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My Elizabethtown

Chapter 41- Charlie

When I heard that woman's voice again, I knew there'd be trouble. I just didn't know how much at the time.

I could understand why he'd stayed out of my earlier encounter with her, she was way more than a bitch, but I wasn't sure there was a name for it.

As I stood and listened and watched I could see so much of myself in what Jonathon was enduring. Once again, it triggered thoughts of Martin and the rotten way that he'd treated me. Inwardly, I shuddered.

My baby didn't deserve this. Hell, very few people on the planet would deserve what she was lashing out with.

The last I was expecting was physical violence out of it. When she went for his eyes and missed, I said a silent prayer of thanks. But the lines of blood she left behind on his handsome face almost made me ill.

Somehow, I had to get her the hell out of there before she did something more to him. Just as those thoughts crossed my mind, she kneed him badly in the balls. What a damn cunt!

Whatever I may have limited myself to on curses, that was one I'd never thought I'd use. It was the lowest of derogatory terms I knew of for a woman, and I didn't believe that I'd ever encounter one I'd dislike enough to call by that name. Clearly, I was wrong.

Seeing my baby doubled over like that was almost enough to make me fully lose my temper and beat this woman. But that wouldn't help a damn thing, I needed her gone.

I was shocked at the control I managed as I threatened her. If only she could have known they were fully true. But, they were enough to get her out of there at least.

As soon as the limo pulled away again, I went to Jonathon's aide. I wanted to break down and just hold him and cry. He was looking so broken and beaten at that moment.

There wasn't much choice, I'd have to call Zeke. He's a good ol' boy type, but a damn fine doctor too.

As much of a redneck as he could seem at times to others, he'd been gentle and understanding when I'd first gone to him with my battle wounds from Martin. He didn't preach to me about it, but did his best to help my physical condition, which varied from visit to visit.

I can't count how many times that I'd been bleeding internally to some extent. Whether it was from beatings or rapes or both. He'd saved my life more than once, and I knew that.

Jonathon's pain was extreme. I knew what a blow to there felt like all to well. Countless times when I didn't expect it, Martin would punch me or kick me in that very spot.

Zeke taught me early on that, even though it hurt enough extra to make me see stars, icing the testicles would help the swelling and prevent me from losing them from the abuse.

My attention returned to my baby laying crumpled on the thick carpet. Zeke had said he could be there in about fifteen minutes. All I could do for Jonathon was the same I'd learned to do for myself.

I grabbed a wheelchair from the few we kept for our guests and gently managed to get him up and into it, then took him into the office. My heart was breaking hearing his moans. That bitch should be tortured, slowly!

There wasn't a sexual thought in my head as I eased him out of his jeans and boxers then to a prone position on the couch. He was bruised and swollen there , but I was sure that no permanent damage had been done. Zeke would be honest with us on that.

He let me know that he hated pills of any sort, but I gave him some Tylenol to help with the pain, then cleaned up the blood from his face. I'd learned all the best ways to treat injuries from the ones I'd sustained from my past.

My baby was a good patient and kept his whimpers and moans to a minimum. At least he'd be ready for Zeke's inspection.

I got a cool wet cloth and wiped his brow with it. When he asked me how he looked, I didn't want to give him a direct answer. That didn't go unnoticed by him, but he didn't push.

"Jonathon, I love you," I said softly as I looked into his eyes.

"I love you too, my Charlie. You're the best!" he replied in a subdued tone.

"Naw, I'm not much," I replied.

In spite of how he felt he sat more upright, paying for that with what I was sure was more pain. He took my hand in his and squeezed it tightly.

"Charlie, don't ever belittle yourself again. That hurts me more than my bollocks ever could," he gasped.

"I'm sorry, baby. I'll try not to," I whispered.

"Good," he said with a smile mixed with a grimace.

I suddenly felt shy as I spoke, "baby... I know you're hurting really bad, but..."

His smile broadened, "kiss me, my Charlie."

If he hadn't been feeling so rough, I would have done a better job of it. After only a minute of a gentle kiss, I pulled back.

He had a puzzled expression until I explained, "if you start getting the least bit hard, your balls will feel as though they've been hit with a hammer. A very large and heavy hammer!"

His eyes went wide in a mock terror. "Your kisses are worth that, love," he said with a slight twinkle back in his eyes.

"They may be, but I won't have you hurting any more than you already are, my baby. We'll make up for it as soon as you're able."


We were both grinning. "Oh, yeah!" I replied.

"Harumph!" came a man's deep voice from the nearly closed door. He entered and shut it behind him.

It was Zeke, looking like he usually did. He was very tall and thin, with short cropped gray hair. And I'd never seen him wear anything but a plaid shirt with a pair of clean but well-worn overalls.

I got to my feet and gave him a hearty handshake. "Zeke, this is my friend, Jonathon," I said. Zeke arched a brow.

"Okay, we're more than friends. Happy?" I asked.

He gave a faint smile. "Pleased to meet you, Jonathon," he said as they shook hands. "I'm sure you prefer that to Orlando at times," he added, giving a big wink.

