Author's Note:

One Direction are a British boy band who was formed a year ago on the X Factor. They finished third. The band's members are Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Zayn Malik and Louis Tomlinson. This is a fanfiction and I suggest you try finding out more about the guys if you don't know who they are, before reading this. Also, this is a fictional story that does not intend to say anything about the characters' sexuality and private lives in reality. Please keep in mind that English is not my first language. I wish to keep all rights on this story. If you want to reproduce any part of it, you must contact me for permission. Please, do understand that I put a lot of effort in this. For any comments and suggestions:


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Don't ever believe in Harry Styles' promises, unless he's in tears or unless it's about something very serious.


His body, the body of the mysterious, passionate, gentle but wild lover, slowly collapsed on the matress next to me. The curls concealed the exhausted face, but after an automatic gesture it reappeared, smiling tiredly, dimples here, there and everywhere. 

"That was amazing." Harry stated.

I turned over to face him and smiled gently and his fingers found mine and they interlocked. I will never get used to the thrill that runs through my body every time he does that, every single time. It's kind of how everything started, with that small, trite, meaningful gesture. 

And look at us now. I don't think I have ever been this happy, ever. It is possible that I am just so head over heels for him that I can't see things from the neutral angle, but that doesn't bother me. The lads won't hesitate to bring me back to Earth if I cross the line. And sitting on cloud 9 with this beautiful boy is one of the most pleasant activities, states I can think of. 

"Just amazing?" I smiled and ran my other hand through my hair, pushing it back in place, "Come on, I worked so...hard, I think I did a fantastic job. Judging by the sounds you were making, and by the mess we're in the middle of."

Harry laughed a little, but there was a definite hint of tiredness in his eyes. 

"So I didn't do well?" 

"That's not what I said." I said pointedly, "You were awesome, you-"

"I'm kidding, and you know it." he laughed again and moved in closer.

He moved his leg over mine, my arm found it's way under his neck, he placed his hand on the side of my face and again moved in, slowly. His lips met mine and I closed my eyes. Peace envelops me every time we share such a loving kiss, it's unbelievable how soft his lips are. He parted our faces and then kissed me again and again, kisses so gentle, so affectionate. 

Harry let his face fall to my pillow, centimeters away from mine and stared into my eyes with a small and content smile. How beautiful he is! How incredible his eyes are! I sometimes feel like my love for him keeps growing and growing and I fall harder and harder for him every time he gives me that sparkling look. 

I smiled in response. 

"You are so gorgeous," Harry said so quietly it was almost a whisper, "Do tell me though, I was amazing and..?"

I laughed and he bit on his lower lip. 

"And very active and very, very hot."

He smiled at me. I beamed right back. We shared a peaceful moment of just lying together. I was ready to go to sleep, it was probably after 2 and tomorrow was gonna be a busy day, but Harry seemed to be thinking about something, his eyes fastened somewhere on my neck. 

"So are we doing it?" he asked, startling me out of my confused thoughts.

I moved my tongue around my mouth.

"Are we doing what?"

"A no-touch day?" he said and interlocked his fingers with mine again.

It's not really a bad idea, but it's going to be hard not being allowed to touch my boyfriend like, at all. And it's not all about sex, I just like the little affectionate gestures between us too much. 

I scrunched up my face.

"I don't know...I am too tired to think about his now, let's sleep, we'll discuss it tomorrow."

"You're so cute."

"I love you."

"I love you too." he kissed my hand, "But come on, let's do it. It will be fun. Imagine the feeling when the 24 hours are over! It's gonna be epic!"

His excitement flowed into my body through his fingers and I grinned, feeling a little better about the idea now. 

"But like, no touching at all?"


I pouted. He tilted his head into the pillow. I tilted my head the other way. He tilted his head, I tilted mine further. 

"Are you telling me you would be fine without me touching you here or there for a whole day?" I nudged him.

"Well, alright, we can touch each other, but not like, sexually." 

I smiled, pleased of the outcome of this deep midnight conversation. It won't be too hard, we've had to refrain from sex before.

"But then we'll extend it over two days. It won't be fun otherwise." 

I sighed. He stared at me pleadingly. I sighed again. 

