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Niall woke up peacefully, bright light streaming in through his open curtains. "Fuckkk..." he mumbled, blinded by the morning sun. He rolled over onto his other side, scratched himself (and obviously scratched himself there) and then sighed contentedly. Today was going to be a good day. Stretching out, Niall yawned. He hadn't felt this energised in months. He rolled out of bed, rubbing his eyes. He stood up straight and looked out of his window; rolling park land greeted him. Kids were playing Frisbee, adults were jogging, dogs were making a nuisance of themselves. Everything was as it should be.


Niall pulled himself up to his full height. He lowered his torso, hands slowly reaching out to touch his feet. He could almost get his palms flat on the floor now. After holding the stretch, Niall pulled himself back up to his full height. Ahhhhhhh. This is the fucking life.


He slipped off his boxers and padded across the soft carpet to the shower. Closing his eyes, he let the water cascade over him. The complimentary toiletries were duly lathered up and washed off. Niall had got bored of stealing them after about the second week of touring, and decided he'd get his money's worth by using the entirety of them in one go instead. Shower complete, and smelling of a mixture of passion fruit and melon, he towelled himself off and walked back to his bed. Picking up his phone, he saw:


Morning gorgeous x


Niall couldn't help but smile. He felt sort of stupid being so attached to Harry already, but maybe it was just brewing for a long time.


Hi babe
Wanna come to my room for a morning wake up? ;) xx


Niall could have sworn the knock came before the text was even sent. He opened the door to find a suavely dressed Harry with a small but growing bulge. "Hi." Harry said. He stepped inside and then gave Niall a long kiss.


"Hello to you too." Niall closed the door and turned around to find Harry almost tearing off his clothes. "Careful you don't rip anything." Niall laughed.


"What? Oh haha. Just couldn't wait for this." Harry was down to just his boxers now. Fifteen seconds was evidently all he needed. Niall sauntered over and sat down on the bed, promptly followed by Harry.


"My turn today."


Harry grinned. He loved how Niall was taking control now. "Of course. Let me get you started..." He reached a hand down to Niall's towel, and slipped his hand inside, finding Niall's cock already coming to attention. Harry's smile got even wider. He turned his face towards Niall's, and gently bit the blond's lower lip while he massaged his cock.


Niall closed his eyes as his tongue lazily snaked its way towards Harry's mouth, bliss etched on his face. The hand in his towel was moving quickly enough that the damp cotton began to fall away from around his waist. Harry gently pushed Niall back on the bed, and moved himself into a kneeling position. Lowering his head, his lips came into contact with Niall's rock-hard erection. Niall's fingers played with Harry's hair as his boyfriend went down on him.


What felt like too short a time later, Harry stopped making slurping noises and stood up again. A few seconds later, Niall felt Harry climb on to the bed. Niall opened his eyes to find Harry crouching over him on all fours, looking down at him with a cute smile. "Want to go already?" Niall had expected a little more of Harry's mouth on his penis.


"I dreamed about this last night. You better be as good as dream-you." Harry told him with a grin.


"No pressure then!" Niall replied. Harry stuck his tongue out at him, and reached up the bed for the lube he'd chucked there. He let a hefty amount pool in his hand. No way was he going to feel any pain from this. He spread a small amount onto Niall's cock, watching the other boy's expression harden slightly as the cold liquid touched him. Niall's dick, on the other hand, probably couldn't get any harder without it exploding.


Harry then slowly moved a finger along his crease, making shorter and shorter passes until he began to push his finger inside. His eyes closed as he penetrated himself, seductively biting his lower lip. Niall loved this. He sat up slightly, and began to softly chew on Harry's nipples. Meanwhile, Harry worked another finger inside, making sure it was fully lubed up. Once he could comfortably fit three well-lubricated fingers inside himself, Harry decided he was ready. He opened his eyes to find Niall with a hungry look on his face. Hungry for ass. Spreading the remaining lube onto Niall's cock, he shifted himself so that he was straddling Niall. The cheeky look they exchanged told both partners exactly what they needed to now. Harry was definitely ready.


Niall's hand was almost quivering as it held the base of his cock steady, ready for Harry to impale himself upon it. The moment of connection, when it came, was phenomenal. Both Niall and Harry let out a small gasp as their bodies came into contact with each other; their flesh now touching in the most intimate of places.


Harry's mind was entirely focused on the two overwhelming sensations he was feeling; Niall's cock opening him up, and his cock standing painfully to attention. He wasn't entirely sure what was going on apart from that he had never felt like this before.


Meanwhile Niall's eyes were half closed, massively enjoying the feeling of his manhood slowly sinking into Harry, whilst watching Harry's features in constant flux. One second he was grimacing as his butt was spread wide, the next second he had a dreamy smile plastered across his face, as the sensations made him feel wave after wave of pleasure.


