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     The drive to Collin's place seemed to last forever. But sure enough they were at his place. Collin's home was located in the heart of New York, well at least this home was. Located several flights into the sky and up on the top entire floor was what was known as Collin's place. Collin grabbed Joey's coat and pulled him off the elevator. Two large white doors with brass door knobs met the two men at the door. Collin pulled a small key card from his wallet and inserted it into a slot within the door. A small click followed the both guys were inside. The place was huge! It's so hard to describe. As soon as you walk in, your greeted by a large living room filled with expensive couches and tables and chairs. To your left was a spotless kitchen which looked like it wasn't used much. Collin walked off past the kitchen down a long hallway. Joey took this as a chance to explore the place further. After the living room to the far left was a small doorway. It led to a small yet cozy office room. Bookcases and photos of Collin and his Hollywood friends decorated the walls. There was also a nice size desk looking out to a window. A small, yet expensive laptop set on the desk. Joey walked out of the room, and took a seat on one of the comfortable couches. A few minutes later, Collin returned from the back of the penthouse.

      "Listen, you've been through alot tonight. I think you would want to sleep now wouldn't you?" asked Collin.

     But Collin's words fell upon death ears. As fast as Joey had set on the couch, the quicker he had fallen asleep. Collin was touched by Joey's cuteness as he slept. Collin got down on one knee, and removed Joey's sneakers and pulled off his jacket slowly making sure not to wake him. Collin then lifted Joey up and carried him to him room and laid him under the covers. Joey slept quietly, as Collin retreated to the bathroom to prepare to bed. When he was done, Collin crawled slowly into bed and pulled the covers over him and Joey. Collin turned on his side and stared deep into Joey's face. Joey looked so calm and peaceful right now. Collin ran his fingers through Joey's hair. He so longed to kiss Joey again, but he just couldn't bring himself to do it. Collin rolled over, his back facing Joey and fell to sleep.

     The next morning Joey awoke in the dark bedroom. Joey sat up and was getting ready to get out of bed when he heard someone mumbling. He quickly jerked his head to see Collin sleeping. OH MY GOD! Joey thought. This wasn't a dream. But then again what if it was? Joey pinched himself in the chest. Ouch! Ok, so it wasn't a dream. Joey got out of bed and walked as softly as he could out of the room. Joey went to the kitchen and messed around in the fridge and coming out with a small bottle of orange juice. Collin mainly kept sodas, take out food, and a carton of cigs in his fridge. Joey pondered for a moment why Collin didn't keep any real food in his place. After thinking for a few minutes, Joey looked around the place for his shoes and coat. He had an idea. After finding what he needed, Joey bolted out the door and down the street.

     An hour or so later, Collin woke up. He looked over to find his bed empty. Immediately Collin rushed outta bed grabbing a bathrobe and putting it on and running into the living room. Empty. Where could of Joey gone? Collin thought. Collin took a seat on the couch, running his hands through his hair.

      "Well, I guess it couldn't of worked anyway. He's just an average guy and I'm a celeb" said Collin out loud.

     Just then, Joey walked into the room with a bag full of food. Collin jumped up from the couch and walked up towards Joey.

      "Hey, where did you go off to?" asked Collin.

      "Well, I was in your fridge this morning and you didn't have no food what so ever. So I went shopping and picked up some things" replied Joey as he started pulling items from the bag.

      "I don't really go out much for myself, unless I have too. Pretty much everything I have is beer or take out" said Collin.

      "That's messed up. To have such a hot body and it's all from beer and greasy take-out" replied Joey.

     Collin gave a slight smile and walked up behind Joey placing his arms around Joey's waist. Collin started kissing the back of Joey's neck, running his hands all over Joey's body.

      "As good as this feels. I don't want it to go any further then this" said Joey in a low voice.

     Collin kept kissing up and down Joey's neck. His hands went to his robe's drawstrings. In one swift movement, his entire bathrobe dropped to the floor. Joey turned around and immediately Joey's jaw dropped in awe of the sight before him. Here stood Collin with nothing on. His smooth muscular chest, his strong firm legs. In fact Collin's entire body was simply amazing. Joey dropped the soda he was holding and just stared at Collin's body.

      "Err. I have so got to be dreaming" stated Joey closing his eyes, as Collin went back to kissing Joey's face and neck.

      "Then this is one good dream" replied Collin.

     As much as Joey was enjoying this, he had standards. Even if this is Collin Farrell, he never slept with people he had just met. Kissing was one thing, everyone kissed but having sex was a whole different issue.