"Er, yes, that is if you don't mind," Jonathon replied.

"My lover and I are big fans of yours. You're talented as well as handsome," Zeke stated.

While Jonathon blushed, I was digesting this. No way!

"Zeke... you're gay?" I had to ask.

"Duh! Who was it first sent you to me?"

My mind raced for that answer from a part of my past I deplored so much. "Gem?"

He nodded, "we dated for a short time, not long before I met my partner. She and I still stay in touch, but she has Thomas and I have Russell."

"Not Russell Collins?"

"Yep, that be my man," Zeke said with a big grin.

His man was a local judge. And, not that I'm a bigot, Russell Collins was also as dark a black man as I'd ever seen. He was about my height, but much larger in build. I'd guess he was similar in age to Zeke. And the man had a reputation as being as fair as anyone could hope for if they needed a judge.

"Before you catch flies with that open mouth of yours, Charlie, you'd best get out and look after your customers. I'll be gentle with this man of yours," Zeke said with a smirk.

"Are you sure that he'll be okay?" I asked.

"Git!" Zeke ordered and I obeyed.

I blew Jonathon a kiss before I went out to face whatever number of people had been waiting. He blew one back to me.

When I reached the counter, I knew I had to be `Mr. Polite' again. It was the final five reservations from the first group.

It didn't take long to check them in, and soon I was just standing there staring at the front door. I was chewing my lower lip when I thought about my poor baby and what he must be enduring. All I had to do was go a few feet and check up on him.

I knocked first, and it's a good thing I did. "Charlie, I'll let you know when we're done. You do your job and I'll do mine," Zeke said through the closed door.

Okay, that was fair enough, I thought to myself. If it were serious, I'm sure he would have told me already, right?

Still, I worried. We'd been through a lot in the short time we'd been together. A whole hell of a lot!

Whatever tedious work I could find to take my mind off it, I did. Coffee was the first item, but I wanted hot chocolate. I could make Jonathon some and that would be a good excuse for Zeke to let me in there.

Naw, Zeke wouldn't buy that. I'd have to think of something better than that. But what?

I cleaned out the drawers, then took on the mess of the file drawer with recent receipts in it. It didn't take nearly as long as I'd wanted, and the office door was still closed. What the hell was going on in there?

When I worried or was upset about something, I cleaned. I had to guess it was therapeutic. There must have been something for me to do.

Reluctantly, I pulled out some of my books and tried to study. My mind went in another direction though. I began to reflect on the past two days and how much that man meant to me.

The only thing I would change if I could about him was the fame. I'd already seen that he was well-recognized. Way more than I would have thought.

But I loved my baby. And I'd do whatever it took to keep him. Sure, I'd share him with his public, but in private, he was all mine!

I was chewing my lip again as I looked at the time. Ninety minutes had passed. Now I was getting majorly worried. He had to be okay, there were specialists we could find. I didn't know what the cost would be, but I'd sell myself on corners or whatever it might take.

At last the door opened and Zeke came out with his head down. My heart sank.

He put his hand and my shoulder and gently squeezed. "Charlie, I'm sorry, but he can't have sex anymore," Zeke said a sympathetic tone.

All I could do was nod. "I can cope, as long as he'll be okay. I happen to love that man a great deal, Zeke," I said.

"My sense of humour is warped, boy. I only meant he can't have anymore sex for tonight. Do your best not to arouse him for the next twenty-four hours or so, as it will cause some pain. If... you think you can behave that long," he warned.

"Zeke, I don't know if I can behave that long!" Jonathon said from the door.

I know that I turned a few deep shades of red. At least he was going to be okay. That was a huge relief.

I turned to him, looking at the butterfly bandages on his face. They looked bad, but I knew it was more appearances than actual damage. I smiled at him and held him gently, "you know that I love you, baby."

"You bloody well better, or I'll go back to Kate!" he threatened.

"No!" Zeke and I both shouted.

"You're right, my body couldn't handle any more of that bitch," he said with a wry grin.

"I think I'd have to slowly cut out her heart if she ever touched you again!" I stated.

"For what I saw of the damages she caused, I'd give you the scalpels," Zeke stated.

"Dull and rusty ones?" I asked.

"Absolutely!" he responded.

We all laughed, but I'd never felt hatred for another person as I did for her. Not even Martin. It didn't sit well with me in the least.

"Jonathon, you need some rest. And I'll see you in a few days to look at the gouges."

"Okay, I'll see you then. As for the rest, I plan on keeping Charlie company until we can go home in the morning."

There was a slight flutter in my heart as he'd said `home'. It hadn't been a home since my grandparents had died. It was my house, but not a home.

Jonathon had changed that for me. Yes, it was now my home... our home!

Chapter 42- Jonathon

Charlie put my mind at ease by his actions and tender ways. Christ, I was still hurting! I wondered if it would be too barbaric to put her head on a fucking stick!

He was right about the kiss. Even with the ice on my bits, I could feel a stirring there and the pain started to worsen. Bloody hell, this couldn't be permanent! Could it? At least let me be able to keep the kisses somehow.

