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My Elizabethtown

Chapter Forty-Eight


As much as I hated to leave his side, I knew he had work to do. I tried concentrating on the script but that didn't do me much bloody good at all. What I needed was help with it.

Hah, I could just sneak down to the lobby and wait for Charlie not to be busy. I was being a stupid sod! He was working and I'd just have to sit and stare at the clock. Sounds terribly boring, doesn't it?

There had to be something to take up the time. It was always a last resort for my boredom, but I turned on the telly. I found some old black and white movie with an actor in it named Errol Flynn.

The name sounded familiar, then I remembered. He was the bloke from ages back that the press compared me to. Sure, I'd watched myself in action on the movie screens, but I felt that the man I was watching from countless decades back was far better a swordsman than I'd ever be.

One thing I'd always tried for was humility. Many of the classic older actors I'd worked with had maintained theirs and it seemed the right thing to do for me. Besides, Hollywood already had enough actors filled with conceit to last another millennium. I didn't need to add to that.

With my nads feeling better, I stood and did my best to parody the moves I saw him do from so long ago. The man was excellent. I was ashamed as fuck that I'd never studied his form prior to this.

He almost made it seem like a dance. Hadn't someone tried to explain it that way to me before? If they had, it didn't sink in through my thick skull. But watching him now, it finally did.

I have to admit I didn't much care for his acting, but his moves with a sword were ace! That's what I was most fascinated by. I'd have to get movies of his to work from, with enough practice, maybe I could pick up his style. I wouldn't kid myself that I'd ever look nearly that fantastic at it, but I'd bloody well try!

At least he was easy on the eyes too. Not that he held up when compared to my Charlie, but I could see myself attracted to a man like Flynn had been. I'd have to make a note to check into his background. I wasn't even sure if he was still alive or not to be honest.

This Elizabethtown movie coming up was going to be a bit odd for me. I'd rarely done much without a sword or period costumes. Sometimes I just needed a lil break from all that action. With any luck, I'd still have some energy left over for time with Charlie after a busy day of filming.

Bloody hell, I hoped he'd take that job as my PA. Some were hired on just for an individual movie by the studios. And others were hired by an actor to pretty much be with them full time.

It wasn't glamorous in the least, but it was a way for us to be together without raising up an eyebrow with people. We'd have to be careful as fuck, but I think we could manage it. If Charlie didn't accept the job, we'd have a bad time of it with being apart so much.

That was something tore a huge amount of couples apart really. I was forever in New Zealand it seemed. Not that it isn't a lovely country with great people, but it wasn't home. I hadn't had a sense of home really since I'd been sixteen or so.

That's when I'd gone off to London. I'd lost that sense of home before that, I just can't say when. But being with Charlie, I had that feeling back again. Odd as that may seem, being in a foreign country and all.

I even wondered what spells or prayers may help to make that come true. Him and me staying together after the film was done. Sure, I'd love him even if we were to be apart, but I'd much rather have him with me.

Charlie rang, saying he was bringing Carol down for a bit of a talk. Blood hell, what was he thinking?

I grabbed my jeans and carefully put them on again, then a simple shirt. Shoes and socks could be skipped for a nice change. Usually I had a pair of sandals along, but they weren't part of the few items I'd packed. Figures that I'd forgot to buy some during that trip to the shops.

The talk with Carol went better than I expected. Charlie was right in saying that she'd have soon found out who I really was. But my worry was that she was one more person who knew about us and how we felt for each other.

It wasn't that I didn't trust her, but I knew the rules for secrets- the more people there were that knew one, the more that chance for it to end up not a secret.

Charlie pointed out how long they'd been gone, so they returned to work. I'd have to put that worry out of my head. If I wanted Charlie in my life, I'd have to risk that discovery every moment. I didn't want that found out really, but loving him meant way more to me.

I didn't know if Charlie was planning on coming to my room, or if I was supposed to meet him in the lobby again. We'd forgotten to talk on that somehow. If I stayed in my room, he'd have to figure that out for himself easily enough.

Aw, bloody hell! We couldn't go home right away, I had those packages being delivered at some time. I dug out the papers to it all, it said that the delivery would take place between nine and five. Fuck, I didn't want to wait here all day for it!

There was a quick knock on the door. "Room service," came a gruff voice.

I hadn't ordered anything. Why in bloody hell would they be at my door?

Unexpected people at my door could mean most anything. Too often, I'd be tracked by some fool paparazzi. At least the door here had one of those peephole things in it.

When I tried to look through it, something was covering it. That was all it took for me to start worrying some. This was way too suspicious for me to open it, so I went for the phone.

I rang the front desk and waited, at the same time I could hear the door handle being tried. Dropping the phone, I raced to the door to put the safety chain on it, but I was too slow as it opened.

"Sorry, baby, didn't mean to scare you," Charlie said as he stepped into the room and saw the panic on my face.

