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Niall and Harry, Part One

"Oh fuckin-fuckin' hell, I'm sooo drunk!"

Niall was weaving all over the road, going sideways a lot more than forward.

"Jeez Ni, any more and we'd have to carry you home," Zayn laughed.

"Oh, spoke too soon," Louis said, as Niall fell over onto the kerb.

The 1D boys had been out drinking since 5 in the afternoon, and it was now 3 in the morning. The reason for doing round after round of jägerbombs, glasses of champagne and of course the obligatory beers was the release of their second album, Take Me Home. After working long hours in the studio for days upon days, followed by yet more touring and interviews, they had decided it was time to let off some steam. Niall in particular seemed to have had a lot of steam to let off.

"Ni come on, get up." Liam said, half laughing at the Irishman.

"I can't, I-I think I hurt myself," he said, looking suddenly miserable.

"Don't be stupid, you're fine. How could you even feel pain now anyway?!"

"Noooo, I can't." Niall half lay back, half collapsed, bumping his head against the concrete slabs behind him. "Help me."

"Right, someone help me pick him up!" Liam said, swaying slightly himself. "Who's the most sober?"

"I think I am mate, let me help." Harry knelt down next to Niall, and gave him a gentle tap. "Ni, time to get up. We're gonna pick you up and help you walk back, okay?"

"Okay. " Niall gave him a dazed grin, and sat up.

"Okay, pull him up-" Liam and Harry put an arm either side of Niall and hoisted him up "and now we drag him."

The trio set off, following Zayn and Louis, who were taking it in turns to swing round the row of lampposts in front of them. It was a miracle that there hadn't been any press around all day, otherwise you could count on this grabbing a double page spread.

"I really love you guys you know," Niall slurred, smiling at all the boys.

"Love you too," Liam said, giving him a jokey kiss.

"Shit!" Zayn shouted distantly as he tripped.

Why do we always end up like this? Harry wondered to himself. It's not as if we need to drink to relieve stress, we're millionaires for crying out loud...

The drunken group made fairly steady progress back to their hotel, managing to avoid any more falling over until just inside the lobby, when Niall had to walk through the single-person revolving door.

"Guys, I don't think I can do it," he mumbled.

"You're always such a baby when you're drunk, just go through you muppet!" Louis told him, exasperated.

Niall unsteadily headed through once the supporting arms were removed from under his shoulders, and pushed his way through. As soon as he got past, he fell to his knees and, obviously giving up, rolled onto his back. The rest of the group collectively shook their heads. The blond could be such a drama queen.

They followed him through the door, and Harry picked him up again once he was inside. "Come on Ni, time for bed."

"But I wanna drink more!"


"I'm fine! Honestly." *hiccup*

Harry had to laugh. Niall was swaying, eyes half closed, almost dribbling, and yet he wanted to drink more.

"Okay then, how about just a little nap then? You'll be able to down a few after that, won't you?"

"Hmmmmm...okay. But just a little one." Niall tried to look stern, putting his hands on his hips.

"Sure." Harry giggled, unable to take him seriously. "See you tomorrow guys, I'll try and keep him away from trouble!"

"Make sure he's not sick Haz, remember how he spewed everywhere last time." Zayn warned him. Niall had tried to outdrink them all when they went to visit him in Ireland a few months ago, and had spent an hour or two in the bathroom afterwards, coughing up his guts.

"Okay, night!" The three headed off to the right of the lobby, and Harry half-helped, half-dragged Niall to the left. The band were staying in opposite wings of the hotel, and were having to share rooms because the hotel had managed to overbook the rooms. Zayn had moaned for ages about the situation until management had somehow got him a separate room.

"You okay?" Harry asked as they made their way to the room at the far end of the corridor.

"I'm grand, never ever been better," Niall managed. "Just need a little drink to help this settle I think."

"Of water?"

"If that's all that's going then yeah."

"Okay. Right, can you stand here Ni?" Harry leaned him against the wall next to the door, while he dug into his pockets. Drunker than I thought, he realised as he struggled to find the key. Aha. His fingers closed around the key. Opening the door, he pulled Niall towards him, and steered him towards his bed. Niall collapsed onto it, looking blissfully comfortable already.

