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My Elizabethtown

Chapter Fifty


I hadn't meant for Charlie to see how disappointed I was about him rejecting presents from me. It just wasn't something could be easily helped. And he certainly wasn't the first to reject presents from me, but I sure hoped that he'd change his mind somehow.

When he did, I was blown away by his reaction. He didn't have to say how much he liked it, his tears spoke volumes to me. I was one extremely happy man at that moment.

I hope you'll forgive me for skipping some of what happened after I gave him his present. You've already heard most of it from Charlie. Except for me stashing that thong in among the clothes I wanted to wash. He suspected something, but didn't say a word to me, much to my relief.

We arrived home and we were seriously getting down to business only a few feet from the front door. Then that knock brought us to a screeching halt. Blood hell, was there some alarm told people as soon as we got feeling sexy? It sure as fuck seemed it!

The knock came again. "Charlie, it's momma... I need to talk to you," she said from the other side of the door.

For a few moments he closed his eyes as though that would make her go away.

"Love, I think you should hear what she has to say," I stated.

He just nodded and without bothering to put his shirt back on, he went to the door and let her in.

She took one look at the both of us bare to the waist and her eyes went wide, "I hope I wasn't interrupting anything. I can come back later, I'm so very sorry."

I couldn't stand the stricken look on her face, so I put myself between her and the door. "Momma, you're here for a reason, we're best off if you talk to us now than later. Please, sit down," I said, taking her by the hand and leading her to the sofa.

"Thank you, Jonathon. I'm really sorry for butting in like this, but I've been driving by the house for the past hour waiting for you and Charlie to get home," she stated.

Charlie's face was a mask of stone, "just say what you have to, momma. I had a long shift last night and I'm pretty tired."

She took my hand and held it tight, her face looking for some support here. I gently squeezed back and gave her a slight smile.

"I'm sorry I wasn't home last night when you got there. For what I heard after, I only missed you by just a few minutes. It wasn't a pretty scene in the least. I have to apologize for what had to have been a damn nightmare for you both. He'd done a good job of fooling me years back, and he did it again. I'm such a stupid old woman!" she said as she began to cry.

Charlie knelt in front of her and took her other hand, his face having softened considerably, "momma, you're far from stupid and, as I learned earlier, you're far from old."

"I'm so sorry I didn't tell you, Charlie," she paused, "I was so ashamed of my real age. I knew you'd find out someday, but I always pictured that I'd be the one to tell you."

She sat upright and suddenly looked very serious, "He's gone, and this time for good. It took the police to get him out of there, but I don't think he'll bother me again."

"Momma, how can you be sure?" Charlie asked.

"Because... I shot the stupid bastard!" she exclaimed.

The blood drained from Charlie's face, as I'm sure it did from mine.

She took one look at the both of us and shook her head, "no, I didn't kill the idiot. Damn, I should have!"

"No, momma, no one has that right, not even for the likes of him," Charlie said.

"I suppose you're right... but at least he won't be able to use his looks to win women anymore," she stated, then took notice of the bandages on my face. "Good God, Jonathon, what happened?"

"It was nothing, momma, tell us what happened after we left," I protested.

She gave a nervous smile, then continued, "he was still in a rage when I got home. He went on and on what he'd do to the both of you if he ever saw you again. I didn't want any part of him threatening you two, not ever! I told him to get out and he wouldn't listen, he was frightening me. Charlie, I never told you before, but I'm scared living all alone. In the past few years, I've bought a couple of guns and have them hidden. I know that sounds stupid, but they make me feel safer. He began to bust up my living room. It's not much, but it's mine. That made me angry, so I went to my nearest weapon. He's lucky that it was a small one. If it had been much larger I would have blown more off his face than his nose!"

Sure I'd seen this lil woman get a bit violent, but I guessed after it was just her diabetes. Now I wasn't so sure.

Charlie and I both remained silent as she finished her tale, "some neighbors heard the gun go off and called the police. It was clear to the officers that it was purely self-defence. So, I wasn't charged. They took him away in an ambulance, as he bled like some old stuck pig! You should see the mess I have to clean up, it will take me hours to get it looking okay again."

"Boys, he used to beat me a lot when we were young, I just couldn't stand the thought of that ever happening again. I swore to myself that if another man ever tried that, he'd pay dearly," she stated, then pulled up her blouse enough to show some bruises on her stomach.