"Christ, Charlie, don't do that to me ever again!" I nearly exploded.

I quickly calmed. He didn't realize yet what I went through most every day.

"Jonathon, I'm truly sorry. I promise it won't happen again," he said, looking very contrite.

"Charlie, it wasn't you coming into the room I had a problem with. It was the knock, the voice, then looking out the peeping thing and not being able to see that startled me. I've dealt with some hellish shite in the last few years, even at my own house," I explained.

"I was just trying to be cute, baby, that's all," he stated.

"No need for that, my Charlie. You're far too handsome to try for cute," I replied.

"You're the one with the movie star status, baby... not me."

"Was sheer luck was all, but maybe my looks did help me a lil," I refuted. "You're way better looking than I am."

"Jonathon, we could keep going with this for hours. But, right now I'd like to get home, showered and a bit of sleep before classes today."

"A fast shower alone, or could we take a nice slow one together?" I asked, wigging my eyebrows.

"Well... I suppose we could take the time for a slow one," he said with a grin.

I grinned back, "then while we're in there we could..."

A shrill whistle sounded from the phone. It was still on the floor where I'd dropped it. Fuck, someone had been listening!

"Hello?" I said into it.

"Jonathon, I've had some mediocre obscene phone calls before, but this one gets five stars!" Carol said from the other end.

Bloody hell, I was embarrassed! I could feel the fire as it raced to my face. Aw, shite!

"Carol... I'm so sorry, I didn't mean for this to happen," I stammered.

"Honey, don`t be. You just gave me fantasies for a month!" she quipped.

If it were possible to go even redder, then I did just that, "um, I hope you won't think any less of me for this."

She laughed, "no, but I'll bet I have some terrific dreams for a while."

I paused, "well, I guess that's okay. I doubt Charlie will be jealous much of that."

He raised a brow when I said that, and I just grinned.

"Carol, I have a small favour to ask of you," I said.

"Honey, I'm a married woman, but for you, I'll make an exception," she replied.

She made me blush again while Charlie just watched me with a puzzled expression. "I have a few packages are going to be delivered sometime before five. But I really don't want to have to wait around for them," I explained.

"I believe they just came in with some things for you just this minute, do you want me to keep them in the office or send them down to your room with them?"

Fucking fantastic! I could give Charlie the few items I picked up for him.

"Um, please direct them to my room. That way you don't have any inconvenience from it all," I replied.

"Sure thing, honey," she said, then I could hear her giving them instructions.

"They should be there in a few... I need to get back to work here, I'll see you two later."

"Thanks, Carol, I owe you one," I said, then I hung up the phone.

"Charlie, we're about to have a lil delivery," I explained as I rushed to toss on a hat and glasses. It wasn't much of a disguise but as I shut off the brighter lights in the room, I could only hope it worked.

I opened the door and let two older men into the room. They'd used two of the luggage trolleys from the lobby to bring it. Charlie just stood there and shook his head as they took hanging items and placed them in the closet.

The countless boxes were set on the shelf above and on the floor. There were a few too many for the closet and I pointed to the bed when they asked.

After I signed for it all, I realized they'd expect a tip and reached into my wallet. There really wasn't anything less than fifties in it, so I gave one each to them. They thanked me and left with the empty trolleys.

"Baby, I know you make a lot of money with movies, but did you try to spend it all yesterday?" he asked with a big grin.

"Charlie, to be honest with you, I was just trying to replace what I'd left behind in LA. Other than a lot of t-shirts, I don't have a huge amount of clothes. I can't be arsed with shopping most times. Yesterday was more of an emergency really. Love, you don't own enough clothes to keep us both going... not without doing up the laundry way too often. I'd rather we have time free of that to do `other' things," I said with a lecherous look.

"You wouldn't be inferring that you'd take advantage of a poor southern boy, now would you?" he asked, with an innocent look.

"I'm more than willing, as long as you'll take equal advantage of me, a simple Englishman lost in this vast country of yours," I replied with a wink.

"Baby, I can guarantee you that I will," he stated, returning my wink.

It was then that I thought to show Charlie the gifts I'd bought him. The leather was the easiest to find as they were both in special bag.

He just stood and watched as I removed them. "One for each of us, love. They were on a special sale," I explained.

For a brief moment, a sad expression crossed his face, then he forced a smile, "thank you baby, it's beautiful."

I held it out to him, "do try it on, I'm hoping I got your size right."

He put his on as I did mine. I motioned him over to the mirror so he could see how we looked in something that matched. We were pretty spectacular really, even if I do say so myself.

"Baby, I know you can easily afford things that are way beyond me. But I don't want you doing anything like this again. For my birthday or Christmas, I don't need much really. A card and time together will be more than enough to make me happy."

I could have kicked myself with both feet right then. Bloody fucking hell! Would I dare to try and give him that other present now?

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