Niall and Harry, part 2

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The command from Niall threw Harry slightly, but what surprised him more was when Niall reached down to grip Harry's cock. "Aaaaauuuuhhhhh," was all Harry could manage, as Niall squeezed him.

Niall put his finger to Harry's lips, which was shortly replaced by his lips. A long, deep kiss ensued. Niall's warm body moved over Harry, delicately smothering him. The Irishman was now on top of him. And Harry didn't even mind.

Niall's hand started to move up and down Harry's cock, gently, as they continued to kiss. Harry had completely relaxed by now, and was definitely enjoying the feeling of Niall's warm hand jerking him off. Niall then started to kiss Harry's neck. Harry was simply lying there, in blissful comfort, as Niall had his way with him. I guess this makes up for the sick thing, Harry thought. Kisses were now being planted on Harry's shoulders, and occasionally even lower. Harry had to bite his lip as Niall's hand worked its magic.


"Didn't I say shush?"

"I'm gonna cum."

"Oh." Niall looked a little confused.

"That means you have to stop, Ni." Harry said, trying to hold back his orgasm.

"Oh, sorry." Niall giggled. Is he still drunk? Harry thought.

"Your turn." Niall told him.

"Um...what do you want me to do?" Harry asked.

"Surprise me."

Niall rolled off Harry, and laid his head back on the pillow. Harry was left to work out what to do. Blowjob was the only idea that popped into his head.

Gingerly, Harry moved his head down towards Niall's crotch. He took a long look at the thick piece of meat in front of him.

"It ain't gonna suck itself," Niall growled in a deep American accent. He then cracked up at his own wit.

This is like something out of a film...Harry mused. A porn film. His tongue slowly extended out, until it was touching Niall's cock. Slowly, it moved around the tip. Harry's lips moved closer to the head, eventually taking it inside his mouth. Niall moaned softly, and placed a hand on the back of Harry's head, gently applying pressure.

Harry steadily took more of the cock into his mouth, his tongue lazily moving around Niall's dick. His head began to bob up and down, each movement becoming easier as Niall's penis became wetter. A few of Harry's curls slipped in front of his eyes, but he carried on regardless. Looking up at Niall, Harry noticed he was gripping the bed tightly. The heat of Harry's mouth, combined with his seductively slow tongue movements, was almost too much to bear.

Harry kept sucking, but shifted around in the bed so that his cock was more or less level with Niall's mouth. The hint was taken, and Niall took Harry's dick into his mouth.

A slightly bitter taste entering Harry's mouth confused him for a few seconds, before he realised it was Niall's precum. He eased up, now just circling the head with his tongue, with his hand leisurely moving up and down Niall's shaft. Niall meanwhile was going to town on Harry, sucking noisily, and using his hand to massage Harry's balls at the same time.

The vibration caused by Harry's consequent moaning made Niall go crazy, more precum dribbling from his dick. His mouth was moving rapidly up and down Harry's cock, seemingly desperate to taste Harry's cum. The pair were both nearing orgasm now, and it would have been difficult to tell which was going to blow their load first.

As it turned out, Niall won, despite his drunkenness (or perhaps because of it). His semen erupted into Harry's mouth, surprising him. Thick, salty ropes of cum were quickly washed down Harry's throat. He wanted to have an empty mouth for when he came; he hadn't felt this turned on in ages. A few short seconds later, a familiar feeling filled Harry. He made a strangled grunting noise on the brink of cumming, before he exploded in Niall's mouth. There was so much in fact that once Niall had removed the cock from his mouth, he started to dribble slightly. Without thinking, Harry started to lick the cum from around Niall's mouth.

Niall started to cough, trying to hold back a laugh. He struggled with swallowing, unused to the taste of the cum. "You're eager all of a sudden!" he told Harry.

"Mmmm." Harry's mouth was still full.

"I never thought it'd be this easy to turn you," Niall murmured, half to himself.

Throat cleared, Harry gave Niall a puzzled look. "Did you plan this?"

"No. But I thought about doing stuff with you. I knew you had thoughts about it, but I didn't know how deep they went."