Zeke seemed to be a pretty cool bloke, even though he made Charlie get his arse out of there. I sure hoped he knew what he was doing with my jewels.

He apologized ahead of time, but had to check them for any permanent damage. I bit on my hand and drew a lil blood rather than have Charlie hear my screams of pain.

Zeke assured me that in a day or so I'd be close to normal again. Then he began to work on my face.

"You know... Russell is going to be a jealous monster when I tell him who I patched up tonight. Especially where," he said.

Yes, I blushed at that, but then I felt a bit of panic too. "You won't tell anyone else will you? I mean about me and Charlie," I asked.

"No, kid, I wouldn't do that to you two. And I can promise you, Russell won't tell either. And if you need any favours while you're here, just call on me or him."

"Thanks, I really do appreciate your help," I said with a grin and a handshake.

He looked at me with an odd expression, "Jonathon, can I ask you a personal question?"

I hesitated, "sure, but I won't promise to answer it."

"Okay, you seem like a decent person and all, or I don't think Charlie would give you the time of day, much less the love and concern I just witnessed from him."

All I could do was nod and try not to dread whatever he was going to ask.

"How in the world did you end up with that she-devil?" he inquired with a raised brow.

"That's a valid question, and as you've done the repair work on me from her tantrum, you certainly deserve an answer," I said.

He simply smiled and waited. It was going to hurt to open this up, but I owed it to Zeke. Charlie would be second to hear about it, but only by the fact he wasn't there at the moment.

I let out a big sigh first, then began, "we met about four years back. It was one of those Hollywood parties, something I rarely attended if I could avoid it. She was young, about twenty or so, and I'm four years her senior. I was first stuck by her beauty, as most men would be. But as we began to talk, I found her to be utterly charming with a certain innocence about her. At the time that was mostly true."

"It's sad, but very few people can keep their innocence, Jonathon," Zeke commented.

"Yes, I found that out. We dated briefly before we had sex the first time. Neither of us were innocent when it came to that. Although I have to admit to being quite vanilla in the sex department. Oral sex with a woman was something I found distasteful," I commented.

When Zeke rolled his eyes, I realized how that had sounded and we both chuckled.

"I'm often away for months at a time with the movies I do. Very little is done in studios and it's often in Africa, the Caribbean or Mexico. We were in love, mind you. Not a bit of the depth I've found with Charlie, but I thought it love then. My absences got to her. At first I thought them just rumours when I'd hear that she'd slept with this bloke and that one, then started the phone calls and when I answered the person on the other end hung up. That happened with increasing frequency, I might add... to the point of several a day."

I took a pause to gather my thoughts. Zeke was looking very sympathetic.

"She'd disappear on the times we'd go to clubs, sometimes for an hour or more. Clubbing was something that she insisted on more and more often, personally I don't much care for them. Oh, something I should mention... she became `loose'."

"You're saying her vaginal muscles?" Zeke asked.

"Yes, as though she'd been getting it way more often than my times with her would provide. I always practiced safe sex from the time I was a teen, something I'm bloody glad of looking back on it. No telling what I could have caught if I hadn't."

He just nodded, waiting for me to continue.

"At first I thought her erratic behaviour was just due to the drinking she'd done at the clubs. Then I started to notice her sniffling a lot, and her nose being red more and more often. I tried to discuss it with her, and she'd have none of it. She insisted she was just fine, and to leave it alone."

I closed my eyes and tried to decide what to say next. It felt good to confide in someone face to face on it all.

"The more my concern grew, the more defiant she became. I wanted her to de-tox, as I sorely missed the young woman she'd been when we first met. To control me, she went as far as to bruise herself badly and go to hospital where they took pics of it all. Naturally, she told them the old `fell down the stairs' excuse. But it was now on a record for her to say it was me that had done it if I didn't give her her way on things. It made me physically ill to think she'd become so negative against me that she'd do such a thing. Even to this day, I could only hurt a person in self-defence or accidentally. It's just not in my nature to beat up on someone."

Tears were forming in my eyes, and Zeke handed me a box of tissues. "You just recently hit your limit with it all though, am I right?" he asked.

"Bloody hell, she's like a demon when she's sniffing that shite! And that's way more often than not it seems," I replied.

"We had a bad fight a few days back, seems another lifetime now. I told her she could do what she wanted with her threats, I no longer cared. In about five more days, we're going to start filming a movie here, I decided to arrive a week early, and hoped she couldn't track me down."

"And you met Charlie as soon as you got here?"

I felt my mood lift as I thought of him. Oh, how I loved that man, and I felt it returned as well.

"Yes," I replied, feeling a grin form on my face. "Zeke, I'm totally ignorant of how to love and make love to a man. Can you give me any advice?"

It was interesting to see this man stumble for a moment as he turned a bit red. But I wanted to know if there was anything I could do for Charlie or with him to make it even better.

"Are you saying you're a virgin to man sex?" he asked.

It was my turn to blush, but it was surely a deeper shade than Zeke's had been.

"Until I met Charlie, I'd never done more than a wank with another bloke. And that was back when I was a teen." I replied.