"I'm gonna go and wash up Ni, and then I'll be back with some water okay?"

A grunt was all Harry got. He slipped off his shoes, and as Niall didn't seem to be in a hurry to undress, he took his off as well. Off came his jacket and trousers too, which were placed on the back of a chair. He flicked the switch for the bathroom before closing the door behind him, and then sighed as he unzipped and relieved himself. The world was spinning very gently for Harry, as he stumbled around the bathroom, washing his face and brushing his teeth. Time for bed, he thought. After filling up a plastic cup of water for Niall, he left the bathroom.

Niall was now dozing, half naked under the covers, clothes piled on the floor next to him. Harry gently shook him to wake him up. "Ni, here's your water," he said. Niall, still half asleep, tried to swat Harry away, but managed to knock the cup out of Harry's hand, spilling it all over himself. "What!" Niall screeched, now very awake, but also very drunk. "You fucker!" he slurred.

"Ni, you knocked it-" Harry explained, before Niall grabbed him and pulled him onto his bed. "That's really mean Harry!" Niall said, pulling him closer.

"Ni-!" Harry spluttered, before Niall had rolled on top of him and lazily swiped at his face, missing completely. Harry probably should have been scared by Niall lashing out, but in his drunken state, he wasn't likely to do any damage. The pair rolled around the double bed like four year olds, Harry laughing, Niall somewhere between anger and enjoyment. The Irishman could be a real moron sometimes, especially when he was drunk, but he was a funny moron.

"Niall, come on mate." Harry laughed, finally making him stop. Harry was perched on top of Niall now, effectively pinning him to the bed. Niall's eyes slowly focused on Harry's, his features settling into a look of puzzlement.


"Yes, Ni?"

"I think, I think-" a pause

"Go on..."

"I think..." *burp* "I think I'm gonna-" Niall projectile-vomited onto Harry.

"Uh. Yum. Thanks-" another burst. Harry was frozen, coated, face and chest, in sick, which was now dripping onto Niall. "-Ni" he finished.

"Shit!" Niall moaned, his complexion turning white.

"It's okay Ni, let's just-" another volley of sick, this one less powerful than the first, covering mostly Niall this time.

"Oh man!" Niall wailed, his eyes starting to tear up. "I'm really really sorry Haz."

"Let's get you sorted shall we?" Harry said with a sigh. He helped Niall out of bed, holding his hand to the bathroom, then deposited him in the shower. Harry took off his shirt in front of the mirror, and then hesitated about his boxers. They had sick on them, but it would be a little weird to strip off in front of Niall, especially as he was going to need to be showered.

"Harry..." Niall mumbled, followed by the sound of more spewing. Harry turned back to Niall, who had now gone from a sitting position to being sprawled across the floor of the shower, drenched in his own vomit.

"Niall, you're a moron." Harry said.

"I know." he replied, sniffling.

"I'm gonna undress you and clean you up now Ni, okay? Unless you can do it yourself?"

"I don't think I can" Niall said, now almost crying.

"Okay, okay, no need to cry. Let's just get this done with and then you can go back to bed, yeah?"

"Okay." Niall was almost sobbing. Harry knelt down next to him, and helped him lift off his t-shirt, and then helped him stand up while he helped him out of his boxers. "Alright, shower now." Harry told him. He picked up the shower head, and started to spray the warm water over his bandmate. Niall was still swaying, one hand against the wall of the shower to support himself. A few flecks of sick had got into Niall's hair, so Harry started washing there first, running his fingers through his soft blond locks.

Harry would never admit to it, but Niall being so vulnerable was actually quite cute. Obviously the sick sort of diminished it, but there was something nice about looking after him. Harry loved all of the band, but Niall was...special. Harry hadn't really paid much attention to his feelings for Niall, but it was a lot like when he had feelings for a girl. But I'm not gay, Harry thought. Washing Niall's naked body didn't feel quite as weird as it should do though.