"You have to promise that you will not be the tease you normally are. Okay?" I said, trying to look as serious as possible. 

Harry laughed vibrantly.

"I'm serious!"

"Okay, yeah, I promise." I wasn't too convinced, but decided to let it go. "Besides, don't think it will be easy for me. A flex of those amazing arms and I'm hard."

I smiled smugly, but let a hint of happiness show. It's always great to hear your boyfriend talk that way about you.

"And that smirk..." he whistled lowly, "You know how hot you are..."

"We should clean up."

"We should."

"You go, it was my turn yesterday. Or, the other day."

"But it's so warm and nice here."


Harry sprinted to the bathroom and returned with a wet and warm washcloth. He carefully wiped the area around my genitals should any fluids have caught there. There were dried stains from his sperm on both our stomachs and he cleaned that too and then after disposing the washcloth in the bathroom, he quickly slipped under the covers again. 

"Time to sleep." I announced and fluffed up my pillow.

"Yep." Harry answered. He rolled over with his back to me, "Spoon me."

I did.


Never agree to have a no-touch day or two days with your boyfriend, especially if he is as perfect as mine is. It's just...what you get in the end, you can get it without having to go through that torture. Especially if your boyfriend is Harry Styles. What I got in the end, I could have gotten with the help of a little alcohol anyways.


I woke up with my arms empty. The curtains in my bedroom weren't drawn and it was still darkish and cozy. I was tempted to go back to sleep, but the fancy old clock on the nightstand on Harry's side showed after 10 am, so I decided against it. I wonder where my dear and his curls are.

I threw the covers off my almost naked body. I walked over to the mirror. I look very nice today, yes, everything is in place. And I have morning wood. That isn't too strange, given the pleasant time we had last night. Well, guess who's taking care of that, eheh...

Harry was pouring milk in his cereal when I entered the kitchen, and I slid my arm around his waist, my fingers sliding under his jumper to feel his warm skin. I reached in the cupboard above me to get myself a bowl.

"Good morning, babe" I said.

He replied sweetly and kissed my cheek which I then lovingly rubbed on his while pouring milk into my cereal. 

"You need to shave, babe, and get your hand out of my boxers. The 48 hours already began." 

I shot him an incredulous look. We need to buy sugar. At least I have a little for my cereal. 

"Ugh...come on, look at this guy," I pointed at the bulge in my dark green boxers, "he needs you."

Harry stepped away.

"You agreed." he kissed my cheek again and went over to the couch.

I took note of how sexy his ass was in his clingy colorful boxers and then snapped back to reality.

"Why are you wearing a jumper and boxers? It's pretty warm in here, did you turn up the heating?" I picked up my bowl and headed in his direction, "And I thought you like my stubble!"

"Yes, I turned it up cause it was freezing when I got up. And I do like your stubble! But you're too hot, I don't want to ruin this..."

I sat on the couch right next to him, making sure to leave a few centimeters between us. I can't turn Harry down. He's too precious. 

"You're very hot this morning too." I smiled.

"I know."

We finished breakfast in silence, watching pointless programmes. At some point Harry's leg pressed against mine. It reminded me that I really needed to take care of my morning wood. Matbe I could even try to keep myself from doing it again later today or tomorrow. The experience tomorrow night would be better.

We had a major rehearsal for the show in a couple of days. I dropped Harry off at his and Louis' flat because he said there's something he wanted to get, and I arrived at the venue alone. 

Niall was already there and we goofed around. We threw candy at each other and had a slow motion sword fight with a bunch of mic stands. Liam arrived shortly and I enjoyed teaming up with Niall against him. We engaged in a wild candy fight and Liam fought back for a while, but then realized he doesn't stand a chance, shook his head and walked away. 

"High five yea!" I held up my hand with an uncontrolled grin. 

My breath caught in my throat the moment after Niall slapped my arm when I turned around.