      "Come on Collin, please stop. I really like you so far, let's not throw it all away over a few minutes of pleasure" said Joey in a hoarse voice.

      Oh fuck, you were serious. I don't believe this shit. No one, and I mean no one has even turned me down for sex" replied Collin, his voice growing with anger.

      "Collin, I'm sorry but it's just I don't want to get laid and then leave. I feel so devoid of emotion if that happens, and I don't like feeling that way ever said Joey.

      Fuck off! I can't believe this, not only can I not get laid, I have to have some kid full of fucking nonsense as well" said Collin literally screaming.

      "I know this goes with all movie stars, but your a fucking asshole. I'm sorry I put you through so much trouble, but rest assure. I'm outta here" replied Joey as he grabbed his bags from the couch and walked out the door.

     With that, Joey was gone. Collin bent down and picked up his robe and walked back into his room and laid on the bed, staring at the ceiling. After about five minutes, Collin rushed and got dressed and ran out the door. Joey was about three blocks away walking in a fast pace down the street. Joey's eyes hurt with the impending tears behind his eyelids. He wouldn't cry, Collin wasn't worth crying over. Joey kept telling himself that, but it wasn't working. Joey had spent years watching Collin in movies, reading about him in magazines and watching stories done on him in the news. Was it possible to fall in love with someone you had never met, but only seen on tv? Joey would never know the answer now, as he walked down the street and turned on the corner. A women bumped into him and his bag fell to the ground, out falling all of it's contents. Joey got down and started picking up everything as he muttered a few bad words. Just then, a hand came out from nowhere and started picking up things. Joey looked up and saw Collin kneeled before him.

      "Here to put me down some more?" asked Joey turning his head trying not to look at Collin.

      "I'm sorry. I said some things that were outta line. Will you please come back?" Collin asked.

      "Collin, I can't be a one night stand. I won't be. I've been down this road before, and I would rather avoid it if possible" replied Joey trying to fight back the tears.

      "Listen, I don't have a damn clue where our relationship is going. But at least give it a chance to be a relationship. Will ya?" asked Collin.

     Joey gave a look of defeat and picked up his bag and swung it over his shoulder. Joey looked Collin in the eyes. Joey wasn't sure if he should keep walking, or go back to Collin's place.

      "Okay. I'll come back to your place" Joey stated in a defeated voice.

     After that mornings incident, the rest of the day seemed to be okay. Collin and I seemed to enjoyed the remainder of the day talking and having fun. He showed me pictures of places and countries he had been to. Photos of movie locations, the house he grew up in Dublin, and so on. The conversation seemed to drift back and fourth, but always stopped at Collin. My life wasn't as interesting as his was. I mean let's face it, I moved to New York from a small "country state." I got a job working for an online internet company, I had some close friends in town. Let's see, that's it. So my life couldn't compare to the fabulous lifestyle of Collin's. Although, he begged to differ.

      Hollywood is so fake man" replied Collin. "I'm serious, so many people sucking up and trying so hard to get parts in anything. Girls and even guys sleeping with whoever to land a role. Plus, even if you can avoid having a love life you still have to worry about the press being all rude and shit" replied Collin.

     The words seemed to be filled with so much bitterness. When you watch Collin act, you cannot really tell that he may actually hate his career.

     Since Collin insisted on my staying at his place until my apartment was repaired. I guess you could say I had moved in with him. Later that week his bodyguard had dropped off some suitcases with my stuff. God I hope I wasn't going to become the happy housewife. I had decided to catch up on work today and I did just that. Collin had to meet with his agent over some movie roles, so I had the place all the myself. I clicked on the tv and listened to the news as I worked. The police still were nowhere near catching the kidnapper. Plus Collin had talked me into not calling and reporting the break in to the cops. Even if the guy was the kidnapper, it just may bring out bad press for Collin. So I decided not to do it. Plus that meant more time to spend with Collin! After about two or so hours of nothing but work, I quit and got out my cell and called one of my best friends Lara.

      "Hey girl, what's up?" I asked.

      "Oh god Joey, I have been so worried. You ass, that message you left on my machine had me scared shitless. Plus I went by your place and there was people there repairing the door and cleaning the place up" replied Lara.

      "Yea, I've ran into some problems. But everything seems to be okay now. Anyway, how are you?" I asked.

      "Just working hard, I have had so much shit comeing down on me at the moment" replied Lara.

     Just then, the phone ring from Collin's office.

      "The other phone is ringing Lara, I'll call you later" I said.

      "Ok, bye" Lara replied.

