laugh.

He tried to look indignant but a grin formed and we all broke into giggles.

"I wanted to put on something to make a good impression, this wasn't in my plans. I swear it!" he stated as he wiped some goo from his hands onto the flower patterned cloth.

After he let us in, he yanked off the apron and tossed it behind a chair. "Don't want you thinking I'm some damned faggot or something," he explained.

I felt myself bristle at his words and could see that they had the same effect on Jonathon as well. The man was coolly looking at us both.

He extended his hand to Jonathon, "I'm Henry Brown, you can call me Hank."

Awkward moments passed as he realized no one was going to take his offer of a handshake. Jonathon and I sat on the sofa with a bit of space between us while he perched on the arm of a chair opposite from us.

He struggled for something to say, "guess you two hate 'em as much as I do." A nasty grin formed on his face.

It took all my willpower not to jump up and beat the living shit right out of this bastard. But, I wanted a few answers first.

"I'm going to ignore the fact that you're coming across as a pompous bigot," I stated. "First thing I'd like to know is how old are you?"

The man look stunned at first then regained his composure. "I'm forty-six, two years older than your momma," he said in a brusque tone.

I sat back for a few minutes and it began to sink in. The simple math of this wasn't setting well with me at all. "You mean to tell me that you were sixteen and momma was fourteen when I was born?" I inquired.

"We were dumb kids with sex on the brain. Both of us were a year younger when she got pregnant. Was your damned grandparents insisted we keep you. Wasn't like there was money to get no abortion back then."

"You would have put her through that?" I asked.

"Listen, boy... God's truth is I wish I had for the shit she's told me about ya," he replied, his eyes turning cold and mean.

"You think she didn't spill it to me at the start that the fruit of my loins is a cocksucking faggot? I've just been waiting to meet you so I could maybe beat some sense into you!"

I could see that Jonathon was ready to spring to his feet and I reached out and stopped him, shaking my head no.

"Never met a fairy yet that I can't beat the shit right out of! Come on, boy... make my day, then your sissy-assed friend will be next!" he threatened as he stood up and clenched his fists.

I gave him a moderate side kick to his stomach, sending him backward into the chair and toppling it over with a loud crash.

"It's pretty clear to me that the only fairies you've ever beaten would have to have been named Tinker Bell. We may be gay, but you're the pussy here!" I nearly spat at him as I stood ready for more if need be.

"You think you're some clever prick using some ballet move to knock me down. I'm going to have to show you some manners, boy!" he said in a low growl.

"You make one more move against me or mine, and I'll show you what a black belt in `ballet' can do," I warned.

"And what the fuck kind of sissy thing is a `black belt in ballet`? he asked as he stood up, clenching his fists again.

"More pain then you've ever felt before. You get a choice here, back down, and you won't find out. If you keep pushing for the answer, then you can either end up in the hospital for a month or so, or I'll have no problems sending you to the morgue!" I warned him.

"You little bastard, how dare you threaten me like that, I'm your father!" he stated.

"Yes, I'm a bastard, but I'm not little. As for you being my father, all you did was something any teen could have done. A father would have helped raise their son, not abandon them like you did. You're a poor excuse for a man, much less a father." I replied.

He hawked up some spit in his mouth and was about to let it fly in my face.

I glared at him, "unless you want your jaw broken in one place or more, I advise you to swallow that."

It took him several seconds to decide then I watched his Adam's apple move as he did as I suggested.

The silence was deafening and our eyes were locked in a battle of what seemed to be a mutual hatred at the time. My animosity toward him had escalated in the short time we'd been there. Whatever he'd felt for me was clearly not what a loving father would feel for his son either.

"I think we should leave," Jonathon spoke from behind me.

"Your momma has a big dinner planned." my non-father said.

For all the emotions that had been controlling me, I hadn't thought about her much. "Where is she?" I asked.

"She ran to the store to pick up a few things. I expect her back pretty soon," he explained.

I simply nodded, wondering what to tell her.

"She can be a pretty scattered bitch at times," he added, trying to make it sound funny.

This man seemed an expert at bringing out my worst. With no hesitation I grabbed him by the collar of his shirt and pulled it tightly.

"If you ever dare to call her that or I even hear that you've disrespected her again, I swear I'll pull you apart, one limb at a time! Do you understand?"

His face was turning red as I was cutting off his windpipe. With bulging eyes he meekly nodded to me.

I thrust him away from me as I let go. Just the thought of touching him gave me the creeps. Looking at him now made my skin crawl.

