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Note: The previous three instalments have been fairly heavy on backstory, whilst this one is fairly heavy on sex. Happy reading.




Niall leaned in to kiss Harry. He pushed him gently back on to the bed, and then moved so that he was straddling his new boyfriend. "Anything particular in mind?"


"I'm sure I can think of something." The smile that appeared on Niall's face made Harry feel a lot better about the situation. Niall returned his mouth to meet Harry's, then moved his kisses slowly down his neck. Harry closed his eyes and lay back, God I'm lucky. Niall started to unbutton Harry's shirt. This meant he had to lean back; the already-hard object underneath his lowered butt told him that Harry was definitely enjoying this.

Niall's fingers nimbly opened up the shirt, until Harry's chest was fully exposed. He ran a finger down the warm skin, stopping at Harry's trousers. The belt was soon gone, followed by the trousers too. A pair of boxer shorts was now all that separated Niall from Harry's cock. He gave Harry another kiss, while rubbing his ass against Harry's erection. Harry moaned. Niall slid off the bed, and knelt down. He slowly pulled the waistband down. Fuck...bigger than I remember. Niall licked his lips. Depositing the boxers on the floor, he took Harry's dick in his hand, and lowered his mouth. The warm tongue on his cock made Harry moan again. Touring had its advantages, but finding time to release sexual energy was difficult. Consequently, every touch that Niall had made so far was pushing him closer and closer to the edge.

Niall's tongue moved in a helix around Harry's cock, his hand working the base of the shaft at the same time. His mouth moved up and down, tongue flicking side to side, alternating between slowly and quickly sucking Harry. More moans left the other's boy's mouth. Taking the head into his mouth, Niall got down to business. Harry meanwhile was trying not to squirm from the sensations he was feeling. He's bloody good at this for no experience, he thought. And then he realised...he's a virgin? The thought was instantly knocked out of his mind though when Niall began to deep throat. Harry screwed his eyes tight, hoping he wasn't going to feel the end of this any time soon. His panting suggested otherwise. Niall, looking up, saw Harry's face. He doubled his efforts. Swirling his tongue around the head, he softly stroked Harry's balls. Harry was really struggling at this point. He could definitely feel himself about to finish. "Ni," he whimpered. Niall took the cock out of his mouth. "Already? Not such a ladies man after all," he teased. Harry smiled blissfully, still lying back. Happy Niall was good. Sex with Niall was even better. He opened his eyes and sat up. "Time to swap?"

"Sure." Niall answered him. He stood up, and then laughed at Harry.


"You just look really stupid in socks and nothing else!" Niall giggled. Harry smiled. This was how he liked Niall. "True. But you look out of place with all those clothes on..." Harry pushed him back down on to the bed and practically ripped his clothes off. "Better," he said, before Niall pulled him down and kissed him. They rolled around on the bed, enjoying the feeling of each other's nakedness. They stopped finally, and Harry was back on top of Niall. He assumed the same position that Niall had, and then went to work. Niall's scent was intoxicating he was jerking himself off at the same time as getting the Irishman off.

Harry's hot mouth and tongue danced around Niall's hard rod. Niall felt the tingling sensations move up and down his dick, from tip to base, all around, covering every inch of his meat. His entire head was full of pleasure; all he could think about was what Harry was doing to him. For his part, Harry was loving the feel of Niall's dick in his mouth. He started to move his tongue towards the bottom of the shaft, alternating for a few seconds at a time between Niall's nuts and cock. His other hand had moved from jerking himself off to cupping the blond-haired balls in front of his face. Niall propped himself up on one elbow so he could see what Harry was doing.

*Slurp* came the sound as Harry took the whole 6 inches in his mouth. Niall wanted to make a joke about keeping the noise down, but he was pretty sure he couldn't do more than moan. Harry's eyes met his as Niall felt a tiny tickle from his taint. Harry's hand had strayed down, and was heading towards Niall's butt. A look of confusion crossed the Irishman's face, before he realised what Harry was up to. A moment of hesitation, then Niall shuffled closer to the edge of the bed and laid back, to make it easier for Harry. The occasional slurping noises got louder as Harry picked up the pace. He was focussing on the head now, which seemed to make Niall forget Harry's finger gently circling his hole. Looking up at his partner, Harry could see he was doing a good job. Now or never...

