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My Elizabethtown

Chapter Fifty-Five


I'd been being stupid again, I told myself. Damn stupid!

There was no telling why momma and Jonathon had lied to me, but I had to get past my hang-ups about it. I had to be reasonable and hear them out, that's all there was to it.

The past few days, I'd been happier than I could ever remember. That sure wasn't worth tossing aside because of my attitudes. Momma used to say I was being a jackass when I'd get in moods like this one, and most of the time she was right.

I chewed on my lip as I fretted about what would happen when I got home. And with as sore as my lips were, that didn't help much.

That reminded me, and as soon as I got off the interstate and headed for home, I stopped at a drug store. It was a bit embarrassing as I thought I should ask the pharmacist what would be the best product.

He took one look at me from across the counter and smiled, "looks like you have a bad case of `lovers lips'."

Naturally, I blushed but just nodded. He told me what would work best, and didn't hesitate to add that the easiest cure was to stop kissing for a day or two. I mumbled my thanks and bought several tubes of it.

My nerves were jangling some when I pulled in the drive. I just sat for a few minutes, hoping that we could salvage things, but I didn't know for sure yet what truths I may find out.

I'd no sooner gotten out of the car than old Mrs. Kowalski came hobbling across the street. She had to be at least eighty, and I couldn't recall the last time I'd seen her dressed in anything different from a tattered housecoat over her fragile looking frame and slipper socks on her feet. Today was no exception, and I braced myself for whatever this tirade would be. She was notorious for them.

"Young man, I know it's none of my business, but I got to tell ya what I saw at your place a while back," she said in a hoarse voice.

"Yes, Mrs. Kowalski?" I replied. Actually I wanted to tell her that most everything was none of her business, but I bit my tongue.

She tried to straighten up and stand tall, but she was far too short for that. "Your momma showed up a while after ya left earlier. When she got to the door a naked man answered it and let her in. I don't know what she does at her place, as it's none of my business, you know... but she's got no right doing things at your place too. After all, was her parents house and they'd be a rollin' over in their graves if they knew," she stated, her old eagle-eyes were wide open to watch for my reaction.

I did my best not to show any emotion as I digested this bit of information, "ma'am, I'm sure there's a reason for it. My momma doesn't take up with strange men. Are you sure he was naked?"

She wrinkled her face even more than I thought was possible, "as far as I could tell he was, and young too. But I didn't have my binoculars handy to check for sure. Ya know, my eyes aren't what they used to be."

When she said that I did my best to still look serious. I'd bet any money she had better vision than a sniper! If it was Jonathon that answered the door, I was sure he wouldn't have been naked. Mrs. Kowalski would have been able to describe every bit of him if that were true.

"Thank you, Mrs. Kowalski, I'll get to the bottom of it... I promise you." I watched as she looked at me suspiciously. I walked to the door and waved to her where she still stood at the bottom of my drive staring.

When I waved to her, she gave a loud grunt and marched back across the street. Again, I had to stifle a laugh.

Taking a deep breath, I went inside, not knowing what to expect or how things would go. My heart was going triple time and I could feel every beat.

Momma looked a bit dishevelled... but Jonathon looked quite a mess. His hair was wild and he looked exhausted.

He had the same hang dogged expression I had. I was sure we could clear it up okay. Just then my nose started acting up.

There was only one product that I had in the whole place would do that... my brand of laundry detergent. But I shouldn't be smelling it so strongly in the front room. It was the only one that I could tolerate as my sense of smell was fairly intense.

One thing led to another and quickly the truth of the `deception' I'd been so upset about came to light. Between Jonathon and momma, I could pretty well picture it in my head. It took some doing, but I held back from laughing. I knew if I hadn't, I'd have been on the floor holding my sides and sounding like a hyena from the images they'd given me.

How could I not love a man that had gone through all of that for me? Much less even think of letting go of him?

I let her out and locked the door. Jonathon didn't notice that I took the phone off the hook, but I was tired of any interruptions. At least that would stop one type.

When I pulled him to me, I couldn't help but notice the slight scent of him mixed with a strong odor of the detergent. That wouldn't do in the least, so I took him by the hand and led him to the bathroom, explaining why.

He countered with the fact that my breath was still reeking of the whiskey from earlier. I couldn't blame him really, I'd meant to get something for it at the drug store, but after the embarrassment there, I just bought the lip balm.

I tried to ignore him as he stripped for the shower, but I cheated and watched in the mirror as I brushed away the stale taste in my mouth. Damn, but he was a handsome man! If there was one thing I'd change about him, I couldn't think of it right then.

By the time he closed the curtain, I was fully hard just from the sight and thought of him.

That tingling that I felt deep inside wasn't just hormones raging. How did my lonely and boring life get changed around so quickly? And how did I end up with such a wonderful man to love?

The answer to that was the man on the other side of the shower curtain. It was stupid of me to hesitate one minute!

He'd only been in there a minute or two when I was out of my clothes and joined him. Even if I hadn't known what he looked like from the front, I'd be attracted by the view of him as he stood there, wetting himself down.

Tall and lean, with a nice `v' shape from his shoulders to his waist, he was nearly a perfect masculine shape. His wet curls accented his slender neck, then lower was equally enticing.

He was so well proportioned from top to bottom. His legs were nicely muscled with just a dusting of hair to them. And, while his ass wasn't huge, it was just right for his build.