Harry was silent for a few moments, digesting this information (and Niall's cum of course). " you think I'm gay?"

"I don't know. Are you?"

"Dunno." Another pause of a few seconds. Harry's gaze had shifted from Niall's eyes, staring into the mid-distance somewhere to the left of the bed post.

"Y'know, it doesn't matter right now. My head's still spinning, I need to sleep this off. Although some of that spinning is your fault." Niall leaned in for a kiss again. Harry didn't react for a second, but then returned the kiss. Niall lay back in the bed, watching Harry, who had barely moved.

"That means lie down, Harry." Niall told him.

"Mmmm. Sorry." Harry shifted around a little and lay back. He gently stroked the arm that Niall placed over him, staring straight up into space. Niall fell asleep within a minute, leaving Harry to his thoughts, before he drifted off too.



The next morning, Harry woke up to find Niall still asleep beside him. He smirked as he noticed a tiny little white drop at the side of Niall's mouth. Always messy, he thought. He shifted around a little, making himself comfortable, and in the process caused Niall to stir.

"Hmmmm?" Niall muttered sleepily, eyes half-open, looking around.

"Nothing, Ni. You just woke up." Harry told him.

"Oh. Okay." Niall settled back down, resting his head against Harry. The blond stayed like that for a few seconds, before opening his eyes again.

"Um. Harry. Did we...?"

"Did we what?"

"Did we, y'know...?"

"I don't know what you mean Ni." Harry said, trying to keep a straight face. Niall was too easy to play sometimes.

"C'mon, you know, did stuff?!"

"What stuff?


Harry couldn't help but laugh as Niall sat up and tried to glare at him. "This little white mark next to your mouth probably answers your question," he said with a cheeky grin, poking the whiteness on Niall's cheek. Niall's tongue reflexively snaked out to lick it.

"Oh god, that's gross Nialler!" Harry giggled.

"Tastes nice." Niall replied. He was just as good at winding Harry up as vice versa. "But okay, seriously. You were, like, okay with what we did?"

Harry paused briefly. "Yeah. But don't tell anyone."

"Sure. I think your fans would probably kill me if they knew I was tapping you anyway." Niall said with a cheeky grin, ducking to avoid Harry's slap.

"You're not tapping me!"

"That's not what it looks like," a voice said from near the doorway. The pair's heads immediately snapped towards the door. Liam walked in slowly, followed by Zayn and Louis.

"You know you left the door open?" Louis smirked.

"That's a nice bit of chunder in the bed, boys. Niall's fault?" Zayn asked.

Harry could feel his face flushing. "Ah, yeah, Niall was sick, so we had to share a bed."

"Sure." Louis winked at Harry. "Just don't let the paps find out or they'll be all over you two. It wouldn't take much to twist this into you two sleeping together."

"Aha, yeah..." Harry mumbled.

"So what's up?" Niall asked the other three, as if nothing had happened.

"We just came to tell you to get up," Liam started, "it's 9.30 and we have to leave in an hour!" Louis finished. "So get moving!"

"Sure, give us a sec then." Niall said. A momentary pause - "That means get out."

"Anything for the lovebirds." Zayn laughed, heading towards the door.

"Just make sure you keep your hands to yourself later on, okay?" Louis added, jokingly. Liam gave them a little wave then shut the door.

"Fuck..." Niall whispered under his breath once the footsteps had faded. "That was close!"

"You don't think they realised?" Harry asked. His face was still very flushed.



"Well, yeah. I mean, it wasn't actually that close. This isn't the first time we've shared beds is it? This is just a little more cosy than we'd normally do." Niall obviously meant `we' as in the band, but something in Harry stirred anyway. A little warm feeling in his chest.


"Can't believe we didn't close the door though." Niall chuckled. He climbed out of the bed, sloping off to the bathroom. Harry stayed in bed.

