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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 8 - Jonathon

    Where was I? Oh, the sodding phone. That's right.

    He went to answer it and I sat and watched him. His laugh was loud but not annoying. It was so bloody cute when he blushed. Everything about this man was getting to me more and more.

    Finally he was done with the phone. He came back in the room and we talked for a few minutes. Then he excused himself and I could hear him brushing his teeth.

    I hoped I knew the reason why.

    I told him I was still holding and he shoved me and the chair away from the table. What the fuck was that about?

    Then we just stared into each others eyes. The longer we stared the faster I could feel my pulse race.

    We both agreed, `to hell with the alarms'. When he moved in closer, I was just waiting for it. I wasn't expecting what he did to my ear though.

    In almost no time my bits started moving. Fuck that was hurting! I was sitting with them bunched up in my boxers and when I started getting hard my cock was squashing my nads.

    I got up and moved things around a bit. Ahh, that felt better! One look at him and I had to have another go at a kiss with him. His trousers were quite tented already.

    Alarms went off again, but I no longer cared. I pulled him to me and had a kiss that I'll remember always. Fuck, he was hot!

    Between the kiss and grinding against each other, I was close to filling my boxers. That's when he guided me to the small bedroom.

    Bloody hell, I wasn't ready for that! The most I'd done with another guy was some mutual wanking with my mates back in my teens.

    Sure, I'd felt an attraction after that to other guys but never went beyond looking.

    I wanted to go further with Charlie though. Bloody hell, I wanted him to do whatever he wanted with me!

    No, I just wasn't ready for that and told him I wasn't. He was so bloody understanding about it.

    When he suggested we just snog, there was another lurch in my groin. That would do for now.

    I watched him as we slowly removed our clothes. He had a light golden fur that started at this breastbone. It did nothing to hide how well built he was.

    In recent years, I'd seen a lot of gym freaks that weren't built like Charlie. He wasn't massive or anything, but way above average. Each muscle clearly cut, his skin a soft bronze colour in spite of it being only spring.

    When he dropped his trousers, my heart started going even faster! What was that about? Fuck!

    If there was a contest just for fantastic legs on a man, he'd win it! The same fur and cut muscles ended in long narrow feet.

    But worse was the way my eyes were drawn to his white boxer briefs. Like myself, he didn't seem huge but was above average.

    I felt my stomach churn when a wet spot appeared on the front of them. And a lurch in my own pants. That goes without saying.

    Slowly I dropped my jeans, making sure something didn't jump out the fly of my boxers.

    Bloody hell! He's laughing at me! He could just sodd off!

    I was tense enough as it was, without him acting like some fool.

    When he tried to explain, I was drawing a blank. Then it hit me and I was laughing to the point of tears almost.

    Looking at his license felt so personal, you know? Something about his full given name sounded posh as fuck! And him in the beard was way sexy!

    We kissed and he called me baby. Sure, I'd had that before but something about it really hit me and I told him so.

    Then we got in the bed and after a short kiss, he held me. We bid each other goodnight.

    I'd never felt so warm and protected. My eyes shut and I lay there for just a few minutes, enjoying this whole new sensation.

    And there was that smell. A cologne mixed with what was just him. It was slight, the scent that belonged to my man next to me.

    My Man? Bloody hell! I took one more slow deep breath, smiled, and fell asleep.

    I'm not sure what the time was, but I woke needing a piss badly! Then I knew what woke me as Charlie was slowly trying to get up without disturbing me.

    He was faced away as he tried to sneak from the bed. Even his back was sexy.

    Bloody hell! Was my mind stuck in one place?

    "Charlie, you can go ahead first if you like. I'll need it right after."

    He turned and smiled at me. That sent my pulse accelerating again.

    "No, you're the guest, so you go first."

    I wasn't about to argue with him. "Thanks."

    The loo was small like the rest of the place, and just as clean. Thank fuck I was soft enough to let loose and empty my too full bladder!

    I'd left the door open, wondering if he'd take a peek. No, not my Charlie. Bloody hell! Calling him mine; what was it with me?

    And yet, it gave me such a great feeling inside to do that. Guess that's what's meant by `the warm fuzzies'.

    "Jonathon, please hurry!" His voice was nearly agony in its tone. "Sure thing." I flushed and rinsed my hands. He darted from the bedroom and pushed right past me as I was drying off.

    In just seconds it sounded like a faucet running. Charlie let out a huge sigh. "Sorry, I don't usually do such things, but I really had to go."

    I kept my back to him, allowing him that much privacy. "Don't worry about it. I'm sure at some point we'll get used to it."

    What shite was that I'd said? Sodding alarms were trying to go off again and I pushed them back.

    "Only time will tell." He replied.

    I heard the flush and then he washed his hands. "Um, I hope you don't mind sharing that towel."

    I turned around and saw a grin on his face. "Depends on what's in it for me." I retorted, with a wink of an eye.

    He pulled on the towel, but I wouldn't let go. He slowly drew me to him until we were face to face.

    "Will this work?" He started with that ear again and with gentle bites worked his way down my jaw.

    "More!" I moaned.

    He nibbled my lips then I couldn't restrain myself any longer. Fuck! I never wanted a kiss so much in my life before!

    Oh, and it was so bloody worth it! But... we didn't stop like earlier.

    (To be continued?)

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