He quickly licked his finger, then started to alternate licking and breathing on Niall's cock, with his mouth mere millimetres away. Judging by Niall's twitching, this was driving him crazy. Harry's finger rested at Niall's entrance for a few moments, and then slowly pushed inside.

"Uhhhh..." Niall whimpered. Harry doubled his efforts on keeping Niall interested, getting his cock nice and wet and sliding his hand quickly up and down the shaft with a gentle grip, kissing and tonguing it at the same time. Oh fuck...Niall was repeating in his head. Harry's finger was almost entirely inside Niall now. Is this painful or nice? Niall managed to think, struggling to do anything other than be overwhelmed by the sensations he was feeling. It was sort of both, he decided. Harry's finger was now almost all of the way out again.

Still jerking Niall's rock hard erection, Harry asked: "Is that okay?"

"Mmmm. Yeah. Do you want to fuck then?"

Harry blushed. Just the word `fuck' was enough to embarrass him most of the time.

"Yeah. I've uh, got some lube."

"Okay. Just be gentle with me." Harry could see a flicker of doubt on Niall's face; he really did want him to be gentle.

"Of course." Harry got up off his knees and stretched over Niall, planting his hands next to his boyfriend's shoulders. They shared a gentle kiss. "Just tell me if it hurts or anything, and it'll be great, I promise." Niall nodded.

Harry quickly grabbed a small tube of lube from his coat pocket and flipped the cap. Squeezing some onto his hand, he started to suck on the tip of Niall's penis, flicking his tongue over his slit. With the middle finger on his free hand he started stroking Niall's crack. Niall moaned. Harry's other hand rested just under the younger boy's ass. Harry's lubed up middle finger hovered by Niall's hole. He rubbed his fingers together, trying to stop the liquid from dribbling out of his hand. Then, slowly, he started to push inside of Niall.

The first thought that popped into the blond boy's head was `cold'. Harry's finger gradually made its way deeper into Niall's butt, then slightly more quickly came back out. A few more steady forays and Niall's butt had relaxed enough for Harry to carefully slide in another finger. At the same time, Harry had been sucking Niall off for long enough for his cock to be almost dripping wet. Moving his free hand onto Niall's shaft, Harry started to pump quickly, gently sucking on Niall's balls at the same time.

"Haz," Niall muttered. Harry didn't hear. "Harry," Niall said louder.

"Hmmm?" Harry mumbled, his mouth still full of Niall.

"S-ohhh," Niall broke off, as the vibrations from Harry trying to talk with balls still in his mouth pushed him into another level of bliss. Niall was obviously turned on by the vibrations, so Harry kept going. "uhhhh," Niall groaned. "Harry-Harry, slow down," he spluttered. Harry let Niall's balls drop out of his mouth.

"How come?"

"Unf. Ah." Niall exhaled deeply. "I'm really close."

"Oh. Okay," Harry smiled. "D'you think, um, do you think you're ready...?" he asked.

"Yeah." Niall replied, as Harry's face appeared over him again.

"Great," Harry said as he leaned in for another kiss. "In that case, how about I lie on my back, and then you go on top? Then you're in control."

"Okay." Harry laid back where Niall had been, and then used the lube left on his hand to cover his cock and get it fully erect. Niall gingerly positioned himself over Harry. His face was a little paler than usual, Harry noticed.

"You okay Ni?"

"Yeah. I just-it's my first time so..."

"That's fine. We'll just go really slow, yeah?"

"Yeah." A small smile curled the corners of Niall's mouth. Delicately, Niall let himself sink down, till he could feel Harry's cock lightly pressing against him. He took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and took Harry in his hand. He ever-so-slowly pushed himself down onto the 7 inch pole. He sighed as he was slowly penetrated. "Uhhhhh," he moaned as he finally rested his ass on Harry's groin. He opened his eyes. Harry's eyes were fixed on his; he was obviously anxious for Niall to feel comfortable.


Niall nodded and grunted. He slowly started to raise his ass back up, until Harry's cock was almost completely out of him. Niall repeated this a few more times until he felt a bit more relaxed. He let out a small sigh of relief. "That actually feels quite good," he told Harry.


