Not the Only One

DISCLAIMER:  Yada yada yada.  This story is pure fiction, all names and characters are made up and any similarity to real persons is not only a coincidence, it's damn eerie!  Of course, I make no claims about the sexuality or opinions of real athletes who are mentioned in this story.  You'd have to ask them yourself.

Part Two
Simsbury, Connecticut - February 1997

The mini van pulled into the driveway of a nice but modest two story house.  It was at the end of a long wooded road with lots of seclusion and privacy.  Mr. Rykers killed the ignition and Matt and I piled out into the cold New England air.  We went to the back of the van and reached in for our hockey bags and sticks.  I grabbed my big blue bag and slung it across my shoulder.

"This way," Matt said, motioning me with his head to follow him up the gray slated path to the front door.  Mr. Rykers got there ahead of us and had the door unlocked and opened for us so we could slip into the house unhindered by our bulky hockey bags.  I followed Matt into the entryway of the house and towards the back to the basement.  We shuffled down the basement stairs and flicked on the light to reveal a cluttered and dingy basement.  "Over in the corner," Matt told me and I gratefully dropped my bag to the floor.

We opened up our bags and took out our smelly and sweaty equipment, laying out each piece so that it could air out and dry.  Then we went back upstairs where his dad had promised us two mugs of steaming hot chocolate to top off the night.

Our Connecticut invitational team had played against a Massachusetts team that night.  It was a tight game and we ended up winning 7-6 on a last second goal by Matt.  I myself had scored three goals including the game-tying goal to earn a hat trick.  Obviously, we were both in excellent moods.  After the game Matt had invited me to stay over rather than make the long trip back to my house.  The game had been played at the Simsbury rink and Matt lived only a few minutes away.  It was almost an hour away from my house.  My parents had given permission and I was looking forward to spending the rest of the night with Matt as well as tomorrow, Saturday, too.

We had become fast friends since we first met and I considered him my best hockey friend.  He lived in Simsbury with his dad so I really only got to see him during the weekends when we had games and practices.  We always had a good time together and shared most of the same interests.  He was a lot smaller than me, but then again, most kids were.  I was over six feet tall and only fourteen years old!  Matt was about 5'6" and lean.  He had a strong body and not an ounce of fat on him.  He had short light brown hair that was always gelled and worn spiky.  He was a fanatic about his hair and would never leave the locker room after the game until he had fixed it and gotten it "just right!"  We all made fun of him for that.  He had a nice dark complexion year round that I was jealous of.  It could be the dead of winter and he still looked like he had just come off a Miami beach.  He had nice thin brown eyebrows that combined with his small eyes to make him look a bit Asian, even though he wasn't.  His eyes were hazel brown and they were always sparkling in tandem with his constant smile.  He had a smile that could melt the polar ice caps, with perfect white teeth.  He was a jovial kid, except a bit hyper.  There were times when even I wished we could have unplugged his batteries for a couple of hours.  He had a great sense of humor and was always cracking jokes and playing pranks on us.  Like the time the little bastard put Icy Hot in my jockstrap right before a game.

But you had to love him.  Everyone did.  He was the most popular kid on the team and I felt so special that he and I had become so close rather than anyone else.  It sounds a little silly, but I would get jealous sometimes when he would hang out with other kids on the team.  He was just so special and fun to be around.  The moment I met him I had the biggest crush on him.  I dreamed about him at night and would jerk off to visions of him and me fooling around.  I wanted him in the worst way.  Except I could never tell him that.  I promised myself I never would.  It would ruin our friendship.  And I didn't want anything to jeopardize that.  Nothing was worth that.

Matt lived alone with his father.  His mother had died when he was young and he had no other brothers or sisters.  His dad worked for Pepsi and traveled a lot.  When his father had to go away on business he had Matt's aunt who also lived in Simsbury come and take care of him.  He dad was away frequently and I could tell it bothered him but he never ever complained about it.  That wasn't Matt's way.  He would just suck it up and bury it deep inside.  That was Matt's way; to always keep a happy facade.

We were sitting in the kitchen sipping our hot chocolate.

"Nick, are you going to sleep in Matt's room tonight?" his father asked.

"I suppose so.  Where should I stay?" I replied.

"Well its fine if you want to stay there.  But the duct in his room isn't working right so its going to be a bit cold.  We have a sleeping bag you can use if you want to sleep on the floor but I would suggest you share the bed with him.  Otherwise, it'll be too cold."

