Hey everyone! This following story has absalutley no relation to the real lives of either Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo or Michael Carrick. They are sexy as fuck and I would love a hour or even less in the company of these georgeous soccer players, but I can dream, can't I?

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Ryan White.

Wayne Rooney was in 7th heaven. I mean, he was the top scorer in the English Premier League, he was everyone's favorite at Old Trafford and the best clubs in the world was seeking his services. He had a killer georgeous wife and a beautiful little baby boy. So why was he still not happy?

The reason was a guy with the name of Cristiano Ronaldo. It's a nightmare that just would not go away. Fuck he has tried, but he just could not stop thinking about that beautiful body, that georgeous face and the sweet smile each and everytime that they made love. Oh yes, Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo had fallen inlove in 2005 when Wayne joined Manchester United from Everton. The moment the two young footballers layed eyes on eachother, something clicked inside of them both. Ronaldo, ofcourse having joined the club the season before from Sporting Lisbon, was already kinda established in the United first team, already had some past experiences with guys at the Portguese club and he knew that his fucking beautiful ass was at least bisexual, but Wayne had no idea what the hell was happening to him. Then when Sir Alex Ferguson had Ronaldo show Rooney around the club and make him feel at home, Ronaldo melted. It was like a match made in heaven.

The first time that Rooney and Ronaldo suspected that their relationship was way more than friends, was after the 4-2 win over Arsenal at Highbury in the 2005-2006 season. That night there was a major party at the house of Ryan Giggs. The booze was flowing and the hormones were cooking. Wayne was dressed in a plain white tshit and jeans and was drunk as fuck. Ronaldo was in his designer jeans, blue stripe shirt and black leather jacket and he had been eyeing the sexy Wayne all night. He knew that Wayne had a girlfriend, fuck the entire damn country knew, but he was horny as shit and he wanted Wayne's dick in him that night. The party was ending rapidly as the time was approaching 3 in the morning. Rooney was drunk sodded out of his mind, and the sly Ronaldo, who wanted to be totally prepared for if and when something like this happened, didn't drink all night and offered to take Wayne home in his car. Wayne could hardly walk so he just went along with whatever his buddy was saying. Once Ronaldo had Wayne safe and sound in his home and called Colleen to apologise and tell her that Wayne would be spending the night there because he had a bit too much to drink, he placed the phone down with a sly smile. He had Wayne exactly where he wanted him. He walked over to his room where Wayne had passed out and undressed. First that beautiful six pack appeared and he layed down next to Wayne before he turned him around so that Wayne was lying on his back. Slowly, careful not to wake Wayne somehow, he lifted up Wayne's arms in order to take off his t-shirt. Ronaldo gasped as he saw Wayne Rooney's hairy chest and his juicy pink nipples. Ronaldo gently placed his hand on Rooney's stomach, slowly caressing the hardened muscles he found there. Now, Cristiano Ronaldo was feeling things that he knew he shouldn't. All he wanted was to let Wayne come here so that he could have a good fucking time with him. Why all of a sudden was he getting a big boner looking at this young teammate of his? As if in some kind of dream, Ronaldo leaned down and placed his mouth over Rooney's left nipple. Rooney started to wiggle around as started to become aroused in his sleep. Once he had serviced Rooney's nips good and proper, Ronaldo moved to his stomach, placing soft, gentle kisses all over the Englishman's abdomen. Ronaldo's eyes were glassy as he looked at Wayne underneath him. He took a deep breath and leaned down to kiss Wayne's neck, licking and biting the soft flesh. Ronaldo gasped for air as hormones were getting the better of him, he rubbed his right hand all over Wayne's body. As he looked up into his face, he leaned down and kissed Wayne. Somewhere in his dream state, Wayne must have been having a wet dream or of some sort because after a while he started kissing Cristiano back. Ronaldo caressed his teammate's face while the two budding footballers became more intimate by the second. Wayne's arms went around Ronaldo, possibly believing it to be Colleen, as his arms went up and down Ronaldo's back. The kiss became so passionate that Ronaldo started to softly moan. He had what he wanted, Wayne Rooney in his bed. But this was something else. He didn't expect to feel like this. Was this something else that just a one time fuck? Ronaldo pulled away and stood up from the bed. He couldn't go on with this. It just didn't seem right. His cock was hard as fuck. As he layed down in his spare room, he started to wonder why he couldn't complete his seduction. He had no reason other than...could it be...he felt more for Wayne than he wanted to admit?

End of chapter 1. Please tell me if you have suggestions on what you want these sexy footballers to do, send me a email at ryanstories@yahoo.com

And remember that Michael Carrick still needs to make his entrance...into the story and into Wayne Rooney's ass.

Ryan White