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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 5 - Charlie

    Quickly, I pulled myself together and went to answer the phone. As soon as I saw the room it was from, I felt butterflies in my stomach.

    Somehow I seemed to know ahead of time what he’d ask for. And I was right.

    Damn, my hands were all sweaty as I reached his door. Quickly, I wiped them on my pants, then knocked.

    He answered in just a towel. I almost told him about the complimentary robes in the closet, but I liked what I was seeing too much.

    My breath caught as I eyed the wet spots on the towel. I could tell exactly what they were. This man was sure giving me a show, even though the tent wasn’t so large this time. I felt a stirring in my groin again. Somehow I had to stop this.

    As soon as I raised my gaze back to his face, my mind instantly imagined his lips and a slow kiss.

    My mouth opened and began to work on its own. What the hell was the matter with me?

    I could feel a growing in my pants. The jolt I felt when I reached for his keys didn’t help.

    Making myself think about studying helped me get it under control while I went to his car. At least the rain had stopped finally.

    When I saw the hat and glasses on top of his bag, I had to shake my head. They looked so typical of what I imagined a Hollywood person to wear. For some reason, that saddened me somewhat.

    It was just a guess that he’d want them too, so I took them and the bag from the car. My mind quickly returned to it’s playful state when I saw him still standing in the doorway in just that towel.

    As much as I liked the view, I had to give him a robe. It was hopefully a way to keep myself in control there.

    After a few more words, I resolved to stop this before it went too far. I’d had enough hurt from lovers. It’s why I’d been nearly celibate for the past five years. In fact it had been over a year since I even bothered.

    I didn’t want a man in my life! I didn’t need a man in my life! Hell, he probably picks up a new guy every week! Five a week, I’d bet on it!

    Then he turned those soft brown eyes on mine. All I could do was stare back. As I did, something deep inside me started to let go.

    I felt it crumble more when he took my hand in his. Before I could stop it, our lips touched. It was so gentle, yet my blood began to boil.

    Just as our tongues lightly touched, my beeper went off. As much as my body and soul wanted this to go farther, I had to go.

    He pulled back first. The expression on his face told me volumes. It was so tender and caring. I wasn’t one more notch on his belt of conquests, this was something much more.

    I leaned my head until our foreheads touched. “Duty calls.”

    “Will you have breakfast with me when you finish your shift?” He said in almost a whisper.

    I only hesitated for a second before I said yes. Something was awake inside that I hadn’t felt in a long time. There was no way to stop this.

    “I’m going to be selfish.” He raised a single brow waiting for me to finish.

    “We’ll have breakfast at my place. We need to have a long talk about this.”

    “Yes, I agree. I’ll be in the lobby by eight.”

    I gave him a quick peck on his nose. “I’ll see you then.”

    At that I gave his hand a quick squeeze and went back to work.

    It was already six, only two hours to go. Luckily it gets busy at that time of the day. Guests checking out or coming to the lobby for our free mini-breakfasts.

    Just as it was getting crazy, Carol showed up early, it was seven-thirty. She was just the day clerk, but we’d been buddies for the six years I’d been there. It was more like a big sister- little brother thing, but it worked for us.

    She was ten years older, but could party with the best of them. She was the only person at work I was out to. Lucky that her husband didn’t mind our friendship. “So, how is my favorite night manager today?” She asked me.

    For some reason I felt a smirk form on my face. She punched me on the arm!

    I’m not a wimp, but Carol is a very large woman. Just luck it was all in fun, or I’d have a bruise for days.

    “You sly dawg, you! I haven’t seen you with that look in ages. Tell me all about it!” She was being pushy.

    I simply shrugged. “Nothing to tell, honest.” My feigned innocence wasn’t too convincing.

    “Okay, I’ll get it out of you later.” She stated, as more guests approached the desk.

    Only a few minutes passed when she elbowed me. “Psst- don’t look now but I think the Mafia is watching you!” She said as quietly as she could.

    I gave her a look like she was crazy. It was one I used for her on a regular basis.

    “That guy over by the fake palm tree. Look at that hat, glasses and coat. He has to be mafia!” She hissed at me.

    I did a quick glance, then began to chuckle. “That’s a new guest, hon- a Mr. Blanchard.”

    “Hmphh! I still say he looks like Mafia!” She turned and looked after another guest.

    I shook my head and grinned. Then it got busy.

    If not for Carol mentioning it, I would have stayed way beyond the end of my shift. As it was, I left a half an hour late.

    I knew she was watching me leave. When I reached the door, I held it then nodded to Jonathon. When he stood and walked over to me, I gave Carol a slight wink. She just shook her head, her Dolly Parton wig weaved from side to side.

    “Ready?” I asked.

    He just gave me a slight smile and nod.

    “Then let’s get out of here.” I added.

    (To be continued?)

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