A Harry Styles walked in through the double doors. My first thought was that looking at his clothes someone might think he messed up with the laundry. His tight black jeans hugged his sculptured legs, emphasized his lovely package and clung to his superb ass. Sliding one's gaze upwards, we catch a glimpse of delicate skin underneath a clingy red polo shirt. Harry approached all muscles and sex. He was talking to Louis, and it was about something funny. Louis said something and they both laughed and my boyfriend threw an arm around his shoulders and smiled, brilliant curls sitting atop of his head and hanging down the sides. I wanna fuck him.

I turned my gaze to Niall who was merrily attacking a massive bag of jelly beans. 

"Hi, sweetheart," said Harry and sat next to Niall on the small couch, "Hey, Niall."

"Are you staying with me tonight?" I asked.

He reached into Niall's bag of jelly beans.

"Erm...we'll see, but probably not."

I frowned a little.

"Are you guys mad at each other or something?" Niall asked and Louis looked at me curiously.

"Noooo, Zayn's my man, I love him! I love you, babe!" Harry answered before I had the chance to and I smiled such a big and genuine smile. 

"Love you too." I didn't attempt to go too close to him, even for a kiss. 

"We're just having a no-touch two days. Those are delicious."

"Gimme some." I reached for Niall's bag.

"So, no one can touch you?" Louis asked.

Harry laughed hard and I laughed too. Our smiling eyes met and a little love passed between us. 

"No, man, we just can't touch each other." he explained again.

"That's dumb."

I pointed to Harry.

We headed to the stage. Harry kept talking and smiling to Louis, what they were talking about was apparently quite interesting for both of them. I can't be jealous or anything, it's Lou, they live together's just how they are. But damn, I wanted it to be my arm around his waist. My thoughts ran back to last night and I remembered that kiss. I could almost feel it on my lips again, and I wanted to just go to Harry, hold his face and relive it. Oh my God, it's a nightmare not being able to touch your boyfriend!

We sung to the empty seats and to the cables that ran along the walls and on the floor, and I mostly sung to Harry. He was being sexy the entire time, grinning and jumping around, and throwing his arm around me and bumping into me and flexing his arms and making me stare at his ass and think about every single thing I wanna do to him. It was somewhere between him bending over to pick up another microphone and working his sexy fingers through his hair that I realized what he was doing. That bastard!

Domino's after that was nice. Harry sat riiight next to me, pressing his arm to mine and rubbing my leg in a seemingly casual manner. I was getting more frustrated by the minute. I wanted to hold him to me and kiss his neck and bury my nose in his hair, for God's sake! And he was breaking the...agreement or whatever. I mean, he was doing it subtly, of course, so it wasn't exactly breaking anything. But it was super frustrating to me and he knew it. 

"I'm going to the bathroom and then we can leave..?" Harry said, exited the boot and pulled up his pants, so I could now see his bulge even more clearly. 

"Yeah, I need to go too." I followed.

"Don't do anything I wouldn't do!" Louis called after us, taking a bite of his pizza. 

I held the door for Harry. He headed for an urinal, but I quickly grabbed his arm and gently stopped him. I had every intention of putting my sexual desires under control, pinning him to the wall and indulging myself in a crazy hot make out session with him. I started leaning in, my face taking a serious expression. His lips were less than a centimeter away, I was just about to enter through the first of many gates to Heaven, when he abruptly pulled away. I stared at him, taken aback by his actions. 

"No, babe, you promised! We gotta wait till tomorrow." he stood in front of a urinal and started unzipping his jeans.

"This is dumb! And you promised not to be a tease!"

"I'm not doing anything!"

I grunted, kicked the door to the stall next to me and walked out as it hit the wall with a startling bang. 

I can't fight back because I agreed to this bullshit, and I can't break my promise the way he did. But he's gonna pay, oh yeah. 

The rest of the day was spent outside, around and about town, with my mood growing more and more pissy. My dick stayed semi hard. Harry was bouncy and full of joy, spreading the Christmas spirit with Niall. I tried to let that excitement replace my frustration and I almost succeeded, but then Harry had to have me help him pick out new shirts. And when I saw him in that remarkable button up shirt I almost blew a load in my pants. He was so incredibly beautiful and hot, and I couldn't get in the dressing room with him to kiss his lips and watch our perfect reflection in the mirror. 

After we walked out of that store I was more than convinced that the picture `Zayn with a boner' would be everywhere by tomorrow. 