     I walked into the office and picked up the phone. It was some long distance provider wanting to sign Collin up to a shitload of service. I told them I wasn't interested, and I hung up. I walked out of the office and right into Collin.

      "Damn, you scared me" I replied.

      "What were you doing in there?" Collin asked.

      "Somebody wanting to sell you crap. To be honest I thought it was you calling" replied Joey.

      "Honest mistake, please don't answer my phone again" Collin said. And with that, He walked out from the Office.

     Joey never really questioned this. It was after all Collin's house, but it was sorta rude Joey thought.

      "I brought some take out. Never can get tired of the stuff" Collin said with a grin on his face.

     We ate the take out in the living room as we watched Jason X. I love Horror movies, Collin on the other hand thought they were nothing but movies for children. He could be telling the truth, after all I was only eighteen. That's how the night went. After the movie was over, Collin grabbed the remote and turned to a sports channel. I wasn't really interested, I was comfy as hell. I had my had resting on Collin's right leg as I was curled up on the couch. I took Collin's wrist and kissed it and closed my eyes and drifted to sleep. Collin ran his fingers through Joey's hair. He loved the feeling. Collin leaned back into the chair and lit up a cig, drawing the smoke deep into his lungs then exhaling. He took a look at Joey and slowly got up making sure not to wake him. Collin grabbed a blanket from behind the couch and covered Joey up. Taking a final look at Joey, Collin walked off to the bedroom with a slight smile on his face.

     It was around mid-afternoon when Collin woke up. The rain was pouring down outside. Collin got up and walked into the bathroom and found Joey showering behind the glass wall. Collin stood looking at Joey's body. The water ran down Joey's body. It was a very sexy sight. Joey's entire body was drenched. Soap ran down his chest, trickleing down Joey's slight six-pack all the way down to his seven inch cock. The warm water felt so good, that Joey didn't even notice Collin standing there. But Collin was enjoying this show very much. He grabbed his hardening cock between his boxers. A small moan escaped his lips as he played with his nine incher. Collin couldn't take this anymore, he dropped his boxers to the floor and crept into the shower with Joey. Collin placed his hands on Joey's shoulders and started rubbing all over Joey's back.

      "Good Morning" replied Joey enjoying the massage Collin was giving him.

      "It is now" stated Collin.

     Collin kept moving his hands up and down Joey's back and finally stopping at Joey's ass. Collin gave them a firm squeeze. Collin drew one of his fingers to his mouth and sucked on it hard. He then took the finger and placed it at the entrance of Joey's dark hole. Joey couldn't help himself, he leaned back as Collin's finger went deep inside him. Joey let out a gasp as the pleasure consumed him. Joey pulled off of Collin's finger and turned around looking at Collin deeply. Collin placed his hands on both sides of Joey's face and kissed him. Collin shoved his tongue into Joey's mouth. Joey broke the kiss and looked at Collin.

      "I'm ready, are you?" Joey asked with a look of complete seriousness on his face.

     Collin turned off the water and grabbed Joey's hand and led him out of the bathroom. The two walked into Collin's bedroom, both still dripping wet but neither of them cared. Joey laid back upon the bed, as Collin got on top of him. Collin placed all of his weight on top of Joey's body. Collin started kissing Joey, running his hands all over Joey's body releasing moans from Joey's lips as Collin did this. Collin was in complete control of Joey. He could make Joey feel so much pleasure, or he could make him feel none at all. But Collin didn't want that, he wanted both of them to feel good. Collin started kissing Joey's chest, running his tongue in slight strokes until his mouth met Joey's hard cock. Collin took all of Joey's seven inches deep into his mouth. Sucking long and hard on Joey's meat. Collin started playing with Joey's balls as well. Joey was going nuts with pleasure, Collin knew every spot to hit and it was sending Joey over the edge. Joey wrapped his legs around Collin's head and started thrusting his cock even deeper into Collin's eager mouth. Collin was enjoying every second of this. He kept working his magic, stroking Joey's balls and sucking greedily on his cock. Joey couldn't take it anymore, he gave a final thrust and started cumming deep in Collin's mouth. Jet after jet of hot cum flowed down Collin's throat.

      "Oh my god. That was incredible Collin" said Joey gasping for air.

     Collin got up and leaned in and kissed Joey. Joey tasted his own cum as Collin held tightly to Joey's body.

      "Ya like?" replied Collin with a grin on his face.

      "Oh hell yes, now we have to take care of you Mr. Farrell?" asked Joey with a devilish smirk.

      "Well I have a few ideas" Collin said as he placed his hand around Joey's hardening cock.

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