"And what have you and Charlie done?"

My blush deepened more as I answered, "well, we've wanked in a fashion, we had oral sex, and..." I was hesitant to finish.

He smiled at me and just nodded. Bloody hell, I was embarrassed, but wanted some answers on this.

"Well, I... I kissed his arse earlier. Spot on," I managed to get out.

"That's called analingus or `rimming'. As long as your partner is clean there, it can be very erotic... for both," he said, then paused. "How did Charlie react to it?"

"I'm not sure if I embarrassed him or he just plain didn't care for it. He shot upright almost first thing. I guess it's something I should never do again."

He shook his head, "no, I don't think that's the problem. Charlie had a lover some years back, and was treated pretty badly. From what I looked after, I'd have to say he was raped, and often. At times there was even evidence that, to say, in plain language, he was `dry fucked'."

"Damn that sodding Martin to hell!" I nearly shouted. No wonder Charlie had reacted so badly to me earlier.

Zeke nodded, "if you take it slowly, I think you and Charlie can enjoy anal intercourse as well as oral and `wanking' as you put it."

I felt myself blushing some again but had at least a few questions left, "what is it that's so special about anal sex for a guy?"

"Do you know what the prostate is?" he asked.

"Sure, that's the spot that older dudes end up getting cancer at," I answered.

He grinned, "it's way more than that. It's the gland that makes the fluid for the sperm to swim through. Have you ever had a doc put a finger up inside you?"

I shook my head and blushed, "no, not that I can recall. And I've seen a lot of doctors for things over the years."

"It's sometimes part of a physical exam. I can't understand how you've never had that before," he said, shaking his head.

"Is it that important?" I asked.

His eyes were wide, "yes, it's pretty important. It's part of why you feel good when you climax."

I felt a panic well inside me, "bloody hell! Can you check mine to make sure it's okay then?"

"It might not be a bad idea. Understand, I'm going to be inserting a finger deep inside you," he explained.

"If that's what it takes, so be it. Since my boys are going to be okay soon, I want to make sure all of it's in proper working order."

"You'll need to either turn onto your stomach, and with your injury that may not be the best idea. Or, I'll help you to stand up then lean you over and spread your cheeks," he said.

I was more concerned with getting it checked than any weird feelings about a prodding in my arse. My bollocks still hurt a good bit, but he got me standing up.

"Now lean forward some and pull on your cheeks. I'll start with my pinkie finger first, just to stretch and loosen the outer muscle some. Try not to tense, but relax as though you're taking a dump," he explained.

It felt odd at best, I'd mooned some people over the years, but I think Charlie had been the only man until then that saw my hole. And I wasn't thinking much along the lines of sex with Zeke.

He had a cold lubricant on his finger, so I naturally flinched at his first contact.

"Relax, this won't be nearly so bad if you can do that," he reminded me.

I did my best to follow his instructions, and with a slight pressure back there, I felt his digit enter my arse. Mostly it just felt odd as he gently worked it back and forth.

"Try to stay relaxed, I'm going to switch fingers. You'll notice the difference, but it shouldn't hurt,"

Oh, I could feel the difference alright. But there was just an increase in how odd it felt. There wasn't a bit of pain to it.

Gently, he worked his larger finger back and forth, the intrusion gradually deepening. Then something happened, I didn't expect in the least. From deep inside me, he touched something that sent a chill from my head to toes. "What the fuck was that?" I stammered.

He touched it again and it was like a pleasure switch going on full tilt. I couldn't help but moan, and he repeated his action several times causing my boys to start aching more. But it felt so bloody great!

"That, Jonathon, is your prostate," he explained. I hated when he stopped, but my bollocks didn't.

I moaned one last time as he removed his finger and wiped the lube from my arse. If a finger felt that good, what would it feel like to have Charlie inside me?

"I'm happy to tell you that your prostate feels to be in perfect health," Zeke said with a smile.

"Is it okay that I liked it so much?" I asked.

"If it's done gently and with care, it's fine to like it. Just don't think you can take your lover's erection as easily. Not without some preparation first," he warned me.

Yes, I blushed, but was grinning too. He helped me with getting my boxers and jeans back in place as that much bending was still some agony for me.

"How did you know I was thinking that very thing?" I wondered.

"Because of two things. First, the way you reacted to my exam just now. Second, the way you looked at Charlie."

"I do love him, you know that too?" I inquired.

"Yes, and I'd have to say that he loves you too," Zeke replied, wearing a big grin.

I smiled, "yeah, I do believe he does at that."

"Jonathon, one other thing... don't mention to Charlie anything I'd said about his past health issues. He's better off not reliving any of that."

"You don't have to explain that to me. I'd kill that bloody bastard Martin if I ever met him!" I said with a dark tone to my voice.

"You and me both, kid... you and me both," Zeke replied.

He winked at me as he went out the door first. I could hear him tease Charlie about my inability to have sex.

We all talked a bit more, then Zeke said he had to get home before his husband, or he'd be in trouble. That gave us all a good laugh.

