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     My life has changed drastically in the last month. How so? you might ask. Well let me tell you. My name is Joey and I'm 18 years old and I live in New York. I have black hair with red tints. I've got a nice build, and I think I'm a pretty good looking guy. But enough of what I look like. The real problems began about two months ago. I was watching on the news and there were kidnappings going on in the city. It was really freaky, two people were already missing. So I was taking every step to ensure that the same thing didn't happen to me. I decided that until the kidnapper was caught, I would stay inside my apartment as much as I could. The days went by and still the police were no closer to catching the guy or girl. So I spent my time watching tv, and playing games on my pc. After getting so bored one day, I decided to do something other then playing games and channel surfing. I found a chatroom and went in and started chatting. I wasn't looking for anything in general, just someone to talk to. After about twenty minutes of nothing but porn links and view my webcam, I was getting ready to log off. That's when a new window popped up.

jadedguy00:Hi, I saw your profile.
jadedguy00:You just wanting someone to chat with?
nycboi_8107:yea. i'm bored as hell right now.
jadedguy00:So tell me about yourself.

     We kept talking through out the day. Personally, I don't know who he was. But he sure made the time fly. He told me how he traveled all over the world, his job required it. He wouldn't go too much into his life. The days went by and we kept talking. The hours were odd though. Moving from the afternoon, to early in the morning, to sometimes really late at night. After days of speaking with jadedguy00, I decided to get out and have some fun. After picking up my laptop from a repair shop, I went to a local movie store. I picked up some of my favorites, and I came across Phone Booth. Collin Farrell was hot and what better way to spend the night then to watch his movies. After finishing everything in town, I started towards my apartment. I had this odd feeling that I was being followed, and what better to make this feeling a startling reality then to see a guy following me. I started moving faster, it was getting dark soon. When I reached my apartment building, I raced to the elevator and just as the doors closed I saw someone staring at me.

     When I got inside my apartment, I locked all the doors and windows. That was too close. It could of been the kidnapper on the news, or some crazy person. Whoever it was, I wasn't taking any chances. After calming down, I started putting away all the goodies I had bought earlier. I slipped Phone Booth in to the dvd player and set down to my laptop. I had an email from jadedguy00. He was worried, I hadn't been online all day. That was cute, I thought. We talked all the time, and he sent me photos of places he had traveled and places he was working. Of course he was never in the photos, but maybe one day he would show me himself. I'm not sure why he wouldn't let me see him. Hell, he had seen several photos of me. I wasn't one to judge a person by their looks, but if he was that afraid to show me what he really looked like. Why not send me a photo of someone else? I signed on, and almost instantly there was a message from him.

jadedguy00:Now you decide to get online.
nycboi_8107:lol. I went out today. I had to.
jadedguy00:And what did you do?
nycboi_8107:Had to pickup my laptop and I had to go get some food and I got some movies.
jadedguy00:Sounds like fun ;)
nycboi_8107:It started out fun, until I came home.
jadedguy00:Did something happen? Are you okay?
nycboi_8107:Some creep followed me into my building. I guess it was some 'ol crazy
jadedguy00:You sure? Do you have all your doors locked and all?
nycboi_8107:I live in an apartment, if someone wants to get in bad enough they will.
jadedguy00:I really don't like the sound of that.
nycboi_8107:what are you gonna come protect me? Your all the way in London. What can you do?
jadedguy00:I'm glad that you like my photos, but I've been out of England for about 2 days now.
nycboi_8107:You have! why didn't you tell me?
jadedguy00:you gotta be online for me to do that, now don't ya?

nycboi_8107:smartass :P
jadedguy00:So what movies did you get?
nycboi_8107:Just a few classics and I got this new one called Phone Booth.
jadedguy00:Oh you did?
nycboi_8107:yea, so far so good. It's playing now.

