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A night with Chris

by DinkyWriter

The party was not good. In fact I'd go as far as to say that I was bored out of my skull. But then I'd always known that I would be bored here, I hated these annual charity parties with their false humour and smiles. I only came because I had to and the chance to see a hunky celebrity perhaps. Now I'm not normally like this, usually I'm happy, cheerful and loving. Good fun to be with and for a man quite capable of showing my emotions, but then most gay guys are. . So I'd decided after suffering the party for just an hour that I wanted no more to do with these people and set of for my room, a few beers and a film.

As the lift started its journey up to my floor I started to feel happier. The lift slowed and then stopped at a lower level and as the doors opened a young man about my own build and height stepped in. My mouth dropped, though I regained my composure quickly, as I realised who he was. It wasn't quickly enough though for the man looked straight at me, stretched out his hand and said, "Hi, I'm Chris"

Well now I was in a real state for standing in front of me with his eyes sparkling and his teeth showing in a happy grin was none other than my all time best wank fest superstar, Chris O'Donnell.

"Hello, I... I... I'm Pete," I managed to stutter feeling very embarrassed.

"Correct me if I'm wrong but dressed like that I assume your with the charity party which is down not up, aren't you going the wrong way?" Chris asked in a chatty manner.

"Well actually, I hate these places; they're always full of people being false to each other for no reason. So I thought I'd go to my room have a few beers and catch a movie. Oh ... look I'm sorry, I'm sure you've got much more important things to be thinking about than listen to be rambling on."

I felt quite guilty that I had just sort of blurted it all out like that, but then he had asked and anyway he'll probably have forgotten all about me by the time he gets to where ever he's going.

"Hey that's cool, I asked, you replied, it's called conversation. To be honest with you Pete I kinda appreciated you being honest and, well just normal. Most people tiptoe around me trying to be nice just 'cause I'm a star and it gets really tedious. It's good to be able to talk with someone that treats you like just any other guy on the street and isn`t being false with me." He explained.

Shocked but rather pleased at Chris' frankness I said, "Hmm it must get really frustrating for you to have normal friendships and relationships with people. Just simply meeting someone in the street must be risky if you're not to end up on the front page of a magazine or tabloid. How on earth do you cope with never knowing if you are being befriended because of your status or who you really are?", I knew I was probably pushing my luck just talking to him as a normal person, but then maybe that's what he wanted.

"Yeah ha," he laughed, "it can be a real shitter, but every now and again you meet someone genuine ... like you Pete, who just seems interested in who I am rather than what I am or if I'll sign something for them!"

The lift stopped and Chris moved closer to the door "look I don't know if you're interested but I'm gonna be finished here in about an hour would you like to meet up for a drink, ... don't feel obliged, but it's been good talking, perhaps we continue in the bar later?" Chris offered.

"Well I would quite like that except that I really shouldn't be seen about considering I'm supposed to be at that damned awful party so..."

Chris interrupted me "Easy, give me about an hour say... 10pm come up to the Churchill Suite on the top floor and then we can get to know each other without you needing to worry about being seen. It'll be better that way more privacy and I can get outta this suit. And Pete, if you don't want to come.... just don't, I promise I won't be offended, just disappointed, see you around 10ish then."

With that he was gone. I was quite dazed, I now had an hour to get showered and into something a bit more casual. I was then going to be in the private suite of Chris O'Donnell! Oh My God! Oh My God! I felt both fantastically happy as well as terrified all at the same time. Now I started to worry about my being gay, how would I tell him? Would I even have too? What if I did and he threw me out? Oh shit why me? I knew one thing though, this was gonna give me some amazing wank fantasies, and you never know he may be up for some fun himself, hahahaha...yeah right, in my dreams!

A little over an hour later I was showered, and dressed in clean clothes. I looked into the full-length mirror in my room and smiled at myself. Now I'm not big headed or conceited but I do know I'm quite good looking in a cute sort of way. I've always looked after my body, I go to the gym 4 times a week and have been doing so since I was 18, that's 5 years now, so I'm really fit and toned. I'm 5'10" and have dark brown hair, green eyes and a 6" uncut dick that's always horny!

I was really nervous about meeting Chris, I mean I knew he was straight so apart from any fantasies, I just wanted to get on well with him. So why was I so nervous, hell I wasn't this scared when I was going on a first date!

I took the lift up to the top floor and it opened onto a small foyer with a guy in a suite sitting reading a book. He looked up with an accusatory glance and said, "You can't come up here sir this floor's private."