"I have something for the both of you," I said, as I walked up to him. Putting my arms around him, I gave him a firm hug, then a quick peck on the lips.

He was slightly red after, "so much for me sending you a bill for my services. That just made it more than `paid in full'!

We waved as he got in his car and drove off. I took Charlie away from the doors and smiled into his eyes.

"Zeke gave me something for the pain, so I should probably go to my room and rest a lil. But first, there's something I want, very badly!" I exclaimed.

Charlie nodded slightly as our lips touched. I put up with the increase in pain as much as I could before I pulled away.

"Baby, that was more than we should have done, at least until you're better," Charlie said, seeing the grimace on my face.

"My wonderful Charlie, your kisses are worth it," I stated.

He smiled then helped me down the hall and into my room. Tenderly he helped me strip to just my boxers, then settled me on the bed, pulling up the duvet for me.

"Rest well, my Jonathon. I'll check on you as soon as I can," he said, then leaned down and kissed my undamaged cheek.

"I'll try my love," I replied, as sleep began to claim me.

Neither of us noticed the message light blinking on the phone.

Chapter 43- Charlie

Even though Jonathon looked pretty banged up, I couldn't have loved him any less. I helped him to his room and undressed him. His eyes were glazing over from the pain med Zeke had given him.

I tucked him in then kissed his cheek on his good side. Soon his lids lowered and I could tell he was sound asleep.

"Rest well, my beloved Jonathon," I whispered.

It was just past one when I returned to the check in desk. So far none of the second wave of tired and crankies had hit. I should have learned not to even think such thoughts as the cars all began to arrive at once.

A few were still a bit drunk from their flight, and it was pretty clear it was a convention group as they all knew each other. And for some that wasn't a good thing judging by the looks that were exchanged.

The usual complaints arose over who got what type of room, smoking versus non-smoking, doubles versus kings. But, that was something I was fairly used to. Just not with quite so many people though. It was all made worse by the late hour, I was sure.

By the time I got them as content as I possibly could, and in their rooms, it was almost three am. There were no flashes or crashes from a storm outside but my mind went back to that fateful meeting with Jonathon not quite forty-eight hours ago.

I was hoping that this last group didn't wake him. He needed his rest after what he'd been through. Silly, but I thought about it being almost an anniversary of some sort. Two days may not seem important, but when you're in love, it's all good.

The welcome station was quite a mess, but it didn't take me long to clean it up. I was going to pour myself some coffee, but remembering the other night, I got myself some packets for hot cocoa instead.

Damn, but I loved that man. I wasn't about to question any of it then. It just felt so right.

A glance at my watch showed 3:14. That would have to be close to the minute we met. It may seem petty, but I wished I'd known the time exactly.

"I'd really like some cocoa if there is any," came his weary voice from behind me.

I turned to see him standing there barefoot, but wearing the complimentary robe for the first time. A smile upon his face and as much sparkle to his eyes as his condition would allow.

He held out the cup I'd given him that night. I put my hands over his and we just gazed into each others eyes for several minutes.

"Well, I have some `private stock' of my own," I said in nearly a whisper.

"I love you, Charles Christian Brown," he said.

There was no way that I'd ever tire of hearing that from him.

"I love you, Orlando Jonathon Blanchard Bloom," I replied.

I poured half the contents of my cup into his. "Happy two day anniversary, baby," I said with a large grin on my face.

He looked at his watch, and waited for several seconds. Then he nodded and smiled back, "it's now exactly forty-eight hours since I stepped through that door and we met."

I was wide eyed, "you know the exact minute it was?"

"It's part of what you get with an actor, we're supposed to remember details. If they aren't important we discard them right off. If they are, we remember them for as long as they stay important."

My lips formed into a pout, "you aren't going to tell me what the time is, are you?"

He did his best to feign an innocent look, "why, my Charlie? As long as one of us knows, that's all that matters, am I right?"

He was right, and he knew it. "Yes, you have a valid point. But you are being a brat about it!" I said with a slight sarcasm.

"Moi, a brat, you say?" he spoke with raised eyebrows.

"Yes, you!" I replied while trying not to laugh.

"You bet that sweet arse of yours I am!" he retorted, his look changing to a leer.

I pulled him to me gently and rubbed my hands over his glutes, "no bets on yours, baby. I wouldn't want to ever take the chance of losing a single hair of yours, much less the good parts."

"And what, pray tell, good sir... do you consider to be my `good parts'?" he asked with that innocence back again.

"Every damn one of them!" I replied.

He grinned at first, then became somber, "that's just how I feel about you as well, my Charlie."

We kissed lightly as I didn't want him hurting from it. Even the best intentions can go wrong, and I could feel us both hardening. Reluctantly, I let go and just gazed into his eyes.

I'd held back my curiosity for hours, but this was as good a time as any to try and resolve it. "Baby," I began, "can I ask about Kate, or no?"

He kissed my hand, "love, you can ask me pretty well anything. As for Kate, you're due that and then some for what she put you through earlier."

"Baby, what she did to me was nothing compared to her attack on you," I protested.