Niall shifted his body so that he was on his knees. He moved himself up and down a few times more before he felt Harry's hips gently coming up to meet his ass. He moaned softly, closing his eyes again. A rhythm built up, during which Harry stroked the inside of Niall's legs. "Mmmm." The blond moaned again, as Harry pushed his full length inside. There was a very quiet slapping noise now as the two boys sped up. "Oh fuck," Niall moaned, leaning forward, arms planted beside Harry's shoulders. Niall's eyes met Harry's, and they leaned towards each other to kiss. Harry gently pulled Niall closer to him, until he was lying on top of him. Harry's thrusts were getting quicker, driven on by the hickeys he was receiving. At the same time, Niall had started to grind himself against Harry. Pretty soon they were both moaning; Harry was lost in his mission to fuck Niall, and Niall had surrendered to Harry, gripping him tightly. "Oh fuck Ni," Harry panted. He'd almost started to break a sweat.

In between pants and grunts, Niall asked "Do you want to switch positions?"

Harry stopped, and looked at Niall, who had lifted his body up from on top of Harry. "Sure," he said. "Which one?"

Niall rolled off Harry and on to his side. "Like this." He pulled Harry towards him again, and then stuck Harry's cock back inside him. "And fuck being gentle." Harry raised his eyebrows at this. "Seriously. Go to town."

Harry's grin stretched from ear to ear. "You're the boss." He drew Niall in for a kiss, and then started to thrust again, this time with more power. "Fu-u-uck" Niall groaned, closing his eyes again. Harry shuffled a little down the bed, hips still moving back and forth, and started to suck on Niall's nipple. This elicited fresh moaning. Fuck yes! Niall thought.

Harry's mouth roved around Niall's body as much as physically possible while still fucking him. Eventually he stopped and laid back down on his side. Niall's fingers ran through Harry's curls, their bodies pressing against one another. Harry could feel he was reaching the home straight, and so he slowed down a little. The arm that wasn't underneath him reached down to Niall's semi. Niall moaned again. He's not quiet, Harry thought with a smirk. Niall opened his eyes again, and pushed his mouth onto Harry's. They stayed like this for a minute or so, occasionally breaking the kiss to breathe. When Niall started to buck his hips against him, and squirm slightly under his touch, Harry increased the speed he was plunging his cock into Niall at.

"Ready?" Harry breathed, his skin prickling with heat. Niall nodded, biting his lip. Harry could feel his balls about to unload, so he started to jerk Niall even faster; as soon as he did, a thick glob of cum shot out over his body. Niall's body tensed up, and he held Harry even tighter than before, shooting ropes of cum onto his boyfriend. Niall squirmed and whimpered as Harry rubbed the tip of his cock, milking him for all he was worth. "uhhhhhhhhh" was all the sound he could make. A few seconds later, Harry slammed his dick into Niall as hard as he could (another moan), and then pursed his lips as wave after wave of his cum emptied out into Niall. Once he'd finished, the pair lay still, chests heaving from their exertions. Once Niall had caught his breath again, he carefully shifted himself slightly, and kissed Harry on the forehead. "That was fucking amazing," he said simply. Harry looked up at him slightly and gave him a tired smile. "Not bad for a first time," he replied. He pulled his crotch away from Niall slightly, and his cock slipped out with a quiet popping sound. The pair shared a small laugh, and then kissed again. Harry sighed. "Time to clean up I think."

Niall could feel Harry's cum starting to ooze out of his ass. "Yup." They sat up, and Harry flicked his hair out of his eyes. They go up from the bed and went in to the bathroom. "Want to have a shower together?" Harry asked.

"Okay. Just no perving this time." Niall said with a wink. Harry blushed, remembering back to when he'd showered Niall. Seems a long time since then, he thought.

Niall hopped in to the shower and turned the water on. Harry could see a small white trickle heading down the back of Niall's leg. He smirked and followed him under the warm spray. Niall curled an arm around Harry's waist and drew him closer. "Should we do that again sometime?" he said, grinning.

Harry feigned nonchalance. "I don't know, not sure you were up to much really," he said. Niall squeezed Harry's butt cheek. "Ha ha. You seem to know your way round a man though..." he said. Harry saw the implication. "I haven't had sex with a guy before. I just - read up on it."

"Oh. Okay." Niall reached down for some shower gel, pouring a load into his hand. "How come you had some lube?"