After what seemed like an age, Harry was finally fully down onto Niall's cock. The curly haired boy let out a long sigh as his ass touched Niall's crotch. He let out a strangled mewl as Niall gently pressed himself into Harry's prostate, looking into his eyes constantly to check it wasn't painful.


Harry's eyes finally opened again as he shuffled his legs to get in a more comfortable position. His cock was lying flat on Niall's stomach, oozing precum, while his boyfriend gave him a very cheeky smile. "Fuck Ni," he breathed. "You're really big." This was true whilst Harry's cock was slightly longer, Niall's definitely carried the girth.


Harry's hands moved further up the bed, drawing closer to Niall's chest. Harry's torso followed, dangling himself over Niall's lightly tanned body. Niall's trademark cheeky smile was still being displayed to Harry, and the twinkling in Niall's eyes told him that his boyfriend was definitely enjoying it. Harry let out a half sigh, half laugh. This was heavenly, but it was going to take a bit of getting used to.


"Move around a bit?" Niall suggested. Harry slowly obliged, letting his hips ever-so-delicately rise up an inch at a time. The sensation of his butt being emptied again threw Harry. It really was a completely unique experience.


Niall smiled again. He was enjoying every second of this. Harry had been so intoxicating for so long, and now, suddenly, he was here. Completely his. Ready to take his cock. He couldn't have imagined this in his wildest dreams.


"Aooohhhh." Harry let out another moan. His butt was moving at a gentle pace now, definitely opened up but not quite ready for a full-on fuck. Niall's smile grew even wider (if that was physically possible).


Harry continued to glide up and down Niall's cock, feeling the muscles in his butt slowly relax. The tingling from the cold of the lube and the pressure inside his ass had changed to a... he couldn't even describe it, it was that good. The feeling when he let himself down fully onto Niall was the best though. Harry's dick was now pressed against his own stomach, fully engorged and subtly throbbing.


Niall's fingers casually moved up and down Harry's front, making him shiver with pleasure. Almost without meaning to, the English boy became more vigorous in his movements. He spent a little more time with just the head of Niall's dick inside, looking on with a sly smile as he saw Niall's face crease up each time. Hips shifted underneath Harry, and then Niall's hands were pulling his butt towards him. Harry moved further up the bed and Niall began to thrust, plunging himself as deep as he could manage. His hands spread the soft butt cheeks, gripping them firmly as the thrusts quickened. Harry moved his face down to Niall's, stealing several lusty kisses, struggling to keep contact as his body moved in time with the assault on his ass.


Both boys started to breathe more heavily, skin already glistening from the effort. "Uhhhh!" Harry groaned, eyes closed, lost in the moment. The blond licked his lips, concentrating on the task at hand. He pulled his boyfriend on top of him, and thrust faster. The hot body on top of him was writhing, doing nothing to slow him down. Panting, Niall rolled, putting Harry underneath him. He grabbed his legs and pushed them back towards the headboard. His movements had reached a furious speed now, the burn in his balls driving him on. Harry looked up at him with wide eyes, plump red lips inviting him back.


The bed was creaking now, swaying from the force. Niall grunted, mouth breaking from Harry's, the familiar rush building inside him. "I'm gonna cum," he told Harry, moving his hand to jerk him off.

"Cum on my face." Harry told him.


Niall would have done a double take if he hadn't been so horny, but he slid his cock out of Harry and quickly put his knees either side of Harry's chest and obliged. Just a few quick pumps with his hand and his jizz was spraying onto its target, wave after wave of ecstasy accompanying the spurts. Niall's moaning could probably have woken up the entire corridor, but neither cared.


Harry's hand, meanwhile, had been jerking his own cock, and was now teasing out cum too. It landed on the small of Niall's back, dripping down to fill Niall's crack.


Moans gradually subsided, and Niall gently laid himself down on top of Harry. He delicately licked his cum off Harry's face, meeting Harry's tongue circling around his mouth to collect it too. The sound of noisy kisses was all that you could hear now. Chests gently rose and fell as they got their breath back. It hadn't been particularly long, but it had been particularly enjoyable. Once Harry's face was pretty much clean of cum, Niall laid on the bed. He snuggled into Harry, content.


After a few moments Harry broke the silence. "Well. That was good." They shared a quiet laugh, pulling a little tighter together.


"It was good." Niall said eventually. He turned his head to look at Harry. "You enjoyed it then?"




Niall nodded in reply. He squeezed up and gave Harry a peck on the lips. Then moved his head back to Harry's chest.


They lay like that for a while, minutes drifting past lazily. Their minds were untroubled for once; fans, rehearsals, journalists, paps, friends, family were all absent for now. Sounds from outside barely reached them, and despite having both slept well, eyelids started to droop.


The peaceful serenity was interrupted by a knocking at the door. Harry grumbled softly. "If that's bloody room service..." he said as he reluctantly pulled himself away from Niall's embrace. Harry slipped on his boxers, and was about to open the door, before he remembered it was probably a good idea to check through the peephole. He was incredibly glad he had. Harry padded back over to Niall as quickly as he could while still being quiet "It's Liam!" he hissed in a panicked voice.