"You're a good man, my Charlie, but good men don't deserve the shite she dishes out," he stated.

"Thank you, baby, but I think you're the good man here."

He shook his head. "This won't get the story told if we keep on like this. Let's call it a draw and then I'll begin," he said a bit testily.

I covered my mouth and nodded, seeing him grin.

A flicker of pain registered on his face and we agreed to sit while I listened. It hurt for me to hear some of what she'd put him through, but it also gave me a better understanding of why she was such a bitch. Alcohol or drugs are bad enough when separate, but now I realized that she'd been drunk and stoned both when she was here.

When he finished with all there was to tell, he had a very sad look on his face. I brushed away a solitary tear as it started down his cheek.

"Baby, none of it's your fault. No one can, or should, take the blame for another person's actions. She's a full grown adult. You didn't hold a gun to her head and force the booze and coke on her. And, you sure as hell didn't set her up with a constant supply of fresh meat to satisfy her sexually. All of that comes down to choices," I said in as sincere a tone as I could manage.

His shoulders sagged, "I know all that, but I still feel as miserable as fuck about her. If you could only have known the Kate she used to be. She was amazing. It's like she's dead now and this other person took over her body."

I nodded, "Jonathon, it may be better to think of her that way. Remember her as she used to be, not as she is now."

It was his turn to simply nod, though his eyes were moist, not another tear fell. I knew that I'd do my damnedest to make sure he was never that hurt again.

"Baby, you should get some more rest. It's nearly four hours yet before I'm done with my shift," I said.

"Are you trying to get rid of me? Do you have a date with one of those hot men that I saw earlier?" he asked in a teasing voice.

"Only three this time," I retorted.

"Awesome! That means the rest are all mine!" he shot back.

I grinned and shook my head, "you're a nut."

"Is that a problem, sir?" he taunted.

"You're lucky you're injured, or I'd `sir' you right here and now!" I threatened.

"Could I possibly get a rain check on that for say... tomorrow then?" he asked with an arched brow.

"I'll consider it. Depends on how you're feeling, baby."

"Charlie, can we do `it' right here in the lobby then?"

"I'm not allowed to fraternize with the guests," I reminded him.

"Is that true?"

"Corporate policies," I explained.

He looked around slowly then pulled me to him.

"Would that possibly include this?" he asked then gave me a modest but deep kiss for several minutes.

"Oh, yeah," I answered.

"Or this?" he said, nibbling on my ear and neck, sending chills racing through me.

"Most definitely," I moaned.

"Then this wouldn't be allowed at all..." he opened the top few buttons on my shirt and started on my neck, while his hand looked after massaging my crotch. I was hard as stone before he even touched me there.

I was getting pretty close, when he stopped. The moans and my thrusting my hips at his hands must have been a clue.

"Well?" he asked.

"Um, what was the question," I responded in a weak voice.

"If you were allowed to do such things while working or not."

"Oh... I vaguely remember saying something about that," I said. "But there's always exceptions to be made!"

As soon as I tried to grind myself back into his hands he stepped away. Damn, I was frustrated!

"No, my Charlie, not until we can both enjoy it. Otherwise it wouldn't be fair, would it?" he asked with a raised brow.

"Fair, schmair! Baby, you're going to give me major blue balls if I have to wait so long!" I whined.

That alone shocked me. I hadn't whined about anything in ages.

"Aw, Charlie. Then yours would about match the shape mine are in, right?" he replied with a big wink.

I was about to reply with more whining when my beeper went off. How I wanted to just smash the damn thing there and then!

When I looked it was Gem's home number and with the 911 at the end. That always made me pay attention.

"Baby, Gem wants me to call. Hold everything until I get back, okay?"

"Everything?" he snickered.

"Well... most everything!" I retorted.

He just grinned as I went to the main desk to call. I couldn't help but grin back.

"Hello?" Gem said.

"Gerald, what do you want at this ungodly hour?" I asked icely.

"Ceci, check your damned email. I'll wait while you do," she stated.

"Hold on," I said as I opened it up and saw one from her. It had a link to an article from CNN.

"You want me to look at a news story?" I inquired.

"Charles, don't be a shit, just open it!" she replied.

"Whatever!" I was in no mood for this right now.

The link took a few seconds to load, then the main headline jumped out at me.

"Kate Bosworth arrested in Kentucky on multiple charges. Details will be disclosed as soon as they become available."

Chapter 44- Jonathon

When I woke, I my nads were still throbbing, but at least it was a fair bit less. I had to piss something fierce, so that was priority one.

Just walking aggravated it, but no where near how I'd felt earlier. Thank fuck, the nausea was gone! I'd come so close to hurling in front of Charlie, it wasn't even funny. And that would just be too bloody embarrassing, no matter what the cause.

As I emptied out my bladder, it stirred a quick memory of the sensations deep inside me that Zeke had caused. I so wanted that from Charlie, but I couldn't insist that he allow me to do it to him as well. Not after what Zeke had told me.

My mouth tasted vile, and I'd have none of that around my Charlie. Not if I could absolutely avoid it. A decent brushing of the teeth was a necessity.

