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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 4 - Jonathon

    Bloody hell! As if the smile wasn't enough, he licked his lips like a starving man! Did he even realize that? My tent gave a major lurch when he did that.

    Somehow I'd need to get a grip on this. And I don't mean a wank!

    What was there about this man that was making me feel so carefree? I'd have to try and figure that out after I got some sleep.

    His looks were a definite bonus. He wasn't like a poof, but somehow I figured he liked what he saw in me. I was still puzzled that he didn't recognize me, but I liked that. A lot!

    We bantered back and forth a bit. I was totally loving it all too.

    Fuck, I felt like a lil kid again! It was great!

    I couldn't take much more without just grabbing him and ripping his clothes off right there, so I made my escape. But not without giving him one last tease.

    Peering over my shoulder, I gave him my most lecherous wink and dropped my towel. I made sure to clench my arse cheeks a few times before I walked to my room.

    I covered my bits so he couldn't see and winked at him a last time. What the hell was I doing?

    Once I was behind a closed door, I tried to come to terms with it all. He's a bloody American!

    Then my mind replayed something I had missed. Even from the distance of my door, I could see the prominent tent in his trousers. My cock gave another lurch at that.

    It was totally against all that I'd been for these past years, but I caved to it anyway.

    Laying on the bed, I thought about that man, replaying in my mind our two encounters. It only took me a few strokes to relieve my pent up tension. Wow, that was amazing! I hadn't had anything even close to that in ages.

    How could this one man break down all my barriers, and so fast? It was defying all my logic.

    I went in and cleaned the mess from my chest. Somehow I couldn't help but smile. That had been the most satisfying cum I'd had in a long time.

    Could it be that he liked me for just me? Bloody hell! I'd been a right mess when he first laid eyes on me. He'd have to be bonkers to like what he saw.

    But yet, there was something more to his man. If he were some sort of perv, they wouldn't have him working here.

    I turned out the light and laid there, my mind wouldn't shut down. No matter how much I tried, my thoughts kept returning to Charlie.

    Should I just give in to all my impulses with him? Surely that would be a huge mistake. Or would it?

    After tossing and turning for what seemed like forever, sleep still avoided me. My mind just wouldn't shut down.

    I slapped my hand to my forehead. My bag was still in the car! There was no way I'd even try to get it myself again. I'd have to ring Charlie and ask him for help.

    At first I hesitated, then I remembered that he'd said to call if I needed anything. Clothes definitely fit that.

    My heart began to beat faster as I picked up the phone and hit the O button. It rang and rang. Maybe he didn't want to talk to me after what had happened?

    "Front desk, this is Charles. How may I help you this morning?" He sounded out of breath.

    "This is Jonathon. I hate to be such a bloody bother, Charlie, but I need a small favour." I replied.

    There was a long pause. Fuck, I had dropped the fake accent! Surely he's going to start wondering now.

    Then I could hear him chuckle on the other end. "Jonathon, you need to work on that Brit accent, it's not that good!"

    That was enough to make me laugh too. Did this man have a script to work from on how to win my heart? It sure seemed that way.

    "Okay, dude-" I gave a very bad surfer boy dialect that left us both giggling like lil kids.

    "Um, let me guess. You'd like me to go to your car for you, right?"

    Like an idiot I nodded first, then remembered he couldn't see that. "If you're sure you don't mind."

    "No, I was wondering if you'd make another try or not." I could hear the tease in his voice.

    "Uh, no. That was enough for today." I retorted.

    "I'll be there in just a few minutes, and it's not a bother in the least."

    "Thanks, I'll owe you one."

    Another pause, but much shorter. Then I heard the click as he hung up.

    My heart was still racing as I found the rental keys. When he knocked on the door, I almost forgot I was still naked. Fuck, I was going stupid!

    "Be right there!" I called out. A quick race to the bathroom for another towel first.

    I opened the door with a grin. It was matched by his. Again, his eyes swept over me. This time they stopped at the towel, but not at my crotch. There was a gleam formed in his eyes.

    Puzzled, I then looked to where he was looking. Fuck! This was the towel I'd cleaned up with. There was no mistaking the wet spots on it.

    I started to turn a thousand shades of red when he raised his eyes back to mine.

    He had a huge grin as he said, "Don't worry, we have more than enough clean to keep up with you!"

    Only my wit kept me from sinking beneath the floor. "I'll see if I'm up to that challenge then!" I replied with another lecherous look.

    He arched his eyebrows a few times, then we both laughed once more. I was liking this man way too much!

    "If you'll just give me the keys, I'll get your bag for you."

    I handed them over. "It's the silver Ford, the bag's in the back seat."

    "Be back in just a few." Our hands touched again as I passed him the keys. And again, there was that spark. Did he feel it too?

    I watched as he walked to the door. There was no mistaking it, he even had a nice arse under his loose trousers.

    In just a few minutes he returned. He had my hat and sunglasses with him as well. Now how in hell did he know to bring them too?

    "I want to show you something." He entered my room and went over to the closet. First he sat my things down, then opened it. With a broad grin he brought out a large terrycloth robe.

    I had to laugh at the irony of it. He joined in.

    "That doesn't mean you have to use it. I'm getting used to you in just a towel." He said. For the first time I saw a lecherous look on his face. I slipped on the robe and fastened it, letting the towel fall.

    "You'll have to treat me to a similar view of yourself at this rate." I stated.

    His face turned serious. "I won't make any false promises. This is all fun, but you're a guest here. Anything else is against the rules."

    I felt my heart sink. Putting on my best forlorn expression, I had to give it one more try. "No exceptions?"

    He hesitated, so I looked deep into his eyes. We just stared for countless minutes.

    It was beyond my control, as I took his hand in mine, firmly. Then slowly we moved together and my lips brushed his. I'd never kissed a man this way before.

    If I thought there was a spark before, this was a sodding fire!

    (To be continued?)

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