I faltered as my mouth was dry but managed, "I... I was looking for Chris, he said to come up at about 10pm; that he'd be here by then," even I thought it sounded pretty lame.

"Yeah, right, I've heard `em all before mate do yourself a favour and go back the way you came."

It was obvious there was no middle ground here so I said, "Look give us a piece of paper and a pen so that I can leave a message for him, that can't hurt can it?" I asked.

One short note later giving my room number, an apology for not being there and a short explanation as to why and I was back on my way. When I got back to my room I slumped into a chair and turned on the TV.

A little over 45 minutes later I figured rather miserably that Chris was probably just being polite and that he knew I wouldn't have been able to get past the guard. I opened a beer out of the mini fridge in the room and drained it quickly before opening a second. I'd stripped down to my shorts and sat in the chair, mindlessly playing with my dick. I was very disappointed about Chris, but at the same time at least I still had my fantasies, only now I had actually met him, spoken with him and shaken his hand.

I got up to put my shoes in the wardrobe and just as I did someone knocked the door. Without thinking I opened the door to see who was there, keeping my body behind the door to hide a raging hardon. Standing there, still in his evening suit, was Chris. Grinning from ear to ear he walked straight into my room saying, "Hi, look I'm really sorry about the guard, I completely forgot to mention it. I know it's late but do you still want that drink? "

"Well... um.. I...", I stammered, wanting to say yes but my mind to pre-occupied with the fact that I was standing in front of Chris O'Donnell with only my white Jockeys to hide (ha ha) my raging hardon.

"Hey a simple yes or no will do and if yes here's fine but there's more room and beers in my suite", Chris said lightly slapping my shoulder and saying, "so you coming then?"

"... Err.... OK yes and your suite's fine got to be a lot better than this room, just let me throw some clothes on." I knew there was no way in the world Chris hadn't seen my erection, my shorts were tented like mad, although my dick had started deflating rapidly from embarrassment.

Ten minutes later we were sat in the lounge area of a very spacious and luxurious suite on the top floor of the hotel, each drinking a beer. On the way up conversation had been quick and constant, it was like we `clicked', for my part I was a little nervous about whether to say anything about being gay. I never usually worried kinda thought it was just there, if someone don't like it then tough luck, but tonight was different. I liked Chris, from the star fantasy in my mind and even more now for the kind of guy he was, and a bad reaction would hurt. Not to mention ruin some heavenly wank fantasies that my subconscious had been creating over the last couple of hours.

Interrupting my reverie Chris got up and said he was going for a quick shower and a change of clothes.

" I'll use this shower so we'll still be able to talk," he said as he re-appeared wearing a white robe and carrying a towel to the shower room just off the area where I was sitting.

I watched as he turned on the shower and let his robe fall to the floor hoping he wouldn't turn and catch me staring. His body was beautiful; muscles moving lightly under a deep tanned skin and those gorgeous butt cheeks! Wow! My hardon had returned with vengeance and was now leaking pre-cum. Well I thought to myself; those fantasies were good but not that good.

We carried on talking about nothing in particular and then as Chris got out of the shower the door slowly swung shut. A couple of minutes later Chris came out with a grin on his face, wrapped in his robe and sat back down, ginning at me.

"Why the big grin, Chris?" I asked, but I wasn't expecting the reply I got.

"Well, that's the second boner you've had in the last 30 minutes, you feeling horny eh?"

"Oh shit, yeah... I mean no... erm.. I mean... oh shit... look Chris I shouldn't have come here, well not without you knowing that ... I ... I.... I'm gay; there I've said it now. If you want me to leave just say so?"

"Hey calm down, I was only taking the piss, jeez we all get stiffies Pete, and you being gay's not an issue, not at all, ok?" He said quite firmly, before continuing, "so tell me are you horny because of me?"

Now I really was stuck, I didn't know what to say for the best. I knew I was turning red and I desperately wanted to say `yes you're the most gorgeous man to ever walk the Earth' but I couldn't get my brain into gear.

"Come on Pete, there's only us two here, I won't be upset what ever you say," Chris encouraged

He looked so sexy in his robe, he was sort of slouched into the armchair with one leg raised slightly against the arm of the chair so I could see the underside of one of those hairy muscular legs, God my dick was aching.

"Yes," I said quietly hoping he would change the subject.

"Yes, what?" He pushed

"Yes Chris, I'm horny because of you... I've fancied you since the Batman films and you are my favourite fantasy, only now I'm sitting here talking to you about the fact that I fancy you, which is REALLY weird, shit... I'm sorry, I should leave." I said getting up from my seat.

