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My Elizabethtown

Chapter Fifty-Seven


I'm not going to go into details about what happened at the door. It was embarrassing enough as it was. And, Jonathon didn't help one damn bit with his laughing fits on the floor either!

We both decided that to call it the `great pizza war' was fitting. Depending on our mood, if you ask who started it, either we'll each claim that we did, or both blame the other on it. But it's something we've done since and not just with pizza.

After we finished cleaning up the mess we made of the kitchen, we definitely needed a shower to clean us up too. It was followed by a quick but thorough shower. We were just too tired to do anything more.

The kiss and cuddling after we were in bed seemed just the right combination. There wasn't a lick of energy left for anything sexual by then.

If there had been, then when he turned so that I was pressing against him, my front to his back, something would have happened. But it was such a wonderful feeling to have so much of me touching so much of him, that I could settle for a contented sleep easily.

That sensation and the scent of him filled me with an inner peace. I gave myself one last admonishment for my thoughts and actions earlier. It was so very stupid to almost toss away the love that he and I had built. In a matter of minutes, I sank into a deep and dreamless sleep.

I'm not sure how much time had passed when Jonathon's shouting and tossing about woke me. If I'd thought the other time was a bad dream, this had to be something horrific!

His words were unintelligible, but there was not a doubt as to the panic he was feeling. The comforter was already off the bed, and I could see most every muscle in his body was tensed.

There was a sheen to his skin from the amount of sweat he was producing, and his face was turning red as he yelled something over and over. I was pretty damn worried.

He was actually growling as I tried shaking and yelling at him to make him wake up. Even strong slaps to his face didn't do it.

The only thing I could think of right then was some ice water. I nearly ran to the kitchen and filled a large pitcher with water and added some ice. His shouts could be heard throughout the house.

I hurried as much as I dared, spilling a fair amount as I went.

Jonathon was almost off the bed and was still shouting and tossing about. I set the pitcher on the dresser and did my best to get him to the middle of the bed. He still didn't wake up.

Not wanting to drown him, I did my best to cover his nose and mouth while I poured the icy water on him.

A few seconds passed then his body went rigid for a moment. As the muscles relaxed, his eyes fluttered open. The look in them was one of panic.

His chest was heaving from the exertion he'd been through.

"Charlie... please hold me tight," he pleaded in almost a whisper.

I did as he asked and he began to cry, a deep heart-wrenching sob. For all that we'd shared in such a short amount of days, this was by far the worst. It tore me apart to have him so upset.

"Baby, I love you very much," I said softly as I stroked his hair and his back and gently rocked him.

All that did was make him cry even harder than before. I felt so damned powerless right then to comfort him enough.

It seemed like hours passed before he calmed enough to speak, though I'm sure it was much less.

"Charlie, I'm sorry about the nightmares. They're something I've had off and on for several years now," he explained.

"Baby, you don't need to apologize. I'm just glad you're okay," I replied, still rubbing his back.

He kissed my cheek, "I've seen shrinks about them, and sometimes they clear up for a while. When they return they can be bloody vile. I just hate like fuck that you have to be a witness to them."

"Baby, I'd rather know I was there when you needed me, then for you to accidentally hurt yourself from them. We'll deal with whatever we have to... we're a team now," I stated.

He pulled back enough to look me in the eye, "yes, my Charlie, I do believe that. You're a tenacious sod, I hope you know!" His face broke into a big smile.

"As long as you can put up with me and my problems too, I think we'll do fine, baby," I said.

He quickly became serious as his eyes locked on mine, "I love you very much, Charlie. I think you have more to handle with me than I do with you, to be honest. But you don't seem ready to give up on me, at least not yet."

"Jonathon... I have no intention of ever giving up on you. Not now... not tomorrow... not ever!"

He grinned again, "I'm the luckiest wanker on the planet, just so you know."

"Well, since I still don't know what a wank or a wanker is, I'll just have to agree with you. But I happen to think I'm damn lucky to have you in my life, baby," I said.

That sexy look appeared on his face again, "if I wasn't feeling so knackered, I'd do a proper job of teaching you all about it starting in the next minute or so."

I looked at the clock, we still had a few hours before I needed to be up and get ready for work.