We separated, Harry went home with Louis and I only got a sweet kiss on the cheek. 

I got home pissed and aching for a release. I stripped to get in the shower, and looked at my naked body in the mirror. My dick was standing almost rock hard and proud. In length I am a little smalled than Harry, but I am definitely thicker. Looks more masculine, somehow. Am I not hot enough, why is he taking this so easy?

I didn't jack off that night. I watched a horror movie, so my boner can go down and then went straight to the empty bed, feeling lonely and pissed and horny. 

I went to the gym the next day. I worked out hard, without even thinking about what I am doing. I got home sweaty and headed for a relaxing shower. I hate showering in public bathrooms. The work out took all of the frustration out of me, but I was still grumpy as hell. And exhausted too. 

I grilled myself a few sausages and ate them with mustard and the delicious bread I had bought on my way home. I fell asleep on the sofa. I dreamt of skateboarding and I woke up to a text message. I opened it and Harry's dazzling smile filled the screen, eyes happy. I could see he was at least shirtless, even though the picture was of his face only. `Coming home tonight, babe, love you x' the message read. I wanna fucking kiss every centimeter of his flawless hot body. 

I spend the afternoon planning the night. The fridge was full, thankfully, we are going to need some serious recharging later. He's getting it, hard. And I know that this was his intention, to piss me off so bad that I fuck him senseless, but he is getting it and I am going to enjoy every second of it. 

I was in my bedroom, fixing my hair, when I heard the door close.

"Babe! I'm home!" 

I put the comb down and left the room, my dick growing hard in my tight boxers.

My lips and my hands and my dick burned in anticipation. Butterflies awakened in my stomach, my fingers started twitching.

There he was. All curly and sexy and absolutely gorgeous in his long coat and priceless smile. He saw me approaching with determination and his eyes immediately filled up with lust. His smile faded just a bit, to give way to a smirk. 

My right hand came in contact with the soft skin on the side of his neck, my left one sneaked into his open coat to rest on his shirt and at the same time my lips crashed on his. We fought for control over the kiss, but he wasn't taking this away from me. I kissed the sweetness off his lips over and over again and I kicked his bag out of the way and tugged the coat off his shoulders while my tongue battled with his, inevitably coming out victorious. 

We broke the kiss, both struggling for breath. I often forget to breathe when kissing Harry. He smiled and I pressed my forehead to his and laughed. 

"Hi," he said, "I am just as happy to see you."

I looked over his perfect body. He looked me over. He was wearing the fit black jeans again and I remembered yesterday. I bit hard, hard on my lower lip. I kissed him again, my tongue demanded to be let in and I dragged him over to the couch without breaking contact. I climbed over him and watched his nostrils flare and his mouth hang open. We made out until it was too hot to bear, until my dick was begging to be released of its confines. 

"You know you're getting it hard, right?"

Harry smiled a lustful smile.

"I do."

I dove back down for another passionate kiss before sitting up almost completely. I felt like there was something I needed to say, but no words could come out since all I was thinking about was how bad I wanted to rip that shirt off him. 

In a matter of seconds we were in the bedroom where only a small light was on. All of the shadows fell on Harry and he looked so mighty. I remembered yesterday, and I remembered how fucking lonely and horny I had been all night and I was furious once again. I put my rage under control. His expression was a daring one. 

I stepped closer. I gently slid the tips of my fingers up his torso to his neck and then cupped his face. It remains a mystery how such perfection can be contained in one body. I kissed him forcefully three times, but I moved on to his jaw line before he had the chance to respond. Down to his neck, I kissed every centimeter of the soft skin, getting intoxicated with the smell of his cologne, mixed with horny-harry scent.

I spun him around sharply and shoved him into the wall. Lining up behind him, I spread his arms and put mine over them. My knee was between his legs, kneading and rubbing everything it got access to. I took a second to admire the dirty sight - Harry Styles and his curls, pressed against a wall, barely containing their moans. My fingers traced the muscles beneath his shirt and proceeded up his arm until they reached Harry's. They traced the bulging veins and it struck me how remarkably soft his skin was, yet somehow strong. My palm flattened on top of his hand and I pressed my body harder into his.