"He started it, and I ended it, plain and simple! Now if you two can ever forgive me for putting you in that situation, I'll be able to go home and get some sleep. I've been up all damn night."

I looked at Charlie just as he was looking at me, I think we both felt she'd been through enough. We both nodded at the other.

"Momma, we all make mistakes. No matter what's happened in the past, or what may happen... you'll still have me. I forgive you, and I'm pretty sure that Jonathon does too," Charlie said.

"Yes, momma, I forgive you too," I stated.

She smiled, then gave us each a peck on the cheek, "Charlie, I think you should keep this one. For a very very long time!"

I looked at him, "yes, I think that's a fantastic idea, myself."

Charlie grinned, "oh, I think in twenty years or so we might get tired of each other. Afterall, we both lead such boring lives."

He held back a fake yawn to stress the point. I was having none of that and gave him a playful punch in the arm for his sarcasm.

"Ow, momma, Jonnie hit me!"

"Boys, behave," she ordered, "if you don't, I'll spank the both of you!"

He and I both put on as angelic a look as we could manage, and the three of us broke into a healthy laugh over it.

She stood, "well, this isn't doing me any good keeping you two from whatever you had planned." Her eyes gave me a slow once over and I felt myself turning red again.

"Momma, are you going to be okay going home? I do happen to care about you." Charlie said.

She took a deep breath and let it out, "if I need either of you, I'll be sure and call. I'm starting to feel pretty guilty about the amount of disruption that I've caused."

"Nonsense, momma... we enjoy your visits," I replied.

Charlie gave me a dirty look, "baby, let her go home, or you'll be showering all alone!"

"You wouldn't dare!" I retorted.

Momma tapped me on my shoulder, "oh, he'd dare. Afterall, he is my son, and he rarely does empty threats."

"Well then... I hate to have you rush off, but..." I said.

She headed to the door, "you don't have to explain to me, I can take a hint."

"Charlie, are we okay?" she asked.

He smiled at her, "yes, momma, we're okay."

She stood and waited until he went and hugged her. After a few seconds she crooked her finger at me to join in the embrace.

"I'm really getting used to the idea of two sons, just make sure you keep it that way," she whispered.

Then without another word, she winked at us both and left.

"Now, where were we?" he asked me with a big grin.

"Bloody hell, can't you remember?" I teased then took him in my arms and nibbled on his ear.

"Um, no... I'm going to need lots and lots of reminders," he stated.

I switched to his other ear, "is this helping?"

"A little, this may help more though," he said, undoing my belt. Then he ran his hands inside my boxers and down over my arse, gently rubbing along the way.

I let out a low moan, loving the way that his hands felt on me there. Then again, I loved him touching me anywhere. But right then, I had a serious case of chills up and down my spine. There wasn't any way that I could help but start another kiss.

Bloody hell, we were both in need of some lip balm of some sort. As his tongue dueled with mine, that thought disappeared. Some things in life are just too good to go and complain about, and Charlie's kisses were high on that list.

We separated after several minutes of kissing and grinding against each other again. Slowly, we helped each other out of our clothes, taking time to admire the other as we did. Then I took his hand and led him to the shower.

It wasn't a repeat of our other showers, I wanted this to be a lil different. We didn't take turns washing parts of each other. I concentrated on just him.

With the water cascading down his back, I went to my knees and tasted more of his sweet precum. I swear, if it were a beverage, I'd buy up the whole stock of it.

It thrilled me to stroke his thighs and hear his moans as I gently took him into my mouth and ran my tongue over just the tip. Other than washing it, I purposely avoided touching his arse, I didn't want him upset again.

I knew it would take more practice for me to take him all the way into my throat, so I stayed with a simple stroking of him as I worked my mouth up and down the first few inches. His moans were becoming louder too.

The muscles in his legs began to tense and I could feel him throbbing more and more often in my mouth. Moving back, I teased just the tip with my tongue, going fast, then slow. His fingers were entwined in my hair, but he didn't force my actions in the least.

It only took a few time of me taking him deeper before I felt him swell up in my mouth. He shuddered as his essence blasted into my mouth like a small cannon firing. I swallowed a lil, but saved some to savour it once again.