"You know, I can call the cops on you and your faggot friend there. I don't have to put up with this shit under my own roof!" he said with venom in his voice. He stood there and brushed at his clothes as though my touch had contaminated him.

Jonathon's calm voice came from behind me, "You won't call them because you'd be too bloody embarrassed to have it known that just one of us kicked your arse. And, if I'm not mistaken, Charlie's mum holds the papers on this house, not you, you pathetic excuse for a man."

The man did his best to take control of the situation again, but was failing badly. "Just what am I supposed to tell your momma?" he asked, his eyes still narrowed and squinty.

"Try telling her the truth for once, that you're a useless man with a narrow mind. Don't think for one second that I'll ever let you marry her, a derelict from the streets would be a better choice," I stated in a much calmer voice.

His face went red as I looked at Jonathon and nodded toward the door. Without another word we left.

Once we were in the car again, I was feeling small pieces of me breaking apart inside. We needed to get out of there.

I didn't have any destination in mind, I just drove aimlessly. The thought that I'd been conceived as a mistake by two young kids was crushing me deep inside.

"A penny for them," Jonathon said as he took hand and squeezed it tightly.

He'd pulled me back from my self-pity, albeit only partially. His touch and voice both were an interruption that I'd needed.

"A penny for what?" I asked.

"For your thoughts, love," he replied, gently kissing my hand.

We were along a narrow road with no traffic and surrounded by trees as I pulled to the edge and put the car in park. "You really want to know?" I said.

In the dim light from the dash I could see him nod. I could only hope he'd put up with all the insecurities I carried. Their number had greatly increased in the past few hours.

"Jonathon, I'm not just a bastard. The only reason I was born was because of my grandparents. If not for them, I would have been aborted. Bad enough that asshole left us, but now I have to wonder if momma ever wanted me," I said, choking on most of the words.

"Charlie, get a grip on yourself! I could tell earlier today that your momma loves you. Don't go questioning that, okay?" he said in a firm but gentle voice.

I hung my head at his words. He got out of the car and came around and opened my door. Not a word was said as he pulled me up and into his arms.

A flood of emotions that I'd held for far to long errupted into the tears I let lose. He gently rubbed my back and just held me tightly to him.

"You are loved, my Charlie," he whispered over and over as I cried over the fiasco tonight as well as the deep hurts I'd held for so many years.

His gentle words caused more tears to be added, but these were tears born of the love I'd found with this wonderful man.

As they subsided, I pulled back enough to just stare into the warmth of his eyes in the dim light. We both smiled as our lips touched for a gentle kiss. Lightly our tongues touched and explored what was no longer unfamiliar territories.

"I love you very much, baby," I said quietly in his ear.

"I can only hope that it's nearly how much I love you, my Charlie," he replied, again in a whisper.

We playfully gave each other tiny kisses then allowed them to grow in duration and passion both. Once again, we were grinding against each other in the heat of that moment.

And once again, we were interrupted as my damn pager went off!

Chapter 38- Jonathon

Charlie's father was a handsome enough bloke, but there was something about him right off that I didn't like. He was like a snake: coiled and ready to strike.

I was right, as it didn't take long. What amazed me was how Charlie handled it. In almost a blur of motion he had the bloody wanker on his arse in the chair, then the whole lot went over.

Mainly it was a battle of words up until Charlie grabbed him by the collar. I wouldn't have blamed him a bit if he'd strangled the sodding arse right there on the spot.

It wasn't just the confrontation that had taken years to happen, there was something else bothering Charlie. There was a hurt expression in his eyes as well as a look that was close to confusion.

Very little was being said. We were driving along a woods when he finally pulled the car over.

What he said broke my heart to hear. I wanted to go back and kill that bastard myself for ever causing so much pain to my Charlie.

It hurt me like fuck to see him so devastated! Surely there was something I could do to help.

I tried just words and holding onto his hand, then he lowered his head. Without thinking, I got out and went around.

It was more for me than for him, when I opened his door and pulled him out of the car and into my arms. He let lose with great heaving sobs as I held him lightly stroked his back.

"You are loved, my Charlie," I repeated to him for several minutes.

Gradually, his tears slowed. Even in the darkness, I could see into his beautiful eyes. Our lips touched lightly, then we exchanged words of love.

Quickly, the heat of the moment built. As was becoming way too typical, we were interrupted. This time it was his pager.

We both sighed heavily as we reluctantly let go of the other. He gave a slight shrug and a grin.

"If not for phones, doors and beepers, we'd be having way too much time on our hands, baby," he said.