It fucking stinks in here, Niall realised as he walked into the bathroom. Harry obviously didn't clean very well. He stepped into the shower and could feel the smell immediately rise a couple of notches. A lot of shampoo needed. He washed quickly, making sure he coated every square inch of his body, to eliminate the sick. The warm water helped to wake him up and made the ache in his head almost disappear. As he came to clean his genitals, Niall started to remember last night. He might not have woken up with morning wood, but he certainly had it now. A bang on the door of the bathroom broke his concentration.

"Hurry up, I wanna eat!" Harry's voice called.

"Almost done!" Niall yelled back. The shower was turned off, a towel grabbed, and the door opened. "All yours."

"You could at least cover up Ni," Harry protested.

"Why? It's nothing you haven't seen before." Harry was stumped. "Nothing you haven't touched before either."

"Shut up."

"Great comeback Haz."

"Not as good as the cum I left back in your mouth last night."

Harry closed the door and locked the bathroom before Niall could respond.

"Real original!" came the muffled retort.

The smell in the bathroom was still there, but now it was masked by another one, of sweet chemicals. Harry found the clothes that he and Niall had discarded last night, and put them into the bin in the corner, under the basin. Straightening up, he noticed the steamed up mirror. He absent-mindedly drew an outline of a heart. Gayyyyy.

He washed and dried himself quickly, taking a minute or so to run his fingers through his curls, making sure to get his hair right. A signature style like his couldn't be rushed, after all.

He walked into the main part of the room (having made sure to cover himself up, unlike Niall) to find the blond putting on his socks. "Can I borrow some boxers please? I forgot to pack another pair," Harry asked.

"Sure. Didn't think we'd be wearing each other's' clothes so soon though." Niall gave him a wide mouthed leer.

"You're a bad person Ni."

"Awwww. It didn't sound like that last night..." Harry didn't even deign this with a reply, shaking his head as Niall gave him some underwear. He sat down on the edge of the bed, facing away from the bathroom, as Niall returned to spruce up his quiff. After Harry had pulled on his boxers, he retrieved a pair of trousers and a t-shirt from his bag, and sat back down on the bed. He heard Niall's voice as he left the bathroom: "Did you draw a heart on the mirror?"


"Awww, I wuv you too my special lil' guy." Niall teased. He sat down behind Harry, wrapping his arms around him, planting little pecks all over Harry's bare shoulders and neck. How do we put up with him? Harry wondered. Then a superb idea wandered into his mind.

Harry slowly moved his arms behind him, grabbed Niall, and then furiously started tickling him.

"Ah-aha, fuck...ah, oh, Harry...stop! Ahhhh stop!" Niall was writhing on his back on the bed, Harry having turned around to get better access to Niall's sensitive areas. "Uhh-please!" Niall's face was already going red.

Harry's fingers stopped their attack. "Promise to behave?"

"What? I'm not a little kid." Tickling resumed. "ah, fuck, ooh- okay, yes!"

Harry placed his arms either side of Niall's shoulders, and looked down at him. Niall's expression reminded him of a 5 year old about to be told off; slightly miserable and yet still slightly defiant. "Now go and get some breakfast, and stop annoying me." Harry leaned forward and gave him a peck on the lips. "Okay?"


Harry moved one arm aside, letting Niall roll out from underneath him, then walk to the door.

Niall paused on the threshold. "Just make sure you don't come on to me today okay? I know last night was fun and all..." Harry threw his shoe at him, slightly disappointed when Niall managed to close the door just before it rearranged his face.

Outside in the hall, Niall walked towards the dining room of the hotel. He didn't know how, but he'd gotten very lucky last night. How weird is it going to be though? I don't actually know how he feels about this all...

Niall turned into the large, open room, and immediately headed for the coffee. He'd never touched it before they started touring, but now he almost needed it. It was a great cure for an alcohol-induced headache though.

He sat down with the other 1D boys, who were busy devouring food. "Is Harry a gentle lover then?" Louis asked, voice muffled by the huge amounts of bacon in his mouth. Niall was hardly surprised by the question. "Or did he give it to you rough?" Zayn added.

"Well actually, you should ask him how I was." Niall parried.

