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This story is total fiction and has nothing to do with the real life of the footballers mentioned in it.


England fans was shocked at their national team's first half performance against the so-called minnows, Andorra, played in the city of Barcelona, because the stadiums in Andorra does not meet the required size for international games. Frank Lampard was so fucking frustrated as he that some of the `Boo's" at the end of the first half was meant for him, as he missed chance after chance in that half. As expected, Fabio Capello was not really pleased at his team's performance and he made no secret about it in the dressing room. Frank made a point of it to give it his all in the secong half. John Terry was getting his troops going to the start of the second half. Frank looked at John with the greatest respect. Not anybody on the team knew that he and John was far more than best friends, or Chelsea and England teammates. Frank couldn't get enough of John's sexy voice, his smile, his body and ofcourse that spiky hair that he loved to glide his hands through. But there wasn't time; the second half of the game lied in wait.

England fans couldn't believe their luck. Not even two minutes of football played in the second half and that sexy Joe Cole had made it 1 0. As Gareth Barry ran to Joe to congratulate him with the goal that all of England had so desperately craved, he secretly had a sly idea that had come to him even before the game. Everybody hugged Joe and it was quite difficult to feel and therefore really see where Barry had touched him. Barry went back to his midfield job, knowing that he had done what he wanted to. Joe ran back to his spot on the field for the restart of the game. Was it his imagination, goodness knows it could have been with all the cheering from the fans and the celebrating, but he could have sworn someone rubbed their hands all over his stomach when the team hugged him after he scored...?

The game had ended 2 0 to the three lions that represented England and their road to South Africa in two years time had started on a possitive note, after failing to qualify for Euro 2008. Frank was substituted in the latter stages of the game and he had allready showered when he heard the final whistle blow. He got out of the shower and wrapped the towel around him, just in time before the dressing room was flooded with cheers and patts on the back from the different players. One person caught his eye. He watches as John took his shirt off and threw it on the bench. Frank had to sit down to get a better view. Whist John was talking with Fabio Capello, his chest heaved up and down, giving Frank the perfect view of John's fabulous abs, great pecs and muscled chest. That wasn't all that John was giving Frank as he felt his 9 inch cock slowly being lengthened to its full height by the sheer sight of the shirtless England skipper.

Joe Cole was still pondering who the hell had glided their hands over his stomach when he scored the first goal. Yeah sure, all the players hugged and playfully rubbed their hands through eachother's hair when they scored, but it was like this person was sorely trying to feel his stomach. Not that he had minded, ofcourse, but who was it? Gareth made sure that he was behind Joe the whole time when the final whistle blew as he saw that Joe was the first to take off his shirt. He couldn't get enough of Joe's small, but compact and strong little body and he had to keep a straight face as he knew the cameras would be on Joe for scoring both goals. Therefore he kept a secret eye on Joe's stomach, that very same stomach that he had felt so lovingly without anyone but Joe knowing...Joe's cute face and muscled body made him crazy with pure lust as he simply had to have this young Chelsea bloke. This should have been a game of cricket because Joe Cole had totally bowled him out tonight.

As per usual after a match, Frank and John left the rest of the squad to quietly enjoy a pint of Guinness as they were extremely relieved to win the match, especially after the ranting and raving from the passionate England supporters at the end of the first half. While Frank was speaking, John was slightly drifting his eyes across his good friend. He noticed that Frank had gelled and spiked his hair, and everytime he looked at it all he wanted to do was run his hands through it while he kissed Frank. Underneath the table, Frank, who had gotten really horny during the game and while sitting here in such close proxcimity to the sexy John, put his hand on John's knee and gently started to rub it. Making sure that they weren't watched, John returned the favour, and both of the England hotties's cocks were being stretched to the limit in their designer jeans. With a flick of his head John indicated to Frank that they take this gentle rubbing somewhere else so that it could evolve into passionate love making.