"If not for the bloody stopping us so often, it wouldn't be time I'd have my hands on!" I stated.

"Why, sir, I do believe you'd be after my innocence if you were allowed to proceed," he said with an extra heavy accent.

"I dare say, we'd take care of whatever innocence either of us has remaining if people would just leave us be for a bloody day or two!" I stated with a big grin.

We both broke into a healthy laugh as his beeper went off yet again. All we could do was shake our heads and smile.

"Baby, it's from my work. We're going to have to find a payphone somewhere," he said.

"Um, Charlie... aren't you forgetting your mobile?" I asked.

His brows furrowed, "mobile?"

I reached into his trouser pocket and pulled it out, not without getting in a lil feel of things first though, eliciting a sigh and a squirm from him. "This is your mobile, love," I explained.

"Remind me to always keep it in that pocket. And that's a cell phone, baby. At least in Kentucky, we call them that," he said with a grin.

"Don't get cheeky with me, Charlie!" I admonished. Then before he could stop me I got in another pinch on his arse.

"Ow, dammit! I've got to sit on all those bruises you've been making. Just you wait until I get even, you brat!" he said with a mock threatening tone to his voice.

I couldn't help myself as I stuck out my tongue at him. He was faster than I expected and grabbed ahold of it.

"Leth go, Tcharlie, it'h not thunny!" I attempted to say.

He moved close and gently bit the tip, then released it. There was a huge grin on his face.

"I will get even with you for that, just you bloody wait!" I tried in vain to sound menacing.

"Oh, I'll wait, baby... but we'll see who gets even first," he retorted.

It took him a few tries as Charlie isn't much better with modern tech things than I, but he finally connected. I paid no mind to the conversation as I was too busy blowing in his other ear and nibbling it.

I was enjoying the fuck out of teasing him. His feeble swats at me while he spoke to his work didn't stop me.

As soon as he was finished he pulled me to him and smiled into my eyes. "You know, you really are a brat at times," he said. Then without any warning he reached down and pinched both cheeks of my arse!

"You... you... beast!" was all I could think to say.

"Yes, but only for you, baby. Only for you," he replied.

I pulled him to me for another kiss, while both of our hands rubbed the assault targets. If you asked, I couldn't tell you which felt better- his hands on my arse or mine on his. We were both moaning and way too soon he pulled away from me.

He had a regretful expression on his face, which I'm sure mine did as well.

"Baby, they want me to come in to work two hours early. It's not really a choice I have," he explained.

"Charlie, I'm not about to mess with your work. If you have to go in, then do it." I told him.

"But I still won't finish up until eight. What will you do until then?" he asked.

"Well, I can ride in with you and work on my script while you do what you have to," I suggested.

He shrugged his shoudlers. "Guess that would be okay," he replied.

"Wait a minute. I'm a registered guest there, right?"

"Oh, duh! Don't I feel stupid forgetting that!" he stated.

I pulled him to me for a brief kiss, then whispered, "you're anything but stupid, love."

He smiled as we got back in the car and went home. Sure it was Charlie's house, not mine, but it felt more comfortable than the place I'd lived in the past several years.

Since time was limited, we showered and dressed with very little of the actions we'd enjoyed previously. It wasn't that we didn't want to, but it just wasn't practical right then.

Bloody hell! I'd have to get used to us not always having our way with each other. Fuck knew, once the shooting started we wouldn't have nearly as much time. We'd just have to make the most of what time we could find. And I sure as hell planned on that.

I took my shower first and did the teeth and shave routine while Charlie took his. Damn, but he was a handsome man!

Judging by the looks we exchanged and the twice overs, I could barely wait for when we'd have time for more intimacy, and neither could Charlie. I wanted him in anyway that he'd have me. That may sound bad, but I seriously loved him and just wanted for him whatever would bring him the most happiness.

There was an extra intimacy in knowing that I was using the very same toiletries that he did. I'd have to make sure to get myself the same ones as I hadn't packed much at the start. And I'd smell and taste similar to him even when apart. That simple thought gave me a warm chill.

I was done before he was and sat waiting for him to finish. When he got out I was ready with the towel in hand. Starting at the top, I dried all but the centre parts.

By the time I got to them, he was at full attention. He gasped as I looked after gently drying his bits, a pearly drop formed at the tip. I had to grin at him as it was having the exact effect I'd wanted.

He did seem a bit embarrassed when I had him turn around and bend over. By this time I was sporting a wooden spear of my own as I finished with his most hidden of places.

It was sexy as fuck, really. Until my first shower with him, I hadn't fully realized that. My arse had always been off limits. Right then I was glad I'd saved it for my Charlie.

