DISCLAIMER: This story is TOTAL FICTION. I, do not claim to know the sexual preference of Collin Farrell. Please enjoy this work. Also I hope Joey enjoys this. Questions and Comments, can be sent to blue_sunn@msn.com or reach me by aim: goingund3r

     Collin woke up the next morning. Joey was curled up close to him with his head laid softly on Collin's chest. Joey looked like an angel when he slept. Collin smiled at this, as he slowly crept out of bed and towards the living room. Collin took a seat on the couch and opened his cell phone. He called his agent. Collin loved to work, and since his acting career was taking off he wanted to get as many jobs as possible. Collin's agent answered the phone in just one ring.

      "Collin, How are you man?" answered Collin's agent in a chipper tone.

      "I'm alright Niles. I'm calling about work. I've been idle for too long" replied Collin laying back on the couch.

      "Already? Collin, you just finished S.W.A.T. which took alot of time to do. Why do you want something so soon?" said Niles.

      "I want to keep my career up as long as possible. As long as I am a hot upcoming star, I will get work and I will get nice paychecks. So give me something" replied Collin with a smirk on his face.

      "Well alright. There is a photoshoot in California for some new magazine, they want a peice of you. Also some small budget film process has a leading role, and the studio that's sponsoring is willing to pay big for a hot actor." Niles replied while going over paperwork.

      "Good. Set it up then" said Collin brushing his black hair back.

      "Ok, get your stuff ready and I will have a car there to take you to the airport tonight around 9:00p.m." replied Niles.

      "So soon?" Collin asked.

      "Well yes. You want a busy career, your going to get it" replied Niles after the click of him hanging up.

     Collin shut his cell and tossed it on to the table. Collin was now perplexed. What was he going to do with Joey? Collin had his share of guys and girls in the past, but he made sure to never have anyone with him while he was working. Just then, Joey walked into the kitchen and started raiding the fridge. This immediately brought Collin out of his reverie. He got up and walked pulled Joey close to him.

      "I'm going to have to go back to work tonight" Collin said after a light sigh.

      "Oh, so what will we do then?" Joey asked getting slightly sad.

      "Well, I guess you can come with me" Collin said loosing his himself at the words. He didn't want to bring people he was sleeping with to work. What made him ask?

      "Really? Where are we going?" Joey asked getting excited.

      "To L.A. for a photoshoot and then off to a meeting about a movie job" replied Collin as he ran his fingers through Joey's hair.

      "That sounds really cool" Joey said leaning back on Collin's body.

     Collin ran his hands up Joey's shirt and flicked Joey's hardening nipples. A moan escaped Joey's lips as Collin continued to play with Joey's eager nipples. Collin's hands danced all over Joey's chest. Fingers tracing over Joey's six-pack, and inched to Joey's hard cock which was leaking precum and had stained his boxers. Joey grabbed the back of Collin's head and took a good grip of hair as Collin started stroking Joey's cock. Back and fourth, Collin worked his hand as more of Joey's precum leaked out. Joey's grip on Collin's hair grew tighter. Collin stopped his hand, as Joey tried to thrust his cock into release.

      "Wanna make this even more interesting?" Collin asked as he gave Joey's ass a squeeze.

      "Oh hell yea" Joey said as Collin led him to the bedroom.

     Joey dropped his bathrobe and his boxers and crawed onto the bed as his hard cock pressed hard against his stomach. Collin returned from the bathroom with a condom and a bottle of lube. This was it. This moment both of them had been working up for weeks now. Of course Joey and Collin had done things. Blow jobs and fingering and all the filler stuff. But now here was the prime moment of all those weeks of playing around. Joey was nervous, but yet really excited as well. It had been a long time since someone had fucked him, but he was glad that this time Collin was going to be his first in a long time. Collin got onto the bed, and placed a pillow under Joey lifting him up a few inches. Collin tore open the condom wrapped with his teeth and placed it onto his hard, dripping cock. Collin squeezed some lube into the palm of his hand and started rubbing it to warm it up. Next he rubbed some all over his cock, and then to Joey's tight hole. Joey moaned as Collin's fingers entered into him, preparing Joey for a day of hot sex. Collin worked his fingers in and out of Joey as more moans exited his lips. Finally Joey was ready.

     Collin placed the head of his cock at Joey's awaiting hole. Slowly, Collin moved his member inside. Collin placed his hands flat down on each side of Joey and laid his body on top of his. Collin pushed even further inside of Joey. When Collin was halfway in, Joey grunted with pain. Collin immediately stopped and looked into Joey's eyes. Joey put his arms around Collin's now sweaty body and nodded for Collin to continue. When Collin was finally all the way inside Joey, he stopped to allow Joey enough time to adjust to feeling all of his hard cock deep inside him. Collin kinda went into a trance and enjoyed the warmth of Joey's tight ass. Joey was tired of waiting, he began to move up and down thrusting himself on Collin's cock. This surprised Collin, and he immediately started moaning in unison with Joey's climbs on his cock. Collin placed all of his weight on top of Joey's smooth, sweaty body and wrapped his arms around him. Collin started kissing Joey deeply as his cock moved in and out in a fast, yet steady pace. Joey placed his hand on his cock and started stroking himself in each thrust Collin gave. Pretty soon, they both were moving in unison. Joey started clawing into Collin's back with his free hand. Collin was excellent in bed. He knew every spot to hit, his kisses were like silk against his lips. His sculpted body, hard muscles, perfect hair. It was all to much. Joey let out a loud mixture of a deep gasp and moan and started cumming. Hot streams of cum shot onto his and Collin's chest. The tightening of Joey's velvet ring was enough for Collin. He held onto Joey tightly and yelled out unauidble words as he came hard into the condom. Collin was cumming so hard, Joey didn't think the condom would hold it all. After what seemed like years, Collin finally stopped cumming and collapsed on top of Joey. The two men fell asleep in a heap of hot sex and sweat.