When I stood, he pulled me to him, his mouth slowly ravaging mine. My steely hardness reminded him that I hadn't had my release yet. Bloody hell, if he kept kissing me, I wouldn't need more than just his body against mine and the intensity of his kiss to be as drained as he was.

Minutes passed and I could feel him stiffening once more. He pulled back on my hair and stared into my eyes. There was love there, but also an animal hunger just under the surface.

"Baby, now it's my turn to make you feel wonderful," he whispered as we exchanged places, the water now running down my back.

He sank to his knees, then, grasping me by my arse, held me steady. I clenched and released the muscles without even thinking. His hands felt so fucking fantastic! There was little doubt in my mind what I'd ask of him. But I'd wait.

The sensation of his tongue as he used it to gently massage my tender bollocks was almost an overload on my senses. I barely noticed what little pain was left as the pleasure way surpassed it.

Charlie then took some of my pubes between his teeth and gave a quick tug. It didn't hurt, but was more of a slight sting. Thank fuck I trim them some or he'd be hacking them up for hours.

He peeled back my skin and held it tightly as he lightly grazed his stubbled chin across the tip. Ah, that wanker, that wonderful bastard! And I'd thought I was in heaven just moments before, he'd raised it several more notches.

I tried to pull away but his hands held me in place. All I could do was sigh and moan as a show of my approval. Then he took me in his mouth. That was when I moved my hands from his shoulders to his hair and just stroked it.

If he'd used just one item I could have still thought rationally. But, no... he used his lips, teeth and tongue, all in a well orchestrated combination. It was time for that question.

"My Charlie..." I started, barely able to speak.

He paused his actions long enough to reply, "yes, baby?"

"I... I want you to finger me," I replied.

"Are you sure?"

"Yes, my beloved, I'm very sure," I said.

He smiled up at me as he put something for lube on his finger and gently pushed. Remembering what I'd learned earlier from Zeke, I managed to relax enough for Charlie's digit to enter me.

He was so gentle, and studied my face as it reached its limit. When he started rubbing my prostate, I arched my back and moaned loudly, "yes... oh yes!"

As if waiting on that signal, he resumed the sweet torture with his mouth. Oh, fuck! Bloody hell!! Oh, dear God, I'm dying here, and want it to last forever!

Nirvana. Paradise. Bliss, complete and total.

I was reduced to barely a whimper as his onslaught on my sexual organs continued. It already felt almost like I was having a constant orgasm. When I didn't think I could handle much more, he entered me with a finger from his other hand. He used the two deep inside me to play my prostate like a magical instrument.

To be honest, I thought for sure I'd pass out. It was becoming more and more difficult just to remember to breathe. That's how intense it was.

Then, with no warning due to my sensory overload, my orgasm finally hit. I arched my back and was moving my hips to try and help the motion of his fingers. It felt like my whole being was pouring itself into Charlie.

If not for the way his fingers and hands held me, I would have collapsed. I was that weakened by the force of it all.

"Charlie... oh, my Charlie," I whimpered, over and over.

Even taking in gulps of air, my mind was still in a haze. Slowly, he eased his fingers from me. I was shuddering almost non-stop. Tears were running down my face that I hadn't even noticed.

He stood and had a worried look on his face, "baby, are you okay?"

My eyes were barely focusing and I couldn't seem to organize a response.

"Jonathon, say something... please!" he shouted as he gently shook me.

The only word I could manage was, "wow!"

"Wow?" he repeated, looking confused now.

I began to nod my head up and down several times, "yeah... wow!"

A grin formed on his face, "no `bloody hell' or any other cuss words to go with it?"

I shook my head vehemently, "no... just wow!"

"Baby, you aren't going to believe what else just happened," he said.

My mind was finally clearing, "what, love?"

He turned a bit red then directed my gaze to his softening manhood, there were traces of another climax on the end of it. But that wasn't possible, was it? He'd had no way to wank himself and that part of him wasn't touching anything.

"Charlie, how could that happen?"

He put on a lil boy grin, "I've heard tell of it before, but it's a first for me. If you get enough mental stimulation, you can cum. You don't have to be touched at all."

We both stood there and smiled into each others eyes. Then we lowered our gaze, first to my relaxed state, then to his, with a lil evidence of his second orgasm still there.

We both spoke at the same time, "WOW!!"

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