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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 7 - Charlie

    I wanted to stop this. All my better judgment was crying out to me. But one look into his eyes sent that all out the window.

    There was some real deal going on here. I could either toss it away or take that chance.

    To help me decide he took my hand and gently kissed it. My heart was beating a thousand times a minute as I took his and returned the favor.

    We only sat gazing into each other's eyes for a few moments when it was disturbed by the phone ringing. Damn, I was going to throttle someone!

    I rolled my eyes and he grinned then released my hand. "Answer it, I'm not going anywhere."

    Quickly, I went into the living room and picked up the phone. It was Carol. "Hello- Charlie are you there? That guy was a hitman and he's killed you. I just knew it!"

    You can't help but laugh when you have a friend like her. "No, he's only cut off my fingers and toes so far with a dull knife." I replied.

    She chuckled. "You got him between the sheets yet and done the nasty?"

    "No, we're just sitting and talking."

    "Boy, I thought I taught you better. Get yourself some action while your John Henry still works!"

    I must have blushed pretty well as I caught Jonathon looking at me with a grin. "It still works, I guarantee you."

    "Well, do something with it then!" She waited for me to answer then just started again. "I just wanted to remind you that we switched your days off. You got tomorrow free to stay in bed with that hitman all day if you like!"

    I wiggled my eyebrows so Jonathon could see. "That's a possibility, we'll see."

    She laughed. "Love you, child. See you soon."

    "Love you too, brown sugar."

    Jonathon looked at me strangely. "That was Carol, from work. You saw her at the desk with me this morning." I explained.

    "The giant woman with the giant hair?" I broke out laughing at his description. Even though it was pretty accurate.

    "So, what do we do for the rest of today?" He asked, a twinkle in his eyes.

    "Hold that thought." I stated. In a few minutes I was back with breath all fresh and teeth clean.

    "Still holding." He said with a grin.

    I walked over to him and pushed him and the chair away from the table. He had a shocked look on his face as a result. His eyes were wide and searched mine for what was to happen next.

    For minutes we just stared deeply into each other's eyes. Then, ever so slowly, I leaned down and he tilted his head just a bit to one side. I could see him breathing as hard as I was in anticipation.

    "To hell with the alarms!" I said softly, our lips were mere inches apart.

    "To hell with the alarms!" He repeated back to me in barely a whisper.

    I took off his hat and set it on the table, not backing away in the least. With the obstacle gone I moved forward and past his lips. At first I just allowed my breath to flow gently over his ear, then I nibbled it. He had on a musk that was driving me crazy!

    His arms went around me and a I felt a shudder course through him followed by a quiet moan. "Yes!" I heard from between his clenched teeth.

    Turning this man on was having nearly as much an effect on me. I was totally enjoying this.

    There was a hitch in his breath. "Stop, just for a moment." He pleaded.

    He eased himself to a standing position. With a slightly embarrassed look he reached down and rearranged his goods. I couldn't help but arch my eyebrows a few times on seeing that tent returned. He looked at my swelling and we both grinned.

    "A few more minutes sitting there and I think it would have snapped in two!"

    I had to laugh at his honesty.

    "Not to mention my nads were getting squashed!" He added.

    "Can't damage the goods now." I replied.

    Pulling him to me I let our mouths meet. Our arms hugged even tighter as the kiss intensified. We took turns on whose tongue was in whose mouth with several duels fought in between.

    It wasn't that I had been without a good kiss for so long, it was that this was the best I'd ever shared.

    Our groins rubbed back and forth, our restrained erections battling their own duel. I hated having a mess in my pants. So I slowly guided him to the bedroom, reducing the kisses to lip nibbles.

    "I'm not sure I'm ready to go all the way." He said, a timid look on his face.

    "Baby, I'm too tired to take you all the way. How about we strip to our underwear and kiss until we fall asleep?"

    He gave a faint smile. "I think I'd like that. A lot!"

    We took our time removing our clothes, each admiring the body of the other. Our eyes darted from exposed skin to eyes. I have to admit, it was part lust- but there was something so much more at the same time.

    When he dropped his jeans, I had to bite my knuckles to keep from laughing. His eyes went wide and he got an indignant expression.

    "Don't laugh, man! These are my absolute favorite boxers!"

    The irony of it was too much and with my pants at my knees I stumbled and fell to the floor. Laughter exploded from me.

    "You're a fucking nutcase! I'm out of here!" He went to pull up his pants and I stopped him.

    "You... don't... under-... stand!" I managed to get out between chuckles.

    "Then you'd better get a grip and try me!" He was almost yelling.

    I took a few deep breaths, but my mirth was still in control. "My... last... name... is... Brown!"

    He didn't get it at first, then I pointed at his bright yellow boxers, which happened to have most of the Peanuts gang on them. "Char-... lie... Brown!" I managed to get out.

    His eyes went wide. "Fuck!" He roared, then started laughing as much as I'd been doing.

    We were both wiping tears from our eyes. "Destiny rears her head!" I managed to get out.

    "Well, it wasn't destiny rearing before you started laughing. I had major wood going!" He managed a pout, the first of many I would see.

    He folded his arms across his bare chest. "I want proof of this!" He demanded.

    I fished my license out and handed it to him. "Satisfied?"

    After several minutes he handed it back to me. "I'm not sure if I liked the beard in that photo or not. I'd think it would be too itchy."

    "It was soft, but you don't have to worry about it. I shave almost every day." I said.

    He got down on the floor next to me, and took my face in his hand. "You're a very handsome man, Charles Christian Brown. Beard or no beard."

    Our eyes searched and we shared a brief kiss. "We really need to get off the floor, baby." I said to him.

    "I lo... like it when you call me that." He replied.

    Shoes, socks and pants were left in a mess on the floor. I pulled back the quilt and let him get in first, then I joined him.

    I was about to say something about how tired I was when he spoke first. "Charlie, I'm totally whipped. Would you mind terribly if we just went to sleep now?"

    His face had a little boy look that I found adorable. "No, baby. As long as you don't mind me holding you."

    He smiled and we had one last short kiss. I turned flat on my back and just looked at this wonderful man. Before I could say another word he pressed himself against me. "Good dreams." He whispered in my ear.

    "Sweet dreams, baby." I whispered back and wrapped my arms around him.

    A slight tremble went through me just from the touch of his skin against mine. His was on his side with his head next to mine on the pillow. The slight puffs of his breath teased the side of my neck while the scent of his musk tickled my nose.

    I'd never felt so comfortable with another person in my arms before. I lay there watching him sleep and reflected on it all before my exhaustion overcame me.

    I did have to wonder where this all would lead.

    (To be continued?)

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