Joe Cole was lying in his hotel room after the match, getting some much needed rest. He knew that his picture would be all over the papers tomorrow and that really pleased him. Hey who wouldn't be, right? He had saved England on his own tonight and against the Czech Republic at Wembley a couple of weeks ago, so shoot him for being a little arrogant! He glanced at the door when he heard a knock. He got up and walked over to the door. When he opened it, he saw Gareth Barry of Aston Villa standing there with a bottle of wine. They had become good friends ever since Barry had fully joined the England squad last year and had given him lot of support about his failed move to Liverpool. Joe took the wine from Gareth and poured each of them a glass. They toasted their victory and started talking about how the English season was going on so far. Suddenly Joe stopped talking as he saw Gareth staring right at him. He gave Gareth a questioning look and then Gareth got up and sat next to Joe.

"You know, Joey, I couldn't help to notice that whilst we were celebrating after you scored, that you were being really felt up by someone."

Joe turned exictedly towards Gareth, his eyes lighting up expectantly.

"So it wasn't my imagination! Did you see you it was?"

"Oh yes. It was me."

With that Gareth put his glass down and grabbed Joe's head, kissing him with every inch of breath that he had.

The door blasted open as Frank and John couldn't stop kissing eachother. Their hands were all over eachother's sexy bodies and they had to fight it not to undress in the passage of the hotel that they were staying in. Once they were in the room and made sure that they locked it, they grabbed eachother again and kissed once more, falling on the bed in the process. John grabbed Frank as he was the one on top, and he held Frank's hands above his head. He licked Frank's ear and nibbled on it just for good measure. He glided his hands over Frank's stomach and then he kissed Frank again, while slowly starting to unbutton Frank's shirt. Frank's eyes wandered over John's face as he saw the love in the other man's eyes. After unbuttoning the last button, John breathed deeply, as he did each and every time he saw Frank Lampard shirtless underneath him. He took the shirt off and he gently lowered his face towards the sixpack that was staring him in the face. John lovingly kissed Frank's stomach, feeling the hardness of it under his wet tongue, and kissing his way up to Frank's nipples, where he started to suck at the left one, while every now and then looking up at Frank, as if to tell him that he only had eyes for him. Frank moaned as one by one his nipples was being sucked, licked and nurtured by John's sweet tongue. John's hands were all over Frank's lower body as he kept sucking away at Frank's nipples. Frank heaved his body upright, pulling John towards him and kissing him passionately once more. John slowly pulled away and glanced his eyes down towards Frank's hard nine incher underneath those boxers. Licking his lips, John grabbed the top of Frank's boxers and moved his hands to the back of Frank's body, gently feeling his buttocks, moaning as he did so. Frank lifted his hips upright and John pulled the boxers off completely, seeing a flash of the large desert which was on offer.

An electric shock went through both Gareth and Joe as they felt eachother's lips and tongues dancing around in harmony towards total satisfaction. Joe was the first to release the kiss, and ran kissed the top of Gareth's head, feeling the soft hair under his lips. Gareth stood up and ran his fingers over Joe's arms and stopping at his hand, taking it into his own and placing Joe's hand on his chest, near his heart. Gareth knew now that he was in love with Joe, the young muscled lad from London. He was ecstatic as Joe started kissing his neck, with his left hand on Gareth's arm and the other on his chest. Taking the lead, the two emabraced in a passionate hug, pulling eachother closer while they kissed. Gareth started taking off Joe's shirt that he was wearing and ran his hands over the strong young body. He simply couldn't let go. Joe wasn't shy either and he ripped Gareth's shirt off aswell. Joe walked over to the bathroom and when he was about to enter, he turned around, looked straight at Gareth, and licked his lips. Then he dissapeared into the bathroom and a second later he heard the shower splashing water onto the tiled showerarea. He slowly made his way over to the shower and when he entered, he saw a sight that will forever stay with him in his life aswell in his heart. Joe Cole was standing in the shower, totally naked, flaccid 7 inch dick standing proudly erect and the watery soap suds running down his fantastic strong and hard body. As fast as lightning, Gareth removed his trousers and underpants in one go, and he stepped into the shower, grabbing Joe's waist. Their cocks touched as they pressed against eachtother. The feeling of two hard cocks was nearly driving them insane and Gareth had to do a double take when Joe carefully kneeled down and placed his mouth over his cock.