After I did a quick wash of my face and pits, I did a check of my watch. In just a few minutes it would be forty-eight hours since we'd met. I didn't care if there was a thousand people in that sodding lobby, I was going to be with my Charlie for a two day anniversary!

The robe was still there and I slipped it on. There was that light on the phone was blinking at me again. No way in fuck did I even want to know why... not after the last time!

I was nearly out the door when I thought of the coffee mug he'd given me that night. I'd noticed it near the sink in the loo.

Even though it appeared to be clean, I gave it a quick rinse under the tap. I had to laugh when I saw that the outside of it was a near match to the characters on my favourite boxers.

I'll admit that I have that mug to this very day. And the only thing allowed in it is that same brand of hot cocoa mix. It's very much cherished, to be fully honest about it.

What happened after I got to the lobby, you've already heard from Charlie. I will tell you that as I teased him and fondled him, I paid a price as my wood wanted attention as badly as his did!

He seemed well pissed when his beeper went off. It was Gem, so he called her.

A few minutes later, he motioned for me to join him. He seemed agitated by something.

"Isn't this your girlfriend?" he asked as I stepped behind the counter. He was pointing to a computer screen.

"No! That's my `ex-girlfriend'!" I protested, while reading the scant information. Bloody hell, what had she done?

"Charlie, is there anyway to find out more information than what that sodding screen says?" I asked, feeling guilty somehow regardless of the mahem she had caused earlier.

"It's nearly four in the morning, baby. I have some contacts, but they'd be asleep at this hour," he stated.

"Fuck!" I was feeling pretty exasperated. "I know she's messed up, the drugs and drinking she does. But... she's never managed to get her arse arrested before."

He pulled me to him and gently rubbed my back, "as soon as I'm done with work later, I promise to make some calls, Jonathon."

I put my arms around him, feeling somehow better for me holding him like that. "It's you I love, my Charlie. It's her that I used to love. But that's been a fair bit of time really. I just can't shake feeling responsible for her still," I explained.

"Baby, no one person can be held responsible for the actions of another," he said.

"I know, but still..." I protested. He interrupted me by placing his mouth gently to mine, his tongue tracing my lips. Aw, sod it all! My worrying on her could wait, this was much more important right then.

We both kept our embrace as moderate as possible. Still, far too soon, I could feel we were both sporting tents and my poor bollocks began to ache badly once more.

It was Charlie could tell that the agony was starting again for me, so he put a stop to it. Bloody hell, it was really getting to me to have to stop so often! We contented ourselves with just smiling into the others eyes for a few moments.

It was a nice change that we were stopped when the phone rang. If it had been about a minute sooner, it would have been interrupting us as it had so many times in the past few days. Sure, this sounds petty, but for fucks sake, can't a guy get in a good snog once in a while?

Charlie only spoke for a couple of minutes before he hung up, "that was Zeke, he and Russell are going to be here shortly. Seems to have something to do with Kate."

I was stunned. "Other than patching me up, what would either of them have to do with her?" I inquired.

"Russell Collins is a local judge. I'm not sure, but he may have had to do what we call an `arraignment' here."

"We call it the very same, love. Christ, I'm wondering what it's all about!" I stated.

"Baby, I don't want to sound like a prude or something, but you might want to pull on some clothes first. He is a judge," Charlie said with a smirk.

I had to laugh, "good point. Would you mind giving me a lil help though?"

"Of course I will," he replied. "Let me brew a fresh pot of decent coffee first. I think we all may need it," he said.

Ten minutes later, I was fully dressed again. But I stopped Charlie before we left my room, "I hope you know, I do love you."

He grinned, "yes, I know that, baby. And I hope you know that I do love you too."

I nodded with a smile and we shared a quick kiss before returning to the lobby. We'd only been there a few minutes when Zeke and Russell arrived. It was nice to have good timing once in a while.

Russell wasn't at all what I'd expected. He was our height, but a huge man and very dark skinned. That's not to say he was fat, just extremely well built.

They made an odd couple to look at them. Zeke was wearing what seemed to be the same clothes as he'd had on earlier. Russell was dressed in what had to be an expensive tailored suit. With his build, it would have to have been made special for him.

Neither of them looked to have slept much, if at all. Their eye were a bit bloodshot and even with the posh suit, Russell looked rumpled.

Introductions were made, his voice was soft, but commanding. I'd guess that helped him in his line of work. His grip was a match for his voice, you knew there was a lot of power behind it.

Charlie played host, as befitted the situation. We sat on sofas that faced each other. Me and Charlie on one, and Zeke and Russell across from us.

"You know, Orlando... um, sorry, I mean Jonathon," Russell stammered.

I was sure he rarely did that. The same for him looking a bit uncomfortable.

"You're quite handsome in person," he added. "Not that you aren't in your movies." he was quick to explain.

"Thank you, I appreciate the compliment," I replied. Inwardly I let out a loud moan at the words I'd heard too often.

"You're welcome," he said, then a serious expression came over him. It's what I would have to call his `judge' demeanor.