I can't say what possessed me, as I leaned down and put my face close in. His was such a tiny looking thing, a small pink circle with just a few blond hairs about it.

You may think me daft, but I gave it the lightest of kisses, watching it spasm as I did. He moaned and stood upright.

"Baby, I wish to hell we had the time for more, but we got to go," he exclaimed in a voice that echoed his frustration.

Bloody hell, what had gotten into me? He probably thought I was the `king of the pervs'!

"I'm... I'm sorry, Charlie," I stammered, hoping he'd somehow forget me doing such a thing.

He smiled at me. "Baby, it's not what you did, but the timing of it. Don't ever feel ashamed around me, okay?"

I was still feeling a bit insecure as he pulled me to him for a short but intense kiss. Only the towel I'd had around my waist kept me from taking it further, fuck the bad timing of it all!

We dressed, our eyes lingering on each other as more clothes covered up what we wished they didn't. I'm not sure who's tummy growled first, but Charlie said we'd see about some food after we got there.

He parked his car, and after too short of a kiss, we parted- me going to my room, and him to the front desk. I'd forgotten my hat and glasses but I did have the bag from Gem. That would be even better if I needed to go anywhere.

The light was blinking on the phone in my room. I knew it had to mean something, and I searched for that lil card with the instructions.

A few times I caught myself near the mirror and I mouthed `I love you, my Charlie' just to see my expression at it. I couldn't help but break into a huge grin each time.

Aw, there was the bloody thing. Okay, a flashing light meant messages. I punched in the numbers to play them back.

There were only a few, both from earlier that day. One was from my agent asking how I was getting on. The second was from Kate.

"Orly, I know you're as sorry about our fight as I am. I had to pull some strings to find out where you'd gone. I'll be there some time tonight, as soon as I can get a flight. We can kiss and makeup then. Bye sweetie, see you soon. I love you!"

Aw, fucking bloody hell!!

Chapter 39- Charlie

Yes, it was another interruption. I almost wished I'd been collecting pay for each of them since I'd met Jonathon. You can bet it would add up to a small fortune. But, being honest here, I'd rather have my time with him than any moneys. After all, some things exist that it can't buy.

I knew that we'd have way more ahead of us yet. All I could do was hope they'd slow down some this week.

Jonathon was so understanding about me having to go into work early. If only we both could always count on the other to continue always as we were right then.

As much as I wanted to make love to him once more before work, there just wasn't time.

While he got his shower, I laid out clothes for the both of us. I reminded myself I'd have to get some laundry done in the morning, as my meagre supply of clean clothes and towels was nearly wiped out.

I was waiting for my turn as he shut off the water and reached for the towel. At that moment I thought him the sexiest man I'd ever seen. Wet or dry, I loved him just as much.

If I hadn't forced myself to get in and clean up, I would have had to call work back and not just cancel going in early, but I'd probably want to skip leaving him at all.

When I finished, he was standing there with just a towel wrapped around him. Such a sight would always remind me of the first time I'd seen him that way as he approached the desk with me standing behind it gawking at him.

I couldn't help the grin that formed on my face. Some day I'd tell him just what that memory of him did to me, but for now I could appreciate having the real man before me.

There was a sparkle in his eyes and a grin as he began to dry me. I can't remember anyone doing that for me since I'd been just a kid barely out of diapers. It was tender and erotic at the same time.

His arousal seemed to increase almost at the same pace as my own. One of these days I'd talk him into allowing me to take some pics of him like this. Just torso and lower. No one could recognize him that way. Unless they noticed his tattoos. Even then, other people had them so it wouldn't be proof positive of his identity.

When he reached my crotch, I could easily have delayed work long enough to finish what he'd caused. He startled me when he had me turn around and bend over.

I fought back a panic when he dried me there. Martin had raped me so often, the thoughts of it still haunted me at times. As I felt Jonathon's lips touch me in that spot, I stopped him before the memories took over.

Far too often, Martin used such a ploy, but he had rarely done much else to ready me for his assaults. The times he'd enter me dry and laugh about it tormented me still. Too often it hurt to stand or walk, not to mention times that he made me bleed.

"You're just like a woman, you know that, my Charlie?" he used to taunt at me. "Bet you wish you could have my babies too, don't you?"

I had to come to grips with all that shit still. Just when I thought I had, it all would come back to me when I least wanted. And this was certainly not a good time for it. Not with my baby just trying to make me happy.