"No, I don't want to be a pain, I'll be fine with a sleeping bag."

"It wouldn't be a problem to share the bed," Matt piped in.  "Honestly, its too cold for just a sleeping bag."

My heart was racing.  A chance to stay in the same bed with him would be awesome.  But I didn't know how if I'd be able to handle it.  I didn't want to do anything stupid that I'd regret later.  And what if I popped a woody and he rubbed against it?  What the hell would he think?

"Are you sure man?  I don't want to cramp you."

"It's not problem at all, really, don't worry," Matt reassured me and flashed that killer smile.  How could I say no to that?  After watching TV for a while and talking about all the things that 14 year olds talk about, we headed up to his room.  It was at the end of the hallway and you could feel the drop in temperature as you approached. His bed was shoved over in the corner as far away from the windows as possible.  I could feel a draft coming in from outside.  He pointed over to the heating ducts by his bed.

"The damn things don't work.  It's a hell of a thing to come in here naked and wet after a shower and freeze your nuts off.  My dad is supposed to fix it this weekend."  I thought to myself how wonderful it would be to see Matt come in here naked and wet.  I'd been in the lockeroom with him and even been in the showers together with him but I never dared to even peek at him or any of the other guys.  I was too scared of getting caught.  I quickly pushed the thoughts out of my head.  It wasn't doing me any good to think about that.  It was already 11:30 and we planned to get up early tomorrow to go out skating.

"I hope you don't mind," Matt said as he slipped his shirt over his head.  "I sleep in the nude."  My mouth dropped wide open as I stared dumbfounded at him and tried to think of something to say.  "I'm just kidding," he said laughing and shaking his head.  "You're so gullible."  My heart stopped racing and I started to breathe easier again.  Matt added, "I don't think you could handle the sight of me naked anyway," he added dropping his shorts and stripping down to his boxers.  My face turned red and I realized I was staring at him as he got undressed.  I started to stutter out something.  Embarrassed I turned my back to him and took off my sweatshirt.  Why couldn't I act normal?  What the hell was wrong with me, he's just joking like he always does.  By the time I had stripped down to my boxers my nipples were hard from the cold and I was shivering.  Matt was lying in bed under the covers already with just his head popping out.  He looked so damn cute!

"I'd put on a tee-shirt if I were you.  It's really cold, even under here."

"I only have the one I wore tonight during the game.  And its all smelly."

He pointed over to his dresser.  "Go ahead and grab one of mine," he offered.

I opened up the dresser and selected a yellow tee-shirt and quickly threw it over my head.  Then I went back over to the bed.  He withdrew the sheets and allowed me to climb in next to him.  I thought how nice it would be if we were married or something and this happened every night.  Immediately I pushed the thought away.  I climbed in beside him glad to have the sheets wrapped around me.  They were cold too and it would take a little while for our body heat to warm them up.  I wrapped them as tight around me as I could without stealing them from Matt.

"Nice game tonight, buddy," he said to me yawning and then turning around to face the other way.

"You too."

"We'll have a good time tomorrow at Buck's pond.  Hopefully most of the guys in the neighborhood will be able to play."

"How far away is it?"

"It's like a 20 minute walk.  My dad'll drop us off, though."

I was still shivering.  "God it really is cold!"

He chuckled and flipped over in bed so he was facing me.  "Oh you poor baby, come here," he said jokingly.  He reached out and grabbed me in a bear hug.

"Come on get off, dude," I protested, weakly though.

"Poor little Nicky's cold," he taunted.

"Who are you calling little?" I said, punching him playfully in the arm.

He pulled back the sheets a bit to expose his arm and made a muscle.  "Ooh, looks like someone has mushrooms for arms," I joked.  I was lying.  I was very impressed at the size of his biceps.  He must have been working out.

"Yeah, right.  Let's see you make a muscle."  I definitely didn't want to do that.  I was big but hadn't really had time to bulk up from my growth spurt.

"I don't want to embarrass you," I lied, turning my back to him to escape the bear hug he still had me in.  I closed my eyes and pretended to try to go to sleep.