"We'll have to get my tutoring in soon, baby. I'm getting pretty curious about it now," I said with a grin back.

"Shall we try for a lil more sleep for now?" he asked.

"I think we should, but... this time I want you to hold me, baby. Maybe that will keep the bad dreams away."

He smiled, "I rarely have more than one episode a night, so we can count our blessings on that. But, I'm willing to try anything that `Doctor Charlie' suggests."

I got off the bed and pulled him up with me, "well, the first thing that I suggest is that we get these wet sheets changed up. In fact, we'll probably need to flip the mattress over."

With the two of us working on it, it didn't take long to get the bed seen to. It was lucky that the comforter had ended up on the floor early on and didn't get any water on it.

As we settled in to sleep once more, Jonathon spooned to my back. It was something that I hadn't felt since Martin. Martin always wanted to be in a position to take me whenever the mood struck. I couldn't count the times that he'd do that when I was sound asleep. He seemed to take an extra perverse pleasure from it.

I wanted to see how I'd feel with Jonathon against me. There was none of the dread that I'd had with Martin, only a sense of being loved and safe.

We whispered our `I love yous' to each other, then closed our eyes and slept. There were no more interruptions until my alarm clock sounded.

Both of us were pretty groggy as we made our way to the bathroom and stood side by side relieving ourselves. It seemed as though we'd been doing that for years instead of such a short time. There was no embarrassment in the least.

I made half a pot of coffee and we got dressed while it brewed. We did manage one nice long kiss while still naked. The result was that we both had a noticeable tent in our pants even after we finished pulling on our clothes.

We sat and smiled into each others eyes as we sipped our coffee.

"Charlie, for all my past relationships, I'd always felt there was so much missing."

"Me too, baby. Not that I've had that many, but... I do feel that what we have is damn special."

"I'd have to say that it's `bloody special', my Charlie," he replied with a big grin.

"Yes... `bloody special' for sure," I stated.

Our lips had healed enough for us to kiss again at that moment. However, we did end up with full wood again.

At that particular moment I was really resenting having to go to work. But I still wasn't sure if I wanted to accept Jonathon's offer of working for him. It just didn't feel right somehow.

We gathered my backpack and Jonathon's clean clothes and left. Neither of us wanted to go. Not when we could have stayed in bed and made love.

"Charlie, if you can trust me... I'm going to bring more of my clothes to wash."

I had to laugh, "baby, I think you've earned that trust. But, I don't have any classes again until next week. So, we'll have a few days to ourselves."

"What about work?" he inquired.

"It's on a two week schedule. I have the next three days totally free," I answered.

He rubbed his chin and got a devious look on his face for a few seconds. I'd have given most anything to know what was going on in that pretty head of his. But I took a stab at it anyway.

"Yes, we'll have time for that, baby. Plenty of time... as long as no one calls, or knocks or anything," I replied with a big wink.

He simply nodded. It made me wonder what he was really thinking.

"Charlie, do you have to study tonight, or could you maybe help me work on my script?"

"As soon as I can see what we have scheduled for arriving guests, I'll call you baby."

"Fair enough," he said, taking my hand and giving it a gentle kiss.

He had me park in the same spot at the night before and we had a wonderful tongue duel again. This time he got in a good grope first, and I couldn't help but return that myself. We both got too close to the edge for our own good.

"You're spoiling me rotten, baby," I said as I tried to adjust myself.

"No more than what you spoil me, my Charlie," he retorted, as he rearranged his wood too.

We both laughed and then got out of the car. He let himself in the side door nearest to his room as I went in the front.

I was a bit shocked to see Kevin busy working next to Amy. He even looked sober for a change.

"Good evening, all," I said as I stepped past them to the office to hang up my jacket.

"You're in a sour mood," Amy teased as I returned.

"Is that what it's called these days?" I retorted.

"Charlie, if I didn't fully know better... I'd say you went and fell in love in the past few days," she replied.

I felt myself blush as I tried to stammer a reply, "you know that anything is possible."

Her eyes widened as I gave her a big wink, then she smiled.

"You know that you're both being paid to work, this isn't a social event," Kevin said with his usual snarl.

"Yes sir!" we both said in unison, giving him a salute behind his back.