"Wow. I always thought you'd be the taker Ni." Louis shot back.

"You'd be surprised. Bigger and older doesn't mean giver, Lou."

Louis smiled. "I see what you did there. And actually, I really do see what you did there."

Harry had walked up to the table, unseen by Niall, who was facing away from the door. Harry gave them all an awkward nod. Niall turned his head to talk to Harry. "Lou was just saying how he was surprised that I was giving it to you last night, not the other way round."

It took a long instant for Harry to process this, before he realised it was a joke. "Oh." Placing his hands on Niall shoulders, he leaned closer: "I was surprised too, actually. But he was a real gentleman." Harry then brushed a few hairs away from Niall's cheek and pressed his lips to the pale skin. Niall could feel his cheeks burning almost straight away.

Louis wolf-whistled, mouth open. "Are you sure you two aren't actually getting together?!" Harry just laughed and walked off to get some food.

"You want to be careful Ni, he might take this seriously," Liam joked, grinning from how awkward Niall looked.

The conversation veered back to more normal topics, such as just how far Louis could push the boat out in the interviews they were scheduled for today, and whether Liam was ever going to let his grow back ("you're basically just a skinhead that's let himself go" was Louis' choice remark). When Harry sat down, it was only Niall that spared more than a cursory glance at him. Harry was sitting across from Niall, so that they could handily stare at one another. Niall tried to keep in the conversation, but his eyes kept being drawn to Harry.

"Shit, time to go." Liam stood up hurriedly, shortly followed by the rest of the boys. They filed out of the room, and out into the foyer. Management was milling around, apparently just about to go and fetch them. The five of them jumped onto the tour bus after collecting their luggage from their rooms, spreading themselves round the tables at the back.

Harry was sitting across from Liam on one side, while the other three were arranged around the second table. This time, Harry couldn't see Niall, as they were both facing backwards and Zayn was sitting in between them.

As the bus slowly made its way to their next destination, Harry drifted off to sleep, unable to keep track of the conversation any longer. Un-coincidentally, so did Niall. The other members of the group noticed, but simply assumed that Niall's night time vomiting had tired them out.

Harry slowly woke up as the bus pulled off the road and stopped for a break. When he looked around, only he and Niall were left. Harry lay back and drank the peace and quiet for a while, relishing the chance to be alone for a while. Tours were all fun and good, but they didn't have much alone time. A groan from Niall reminded Harry that he wasn't actually alone.

"Where are we?" Niall asked, eyes still closed.

"We've just stopped for a break. I think we're about halfway."

"How come it's so quiet?"

"It's only you and me."

Niall's eyes happened to flick open right then. He looked round at Harry, who was staring at the table in front of him.

"You okay?"


Niall shifted from his table to Harry's, so that he was sat next to him. "You don't look fine."

Harry's gaze shifted to Niall's eyes, a slightly forlorn expression on his face. "Tired."

"Okay. Anything else...?"

Harry sighed, looking away again. "Well. Last night."

Niall licked his lips nervously. Fuck. Why did I think this would end well?

"Listen, I'm sorry if I-"

"It's not that, Ni. Like I was...good. But what does it mean?"

"...that we like each other?"

Harry was quiet again. Niall moved closer. "Harry, I just want to say-" He was interrupted by Harry's lips planting themselves firmly on his. After a second they broke off.

"Right. Um. Yeah." Niall spluttered.

Harry looked into Niall's eyes again. "Don't worry about me."

Niall's eyes seemed to sparkle slightly to Harry.


Niall made `okay' sound like half a syllable, it was such a squeak.

"Are you two ever gonna get off the bus?" Liam shouted.

"One minute!" Harry called back. "Let's leave it for now." He told Niall. Niall simply nodded, and then silently stood up and started to walk off the bus. Harry took Niall's hand before he could go. "This is still between us though, right?"

"Of course." Niall gave him a shy but broad grin. Harry could feel his own face light up too. They left the bus, hands apart now. The rest of the band was sitting in deck chairs in the sun. Niall and Harry took their seats at opposite ends of the semi-circle.