"Yeah right, chicken arms," he said, but left it at that.  I felt him turn over again so that we both had our backs to each other.  I sighed quietly.  Here was with this gorgeous boy lying in the same bed with me and I couldn't do anything about it.  I lay in the dark and listened to the wind howl by the window.  Connecticut didn't get the full brunt of the New England winters being the southernmost state.  But it still was no beach!  It was wicked cold out, I knew that.

We lay there for several minutes and I thought I heard Matt softly snoring.  I could feel his back expand and contract with each breath he took and it comforted me to know how close he was to me.  Both physically right now as well as emotionally.  We had become really good friends.  I crossed my arms and rubbed my shoulders and thought back to how good it felt to have his strong and warm arms wrapped around me.  Remembering it tingled my shoulders and made me shudder suddenly.

"Jesus, man, you're keeping me awake with you shivering," he said in a sleepy voice.  "Seriously, come here."  He turned around so he was facing me and wrapped his arms around me once again and drew me in a little closer.  He lay his head back down on the pillow but kept his arms wrapped tight around me.  He felt so warm and wonderful.  My eyes were wide open and my heart was racing.  I closed my eyes again and tried to think about anything to keep my mind off Matt's strong arms wrapped around me.  A cold draft slipped in under the sheets and I shuddered again.

"You still cold?" he asked sleepily.

"Yeah," I softly said.

"Turn over," he said.  I obeyed and flipped over on my other side.  Matt grabbed me tighter and pulled me until my head was resting against his chest.  Then he rubbed his hands up and down my back to warm me up.  "Gee, you are cold," he said feeling the goose bumps on my back.  "It's probably because you're closer to the wall where the drafts are."  I didn't complain at all and just lay there and let him hold me tight.

I closed my eyes and let my forehead rest against his smooth and hairless chest.  The pressure increased and decreased on my nose as his chest heaved with each breath.

"Is that better?" he asked.

I wanted to just moan but I managed to croak out a yes.

"You're not uncomfortable?" he asked.


"I mean," he stuttered, "uncomfortable with this.  Lying here like this?"  My eyes shot open as I tried to figure what he was saying.  How should I respond?  Was he testing me?

"Why should I be?"  I finally said.  I waited for him to answer but he said nothing and continued to rub his hands along my back to keep me warm.  Then he wrapped his legs around mine and pulled me in even closer.

"Are you sure?" he asked again softly.

"Actually," I eventually said, "its kind of nice."  I was nervous as hell but I decided to just be honest.  He didn't freak out or anything but just kept holding me tight.  After a while he leaned in and kissed me softly on the top of my head.  Or at least I thought he did.  I was so wrapped up in the moment I might have imagined it.  I lifted my head to look up at him and see if in fact he had kissed me.  Then he kissed me again, this time on the lips.  My head felt heavy and foggy like everything was happening in a movie.  Then I felt his hand brushing across my waist and then slipping into my boxers.  It brought me out my trance and I leaned in and kissed him back on the lips just as his hand wrapped around my quickly stiffening cock.

He opened his mouth and we started to french kiss.  It was the first time I had ever done it.  His hand started stroking up and down on my cock.  It felt awesome.  His hand wrapped around it tight and moved up and down over it.  I put my arms around his back and slid them down to his butt.  It felt great, nice and soft, but firm too.  My cock was warm and tingly all over and I moaned .

"Shhh," he whispered, breaking our kiss.  "You'll wake up my dad."  He giggled, "I don't think I want him to see this."  I smiled back at him.  Matt's face got serious for a second.  "Can I, can I see it?"

I didn't know what he was talking about at first.  "Oh, yeah, of course," I said suddenly realizing what he wanted to do.  He pulled the sheets away and I reached down and slipped my boxers around my ankles.  My hard cock sprung out.  I was pretty proud of it.  It was almost seven inches and pretty thick.  Not too bad for a fourteen year old.

"Holy shit," he softly said, reaching out to grab it once again.  He moved the skin around and up over the head and back down, playing with it.  He edged down the bed to get a better looked and cupped my balls in his hand.  It felt weird to have someone staring at me naked but it was exhilarating at the same time.  Then he shocked me by taking me into his mouth.

I gasped as his mouth closed around my dick.  It was so warm and moist and it felt awesome.  "Oh god," I said quietly as he began to suck on it.  His head bobbed up and down on it and I could feel my nuts contracting.  I moaned again.  I was about to bust a nut.  "I think I'm going to cum," I said.  Matt kept on sucking and I gasped as my first shots came spurting out.  Matt kept his mouth around me and kept on sucking as I filled his mouth with my cum.  The orgasm was intense and I tried to stifle my moans as best I could.  I looked down again and Matt carefully let my spent dick out of his mouth.