"Mmmm." Niall moaned, as Harry stroked his head. Harry coughed awkwardly and moved the spray down Niall's body, washing his arms and his back. "T-turn around Ni," he said, placing a hand on his shoulder. Niall turned to face Harry, his eyes slightly red from the tears, head hanging dejectedly.

"Come on, chin up." Harry told him, spraying his chest. Niall didn't reply, but just watched Harry washing him. Harry spent a while, perhaps slightly longer than necessary, cleaning the lightly defined pecs. He caught himself almost playing with Niall's nipples. Why I am being so weird...? Harry thought. It was then he realised he was getting aroused. Shit, he thought to himself. What's wrong with me?

The next step was washing Niall's crotch. Most of the sick had pooled in his lap, and seeped through to get caught in his pubes. This is soooo weird. "I'm, um, gonna wash your...now, okay Ni?" Harry said.

"Okay." Niall offered no resistance. Okaaaay...Harry thought. He slowly moved the spray down, his eyes following. Niall was fairly well endowed, but at least he's had enough to drink that I won't get a nasty surprise, Harry realised with relief. He sprayed as much as he could without touching anything, but there was still a patch under Niall's balls that needed to be washed. Harry gingerly reached out and lifted them up, spraying the rest of his crotch as quickly as possible. Niall twitched, biting his lip. Harry looked at Niall, and their eyes met as Harry turned off the water. They held each other's stare for just a little too long. Harry coughed again. "Um...all done." Harry said, blushing.

"Thanks, Haz." Niall gave him a small smile.

"Right, um...oh fuck, your bed is covered in sick. I, uh, you're gonna have to sleep in mine then," Harry said, feeling his boxers tent a little and trying to casually move the shower head in front of it. Why is this happening?! Harry thought furiously. "Can you sort yourself out Ni, I need to shower too?" he asked.

"Uh huh."

Harry gave him a towel, and Niall carefully left the bathroom, one hand against the wall for support. The vomiting and the shower seemed to have sobered him up just enough. Harry looked at his naked butt the whole way, then angrily told himself not to. He quickly slipped off his boxers and stepped into the shower, switching on the water again. As he hastily cleaned himself, he tried not to think about Niall. Where are these feelings even coming from, he thought, we're just friends...

Harry considered opening some soap and shampoo for a couple of seconds, then decided that he was too tired. He could have a proper wash in the morning. He finished up, then turned off the water and towelled himself off quickly, remembering that Niall was still pretty drunk.

He left the bathroom and found Niall already curled up in Harry's bed, sound asleep. Harry went over to his suitcase to get another pair of boxers. After a minute or so of fishing around, he realised he'd forgotten to pack another pair. Guess I'm going commando...as long as Ni has some on then it isn't weird.

Harry slipped into bed, and shuffled around to get comfortable. He looked over at Niall, who had his back to him. Harry quickly lifted the covers, just to check Niall had put some boxers on.

He hadn't. Looking at Niall, and considering that he'd had a rough night, Harry didn't have the heart to wake him up and make him put some underwear on. He just hoped that he woke up before Niall tomorrow so that he didn't realise they'd slept naked together.

Could this get any more gay? Harry wondered. But of course it could.

Harry wriggled a little more, then found a comfortable position, and fell asleep quickly. Unfortunately for Harry though, his bladder was hyperactive that night. Less than an hour after falling asleep, he woke up, needing a pee. It took him a few seconds to get his bearings. He realised he had an erection, and silently wished that Niall hadn't caused him to lose his boxers for the night. Speaking of Niall though...

Harry could feel something poking into the small of his back. He had a sinking feeling about what it was. A soft snore from very close to his ear confirmed it. Twisting round, he saw Niall cuddled up next to him. Well this is as gay as it gets, no doubt. Harry thought. But again, he was wrong. Harry tried to gently push Niall away, putting a hand on his shoulder. Somehow this only made Niall pivot on his hip, pushing his erection more firmly against Harry. Niall obviously felt this on some subconscious level, and shifted his hips to thrust into Harry.