There weren't many arrivals due for a few hours yet. Even then, it was just nine.

They both logged off of their computer terminals, and Kevin quickly left.

"Charlie, just so you know ahead of time... he's trying to stay sober," Amy explained.

I rolled my eyes, "so he's going to make our lives hell until he falls off the wagon again."

She nodded, "pretty much. But enough about him, I'll stay an extra hour if you fill me in on what's been happening with you. I've never seen you so happy."

"Nothing much to tell, really. I met someone and we seem to get along okay," I said, trying to put on an innocent look.

"Bullshit! You've met someone, alright... but I'll bet it's way more than something platonic," she responded, giving me a fierce stare.

I grinned and sighed as I rested my chin on both hands, staring off into space, "yeah, it sure as hell is."

She gave my ass a sharp pinch.

"Oww! Don't go leaving marks on me that I'll have trouble explaining later!" I protested.

"Then quit avoiding my questions or I'll give you a full tushy torture!" she threatened.

"He's handsome, smart, sweet, loving, caring, funny, a great kisser, great at other things too..."

"Stop! You're making me jealous already. So who is this man, how long have you known him, when did you meet, where is he from, does he have a straight brother?" she asked, all in one breath.

"Amy, you're married, or did you forget?"

"No, I haven't. But if your guy has a brother that's anything like he sounds, I can manage a divorce pretty damn fast!"

I had to laugh. "He's pretty private about most everything, or I'd go ahead and give you the full story. I don't know that he has a brother, and if he did, I'd keep him away from the `wild woman of Elizabethtown' for his own good," I shot back.

"Honey, if you consider me wild, then I can only imagine what you must think of this man of yours," she said with a grin.

"Amy, everyone knows that under your mild mannered façade, you're as wild as a jaguar."

She laughed, "maybe one that's old and rusted and up on blocks."

I rolled my eyes once more and she giggled.

"Charlie, I'll get the story out of you eventually. For now, I need to go home and put my feet up and watch my tv until I'm in a coma."

"I thought you already were in a coma," I shot back.

She quickly fired at me with both middle fingers raised, "and you know you'd love it!"

"Sorry, but you just don't have the right parts for my liking. And mine are pretty much spoken for now," I replied.

"Hallelujah for that. It's about time that some man around here came to his senses and snagged you," she said with a grin.

"Amen to that," I stated.

She gave me a hug, "just make sure that he treats you good and you treat him good."

"We'll do our best, Amy."

She gave me a peck on the cheek, "good. I'll see you next week. Enjoy your weekend before those Hollywood nut jobs start showing up."

"Oh, I plan on it," I replied, with another big wink.

"I'll just bet you do," she returned the wink and left.

I couldn't help but grin as I picked up the phone and called Jonathon. His phone was busy.

It only made sense that he'd have some calls to make as he'd been away with me quite a lot the last several days. I'd simply try back later.

For the next thirty minutes, it stayed busy. Then when it rang, there wasn't any answer.

I kept trying for twenty minutes and began to worry. There weren't any guests arriving soon, so I put up a sign that read `back in 5 minutes' and hurried down the hall.

When I let myself in, there wasn't any sign of him. A glance in the parking lot showed that his car was gone too.

The only thing that made sense was that maybe he'd gone to get us something to eat and was planning a surprise for me.

I went back to the desk and tried to keep myself busy. Every few minutes, I'd try his room and still didn't get an answer. Something was very wrong, I just knew it.

After I'd checked in the nine new guests, I started pacing. Then I thought to call his cell phone and only got the voice mail. Damn! Where was he? Why didn't he call me to say he'd gone out somewhere?

Worrying wasn't going to help, and I wasn't going to jump to some weird conclusions. I'd just have to be patient was all.

For some reason, I thought that the answer was in his room and went back to it. I walked into the bathroom and looked around then came back and stood in the middle of the room, scratching my head in puzzlement. There was something missing and I couldn't figure it out.

Then it hit me like a ton of bricks as I raced to the closet and opened the door. No, it couldn't be!

I checked the dresser too... it was the same result. Everything was empty, there wasn't a trace of him even having been there.

My heart sank as the reality of it broke... Jonathon had left me!

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