     Both men were awaken hours later by a loud knocking at the door. Collin pulled outta Joey and tossed the soiled condom into a trash can and grabbed his bathrobe and walked to the door. There standing was a large black man wearing a black suit and shades. To the normal person, this man would scare the living shit out of you. But to Collin, he simply yawned.

      "Come on in Cordy" Collin said as he let out a yawn.

      "Mr. Farrell, we are to leave at 9:00p.m. and to report at the airport for your jet to take you to California" Cordy replied.

      "Well it's only eight now. We'll have plenty of time to get our shit together" Collin said as Joey walked into the room wearing a pair of sweats and an old tee.

      "Hey you. We need to get our things together and get ready to go" Collin said as Joey walked back into the bedroom to pack.

      "Uh, Mr. Farrell. Who was that?" Cordy asked lowering his dark shades and giving Collin a hard stare.

      "He's going to be traveling with me Cordy. So deal with it" Collin replied with slight aggression in his tone.

      "Collin, we tried this before remember? The entire agency was at work for weeks to fix the shit he caused" Cordy replied.

      "That was different Cordy and you know it. Anthony just had some issues. I should of known he wasn't right for this type of relationship" Collin said sitting down.

      "Well was Amelia any different?" Cody asked.

      "Yea she was. She got a nice pay check and a hell of a career boost" Collin replied.

      "Well I won't inform Niles of him. But if anything happens because of him, I will not be blamed" Cordy said as he took a seat behind the kitchen counter.

      "Fine, fine. I'm going to go pack now, if that's alright with you?" Collin asked getting up and walking towards his bedroom.

      "In fact, I would insist it Mr. Farrell" Cordy said.

     Collin walked into his bedroom to see Joey stuffing clothes into suitcases. Collin walked into his closet and brought out clothes and a suitcase. Immediately, Collin started cramming everything into the suitcase. Joey started laughing at Collin's attempts of shoving everything into the bags. Collin gave a smirk and walked off to his office. He grabbed his laptop and a few other things and walked back to his bedroom. Joey and his suitcases were gone. But to Collin's surprise, all of his clothes were folded and packed neatly into his suitcase. Collin zipped of the suitcase and smiled. A few minutes later, Collin came into the living room fully dressed and with all his bags. Collin was wearing a black button up shirt and a pair of leather pants. Joey was sitting on the couch wearing a sweater and a pair of jeans. Cordy has taken the bags to the car already, so it was just them.

      "You sure you want me to come babe?" Joey asked resting his head on Collin's shoulder.

      "If I didn't want you to come Joey, I wouldn't of asked" Collin replied kissing the top of Joey's head.

      "Good answer" Joey said as Collin pulled him into a kiss.

     The flight to california lasted all night. Joey had curled up on a small couch area on the jet. Collin on the other hand spend the evening on the phone to his agent, publicist, and other people who made his career happen. When he was finally done with everything, he got up and walked over to Joey who was sound asleep. Collin grabbed a blanket from one of the storage areas, and covered Joey up. Collin stared down at Joey. Strange feelings were growing deep inside him. Collin was a wild man. He was twenty-six years old, and he was a party animal. Nothing and no one could tame him. Collin didn't believe in love. It was something he felt was for normal people. Tamed people. Not a wild man like himself. But over the last few weeks, Collin had felt closer to Joey then he had to anyone in a long time. Collin had loved someone very deeply, and in return that person had broken his heart. Collin made a promise to himself that he would never fall for someone the way he had before. But now when he looked at Joey. It seemed to be a promise not worth keeping.

     Collin and Joey were both awaken by a flight attendant a few hours later. The jet was just getting ready to land. Once they were off the jet, the two immediately went to the hotel. Collin stayed in an hotel called the "Ba'la Ren. After checking in, Collin and Joey went to the top floor. Where only high spenders stayed. Both men walked down a long hall way and up to Collin's room. Collin inserted the key card and allowed Joey to enter. Collin was about to walk in when he heard someone speaking to him. Collin knew that voice.

      "Well, well, well. The great Collin Farrell. Fancy meeting you here" the voice said.

      "Anthony, what in the hell are you doing here?" Collin asked, his voice filled with anger.

      "I work just like you do Collin baby" Anthony said re adjusting his frames.

      "You lost the right to call me baby a long time ago Anthony" replied Collin.

     Anthony stood there wearing a pair of jeans and a sweater. His small frames of his glasses making his radiant green eyes even more noticeable. Anthony had a good build on him. Given the right amount of time, he would have nice, defined muscles to go along with the package. Anthony pushed back his hair and stood there staring at Collin.

      "I don't want to see you anymore Anthony. I better not catch you causing me any problems while I am here" Collin replied as he backed into the doorway.

     With that, Collin shut the door and locked it. He pressed his back against the door and wiped his eyes. He learned to stop crying a long time ago, and he wouldn't start now. What little tears that where in his eyes were gone now. Collin took a deep breath and walked into the room.

      "Who was that babe?" Joey asked as he opened suitcases.