"Oh for Gods sake sit down Pete, I'm flattered, not offended," Chris said, the sharpness in his voice softened by the seductive look in his eyes. "I am used to being fancied by girls and guys, it`s really not a problem. So tell me and please, be honest not embarrassed, what is it that you like about me?"

At first I thought that I should try to get of the subject for my cock was throbbing like mad, but then I thought, what the hell, "Erm well, there's your drop dead gorgeous looks, a really hot sexy body. Eyes that seem say `come to bed with me', muscular hairy legs, the cutest smile I've ever seen on a man! Oh and I've only just found out about this..." I noticed him raise eyebrow at this, "but you also have the sexiest arse I've ever seen, sorry I saw you as you were getting in the shower." I stopped taking a deep breath and sighing that I'd actually said all that. My dick wanting more but my mind telling me that he was just teasing me.

At first Chris didn't say or do anything and then he looked at me and said, "So you`re rock hard now then?" and he nodded at my bulging jeans adding, "only this time you're not alone!" and with that he undid his robe to reveal his stunning body a raging hard 7" cock and a full hairy pair of nuts.

My mouth must have dropped open in amazement, just as he said, "So Pete, you gonna do anything to help me out here?"

As he readjusted himself in the chair he spread his legs for me so that I could get a good look at him. Wow, what a sight. His cock was rock hard and pulsing along with his heart beat. I knelt down in front of him, not a word between us as I started to lick at his nuts and up along the underside of his cock towards his purple helmet. My hands roaming over his hard body, the feel of the firm muscles and the light hairs teasing my already aroused senses. As I swirled my tongue around his helmet, my hand massaging his nuts, Chris starts to thrust his hips slowly upwards seeking the warmth of my mouth for his hot rod. I tease him for a little longer before swallowing all 7" to the base. I pause for a couple of seconds to allow my throat to adjust and then I start long deep slow movements on his rigid tool. I can taste his precum, sweet and manly as it leaks into my mouth and slides down my throat.

"Pete, stand up," Chris' voice is deep and sensual the sexual tension it reveals making my cock ache for release.

As I stand Chris jumps up and kisses me full on the mouth. I think maybe I'm dead and I've gone to heaven. I feel his hands running all over my toned body and then he starts to undo my jeans. His hands are warm and soft but full of strength as he lowers my jeans and shorts using his hands to free my throbbing cock. Then kneeling in front of me he looks up and I'm sure I could have cum there and then. He licks at my cock tasting the sticky precum and licking his lips and then slowly takes in my 6". Sliding back and forth, his mouth so hot and wet I just know I can't keep the moans of pleasure from escaping my lips. My heart is racing as I stand watching my hottest fantasy come true, Chris O'Donnell slowly milking my cock with his mouth and wanking his own hardon.

After a few minutes Chris stops and says, "Let's go to the bedroom," and walks off before I can say anything. I, of course, follow my cock bouncing before me as if chasing those pert gorgeous butt cheeks walking ahead. Chris gets on the bed and lays down on his back and starts slowly wanking his gorgeous spit covered cock. As I climb onto the bed I kiss him before licking down his chest nuzzling the hairs around his nipples and flicking at them with my tongue. Slowly descending towards my goal, his leaking rock hard cock. As it slides into my gaping mouth Chris says, "I want to suck your cock at the same time, Pete."

I move round keeping his cock buried in my mouth the sweet smell of his freshly showered body, mixed with the smell of his sex, in my nose. I feel his mouth engulf my cock and know that I won't be able to hold off for much longer. I can feel the heat of Chris' mouth as it slides up and down, slow and then fast, deep and then just the feel of his tongue playing with my helmet. I, of course, am giving as good as I'm getting and am now deep-throating his cock. This stud is going to get milked and I don't want to miss a drop. Using my throat as well as my mouth, lips and tongue I suck for all I'm worth, my fingers gently toying with Chris' tight

butt-hole. I can feel his breathing becoming erratic and know he's close; I lick my finger and push firmly into his tight ring. He gasps, moans loudly but unintelligibly and lets his orgasm wash over him, his seed shooting deep down my throat, stream after stream of hot, sweet milk. This is all I need to send me over the edge and reach a massive bone shaking climax myself, pouring my love juice into Chris' waiting mouth, feeling him gently sucking at my dick, licking my helmet not letting any of my cum go to waste.

Spent, we turn to face each other and kiss, long and deep our breathing slowly returning to normal. I attempt to say something but Chris places a finger over my mouth and says quietly, "Sshhh, not a word, lets just sleep and start again in the morning.... if you want to that is?"

But that's another story...