"Oh fuck."


Niall slipped out from underneath the covers, hurriedly throwing on his clothes while Harry did the same thing. They then made the bed at lightning speed, just as another knock came. "Just a sec!" Niall called. His eyes darted around the room, looking for anything that might be out of place. Shit shit shit shit shit was all that Niall could think as he hurriedly waved Harry to answer the door while he grabbed his phone and tried to position himself as casually as possible on the bed, legs crossed, as if he had just been texting or something.


"Oh hi Li," came Harry's voice, slightly sweeter in tone than usual. And maybe just a tad breathlessly.


"Hi Harry, thought this was Niall's room? I came to give him this." Liam held up the letter in his hand.


"Oh, yeah... it is, I was just hanging out with him. He's in here."


Niall swallowed hard. His stomach was tight with nerves. They had to play it cool.


"Hi Li," Niall said, feigning a smile.


"Hiya. I just came to give you this letter, I think it's from home."


Liam handed Niall the letter. It was addressed in his mother's handwriting, postmarked from Ireland. "Cheers," he said, ripping into the envelope. He unfolded the letter and started reading.


Liam turned to talk to Harry, intending to let Niall read without distraction. "I also came to get you two down for breakfast..." he started, then noticed something odd about Harry's face.


"Oh yeah! I forgot how bloody hungry I am." Niall chimed in, eyes still scanning the paper in his hands.


"Me too actually." Harry added. His brow furrowed slightly as he met Liam's gaze and realised he was staring at him. Liam hastily looked away.


"D'you want to take the letter down Ni or shall we wait for you to finish? Or shall we leave you to it?" Liam said quickly.


Niall didn't reply for a few seconds as he finished reading. "Yep okay let's go!" he said, jumping up from the bed.


They filed out of the room and walked slowly along the corridor. A silence had descended.


"So what's the plan for today?" Harry asked, nonchalantly as possible.


"We've got some fitness for a couple of hours before lunch, and then the rest of the day free." Liam said evenly, looking straight ahead.


"Great!" Niall was oblivious to the atmosphere between his two companions. "Any ideas what we're gonna do?"


"Um, we were thinking just chill here, probably."


"We can make our own entertainment I suppose." Harry said, despite himself. He could see Niall's smile out of the corner of his eyes.


They reached the elevator. Button pressed, they descended, silence resumed. Just before they reached the ground floor, the sound of a fart rang out. A looong cartoonish squeak. They all burst out laughing.


"Shit guys," Harry said as they walked out. "I'm sorry, that was awful."


"The wettest fart I think I've ever heard!" Liam chuckled.


"What the fuck have you been eating?" Niall asked incredulously. Harry could only shake his head, still laughing.


They arrived at the table to find Louis and Zayn throwing bits of toast at each other. "Now now children, behave." Niall said mockingly. They all sat down, awkwardness forgotten. Well, apart from Harry.


He struggled to look interested as the band chatted about Zayn's impromptu Twitter Q&A of the previous evening, which included several slightly raunchy quotes from female fans.


Harry had thought the chair was wet when he sat down, but then realised that it was actually his butt. Lube dribbling out of his bum had made the seat of his boxers wet, and had also been responsible for his elevator fart. Niall never had to deal with this he thought as he felt more liquid dribble out of him. Thank God he didn't cum in me.


Cum. Oh SHIT. Harry gingerly lifted a hand up to his hair. He never used gel or wax or any type of hair product, so why was there a large drop of something now on the end of his finger? Oh yeah. Niall came all over my face and then we didn't think to clean up. FUCK!


This was without a doubt the reason that Liam had looked at him oddly. Harry's eyes refocused on what was going on, and saw Liam looking at him. He knows. Oh...shit. Fucking hell. No.


Harry tried to keep his face expressionless, or at least not give away how uncomfortable he suddenly felt. Liam's raised eyebrow (since when could he raise an eyebrow? Harry thought) wasn't a clear sign of whether he knew or not. Harry quickly excused himself and rushed to the bathroom.


Whilst he was splashing his hairline with water, Harry heard the door open behind him. He glanced around, and his heart almost stopped as he saw Liam enter. "H-hey" he said, a little shakily. "Following me?"


Liam smiled. "Nah, I just wanted to find out what you had in your hair."


"Just some shampoo I didn't wash out properly this morning I think." Harry lied, seamlessly.


"Ahhh okay. Just couldn't think what it might be!" Liam chuckled. "Bird shit can't just appear under a mop like yours."


Harry laughed with him, and gave Liam a nod as the other boy walked back out again. PHEW, he thought. The lie had slipped out almost unbidden, surprising himself. But just as well it did. Harry finished washing off the remnants of his session with Niall and looked up at himself in the mirror. His damp hair was even more floppy than usual, but the cum was gone now at least.


I wish I didn't have to lie.