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My Elizabethtown

Chapter 45- Charlie

My heart went out to him. Even for what Kate had done to Jonathon, it was clear he still had some feelings. They didn't seem a threat to what he and I had, but he was concerned about her.

If I'd been able to put myself in his position, I was sure I'd react the same way, or at least similar. It was all part of what made him the man I loved. Any different than that, would mean a major difference in that special part of him way deep inside.

I mostly kept quiet while he talked with Russell. The whole thing was mind boggling really. But this wasn't LA, it was a smaller town in the south. Even if she managed a team of high-priced lawyers, she'd still have a bare minimum of time to serve.

It wasn't until Jonathon took ill that I'd remembered we hadn't eaten in quite some time. We'd have to wait until he was calmer to even think food really.

In such a short time, we'd managed to see each other through several ordeals. If a score could have been kept, I'm not sure which of us leaned on the other more. But it was done freely and without a thought as to who helped the other more.

I could only hope that as time passed, we'd stay that way- both supporting the other as we needed it. There was no doubt we'd still face challenges ahead, life seemed filled with them for most average people and there was no reason for us to be spared.

Holding him tightly while he cried his heart out for his loss made me love that man even more. Although that didn't seem possible, my heart told me it was true. My whole life had been so empty that now, with Jonathon in my life, I felt as though it were over flowing. All I could do was hope and give a silent prayer that it would always continue.

Once he was done, I went and brought him a guest pack so he could wash up and brush his teeth. I left him do that in private while going back to the lobby. Zeke and Russell both raised their eyebrows.

"Charlie, will he be okay,?" Zeke asked.

"Yes, I think so. It doesn't help that with one ordeal after another we haven't eaten in hours," I replied.

"Just how many hours, Charlie?" he asked with a stern look.

The math brought it to somewhere past twelve. Zeke had a thing for people eating right, he always said `a man with a empty belly just can't be right in the head'. He'd gone on to explain that it had a very adverse effect on thinking clearly and could reduce a person's emotional stability as well.

Only a few weeks before I'd left Martin, I'd starting paying some attention to that. It may not seem like it would help all that much, but I think it helped give me what I needed that day I walked away from him.

Later, I found out a lot of family and friends had been praying for me as well. You can decide on which helped me more.

The important thing was that I'd done it and gone on with my life. One that now included a very loving man.

My brief reflection was quickly interrupted by Zeke. He was giving me such a look.

"I'm waiting for an answer on that, Charlie," he stated.

"Well, with all that happened... I'd have to guess somewhere in the area of twelve hours ago," I replied. His frown worsened.

"Could even be fourteen, I'm not sure, really," I added, nearly wanting to run and hide.

His eyes went wide and Russell quickly stood, "I'm going to the Waffle House as I think we all could use something. Zeke, call in an order for four hungry men and I'll be back soon."

"Thanks, but I don't know if Jonathon will feel much like eating. I shouldn't mention that he was emptying out what little he had left just now," I protested.

They both looked at each other and shook their heads, then Russell headed out the door. "Charlie, are we going to have to adopt you two?" Zeke asked.

"Why would you think of such a thing?" Jonathon asked as he slowly walked back into the lobby. He was still fairly pale, but looked little better at least.

"Because this character here doesn't feed you like he should," Zeke explained.

Jonathon gave a quick laugh, "Zeke, this man has fed me more in the past few days than most people manage with me in a week."

"Never mind, Zeke, I'll order on my way there," Russell said, then left.

"You're both too skinny, if you ask me," he responded.

Jonathon and I looked first at him, then at each other, then at him again. "Pot calling the kettle black, Zeke?" I teased. Jonathon and I both laughed to the point of tears as he grew more and more indignant.

This was something I had pointed out to Zeke many times in the past. And the result was still the same expression on his face. "Smart ass! You know I eat more in one day than Russell can eat in two," he retorted.

I'd never been around Russell before so I had no way to guess at his eating habits. I had, however, been taken to lunch a few times by Zeke. The best I could remember was a waitress with shocked expression as he ordered more than I'd eat in several days back then. Two lunch specials with a few appetizers added in, and multiple desserts. The waitress was kept busy but he was more than decent in his manner with her, as well as the amount he tipped.

"I'm going to apologize ahead of time, but I'm afraid that food is the last thing I'd want right now," Jonathon protested.

Zeke pulled out his medical bag from beside the couch. I hadn't even noticed he'd brought it in with him.

He smiled gently at Jonathon, "I had a feeling you may need a bit of something to calm you after all you'd been through." He pulled out a small bottle and a syringe.

I saw beads of sweat break out on Jonathon's forehead. "I... I... really have a bad time of it with needles of any sort," he said, seeming as though he were confessing to bedwetting.

"Okay, I can think of a way that you won't notice so much. Kiss Charlie, and while you do, I'll give you a slight pinch, then the needle," he suggested.