No, Jonathon didn't need to know that part of my past. To this day, I was still ashamed of it. Some things you just don't get over.

Clearing my head, I did my best to dispel any bad feelings Jonathon may have had for me interrupting him. I knew a smile and a kiss would surely help. And I was right.

There was no thinking of my past when I had Jonathon in my present. Everything about him was so very special to me. Love had finally found me and given me the best there was- Orlando Jonathon Blanchard Bloom.

To me, he'd always be my baby. Granted he wasn't much younger than I was. Damn, I'd have to remember to ask him his birthday, I didn't have a clue to it.

Maybe it was more than I guessed. Not that I'd feel any less for him, but it would be nice to know.

We finished up and got dressed. On the short drive to the hotel, we held hands. Such a small thing, but I loved it's simplicity. Much more than that was best kept at home or in secluded places where no one was around.

Jonathon had decided on going right to his room and I'd give him a call once things became quiet at the desk. We shared a kiss first, something that actually made me glad I was working after the sun was down and we couldn't be seen.

I knew that the next two to three hours could be crazy at work. It all hinged on the arrivals of later flights from several cities at the airport in Louisville.

They'd arrive in their rental cars, already worn to a frazzle. It was pretty rare when they managed any politeness about even a simple thing. Such were American businessmen and their ways.

On a busier night we could expect anywhere from twenty to fifty checking in before one am. I just hoped this wouldn't be one of those times.

Amy, who worked the afternoon shift, had to go home because her young son was ill. She was an okay person so I didn't mind helping her when she needed it.

"Um, where's Kevin,?" I asked her as she was nearly to the door. He was the middle-aged manager on her shift. It was rumoured that due to his poor attitude he was going to be fired anytime.

She gave me a sympathetic look and just shook her head no. I couldn't help but roll my eyes.

"Any idea how many reservations for tonight that aren't here yet?" I inquired.

"You have thirty-seven between now and midnight." Amy replied.

I let out a huge sigh. At least that was something I could manage okay.

"But... " she hesitated. "There's another thirty-five due in sometime after one."

My eyes went wide. "That's seventy-two!" I nearly cried out in exasperation.

"Charlie, if you look in the bottom left drawer, there's all the key cards done up for the rooms ahead of time in a file box. I know we're not supposed to, but I had the time and thought it was the least I could do to help you since you're helping me."

"Amy, you're a wonder! I can't begin to thank you for all that work."

"You letting me get out early is all the thanks needed. And besides, you do me way more favours than I do for you."

"I don't keep track of that. You're a friend, and friends don't make lists of who does what for the other," I replied.

She blew me a kiss, "got to get home to Jeff, seems he has some flu bug. And you know my husband, a bit of puke and he's at the toilet hurling too."

We both chuckled as she walked out the door. She'd saved me nearly half the work, thank God.

I checked and sure enough, all seventy-two cards were ready for the registration process. `Thank you God, for Amy.'

A few cars pulled up near the doors and I braced myself for the start of the onslaught. The phone rang and I could see it was from Jonathon.

"Front desk, baby. How may I help you?" I answered.

His voice seemed in a panic, "Charlie, I need to come down there and talk to you. It's important as fuck!"

"Baby, I'm about to be swamped. Can't it wait for a while?"

"No, it bloody well can't! Can I at least come down and wait so we can talk?"

There was no hiding the desperation in his voice. "Sure, baby... but it may be a while," I replied.

He hung up without another word. Just as several men came in the door, I saw Jonathon walk into the lobby and stay in a distant corner. He was biting his nails with a ferocity I'd never witnessed before.

Onward came the businessmen- old, young, something in between. A few were women, but they were pretty rare. One thing that most had in common was that their day had started countless hours ago and they were exhausted.

I didn't keep track of the time as I ended up checking in twenty-seven guests before it finally let up. Any chance I had, I'd give a helpless look at Jonathon. It was really bothering me to see his high anxiety levels. If only I had enough spare moments to find out what was going on.

Just as I was about to cross the lobby and talk to him, two more guests came. I shrugged my shoulders and he frowned at me. There was no choice but to check them in.

The first one was asking me all sorts of questions about local restaurants and tourists things. I swore that once these two were gone, I'd go talk to Jonathon, no matter who the hell came in!

I ate those words in less than five minutes.

A long black limo pulled up out front and a young woman was let out of it. She spoke to the driver and then made her grand entrance.

I was far from prepared to deal with her. Boy, was that ever an understatement!

She wasn't very tall, maybe five foot six or so, but she had a commanding presence about her. Dressed in boots and jeans and a short top that showed her bare stomach, she wore an expensive long fur with it all.

