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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 6 - Jonathon

    Bloody hell!

    He wanted to talk when he finished up. After that kiss, I wanted to jump his bones!

    Where did all my self-control go? This was really fucked up!

    I paced back and forth for at least an hour, re-running it all through my head.

    He's a man, for fucks sake! I can't have that happen.

    Quietly, I ranted and raved at myself.

    If I allowed it to happen, I could pretty much kiss my stardom goodbye. Was I willing to do that just for sex?

    I loved gorgeous women. I'd had more than I cared for since my star rose.

    But I used to be bi. Right?

    I was really stressing. One sure way I knew to take my mind from it was to read the bloody script.

    By the time the clock read seven, I was in the loo getting ready. Another shower, brief this time. Shaved, brushed the teeth. Gag, my mouth had been nasty!

    Now, what was I to wear? I'd packed precious little in my rage to get out.

    Boxers or briefs? Or toss it aside and go commando?

    It was twenty past. I had to decide and there wasn't much to chose from anyway.

    I pulled on my favourite pair of boxers- I'll tell more about them shortly.

    A black tshirt looked okay. Some socks and jeans followed.

    When I looked in the mirror it wasn't all bad.

    Shite! My overcoat was still mud splattered.

    I grabbed it and took the shower to it. A cleaners would have been better, but I didn't have the time.

    Jitters started up in my stomach. Blood hell, I was acting like a first date!

    I looked in the mirror and decided to tie my hair back. After all, I was going to be wearing my hat over it.

    There, I was almost ready. But something was being forgot.

    My sleep deprived brain taunted me about it. Then it came to me.

    A quick dash and a quick splash. I hope he liked my scent. It was something I'd picked up in Africa last year.

    Again, I stood before the mirror. I ran a gamut of looks, wondering what would be best.

    I was being a total wanker. Either he liked me or he didn't. If he didn't, he could just sod off!

    With a shrug I left the room, making sure I had all keys and cards in my pocket. The lobby was pretty busy and I didn't want to distract Charlie from his work. I was amazed at the Amazon-like woman beside him. The huge blond hair on her head was one thing, but she was black and it was quite a sight.

    I felt myself wanting to giggle, so decided I needed a coffee for distraction.

    There was an assortment of characters hanging around it. I waited until there was enough space to squeeze past them. Christ! Sometimes Americans can seem so piggish!

    Trying not to scowl, I got a foam cup and filled it. I found a discrete spot by some plastic palm tree and stood sipping at the hot muck.

    If I'd thought to add my usual cream and sugar it would have been okay. But my mind was a blank.

    With the dark glasses on it was easy to steal furtive glances at Charlie as he worked. I could see how professional he was with the people. More than one reached over and shook his hand, a smile on their face.

    Even though the smile on Charlie's face wasn't for me, I still loved seeing it.

    Fuck! Why did I even think that word?

    I took a deep breath and tried to come to grips with it all. With a slight shake of my head, I gave up on the logic of it and took another sip.

    My nerves were way too high, I should have cancelled this and tried to sleep. But something told me not to care.

    It warmed me to just watch him from across the lobby. Sounds silly I know.

    Just as I was about to start pacing, he disappeared. I was wondering what was going on when I noticed him at the door nodding my way.

    When he asked if I was ready, all I could do was smile and agree.

    He smiled back and we walked in silence to his car.

    Part of me wanted to run, but that was over ruled. We stayed quiet the short trip to his house.

    It was a quaint lil place with a lot of flowers. Somehow that didn't fit with the image I had of him.

    He let out a soft sigh. "The house belonged to my grandparents. I keep the flowers in memory of them both."

    "I'm sorry for your loss." There didn't seem to be anything else to say. It was such a loving thing for him to do, I nearly had tears from it.

    Inside it was all older furniture. But immaculate. There were so many pictures I couldn't begin to guess which ones Charlie may be in.

    He led me through a cozy dining room to the kitchen.

    "Coffee or juice?" He asked.

    "Juice, please." I answered.

    He poured and we both sat to a small table. Neither of us meeting the other's eyes.

    "Jonathon, I don't know where to start this." He still wasn't meeting my eyes.

    I took the lead briefly. "How about- you're only going to be in town a matter of weeks. You're from LA, and probably have guys waiting for you to get back."

    Charlie hung his head and nodded. Then he sat upright and cleared his throat. "Well?"

    I had to take his hand in mine. It was just what seemed right. "Yes, to the first part. And a big no to the second."

    "You're shitting me?" He blurted out.

    "Charlie, I'd never do that to you. I did some experimenting around with guys when I was younger, but it's been at least eight years."

    "You're a monk?"

    I had to smile. "No, not a monk. I've been mainly involved with women."

    He let out a quiet, `oh'. "And now?"

    "And now?" I hesitated and he nodded, keeping full eye contact with me. I squeezed his hand tightly. `I've never known a man like you before. You've set off all sorts of alarms inside me, but I don't give a damn!"

    "Sounds pretty similar to how I've felt since you arrived." He said with a sweet grin.

    I could feel tears filling my eyes. Just how many bloody barriers was I going to drop for him?

    "Are you seeing someone now?" Fuck! He would have to ask me that.

    I decided to go with honesty. It was a chance I had to take.

    "A few days ago, I called it quits with my current girl. We'd had problems that never seemed to stop."

    He just nodded at first, then gave my hand a slight pressure. "I look for honesty as one of the rarest qualities in another man. It's been a long time since I've shared sex with another guy, much less a relationship." There was a long pause. "Do we both just take a chance and try to work out a future, or do we quit now before either of us gets hurt?"

    I lifted his hand to my lips and kissed it. He then did the same to mine. Holy fuck! I'm not a poof, but this all felt so bloody right.

    Of all things, the sodding phone rang just then!

    (To be continued?)

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