This story is fiction and does not imply anything about the true sexuality of Colin Farrell, or Ben Affleck

My surprise visit with Colin Farrell

I was so excited; I was finally attending the MTV Movie Awards. I would be high up in the balcony but I would still get to see Colin Farrell, so I couldn't complain. My name is Dan; I am 20, tall, with short blonde hair, and a nice surfer body. I first saw Colin in The Recruit and thought he was so fuckin hot, and I couldn't believe that I was gonna see him tonight. After about an hour I finally saw Colin on stage when he accepted his award, he looked so hot, with his tight leather pants.

After the show I snuck backstage and acted like I belonged there so nobody would get suspicious. I saw Colin talking to some reporter and after he was done he was escorted with a bunch of people out of the building, I followed them outside and about 8 people were getting into a limo, Colin included. I thought to myself that this was it, but at least I had got to see him. The limo door closed and quickly sped off. I was about to walk inside when, in the distance somewhere, Sean Puffy Combs yelled "everyone can come to my party", I started walking towards his voice and there he was with Ashton Kutcher drinking champagne. He seemed kinda buzzed and so did Ashton. Sean then started saying "club silver, yall gonna be there" to all the people around him. At this point I got excited cause I knew where club silver was and I was sure a lot of celebrities were gonna be there. So I quickly left the scene and got to my car.

I arrived at club silver and there was a long line in front of the door, and I thought "o shit". After waiting in line for an hour I finally got into the club, it was packed and very dark. After about 30 minutes I thought it was a waste of time cause I could barely see anything and it was to crowded, but I hit the men's room before I left, and inside at the urinal was Mr. Farrell. I got so excited I could barely function, but I quickly walked up to the urinal next to him, I looked over to try and see his cock and it was bout 6 inches soft, and thick. I got a huge grin on my face and then he looked at me and caught me grinning down at his crotch. He said "u like that fuckin cock don't you" and I just nodded, in shock that he was talking to me. "U wanna suck it for me" he said, and I just grinned. He told me not here though, and said that he was havin a party at his house that night and that I should go. I asked him where his house was and he said, "fuck this shit, lets get outta here now" and told me that he'd give me a lift to his place. I couldn't believe what was happening to me, and my 8 inch hardon couldn't believe it either. We walked threw the club for a couple minutes so he could collect his people, then we all went out back and got in a limo, and he sat next to me and told everyone that I was his new buddy. Everyone kinda giggled at Colin like he was gonna hook up, but I had always thought that Colin was straight, so I was confused.

We arrived at his place and the house was massive and there were a ton of people already inside drinking. He kinda wandered off and told me to stay around after the party was over, so I just enjoyed the free booze. At about 4am the place was near empty and there was no sight of Colin. I didn't know what to do cause I didn't want to just wander aimlessly around his house, but I wouldn't give up a chance like this so I started walking from room to room, some rooms still had a bunch of people in them, I asked someone if they new where Colin was and they said they last saw him on a couch somewhere. I walked around more and finally entered a room with a bunch of couches and a big screen TV. I saw the back of Colin's head on one of the couches. He was watchin TV and drinkin a beer, and there was nobody else in the room. I said hey and he turned his head and said surprisingly "hey buddy!" I walked over to the couch and noticed that he was only wearin boxers. He saw me staring again and said "u still want my cock?" I just nodded and said hell yea. He told me to get down on my knees, so I kneeled in front of him and he spread his legs wide, I moved my head in between his legs and I could smell his musk, he smelt strongly of beer and cock, which just turned me on even more. I looked up at him and he said "fuck, suck me already" his cock was getting really hard but I still couldn't see it threw his boxers. I put my hand in his boxers and pulled out his cock, it had grown to about 81/2 inches. I then just hovered over him looking at his gorgeous cock. I looked back up at him and he was still drinkin his beer, "fuck" he said, and pushed my head down on his cock, it was so thick that it was hard to get more then 5 inches in. he started moaning and saying "fuck that feels so fuckin good" "go deeper". The smell and taste of his cock was making my hormones go crazy. He just sat there with one hand on the back of my head and the other holding a beer, he started to force me down further on his cock and I was about to gag, but I just relaxed and tried to take it all. He was moaning really loud now and I had takin in about 7 inches. He then put down his beer and put his other hand on the back of my head, and started pumping. I tried to relax and took the last inch and a half in, he was now shoving my nose into his pubes, and it was fuckin bliss. He just sat there; legs wide open pumping my head with both his hands. He then suddenly stopped pumping and I pulled back on his cock until I just had the head in my mouth. I looked up at his face and he looked at me with a cheesy grin and without warning shoved his cock all the way down my throat. He fucked my face for another five minutes and I just kept sucking as hard as I could. He threw his head back and moaned really loud. "Fuck im gonna cum" "swallow my load", so I started sucking even harder then before and within seconds he threw his head back again, "fuck!" he yelled, and shoved his cock all the way down my throat, holding me at the base and started pumping his hips a little and within seconds a huge thick wad of cum went down my throat, followed by nine more huge loads, I eagerly gulped down as much as I could but there was so much that I was chocking, and he had no intention on letting go of my head so I just kept gulping and gulping loudly. He finally stopped after what seemed like a gallon of cum, but still held my head at the base of his cock. I kept sucking for a couple more minutes and then he slowly released his grip on my head and I came up for air. He looked at me with a cocky smile and said that that was the best blowjob he ever got. I smiled and went back to his cock, licking it. He just patted my head and laughed. I couldn't believe what had just happened and my cock was so hard that I thought it was penetrating my jeans, I told him I had to get off and asked if he'd suck me. He was exhausted but said that I deserved it, and that nobody had ever been able to swallow his entire load before. I sat down next to him and took out my 8inch cock; he was pleasantly surprised at the size and said that he luved to deep throat a good cock when he was in the mood. He got down on his knees and I told him that I cum a lot too, but he assured me that he could swallow it all. He took my cock in his hand and jacked it off for a couple minutes, then put the head in his mouth, sucking slowly. He went down as far as he could, about 6 inches. He stayed in the six inch area for about 10 minutes sucking hard and then I grabbed his head and told him to swallow it and pushed him down to my pubes. He started sucking harder and I started fucking his face. It always takes me a long time to cum. So I just sat back and relaxed while he worked my meat. I reached out and grabbed his beer and started takin swigs at it. I guess he heard me drinkin the beer cause he came up for a swig too, I just told him how good he sucked cock, and he said he's had a lot of practice, specially when he was on the set of Daredevil. Every day after shooting he would go to Ben Afflecks trailer and deep throat Bens 9 inch meat. This excited me even more and I told him to continue sucking, so he dove back in and took all 8 inches, at that point I threw my head back in pleasure and said I was gonna cum, I grabbed hold of his head and held him at the base, releasing my 8 shots of thick cum, he gulped down as much as he could but there was some dripping down the sides of his mouth. I just sat there and sighed in relief, letting go of his head, and finishing off his beer. He stood up, wiped his mouth, and smiled, telling me that he almost couldn't swallow my load. We hung out for an hour after that and eventually passed out around 6.

We became great buds and would hangout together whenever he was in LA, servicing each other when we needed to get off. My fantasy had come true. It was a good life.