Her age couldn't have been much past twenty-five, I guessed. But it was her attitude that set me off more than her physical looks.

She gave me an almost evil expression as she quickly looked me over. I didn't like that one bit.

"I need the room number for Mr. Bloom!" she nearly shouted at me.

"I'm sorry, miss, but we don't have any Mr. Bloom registered here," I replied.

"Fucking hicks!" she said as she stared right at me. "Try looking under Jonathon Blanchard."

It took a lot of self-control not to give this bitch back some of what she was dishing out. But I wasn't about to get fired over some blond bimbo.

"Miss, we aren't allowed to give out that information," I explained while seething inside.

"Look, you asshole," she was leaning over and was only inches from my face. I could smell the booze on her breath. "You either give me his room number, or I'll make sure you're gone from this cheap assed excuse for a hotel in less than ten minutes!"

"Miss, I can call his room for you if you'd like," I said. There was no way that Jonathon was missing any of this, why was he staying hidden?

"Do that then, you moron. And tell him that Kate is here waiting on him. Got that?" she replied, nearly hissing at me.

I nodded as I pretended to look up his room number and then dialed it. She didn't notice as I glanced in his direction. He was behind a large potted plant, and I could just see his eyes between some of the fronds.

The phone in his room rang for over a minute, then I finally disconnected the call. "I'm sorry, miss... there doesn't seem to be anyone there," I explained.

"Sorry, my ass! Try it again, and this time don't quit until I say so," she said with sneer.

Some other guests had arrived and came through the door just then. Sometimes a prayer is answered even when you don't pray.

"Excuse me, but you'll have to step aside and let them register," I said in a soft even tone.

She haughtily tossed back her long blond hair, "give me a fucking room then!"

The five tired men just stared at this wild woman. Sure she was attractive, but she was damn scary right then too.

I checked the availability and was relieved we didn't have one room left. Now to tell this `bitch from hell' and hope that she'd leave.

"I'm sorry, but we don't have any vacancies. I'll be glad to call some of the other hotels nearby..."

"They haven't checked in yet, give me one of their rooms. I'm sure they won't mind," she interrupted.

"I can't do that. They have reservations," I countered.

"Then just give me the key to Mr. Blanchard's room, I'm sure he won't mind," she replied.

I shook my head, "Sorry, but I can't do that either, it's against our corporate policies."

If I'd thought the looks she'd already been giving me were hateful, she became nearly demonic at my words.

"Fuck you!" she had spittle coming out of her mouth as she cussed me. "I'm Kate Bosworth, and I don't put up with shit from anyone!"

The guest looked alarmed and embarrassed both. I couldn't blame them one bit.

When she noticed her `audience', she changed her demeanour in seconds. "I'm sorry, gentlemen, but this `person' behind the counter has been very mean to me," she stated.

"Bullshit!" I could hear from one of them, but couldn't tell which.

She went back to a rage, "fuck all of you, I'm a star and won't put up with this!"

Pulling her fur tightly around her, she stormed out. We all watched as the limo pulled away, and I think we also let out a collective sigh of relief too.

I politely looked after the new arrivals, offering my apologies for the scene they'd just witnessed. Each of them offered to back me up if she tried to cause trouble for me. They hadn't been impressed by her stardom in the least.

Once the last of them had left, Jonathon finally stepped forward, his head hanging down.

"Charlie, I'm so very sorry for what she put you through," he said as tears began to form in his eyes.

"Baby, don't worry about it, I've handled worse," I said with my most sincere tone.

He raised his head, "really?"

"Well, maybe not quite as bad as she was," I said, a grin forming on my face.

We both broke into a laugh. How I loved seeing and hearing that from him.

As we stared at each other, I was fighting the urge to give him a kiss. He slowly leaned toward me, his smile lighting his face and his eyes sparkling.

"There you are, Orly! Where the fuck have you been?"

The bitch from hell was back!

Chapter 40- Jonathon

What the fuck was I going to do? Kate hadn't left me one precious bit of information on when she'd be here. That was so typical of that woman. One of her traits that I truly despised.

I could pack up and run. Sure, that may seem cowardly of me, but I just didn't want to ever see her again.

There were friends I could turn to that would help me get my things moved out of the place we shared. That would be much betters than me having to put up with her a last time.

I had Charlie in my life now, and it was good... bloody hell, it was terrific!

All I could do was hope he felt nearly as much for me as I did for him. I was `head over heels' in love with that man. Even if he didn't love me as much, I could live with that.