"It's come to my attention that you're aquainted with a Kate Bosworth, is that correct?" he asked.

Now it was my turn to feel awkward, "yes, she and I were a couple for the past three years or so."

"I see," he said, rubbing his chin, "you used the word `were'?"

"Yes, I left her approximately three days ago and came here. We'd had what I would like to think of as our final disagreement at the time. I really don't care to ever see her again if it can be at all helped," I stated.

A small smile crossed his face, "yes, Zeke informed me of some of her earlier actions here. As well as the doctoring he had to administer."

I found myself blushing deeply, wondering if Zeke had confided all of his actions to Russell, or just my bollocks and face. Giving Zeke a quick glance, he gave a slight shake of his head. That quickly eased my embarrassment.

"I'm very grateful to him as I wasn't in too good of shape when he arrived," I said.

"Well, one of the reasons that we're here is to ask if you'd care to press charges against Ms. Bosworth. It's not a necessity as she's already facing several already," Russell stated.

Anxiety began to build deep inside me on hearing that. Bloody hell, I was trying not to care, but I still did.

"I'm guessing you'd like to hear what happened after she left you earlier," Russell asked.

"Yes, please," I replied, with a growing sense of dread inside.

He sat back and took a more casual posture. It was then I noticed bandages on the back of his left hand. Against his dark skin, they were quite evident.

When he saw my stare he gave me an ironic look, "yes, but she didn't scratch me, she bit me."

"I'm truly sorry, Russell, she's become uncontrollable these days. I barely know the person she is now," I said.

"Appologies from you aren't necessary, Jonathon. She's well past an age where anyone but herself can be held to blame."

He took a long sip of the coffee Charlie had set down for him, then he began, "I was with some friends at a small bar not far from here. The chief of police, the mayor, and a few others. In my position, it's helped to have their friendship. It may be the twenty-first century, but there's still racism. I've had this same group of friends since my school days. That should give an idea that we've been close for a number of years."

After a pause and another sip, he continued, "we were sitting there having a few drinks and talking quietly. There's a group of five of us that do this meeting on a weekly basis. We rarely talk about our jobs, as it's more a social meeting than anything."

"Then Ms. Bosworth made her entrance. It was obvious that she was under the influence of something or other just by her unsteady walk. She went up to the bar and ordered herself a `Long Island Tea', I believe it's called. That's what the bartender said it was after. She polished it off in record time and demanded another. The bartender didn't want a problem with liability, so he refused her."

"Oh, shite! Kate has little patience when the word `no' is told her," I interjected.

Russell let out a hearty laugh, "that, Jonathon, is quite an understatement. As soon as he'd said no and refused to serve her another, she ripped into him with one of the foulest mouths I've ever heard. And I've heard some bad ones."

"Yes, I'm afraid that's due to my influence," I said.

He gave me a stern look, "I don't doubt that you're capable of some rough language, but you need to stop giving yourself blame or credit for other people's actions, is that clear?"

His tone of voice was very powerful. I felt myself properly chastised as I replied with a meek, "yes, sir."

"Good!" he paused a minute while Charlie made him another cup of coffee. "She could bare stand, much less walk, when she came over to our table. She was insisting that one of us buy a `lady' a drink. We just did our best to ignore her. `Tell you what, you buy me a drink and I'll give you some of this,' she said to us as she freed her breasts for all to see."

"Oh, fuck, she didn't do that again!" I blurted out.

Russell just nodded, "we tried to ignore her on that, hoping she'd just leave. But, I'm sorry to say, that didn't work. She started with her foul mouth again and insulted everyone sitting here. I'm also sorry that I tend to lose it when anyone calls me a `nigger'."

My heart went out to him. "I'm so sorry..." I stopped myself when that stern look of his appeared again.

"I tried to restrain her, or at least get her to cover herself some. My friends quickly stood up to help and that's when it all broke lose. The mayor got a sample of her knee, much the same as you did. The chief of police was slapped and scratched. I was bitten, and our other two friends managed to escape unharmed."

"She's in some deep shite then," I said.

He nodded. "yes, just for what she did there. It was later discovered that between her person and her luggage, she had a considerable amount of cocaine."

I was beginning to feel nauseous. But I had to ask, "all told, how much time is she looking at?"

Russell hesitated then answered, "it depends on several things: such as what her lawyer may manage to get a jury to agree to. With all the charges added up, I'd have to guess a minimum of five years. It could be more or less, it's hard to predict really."

It all hit me nearly like another blow to my nads, Christ! She'd messed up plenty of times before but had managed a way round it. My stomach began to contract.

"Charlie, help me to a loo, and fast!" I said, trying to stand too quickly.

I retched and retched over the toilet, but we hadn't eaten much recently so very little came up. My Charlie wasn't bothered by it in the least. He stood there and held me after and helped me clean myself up some.

Tears began to fall. I felt such a loss right then. For a while she had been `my Kate', then it had all gone to shite. That person was gone and even if she did a rehab, I'd never want her back again. The one bright spot in it all was Charlie.

I wanted to help her, just one last time. All I could do was hope he'd understand.

    (To be continued?)

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