Harry blushed for the umpteenth time that day, looking down at his feet. "I thought we might need it." Niall nodded and passed him the shower gel.

Harry cleared his throat. "How come you're so good at um, blowjobs?"

"You're not the only one that can read," Niall said, one corner of his mouth curled into a half-smile. Harry nodded back. They lathered themselves up and took it in turns to spray each other with water. This time it wasn't just Harry getting turned on by the other one's naked body. Once they'd washed most of each other, Harry switched the stream of water to a thinner and more powerful jet to wash out Niall's butt. "Have you ever cleaned yourself up there before?" he asked. Niall shook his head. "Right. Just say if it's uncomfortable." He brought the shower head closer to Niall's ass, then used one hand to separate his butt cheeks. Niall leaned forward, hands against the wall. Harry could see he wasn't really doing much with the spray, so he gently used a finger to open up Niall's ass. Niall immediately felt an odd sensation inside him. Harry knelt down to get a better angle. He finished the task pretty speedily, then noticed how hard Niall had got. In truth, Harry's cock was pretty much at attention again. Harry's face was close to Niall's asshole, and his finger was still nestled inside him. He couldn't resist. He put down the shower head, and pushed his tongue into Niall's ass. A sharp intake of breath followed by a moan indicated that Niall was enjoying this. Harry pushed his tongue into Niall's newly clean hole, reaching underneath for Niall's cock. He was now rimming and jerking Niall off. Niall pushed his ass into Harry's face, desperate for more pleasure. He could definitely go a second time.


Niall barely had to ask. Harry stood up, two fingers now working the Irish boy's ass. He took his fingers out and put his hands on Niall's hips. He started to rub his cock against Niall's butt. Niall arched his back as Harry leaned forward to smother his shoulder with kisses.

A loud noise from the bedroom startled them both.

"The fuck was that?" Niall said, turning round to face Harry.

"Who cares?" Harry said, kissing Niall's neck passionately. Niall could make out a faint buzzing noise now over the sound of the shower. "Harry come on. What if someone's just broken down the door?"

Harry chuckled, pulling back from Niall's neck. "Ni, it was hardly that loud. It's just some idiot knocking something over."

"Hmm. I still want to know." Harry looked at Niall pleadingly. "It'll take like a minute, Harry. And I'll make it worth your while..."

Harry licked his lips. He was sorely tempted by the second part of that sentence. "Okay. But quickly." The two stepped out of the shower, and Niall quickly made his way back into the bedroom, barely hesitating on his way to pick up a towel. Harry was a few steps behind.

No sooner had Niall started to furiously towel himself than he spotted what had made the noise. Harry's phone was on the floor, the buzzing sound, now louder, coming from it. It had obviously fallen off the table.

"Ignore it." Harry told him, spotting what Niall's gaze had fallen on.

"We can't Haz, it's probably one of the boys. "


"So it'll look suspicious if you don't pick it up."

"Nah. I could just be having a shower."

"But what if they come up to get us? They've probably rung me too if it's buzzed enough to fall off the table."

"So what? Ni-"

"Harry. We're alone together, naked, both wet. How does that look?" Harry shrugged, annoyed at his phone. He just wanted to fuck again. "Suspicious." Niall told him.

"It doesn't, we all do stuff in pairs all the time," the buzzing stopped "-and see, no problem anymore. If they ring again, then I guess-" the phone started to buzz again "-oh for fuck's sake..."

Harry looked at Niall. His expression made him decide he'd better answer it. Sullenly he bent down and picked up the phone. Putting it on speakerphone, he asked "What?"

Louis's voice greeted him. "If you two are finished burgling each other's back doors then you can watch me on TV if you want." Harry's stomach dropped slightly as he heard the first part, but Louis doesn't know anything.

"How come it's just you?" Harry asked.

"Well, there's some other people there too in this interview, but it's mostly about me."

"Louis's never going to be a normal person is he?" Niall asked Harry.

"No, he's not," Harry replied, making sure Louis could hear.

"Bad mouth me all you want - actually no thanks, I don't know where your mouth has been..." The sound of Louis practically howling at his own joke filled the room.

"Hahahaha not. We'll be down in ten, stay original Lou." Harry ended the call as Louis was mid-goodbye.

"Time to get dressed then!"