But what was going to happen once Kate got here? I'd have to think of someway to handle it.

I paced back and forth for what seemed hours, trying to think of options on how to handle it. If only she'd accepted that I was done with her. She was beyond tenacious.

Aw, fuck! I needed to warn Charlie. He'd be the first person she'd attack as soon as she arrived. I sure didn't want that to happen.

I rang him at the front desk and I could hear muffled voices in the background. Yes, I was a bit miffed that he couldn't give me a few minutes of his time right then, but I knew he was just looking after his job.

Since I didn't have my hat and sun glasses handy, I had a decision. Either go to the lobby as I was, or put on the goth outfit Gem had given me.

Any delay could mean that she'd show up before I could talk to Charlie. So... I went as myself, keeping an eye out for anyone that could recognize me.

There were some large potted palms in the lobby, so I chose one near a corner. I made sure Charlie saw me and I did my best to give him a smile. He was looking pretty harried by the group of people at the desk, so I'd just have to wait.

If you knew me much, patience wasn't a strong suit of mine. It was something I sought, but more often than not, it eluded me.

As I watched Charlie handle the travellers, I could tell it was something he enjoyed. Even if he did seem a lil put off by some, he stayed smiling and talking in a polite manner.

It was amazing how much of his facial expressions I'd learned to interpret in such a short time. I guessed a person paid a lot more attention to things like that when love was a key player.

He stared at me for just a few seconds with a growing look of concern. Again, I tried to smile, and it was then I noticed I'd been frantically chewing at my nails once more.

If I'd had some fags to smoke, I would have been lighting one after another. Maybe I'd just try to do the whole pack of them all at once!

Can you tell that I was a full on nervous wreck by then? Kate didn't bring out the best in me, not even close.

As of two days ago, Charlie did just that. And he still did, just to be truthful. There was no memory of me ever feeling as good about myself as I had since he and I had met. None!

I was lost in my thoughts when Kate made her grand entrance. How the fuck was I going to handle this?

She strode right to the counter and took on my Charlie. Should I just walk up to her, or wait and see how it all played out?

Bloody hell, I wanted a fag right then! She was ripping him a new arse, and he just stood there and politely took it. Was he that meek and mild and I hadn't noticed?

Her voice nearly shrieked as she let loose in a full tantrum on him. I wanted to go to his defence, but he seemed to be handling it okay without me. Maybe it was best I stayed hidden for a bit longer.

Granted I was being a wuss about it all, but I couldn't deal with her when she was like this. I'd had years of her verbal threats and curses. She was spot on, the stereotype of a spoilt Hollywood star. And it wasn't pretty in the least.

Thank fuck, she finally left. With his shy smile, my Charlie took care of the men that had witnessed Kate's tirade.

It was then I could see how professional he'd been with her. Not once raising his voice or caving in to her demands. She was a right cunt when she wanted to be, and that was far too often for my likes.

I was ashamed that I hadn't stopped her though. She was my problem and not his. He shouldn't have had to take the shite she'd dumped on him.

At last, there was no one left in the lobby and I could give the apology from me he so rightfully had due him.

There wasn't any way for me to meet his eyes as I walked over and talked to him.

In just minutes he put me at ease. Bloody hell, I loved him!

We simply stared at each other and I had to have a kiss, even if it was risky as fuck in such a public place. Right then I didn't give a damn about the risk, they could put a video of it on the bloody news for all I cared!

There was barely a respectable distance left between us when we were interrupted. I swore right then that the next sodding arse that did it, I would kill them slowly just to enjoy making them suffer, and enjoy it immensely!

"There you are, Orly! Where the fuck have you been?" Kate yelled from the door.

I spun around and prayed I could handle this cunt and get her gone before she caused me and Charlie any trouble.

"Kate... I just got in from a long drive round the town. I wish you'd have called me first and saved yourself a trip," I said.

"Don't bullshit me, Orly, I did call, and you never called back. You left me no choice but to fly to this hell hole and take you home where you belong," she said with a determined look.

"Kate, can't you behave like a lady for a change?"

"You fuckhead, I'll act however I goddamned well please!"

"No, at least not around me you won`t. I told you when I left that we were over, it's time you accepted that and moved on," I found myself saying in a calm voice similar to that which Charlie had used earlier with her.

She put on her best pout and walked up to me, making sure she gyrated her hips as much as possible. Then her hands gently touched my face.

"Orly, you know I love you and you love me. We belong together, our astrology charts said so," she whispered as she leaned toward me for a kiss.