What the fuck. Harry was definitely outside his comfort zone now. His cock didn't seem to think so though; it was almost fully hard. Harry shifted again, trying to get into a better position to push Niall away. But as he did so, he rubbed his back against Niall's cock. Niall smiled stupidly in his sleep, and moved his hips back and forth a few times. Harry felt ill. This was so weird, so wrong, in so many ways. But he was getting so turned on by it.

Harry was stuck. He couldn't push Niall too hard, or he'd wake up and realise what was going on. He couldn't say anything or make any noise or Niall would wake up from that too. His only option was getting out of bed. But then what if Niall woke up and saw Harry naked? Why did this happen to me? Harry thought. Why couldn't someone else get covered in puke?! Before Harry could think of another escape though, Niall shuffled around behind him, and then put his arm around Harry.

No. No, this is fucking...fuck!!! Niall shifted even closer, his penis the only thing separating the two of them. Harry wanted to cry. This was not what he'd expected to have to deal with. "Oh god," he said out loud, lost.

"Hmmm?" Niall moaned.

"Are you fucking awake?!" Harry hissed.

"What?" Niall groaned softly, rubbing his erection against Harry a few more times.

"Ni, look at the fucking position we're in."

"I'm comfortable."

Harry spluttered, lost for words.

"What?" he eventually managed.

"I'm comfortable. You haven't moved for a while, so you must be too." he muttered.

"I...I..." Harry really was lost for words this time. No response came to mind.

"Just go back to sleep. Or you can keep rubbing yourself against me," Niall laughed softly.

"You're the one rubbing yourself!"

"I'm not hearing a complaint."

Harry was silent for a few seconds.

"This is really gay, Ni."

"I've seen you look at me before."

Harry blushed, even though he was facing away from Niall (we're bloody spooning! Harry realised).

"What?" Harry asked, hoping Niall was bluffing somehow (Why would he be bluffing? This isn't fucking poker! he told himself).

"I know you like me Harry. Just get over it."


"Look, you still haven't moved. I know you're enjoying this. Just relax."

Harry just stayed silent. He didn't know what to do. At all. He wanted to get out of this...weirdness, but at the same time, Niall was right. He was enjoying it. And...he did like Niall.

"Harry, turn over."

The dark-haired boy hesitated. Niall's arm gently twisted his body round after a couple of seconds, so that he was lying on his other side, body facing Niall. Harry was concentrating hard on looking at the bed.

"Harry, look at me," Niall said softly. Harry's face slowly came level with Niall's, and their eyes met in the darkness. Niall's hand gently pulled Harry's head forward, as he pressed his lips against Harry's. The kiss lasted for a few seconds, before Niall slowly broke off. Harry kept his eyes shut for an extra second, his mind spinning.

"I don't understand," Harry said lamely, looking into Niall's eyes again.

"There's nothing to understand. As clichéd as it sounds" Niall giggled. "I like you too Harry."

"Huh." Harry managed.

"So...?" Niall asked.

Harry hesitated again, looking down towards the end of bed. Unfortunately that meant looking at Niall's rock hard manhood. He brought his eyes back to Niall's.

"You're really hard, Ni." Harry whispered feebly.

"So are you."

"This is weird..."

"Harry, just stop bloody worrying. You know you want this. What's the problem?"

Harry's gaze drifted lower again as he thought for a few seconds. "Why are you being so calm about this?"

"I'm still drunk, aren't I? Plus I'm horny. But mostly Mr Styles, I find you really, really attractive. And I want this to happen. So stop being a baby and enjoy it."

Harry looked up again, and Niall kissed him, more forcefully this time. Harry was motionless for a brief second, then started to kiss Niall back. Niall's tongue very gently pressed against Harry's lips. Harry's mind had basically switched off by now, overwhelmed, so without thinking he opened his mouth slightly.

It was a lot like kissing a girl, as Niall's warm tongue explored his mouth. Harry felt himself relax, and he slowly reached out an arm to cuddle Niall. After a few more seconds, Harry pushed his tongue into Niall's mouth. He was really enjoying this.

They broke apart again, looking into each other's eyes. Harry grinned awkwardly, his face very red. "That was...nice," he told Niall. Niall's smile broadened, and he stroked Harry's cheek.

"I've wanted to kiss you for ages, you know."