     Just then there was a loud slam at my door. It scared me. I got up and went to the peephole. It was the guy who followed me home, he was trying to get in. I had to get outta here. My apartment was now not safe, and as I said if you wanna get in bad enough you will. I grabbed up my bag and threw it over my shoulder and went down the fire escape. I was scared as hell now, could that be the kidnapper? As I ran down the back alley, I could hear my apartment door crashing down. But I kept running, where would I go? I didn't know, but I couldn't go back there. I finally made it to an all night diner, and I sat down and ordered a cup of coffee. My apartment was broken into, I had no place to go. I got out my cell and called my friend Lara. Shit. She wasn't home, and I wasn't going to call everyone of my friends to find a place to stay. I got out my laptop and signed on. Who knows how long I would be here, but at least I would have something to do.

jadedguy00:Hey, what happened? where did you go?
nycboi_8107:I'm sorry but I had some problems.
nycboi_8107:yea, that freak broke into my place.
jadedguy00:Are you okay? Where are you now?
nycboi_8107:I'm alright just shaken up a bit. I'll be okay. I'm at a diner right now.
jadedguy00:What are you gonna do now? Where are you gonna go?
nycboi_8107:I have no idea, I don't know what to do. I'm afraid, I'll turn up like those other people who got kidnapped.
jadedguy00:You have nowhere to go?
nycboi_8107:Well it's not like I planned for this. If I had, I would of been with a friend right now.
jadedguy00:What diner are you at? nycboi_8107:Marx. On corner and third. Why do you wanna know?
jadedguy00:Stay there.
nycboi_8107:What? What are you talking about?
User jadedguy00 has logged off. Message could not be sent at 9:11P.M.

     What did he mean by that? Stay there was he coming to get me? No, he couldn't. As much as the guy traveled he couldn't be in New York. I drinked my coffee and waited. I had no idea what for, but in some strange way. I trusted him, even though I had never seen his face. Hell, I didn't even know his name. After about an hour and four cups of coffee later, I was pretty much rather risk trying to get into my apartment then wait around. I was nervous, and I was in no condition to meet online peeps. I stretched into the booth and relaxed. You would think as much coffee as I had, I would be wired. But I was tired, very tired.

     As Joey doze in the corner, a black jaguar pulled around the corner. In walked a man wearing nothing but a tee and a pair of jeans. He pulled a photo out of his pocket and looked around the room. The waitress just had a stunned look on her face. The man walked up towards a sleeping Joey. He looked at the photo again to make sure, then picked up Joey's bag and laptop off the table. The man gave Joey a small nudge.

      "Hey Joey, man wake up" said the man.

     Joey woke up, still half asleep. He looked up at the guy and immediately hid his head under his arms.

      "This cannot be real, I gotta be dreaming" said an panic Joey.

      "What?" said the man.

      "Your.. Your Collin Farrell!" replied Joey.

      "Enough about me, let's go" replied Collin with a small grin on his face.

     Collin put my stuff in the back of his car and we drove off. I watched him eagerly, never taking my eyes off him. He had a calm, relaxed expression on his face.

      "So do you always pick up men you've never met, other then in chat rooms?" I asked in a joking tone.

      "Well for you babe, I'll make an exception. Besides I was worried" replied Collin.

      "Awww. That's sweet. I have a famous movie star that worries about me. But I was kinda worried too. That guy creeped me out" said Joey.

      "I talked to my bodyguard, he's going to go check out your place tonight" replied the ever so hot Collin.

      "Now listen, I don't want to put you out. God knows you have done more then enough by picking me up and visiting me" said Joey in a now serious tone.

      "Hey, for starters I don't want you being alone. You got some crazy fuck out there who wants to do god knows what with ya. Besides, I kinda.. sorta care about you.

     The words took Joey by complete surprise. It was enough of a shock to know that an online relationship he had was a famous Hollywood star. But to an even greater surprise was that, Collin had feelings for Joey and it seemed that they were truly real feelings, not something a guy would say to get you into bed. Joey thought all of this as he continued to stare. Collin stopped at a red light and turned his head towards Joey and got ready to speak. That's when Joey lunged forward and kissed Collin deeply. Joey was met with the smooth hot lips of Collin's. Joey drove his tongue deep into Collin's mouth, followed by a soft moan from Joey. The two were enjoying the kiss very much, until they both heard a horn blow from behind them. They immediately stopped and looked behind to see a small line of car's building up. They both laughed.

      "We better go, we can finish this up at my place" said Collin.

Joey gave a approving nod and they drove off. The steamy kiss steamed to linger on both of their minds. Collin wanted nothing more then to ravage Joey. The two had been speaking for months, to be honest if you left out the fact that Collin had never told Joey about his Hollywood career, the two practically knew each other very well. And now it had come to this, Collin was falling for Joey and he was having feelings that he had never felt for anyone else before. He hoped that only Joey would feel the same way. Both men kept quite after that, Collin kept his right hand on Joey's leg for the rest of the ride. Even though they only had a few more miles to go, it seemed as if the two would have to wait a lifetime before they would make it to Collin's house.

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