A Night With Billy Gilman

Disclaimer: The following story is completely fiction not meant to imply the sexuality or activities of any one of its characters. I do not know the real sexuality of the following celebrity Billy Gilman so therefore the story is completely fiction. The Oprah show belongs to Harpo and Oprah Winfrey and the following mentioned is also completely fiction. Do not confuse anything mentioned in the story with the real-life people/companies.

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I had always dreamed of meeting Billy Gilman. Ever since I heard his hit single "One Voice" I loved his voice and him instantly. I have all of his CD's and lot's of pictures and things of him. I never really thought I would get to meet him, but when I found out he was going to be on the Oprah show (This year, 2003) I decided to write Oprah to see if I could get a backstage-pass to see Billy after the show. Not expecting to be able to I waited and the next day Oprah herself had replied. She wrote that they usually didn't do that, but since I was the big fan I was she would do it just for me. I was so surprised I could hardly believe it. So the next day my grandmother (also a Billy Gilman fan) and I left for Chicago.

After we got checked into the hotel I went down to the Harpo studios to pick up my pass. When I got back to the hotel I set down to imagine what it was going to be like to actually Billy Gilman in person. I wondered for the rest of the day about various things about Billy. When the show started that afternoon I was real excited because I couldn't believe I was actually sitting in the same room as Billy Gilman. I was glad when the show had ended so I could finally meet Billy in person. When I got backstage and finally got meet him I was speechless. "Hi! I'm Billy," he said with a warm friendly handshake. "H-h-h-i-i-i,"I stammered, " I'm Billy, too," I said. "Neat. Your name's Billy too huh?" he asked. "Yes," I replied. "I guess that's part of the reason I'm your biggest fan!" I said. I asked him if was staying in Chicago for the night and he said yes, he was and plus it was the same hotel as mine! I was so shocked. I asked him what floor and it, also, was the same as mine! "This keeps getting better!" I thought. I asked what room and it was just two doors down from my room. I asked him if we could meet later that evening about 8:00 in the hotel's diner and get to know each other. He said, "Sure! See ya at 8:00!" I was so excited that when I got to the hotel I started getting ready for that evening.

At 8:00 that evening I was waiting in the diner, excited and nervous both. Soon Billy was there with me. We set down at a table and ordered what we wanted and began to talk. I told him how big a fan I was of his and that I loved his music. When discussed a lot things and I told him how we had a lot in common, like how he was 15 and so was I and how both of our favorite was Stand By Your Man and various things like that. We had been talking for a while and I finally decided to tell him I was gay because that was the only thing I hadn't told him about me. When I did I expected him to leave, but instead he said that was O.K. with him. I was surprised at what he said next, he told me he didn't mind me being, but he wasn't. He said he wasn't completely straight either that he was bisexual. He said no one knew and he was afraid that if the public found out he was gay/bisexual his singing career would be over because he didn't know of any gay celebrities. I was completely surprised at what I had heard. But at the same time I was excited because I might get to live a sexual fantasy with this hot, young singer. "I have been wanting you since the moment I meet you," he said. I was speechless when I heard that. "Would you like the same with me?" he asked. I didn't know what to say, but I couldn't pass this offer up. "Yes," I said. "Tonight when everyone's gone to bed, I'll meet you in your room, is that possible?" He asked. "Yes, my grandmother goes to bed early and is a soundless sleeper and we have two bed rooms in the suite we've got." I replied. "Great!" he replied, "See ya then!" and he left with another warm and friendly handshake. I was so surprised at what had just happened that I had to sit there for at least five-minutes to get over the excitement and happiness. I couldn't wait for everyone to go to bed in a little while, so I got up and went to my room and sat and watched TV and waited.

Around 11:30 that night I heard a knocking at the door. I knew who it was and was very nervous and excited. "Hey!" said Billy, and then, instead of the warm and friendly handshake this time he greeted me with a long slow kiss. "Come on, let's go to the balcony," he said. As we moved to the balcony we continued to kiss and began to run our hands up and down each other. It was a beautiful starry night in Chicago and the city lights added to the beauty. "Will anyone see us here?" I asked. "No, but I don't care," he said. Soon we were undressing each other. As I took his shirt off I gazed at his beautiful smooth and hairless chest and his nipples which were getting harder and harder. I was kind of nervous about what to do. "Go ahead, do what you want, don't be nervous," he said. I started to lick his nipples as he began to softly moan. We removed each others pants and the bulge in his boxers made mine get even harder. We began to kiss again as we removed each other's boxers. "Let's go inside," he whispered as he nibbled my ear. I agreed because the Windy City night was cool. As we moved our dicks were bumping and rubbing against each other. It felt so good. I looked down at Billy's and loved what I saw. A nice 7" cut cock. "Please, suck me," he said. I moved down his body licking it as I went and when I reached his cock took it all in my mouth at once. I ran my tongue up and down the underside for a few minutes then moved the head. "Aaaahhhh," he said, "faster," he told me. I began to move faster and faster up and down his dick as he began to face fuck me. In a few minutes I felt him start to tense up. "I'm going to cum," he said. In just a few seconds I felt his cock start to shoot out load after load after load of cum. It was so much I could barley swallow it. I licked his cock clean as I heard breathing heavily. He said, "That was great. Now it's my turn." He moved towards my 6 " uncut dick and started to suck it. Dang, he was good. It didn't take long for me to cum and I began to shoot load after load in his mouth. He did the same for me and licked mine clean. We both was breathing hard and heavy as we laid in each others arms. I felt his cock get hard again and was not expecting what happened next. "Let me fuck you," he said with a long passionate kiss following. I turned over on my back as lifted my legs up. I could feel his dick get hard all over again as he started to push it in me. At first it was painful, but it eased and felt good. He picked up the pace going faster and faster as he jacked me off at the same time. I was in heaven because I couldn't believe this was actually happening. After a few more minutes I felt him cum again. Just a few seconds later I did the same all over my stomach and chest as Billy started to lick it off me. "Now fuck me," he said. I was completely in heaven when I heard that. So I began to fuck him. I went slowly at first because it was his first time, but then began to speed up. "Faster, Faster!" He said, moaning from all the pleasure. I began to cum in just a few seconds along with Billy. After that we both laid in each others arms exhausted and fell asleep.

That morning about 5:30 I woke up to find he was still there. Knowing my grandma would be awake soon I woke him. "Good Morning," he said with an inviting kiss. "Good Morning," I replied. "It wasn't a dream was it," he said. "No." I replied. "I'm glad it wasn't," he said. "Me too," I replied. He got up and put back on his clothes as I did the same. The morning in Chicago was cool. We both stood on the balcony for minute silent. Billy spoke first, "I had better go, but anytime I'm back in Chicago or near, I'll be sure to call you. I had the best time last night." We gave each other a quick kiss on the balcony before going to the door. As I opened the door he said "Can I call you sometime, and we talk. We might could get together again somewhere." "Sure," I said giving him my number. "I'll miss you for a while, but let's be sure we get back together as soon as possible," he said. "Yes, let's be sure we do," I said. He leaned in for one last long kiss before leaving. He then whispered in my ear "I Love You. And remember, I Will Always Love You." I whispered back, " Me To Billy."