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My Elizabethtown

Chapter Forty-Six - Jonathon

I hated to still have feelings for her, but it was more a sympathy really. Any love we'd once had was dead as fuck! Looking back on it, there hadn't been a glimmer of it in a long time. If not for her blackmail on me, I would have quit it all, fame and money wasn't worth what she'd put me through.

As soon as Charlie left me to clean up, I made a call to the coast. My attorney wasn't yet asleep and he heard me give him an accounting of what had transpired here in the past several hours. He was well paid and assured me that he'd obtain a good team of lawyers for her. Also, he was taking care of moving any of my belongings from the home we shared. That included my faithful dog, Sidi.

He has all the contacts needed to do that, even though it was nearly two in the morning his time. Movers, pet sitters, whatever was needed around the clock, it was available in Hollywood.

Couples there didn't pay any attention to what time of the night or day they split up. Similarly, if a couple decided to move in together, enough money could have it down at any time. It was worse than freakin Vegas for being a twenty-four hour town.

Bloody hell, I hoped that Charlie liked dogs okay. There wasn't even so much as a budgie for a pet. What if he was one of those sorts that hated animals or just couldn't be put through the bother of one? I'd definitely have to ask him on that. Not that I'd love him any less, but he was important to me.

I finished up, giving my teeth a double brushing and a very thorough rinsing. A look in the mirror reflected back that things hadn't been so well for me the past several hours. A lil rest and a day or so and I should be okay again. As it was I considered myself a bit of a fright.

Squaring my shoulders, I went back out to finish the chat about Kate. There wasn't a lot more to hear really.

Russell and Zeke both ganged up against me and Charlie. I knew they were right, you have to eat to keep sane really. And for the way the past few days had been, Charlie and I both had to be getting close to some edge.

Zeke tricked me into a shot, which at first I didn't think did me much of any good. But after a few minutes had passed, I did start to feel less stressed. It wasn't too noticeable to others, but I appreciated the relief it brought me.

I silently swore vengeance on Charlie for making me turn a thousand shade of red. It wouldn't be anything too severe, but he'd know it when it happened. Hey, I may be a nice person, but I'm capable of revenge when it's called for.

My bollocks still hurt some, but didn't seem nearly as bad as earlier. I even helped Charlie clean up after we finished our meal. He and I both tried to give Russell some money for the food, but he was a stubborn sod about it.

"Your meals were a pittance compared to what it costs to feed those aliens," he said and gently patted Zeke on the tummy.

"Damn straight!" Zeke stated with a grin.

"Watch your mouth, honey. There better only be one thing straight about you," Russell shot back.

It felt bloody good to see someone else turn red for a change. I'd had more than my share of it the past few days, and would gladly pass that torch to Zeke if I could.

"You know... yours is way straighter than mine!" Zeke replied.

I didn't think it possible to see a blush show on such a refined looking man, much less one as dark as he was. But, sure enough, a reddish tinge appeared on his face.

It must have been out of respect for the man that Charlie tried to stifle his laughter, which I also tried to do. Zeke wasn't so inclined, and soon had all of us laughing, Russell included.

"Behave, all of you! Or I'll have you locked up for judge abuse," he said with a grin.

"C'mon, Russie, let Charlie get back to work, and Jonathon do whatever he will to keep him awake. I'll abuse you when we get home," Zeke said with a grin.

"Humph, we'll see who gets the couch at this rate," Russell replied.

"Yeah, sure... if you say so, brown sugah."

"Brown sugah, my ass," Russell said with a slight smile.

"Damn, and I thought it was my turn," Zeke said with a wink at us both.

Memories of earlier with him came back to me and a I fought back a blush of my own. I was surprised when Russell gently pushed Zeke out of the way to give me a hug. "If you ever need either of us, call the numbers on the card Zeke gave you earlier. We're here for you both," he whispered to me.

"Thank you, and I may hold you to that at some point," I said.

He pulled back and nodded, "I got a hug from a major star just now, what I've offered is a small price to pay."

I gave Charlie a quick wink, then planted a close mouth kiss on the surprised man.

"Can I trade Zeke for either of you?" he teased.

"No, I think you both make a perfect couple. I'd hate to see that change," I replied.

"Thanks, Jonathon... I'm perfect, poor Russell has a difficult time of that," Zeke said.

I nearly fell over laughing as Russell actually grabbed him by the ear and started for the door with him, "say goodnight to these young men, Zeke."

"Ouch, you mean bitch, let go!" he exclaimed, while giving us a big grin.

"Goodnight gentlemen," Russell said as he opened the door.

"Take care, Charlie... Jonathon..." Zeke managed to say as he was gently dragged outside and to the car.

Charlie and I just looked at each other and grinned. I'd known gay people before, after all I was in the movie business. But this was so different from that. I was no longer on the outside looking in. It made me feel that I belonged really.

"Do you think we'll ever be like that, Charlie?" I asked.

"Well, actually no, baby," he replied.


"Well one of us would have to have a growth spurt and a weight loss, and the other would have to pack on at least forty pounds and get an incredibly dark tan," he said with a wink.

Bloody hell, he'd pay this time for sure! I reached for his ear with a sly grin on my face. He gently grabbed my hand and kissed it.

"Baby, I'd like more but at any minute the early morning risers are going to start showing up for their coffee and muffins and whatever else they can manage. I haven't even got it set up yet," he stated with a trace of regret on his face.

"Love, I'm not an invalid. I haven't any issue with lending you a hand to get it ready," I replied.

He gave me a grateful look, then sent me into the storage room behind. As he called them out to me, I found and brought out the supplies. It was a bit of fun to know I was helping him and in no time we had it ready.

"Charlie, did you see this in here?" I asked him from just inside the room.

"What?" he asked as he entered.

I quickly pulled him to me and smiled into his eyes, "I love you, my Charlie."

"And I love you, baby," he replied.

We only took time for a very short kiss. But that was what I'd have to see me through until he was finished work. It was the first time that I'd noticed how my lips were beginning to hurt. I was reminded of the need for moisturizer when filming in the desert so often.

At the rate we were kissing, our lips would soon be in much worse shape than what the dry dessert heat could do to them. We'd have to get some serious lip balm.

"Charlie... I have something important to ask," I said. Inwardly I was a lil worried on his answer.

"Yes, baby?"

"Um, I noticed you don't have any sort of pets around the house. And, well... I have a dog I'm pretty attached to."

"How big and how attached?" he asked, his face looking worried.

My heart sank, I just knew something would be messed up even more.

"Sidi is a black Labrador, I rescued him while shooting a movie last year. And, well... he's like a close family member to me," I said in almost a whisper.

He gave me a broad smile, putting my fears to rest. "It's the tiny ones I can't stand. The ones that people treat like tiny children," he explained.

"Well, Sidi is badly spoilt. But he's more like an older child really," I stated.

He gave me a big hug. "I'm sure I'll love him too, baby. Just as I truly love you," he said.

"Charlie, you're the best! And, I love you too!"

"Do you call this muck coffee?" a voice boomed from just the other side of the door.

"The cretins are calling," Charlie stated with a grin.

"They can wait another moment or two," I replied as I pulled him to me for another kiss.

I apologize that this chapter was rather short, I promise that it won't happen often. Thank you for reading!

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