Firmly, I grasped her hands and drew them away, "Kate, I liked you somewhat, but as for `love'- all you were was a good fuck... and that was only once in a while. By the time you're thirty, they won't hire you for a horror flick... unless it's your biography you'd play."

"You bastard! I'll have you know there's lots of men out there would be happy to have me in their beds. And most would have a hell of a lot bigger cocks than you have, you soft-talking pansy!"

If her words were supposed to hurt me at all, then she was sorely mistaken. I was doing my best to keep from laughing right in her face.

"When you visited me in Cabo during the filming of Troy, did you really think I wouldn't hear about the men you screwed there behind my back?"

She arched a single brow, "at least they knew how to make me happy, you sure weren't very good at it!"

"Kate, I never planned on telling you how I knew. But I think you deserve to hear that now."

She crossed her arms defiantly, "go ahead, you micro-prick... tell me."

"I overheard some of the crew laughing about it. They said that the old whores in town were a better piece of ass than you. Even though you didn't charge, as least an old experienced woman of fifty or more was tighter than your sloppy cunt. As for your suck jobs, they'd rather just use some spit on their hands."

Her face contorted with the rage she went into. I should have known better than to stand to close to her when that happened.

She started with a fast and hard slap to my face, which only added to my dislike for her. Then, before I could stop her, she dug her nails into my cheek, ripping at as much flesh as she could. Fuck, that hurt!

While I was momentarily distracted by what her claw-like nails had done, she got me a knee to my bollocks. Christ, I was down on the floor doubled over before I could even get a breath back.

"Miss, if you don't leave this very minute, I'll call the police. Most of them are very good friends of mine, and would love to put you in a cell for a while so that some of our farmer women could show you the hospitality you seem to so richly deserve," Charlie said in a soft but threatening tone.

I was still in too much anguish to take in much of what was said, but I fully appreciated what Charlie could convey in such a subtle way.

"You have to the count of ten, I'm sure that Mr. Blanchard won't hesitate to press charges against you for assault. And my word in court would guarantee you prolonged stay in the county jail. Your money and lawyers won't help in the least. You're a Yankee and this is the south. That's nearly three strikes against you already."

There was a silence that was only broken by my moans. I had no doubt that I'd never be able to perform sexually again. She'd seen to that, the bloody sodding cunt!

"One," said Charlie in a stern voice.

"Two," he said slightly louder.

"Three," his voice was even louder.

"Fuck you and that pathetic wimp on the floor. Fuck all you bastards and hicks!" she screamed.

Then I heard her stomp across the lobby and the sound of the door open and close. Thank fuck, she was gone!

Charlie was on his knees looking into my face, he was in tears. "Baby, I'm sorry I didn't fully kick her ass for what she did to you," he said.

I reached out and touched his cheek, "my Charlie, you handled it bloody well. I knew she'd cause me more grief before I was well rid of her."

He tried to help me to my feet, but the pain in my nuts was too much and I feel back to the floor. I don't think I'd ever felt hate for another person the way that I did for Kate at that moment. I hope she rotted in bloody hell, and soon!

Nausea from the pain was almost making me hurl right there. Fuck, it still hurt badly!

Charlie gently kissed my forehead, which I noticed was covered in beads of sweat. "Baby, I'm going to call a doctor friend of mine. I don't want you to move, okay?" he asked.

"Not too bloody likely!" I said in pain-tinged words.

"I'll be right back," he said.

I can't tell you how long I was on the floor doubled over while Charlie saw to things. When you're in severe anguish, time seems to dead stop. That definitely happened in my case.

When he did return, he had a wheelchair with him. Christ, I hated those sodding things! But that's another story for another time.

As gently as possible he helped me into it, doing his best to ignore the amount of moaning I did.

"Hang in there baby, the doc will be here in about fifteen minutes. For now you'll have to trust me so I can do as he advised," Charlie stated.

I guess it was the office he wheeled me to, then helped me onto the sofa there. If the pain had let up, I wasn't yet aware of it. He got me starkers from hips to ankles, then came a new level in pain.

He'd iced my balls, and that hurt worse than the knee had. Oh, fuck, damn, shite! Someone just shoot me so the pain would stop!

"Baby, I know it's bad right now, but the doc said it would help the swelling," he explained.

It wasn't easy for me to talk and breath right then but I had to know. "How bad do my boys look, Charlie?" I managed to gasp.

"Try not to worry about it, Jonathon. The doc will fix you up the best that he can," he replied.

The tone in his voice and his avoiding an answer to my question had me worried. Very worried!

    (To be continued?)

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