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My Elizabethtown:

Chapter 9 - Charlie

    A soft murmur near my ear woke me up. After a few moments my mind began to function and I remembered Jonathon by my side.

    He wasn't quite talking in his sleep, just a quiet mumbling. It must have been a good dream if his smile was any indication.

    I opened my eyes and just stared at him. Damn, but he was so handsome while he slept. Almost as good as when he was awake.

    Taking a finger I traced his features one at a time, as though that would help to commit them to my memory forever.

    Jonathon Blanchard was taking my heart by storm, and he didn't even know it.

    I'd been through enough in my life to recognize this for what it was. Part of me was yelling `this is too fast!', while another part yelled `go for it!'. I was falling in love with him and I really didn't know squat about him. Really, I wasn't sure that mattered to me.

    Unable to help myself, I tenderly kissed each feature I was adoring, which was most all of his face. When I reached his lips, he stirred and I pulled back, not wanting to wake him.

    It was then that my kidneys screamed at me! I really needed to piss like a racehorse!

    Slowly, I moved his arms, then tried to ease away from him. That was all it took to wake him.

    That smile was priceless as was the way his eyes crinkled. My heart rate easily doubled.

    After a short debate, he went first. Just the sound caused mixed emotions inside, but my kidneys won out.

    A few minutes later, we both were drained and locked in another duel of the tongues. Dear God, don't let this be a dream!

    I could feel his heartbeat as we kissed. Our skin touching from stomach to chest, his feeling like a furnace raged beneath it.

    We writhed as though we were trying to climb inside one another. It was tender, passionate and wild all at the same time.

    Our hips moved in a wanton fashion all their own. Up and down and side to side. Our erections straining to be free of what little cloth separated them, so they could embrace each other as well.

    Neither one of us realized how close to that precipice we were until it was too late. We moaned into each others mouths as an incredible climax hit us both at nearly the same instant. Our arms pulled each other even closer as our bodies went into spasms.

    Juices mingled through the cotton as we continued to kiss. The fever of it slowly ebbed.

    Finally our lips parted and we gazed into each others eyes, a mix of emotions passing through them.

    "I've never before..." I tried to think of words.

    "Nor, I!" He whispered.

    We stood their in our embrace, letting our hearts slow and just smiled.

    Yes, this was love making, not sex. Something that had been very rare in my life until then.

    "We may need a shower now." I said.

    "Probably a good idea." He responded.

    I reached for the waistband of his boxers and he gave a subtle nod as he reached for mine.

    We gently kissed with our eyes open as we moved our hips apart just enough to lower the cloth. Then we pressed our bare groins together, slowly feeling that part of our bodies touch each other for the first time.

    When we broke the kiss, it was without a word. I adjusted the water in the shower and we both got in. Separately we rinsed away the evidence from our groins, then began to wash each other.

    First was the shampoo, then the washcloths and soap. Faces and necks first, going slowly. Then each others arms and torsos.

    I couldn't restrain myself any longer. Leaning forward I began to gently work on his large nipples. Something I'd wanted to do from the first time I saw them.

    He leaned back and let me spend several minutes on them both. I enjoyed the sighs and moans it brought to him. We were both stone hard again, and I knew what I wanted to do.

    In that area we were nearly equals. Jonathon was just a bit longer than myself, but I was a fair bit thicker with my seven inches.

    He also had way less body hair than I did, but I liked that about him. Well, I liked everything to be honest.

    Just using the washcloths, soap and our hands, we proceeded. Next was the feet and legs. We both stopped short of the goods as we knew we wouldn't last long if we didn't.

    Next he turned his back to me. I almost lost it.

    While his whole body was lean muscle, it still formed a nice `v' shape. All that accented his well shaped ass.

    Slowly, I washed his back making it part massage along the way. Several times he clenched his cheeks. Damn, he was a sexy man! I was close to a climax without touching myself at that point. Somehow I'd have to try and think of a distraction.

    He barely flinched when I started on those firm globes. It took all my concentration to not spoil the moment with anything unexpected. It was almost a purring sound coming from him by then.

    Being extra gentle, I parted his deep crevice. He let out a slight gasp when I did that. His most private of places looked so vulnerable. Only a slight amount of tiny hairs surrounded this spot.

    Taking the washcloth I slowly worked it from the base of his spine to the back of his nutsack.

    "Oh... my... God!" He whimpered. His body trembled as I repeated this several times, watching that small muscle tense and relax.

    "Stop!" He cried as he gripped my wrist firmly.

    "I don't... want... to paint... the walls!" He gasped.

    I kissed the small of his back. "That's okay baby." I replied.

    Next it was my turn and he took a lesson from how I'd treated him. I'll be honest, I reached that same plateau and stopped him.

    We faced each other and grinned. Then it was time for another kiss. We were careful not to make it too passionate as we still had to finish our shower.

    With both of our washcloths in hand, we agreed by our expressions that we were ready for this.

    I can't say if he has low hangers or not, since we'd both been drawn up tight from minutes after our shorts hit the floor. That was the area we both started on.

    Tenderly we moved the cloth, watching the other to make sure we didn't go over the edge. Then we stopped at the same time. One place was left.

    I know the timid look on his face had to be a match to mine. He wasn't circumcised, so I was careful with my actions. It was as though we both were walking a tightrope. One slight miscalculation, we'd be done.

    First the tip, then the shaft. Both of us avoided any amount of stroking action.

    Abruptly, we both stopped at the same time. There's no doubt that we couldn't have held back for more than a few seconds more.

    After we rinsed off the last of the soap, we stepped from the tub. I pulled two large towels from the cupboard and we slowly dried each other.

    "Tired, baby?" I had to ask. We'd only slept a few hours.

    "A lil." He replied. "But... not too tired!"

    I had to grin at that. Sleep wasn't high on my list just then.

    Taking his hand, I began to lead him back to the bedroom. "Baby, I think it's time that we made..."

    "Love!" He interjected.

    (To be continued?)

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