"Baby, if that shot will help you some, I'm all for it," I stated. Not to mention it would mean another kiss. Hey, I'd carry a syringe around if it meant I'd get any extra. Not that I'd ever need it, I'd been getting plenty really. Even with all the interruptions we`d had.

I gave him my hand and pulled him to me in a tight embrace. Zeke nodded his head and I smiled into Jonathon's eyes. A quick nip to his chin preceded our lips touching. He flinched and I had to guess it was the pinch Zeke gave him. He stayed tense for several minutes, as I tried to distract him with the kiss.

He finally broke away from me. "Bloody hell, if you're going to stick that sodding thing in me, do it!" he nearly shouted.

Zeke stood there with a slight grin, "I lied to you, but it worked."

Jonathon and I both stood there puzzled. "There was no pinch, just a quick shot," Zeke explained.

Jonathon just rolled his eyes, "you could have said so at the start."

"No, not with the expression you had when you took one look at the needle. We doctors learn what tricks we can over the years. I've found this simple lie about a pinch to work the best," he replied with almost a smirk on his face.

"You're a devious sod!" Jonathon exclaimed, but had a slight grin forming.

"No, a devious `sod' as you put it, would have taken pictures of the damages that hellcat gave you earlier. I'm sure they would have been worth something somewhere," he retorted.

"As shrivelled as my bits were at the time, my reputation as a sex symbol would have been permanently tarnished. I'd have had to elevate you to a `wanker extraordinaire' then!" Jonathon shot back.

"I'm not sure what that is, but I'm thinking it's not too nice," Zeke said.

"No, at least not if you're just a wanker. I added that `extraordinaire' to it out of respect for you as a doctor," he replied with a grin.

"I thank you for that, as usually I don't get no respect from other people present," Zeke said with a wink.

Just as I was about to complain, Russell returned with what looked to be enough food for ourselves and all the guests staying there. Okay, that's a bit exaggerated, but he had two large bags full to the top as he made his way too a grouping of chairs that had a large table at its center.

"I see enough for Zeke, but what will we eat?" I asked with a grin.

"No, this is for us, there's a fleet of trucks bringing in Zeke's food," Russell replied.

"Ha ha ha, you think you're such a comedian, `your honor'... don't go quiting your day job, you'd never survive in the real world of work," Zeke teased back.

"Maybe I should have Mrs. Parnell's case tried before me," he threatened. There was a few minutes of silence as the food was unpacked and set out.

They did a mock glare between them. Something told me this was pretty common place. Jonathon and I both were curious as we waited for them to say more.

"Who is Mrs. Parnell?" we both asked at the same time.

Zeke nearly glared at Russell, then looked as deadpan as was possible for him, "she's an elderly woman of about eighty-seven who came to me with a bunion on her foot close to the size of Russell's Lincoln. After I removed it, she decided that she should have been able to finally dance again. But since it hadn't healed, not to mention she has bad hips, she took a nasty fall at our Fourth of July celebration. She's suing me on it for an amount that I refuse to even talk about."

"Sounds like you have crazies here in the States like we do in the UK," Jonathon said.

"Oh, yeah... and with way more people to start with, we have way more crazies than you," he replied.

"Okay, enough of the chitter chatter, I want to see all of you eating. One peep out of you and I'll set a bail on that woman," Russell warned.

I was stunned. We'd never had anyone in my memory that hadn't been granted some amount of bail. Guess there's always a first time for everything.

He noticed the look on my face and Jonathon's too, "you can't attack the mayor as well as members of the legal community and expect bail. The cocaine made it fully impossible."

We nodded as we selected from a buffet of food set before us. Jonathon reached for one of the containers and Zeke slapped at his hand, "unless you're prepared for an instant ulcer, you'll leave that alone."

Russell grinned, "that's a special scrambled egg dish that they make just for me. It has several jalapeno peppers in it. Zeke wonders that I have a stomach left, much less an ulcer."

We all got a good chuckle out of it then set about eating our full. While the three of us ate a decent amount, Jonathon couldn't help but stare as Zeke virtually demolished anything that was left.

"Bloody hell, you feeding an alien species hiding inside you?" Jonathon asked, with a smirk on his face.

"As a matter of fact, I am. They consider Brit's to be a delicacy, but they do have an aversion to younger ones with a smart mouth to their doctors." he retorted.

Jonathon put on his innocent look then pulled me to him tightly, "Save me, Charlie, I'm going to be eaten by aliens posing as a doctor!"

I arched my eyebrows, "if anyone, or anything is going to eat you, baby, it's going to be me. And you'll love every bite and nibble!"

Russell and Zeke both starting laughing as Jonathon turned a nice shade of red. "Just you wait, my Charlie, I will get even!"

I couldn't help but give him my sweetest grin, "baby, I'm counting on it!"

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