I watched for just a few moments as the water cascaded down. Trickles of it disappeared into the cleft between his wonderful glutes.

There was a puzzle in that- I'd never really felt such a strong desire for another man's backside before. Something about Jonathon made me want him in anyway and everyway possible.

Reaching out, I gently turned him around. Damn, but I loved the gleam in his eyes when he looked at me. And there was that slight smile of his again as well.

"Better?" I asked as I put my lips to his.

At least they'd had a few hours respite and didn't seem as painful as earlier. And, believe me, I took full advantage of that.

He moaned his reply as our tongues did battle once more. I found myself moaning too.

Far too quickly, we approached our climax. We both tried to delay it by pulling apart, but we were too close. He grinned at me and pressed his front to mine again, then his lips.

The sensation of him was too much for me and I ground my hips as he and I took turns nibbling on the others tongue. Our spears erupted at almost the same exact moment. There was no delaying it... not this time.

We both moaned into each others mouth as our bodies trembled from our release. Our arms tightened and I pulled back to watch his face.

He was panting, the same as me, but his smile was priceless.

"I love you so very much, my Charlie," he said just above a whisper.

Those words from him still lit an extra fire deep inside me.

"And I love you beyond what I thought love could be, baby," I replied.

We kissed lightly, then took a quick shower while the hot water held out. It wasn't sexual, but very loving.

The same was true of us drying each other. I'd gotten us some of the blue towels to use, which he was slightly embarrassed to see.

When I rubbed lightly over his stomach, it let out a growl. Damn, neither of us had eaten in far too long a time. Just then mine let out an even louder growl.

We both broke into fits of laughter over it.

"Feed me, Seymour!" we both said at the same time.

All that did was add fuel to the giggles we already had.

"Baby, I've been neglectful in not feeding your `inner beast', I teased.

Just then my stomach let out another growl.

"Make that two inner beasties to feed," he said with a grin.

"Shall we go out, or stay home?" I responded.

"Do you have any good pizza places around?" he asked.

I had a sinking feeling about this, "baby, what would you like on it?"

"Double anchovies and bleu cheese is my favorite," he stated.

The grimace on my face wasn't easily hidden, "I do hope you're kidding, baby."

He tried to give me that innocent look of his and I shot that down with one stern glance.

"Actually, I'll eat most anything... but no anchovies, please," he said.

"How about a double cheese with ham and pineapple, and I'll make us a nice salad to go with it?"

"Sounds like a plan, love," he replied, with another growl from his tummy.

"Then I'd better call now before you turn cannibal on me!" I said with a grin.

He smiled back at me and pulled me close. "That's not entirely a bad idea" he whispered in my ear, then began a light nibble on it.

Chills went up and down my spine, "baby, we need to eat and get some rest too. I still have work tonight."

"Then I'm going to add being a cannibal to my list of things to do later," he said with a wink.

"As long as I get a turn too," I replied and bit his chin.

"Oww! You'll pay for that one!" he threatened with a grin.

"Promise?" I asked with a leer.

"Absolutely!" he retorted.

We smiled into each others eyes and shared a tender kiss. When both of our stomachs growled in unison, we giggled and pulled away.

When we entered the living room, I went to the phone and showed him that it was off the hook.

"Love, I knew you were more than a pretty face," he said with a smile, "that was brilliant on your part."

"Yes, I is a freakin' genie-us at times," I replied.

"That's pushing it some, but you are bloody smart," he stated.

"Fair enough," I admitted, then called in our order.

I no sooner set it down than it rang. Jonathon started chuckling at my exasperation as I picked it up.

"Hello?" I said.

"Charlie, for God's sake... look out the front window!" momma instructed me.

I glanced at the window and saw that only the sheers covered it. The main heavy drapes were wide open.

"Oh, fuck!" I shouted, and dove for the cord and closed them. But not before I saw Mrs. Kowalski not more than ten feet away with her binoculars seemingly glued to her eyes.

I could hear momma laughing as I picked up the phone from where I'd dropped it.

"That wasn't funny!" I protested to her. Then I heard Jonathon start to laugh too.

"I'll deal with you next!" I threatened him, sending him almost into hysterics.

"Chuckie, you two probably gave her the biggest thrill she's known in over fifty years," momma teased.

"Yeah, whatever," I commented.

"If you had heard how excited she was when she called to tell me about the nudists in my momma and daddy's house, you would have bust a gut!" momma taunted.

"I'm so pleased that you're so easily amused by this," I said in a cold voice.

"Oh, take a chill pill, Charlie... and unless you're managing to tickle that man of yours while holding the phone and talking, he sounds like he thinks it was funny too," she said.

"I'll get even with the both of you," I warned.

"Oh, I'm very scared now," she replied.

"Be afraid... be very afraid!" I cautioned.

She and Jonathon both kicked into a higher gear of laughter and that got me started as well.

As soon as I could catch my breath, I said goodbye and hung up the phone. I then looked at my handsome naked hyena literally rolling on the floor and still giggling.

"Keep that up and you'll get rug burn," I said.

"Why don't you join me down here and we both can work up to that," he said with a wink.

I followed his suggestion and we were quickly getting aroused as we kissed and cuddled.

Naturally, there was a sharp knock on the door to interrupt us. I was so angry, that I decided to give Mrs. Kowalski a close up view.

But the woman that stood there in shock when I flung open the door stark naked and erect wasn't my elderly neighbor!

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