I wanted him to feel my erection. I wanted him to feel my love and lust for him. I wanted him to know he's mine the way I am his. 

"Who's in charge now, babe?" I said huskily into his ear and then thrust my pelvis forward into his ass.

He moaned and laid his head on my shoulder, and I kissed his neck and behind his ear and then I took the soft meaty part of his earlobe in my mouth and started sucking and nibbling on it while he writhed in my arms. But he wasn't going anywhere, and he knew it. My hands slid under his shirt. I kept kissing his neck, leaving tiny bite marks that were gone the next day. I wonder how he kept himself from cumming. I know I had a trouble with that. 

His shirt was off, so was mine. Hot bare skin on hot bare skin, driving us both crazy. I whispered dirty, dirty things into Harry's ear while unbuttoning his trousers. Suddenly they were around his ankles and he stepped out of them. His body shuddered when I grasped his throbing member inside his boxers. I pulled the waistband down and hooked it under his balls, rubbing my palm over them. 

"Can Lou get you to this condition, darling?" I asked hoarsely, I stroked his dick, I ground my crotch into his ass, "You are a mess, babe, because of me and I am so going to take care of you and your needs. Brace yourself." 

My hand increased the speed of its motion on his member while I reached into the nightstand drawer for lube. Harry pressed his body into mine. He moaned then yelped and then went into a series of moans that were driving me crazy. I rubbed the head of his dick, I pulled on his balls and within seconds he was shooting thick ropes of cum all over the wall and my hand. 

I waited until his orgasm subsided, all the while whispering more and more dirty things into his ear and kissing his neck softly. 

"You're getting screwed, Styles."

I unscrewed the cap of the lube.

"Faster, come on!" Harry urged.

I quickly pulled my sweatpants down. Once I was ready, I positioned myself, the tip on his opening, and I pushed in, careful at first. The head of my dick popped in, me and Harry groaned simultaneously. I nuzzled his cheek with my nose and slammed all the way in without a warning. Harry yelped, half in pain, half in pleasure. 

I fucked him slow for the first minute or two, but then I sped up.

"Harder, baby, yes!" he said through gritted teeth.

And then I fucked him harder, but slower. My arms roamed his chest, and with each thrust I claimed his body, with each moan and kiss I claimed his soul. He reached for his dick, but I swatted his hand away.

"No, babe," I said and slammed in hard, "A good top should be able to make his lover cum by only fucking him, you know that."

I took him hard and harder, I watched his body twist in my embrace and his moans matched mine, an incredible need in every sound. I could feel the orgasm churning in my balls, so I pulled Harry's sweaty body closer and I once more started sucking on the soft part of his earlobe. 

"Babe, harder! Fuck me!"

I drove in with all my might, and he turned his head and we shoved our tongues down each other's throats, and wave after wave of godly pleasure flowed through me like a current, and my dick started pistoning sperm deep inside Harry's tight ass, claiming him as mine over and over again while he coated the wall in front of him again. His body shook violently in my arms, and so did mine, but I didn't let my exhausted muscles fail me, I had to support him. 

My dick slipped out of his ass and I reached for a few tissues. I carried my lover over to the bed and laid next to him. We smiled at each other for a long time while regaining our strength and composure. At some point the sparks started flying again.

We ate sandwiches, huddled together under a blanket on the couch and then had sex there too. I made love to him on his back and we kissed the entire time. I made sure the angle was always right, so my dick can apply constant pressure on his prostate. Whenever he broke the kiss to scream I rejoiced and slammed in harder. 

By the end of our night, Harry was absolutely spent. I was actually afraid he might pass out when he came for the fourth time. After we finished, I carried him to our bed and tucked him in. I quickly circled the bed, trying hard not to let my legs fail me. I got under the covers and turned off the light. 

"Spoon me." Harry said weakly.

I did. I pulled the covers up to our chins and snuggled up close to him. I threw an arm around his waist, his body fit mine perfectly. His skin is the most delicate thing you could ever touch. I softly stroked his stomach.

"Good night." I mumbled, but he was already asleep. 

I kissed the top of his head. I closed my eyes.