"Have you done that before?" I finally asked him.  He shook his head.  "What did was it like?" I asked.

Matt smiled sheepishly.  "You had a big load," he finally said.

"What did it taste like?" I asked.

Matt giggled.  "I don't know, it was, bitter.  Salty."

"It felt awesome," I said kissing him on the lips.  I still wasn't sure if I was dreaming and if this was happening at all.  But if I was dreaming, I sure as hell didn't want to wake up.

Matt's face was red.  "I feel kind of weird," he finally confessed.

"Why?" I whispered softly.

"I just sucked you cock," he said as he started giggling uncontrollably and shaking the bed.

I wrapped my hands around his mouth, "Shhhh," I said trying to stifle his laughter.  "You think it that's funny?"

He finally stopped laughing long enough to say, "It's just really weird, that's all.  I kind of figured I'd only be getting my cock sucked, by girls."

"Well you did a pretty good job, so don't give up just yet."

He punched me hard on the arm and said laughing, "Shut up.  You let me.  You're just as guilty as I am."

"And I'd probably let you do it anytime you wanted to.  I'm not kidding that was awesome."  We fell into silence for a few minutes as we lay there together, warm and cuddled under the blankets.  I was feeling lightheaded still from the shock that this boy that I had wanted to fool around with so bad had just gone down with me.  I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off of my shoulders.  Here was someone I could talk to and share my own feelings with.  Someone who could help me feel out my emotions and make me feel normal again, instead of feeling like a lonely gay teenager.

I hugged Matt tightly around me and kissed him softly on the cheek.  "So do I get to see what you've got?"

Matt's face turned a little red and he quietly mumbled, "I guess so."

He pulled the blankets back and stripped his boxers down around his ankles.  Then kicked them off completely with his feet.  I reached down and traced the outline of his abdomen with my hand.  I ran a finger from his bellybutton down his hairless stomach into his soft black pubic hair.  Then I  wrapped my hand around his cock.  His dick was about five inches long and rock hard.  It was smaller than mine in length and in thickness but it still looked wonderful. I had tried to picture what he would look like naked for so long and finally here I was in bed with him.  The boy of all my dreams.  I used to lie awake at night stroking my cock just trying to imagine what his cock would look like, would feel like, would taste like.  With great anticipation I leaned down and took his tool into my mouth.  I wrapped my lips around it and went down on him all the way to the base and let his pubic hairs tickle my nose.  Then came back all the way and let it pop out of my mouth, being careful not to rake him with my teeth.  The soft skin shimmered from the wetness of my saliva.  I flicked out my tongue and licked along the back of it tracing the fine veins up his shaft.

All the while Matt was softly groaning with pleasure.  He ran his hand through my hair.  I was in pure ecstasy as I took Matt into my mouth again and sucked him a little harder.  I couldn't believe I was finally able to do what I had wanted to do for so long.  His crotch smelled a bit but I enjoyed it so much.  He tasted so soft in my mouth and I badly wanted to make him cum so I could know what it was like.  It took about as long as it took me, twenty seconds or so before he grabbed the back of my neck and moaned, "It's coming, get ready."  I felt the vein on the underside of his cock pulse along my tongue and then a burst hit my throat, another pulse, and a second burst.  I held him tightly beneath my lips and kept him in my mouth.  After the second burst he was moaning softly and his body was jerking in spasms.  I could feel the cum sort of oozing out still, but not as hard as before.  I waited till his body stopped jerking and sucked hard again to make sure I milked every last drop of cum.  Then I let go of his dick carefully.  I could feel his juice sloshing around on my tongue and in my mouth.  It was thick, but some of it was runny too.  Then I swallowed slowly, so I could savor every last drop of him.  It did taste bitter, I noticed, but not too salty.  I swallowed twice and made sure to wash it all down with my saliva.  I looked back up at Matt who was lying on his back with his eyes closed and a look of total satisfaction on his face.

I lay back down on top of him and kissed him softly on the lips.  His eyes fluttered open, and that killer smile came out again.  "You didn't do to bad yourself," he said.

We wrapped up in each others arms and pulled the covers over our naked bodies and slept like that until morning.

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