"Fuck me! Fuck me now!" Frank screamed as John's mouth was sucking up and down his rigid and by now very red and wet cock. It was so hard that he was sure John was going to gag with every time he deepthroated it, but then again he and John hadn't been fucking only since yesterday. John just couldn't get enough of the sight of Frank's body as the abs got bigger each time that he licked around the head of Frank's cock. Soon he couldn't wait anymore and grabbed Frank's cock at the thick base, keeping it in place, while bobbing up and down the red, swollen head. "John, you want my cum? You want my cum inside you? Drink up baby, here it comes!!" Frank screamed as his cock grew gigantic before firing two quick sputs into John's mouth. John only had time to quikly swallow the two creamy delights before another two, three, four shots hit the back of his throat and pouring down his lips. There was just too much of the delicious essence that was Frank Lampard. Frank moaned as he felt his cum being transferred from the big balls into John's mouth and he grabbed John, kissing him deeply, tasting his own cum while doing so. John stood up from the bed and Frank locked his eyes on his lover's 10 inch love tool as it was dangling ever so cheekily infront of him. Frank reached out and stroked John's cock a few times before getting of the bed himself, his still stiff cock leading the way, and going into the bathroom. John smiled as he by now knew what Frank was up to. Oh yes, John smiled broadly indeed once he saw Frank emerge from the bathroom, carrying the small tube of KY in his hand.

It was like Joe Cole had a steel metal device in his mouth, so hard was the cock that belonged to Gareth Barry. Rubbing his hands all over Gareth's surprisingly sexy and well defined body, all while licking and sucking his perfect cock, there was no way that anyone, and especially a horny footballer could withstand this kind of torture and Gareth warned Joe more than once that he was about to cum. That made Joe only suck harder at the steel pole that was so proudly sticking out infront of Gareth and he decided to end the Villa man's heartache and to let him cum. He stuck his tongue in the piss slit and opened it up while sucking out the sweet juices that came directly from the Barry balls. Suddenly the same piss slit opened up and shot its rich protein into Joe's mouth. Joe swallowed as quickly as he could all while Gareth kept moaning and pumping his hips to fill Joe's mouth with his life spirit. When Joe had finished there was still a lot of cum on the floor of the shower. Gareth, recovering rather fast for a man who had just cum his balls out, pulled Joe out of the shower and pushed him onto the bed, with his cock sticking up in the air. Gareth dove onto the Chelsea man's cock, determined to give Joe every bit as pleasure as he gave him. Joe's sexy London accent as he moaned out his name, made Gareth even more turned on for the sexy Joe Cole and he sucked the cock one last time before standing up and placing himself and his bumhole on top of Joe's wet and sucked cock. Both moaned in unison as they respectively felt their hole and cock being pleasured beyond belief. Once he was in all the way, Barry began to move his body up and down on Joe's cock, feeling the hard flesh between his soft buns. Joe arched his small body upwards to keep from sliding of the bed, but Gareth kept him in place, all the while sitting on Joe and pumping his body up and down his cock. Joe had been horny all night but when he felt the Villa man's bum gently moving from left to right on his cock, he could keep it in no longer. He fired his white, slimy footballer cum high into Gareth Barry's arse while Gareth couldn't believe the amount of cum that was being shot into his hole, and which was by now sliding down his legs. Gareth leaned down and opened is mouth to kiss Joe Cole, who he had truly found love with, tonight in Spain.

"Shit, Frank, you're so fucking tight, mate!" John screamed as he pumped his cock in and out of Frank's arse. They were fucking doggy style and Frank couldn't believe the pleasure that his best friend was giving him. The big cock kept on hitting his prostate over and over again as John Terry pushed his cock and his big balls into Frank Lampard, opening up that sweet Lampard arse. Frank was jacking his cock in rhythym with John's fucking of him and his he getting close once more. Suddenly he felt his hand being pushed away and John hand taking over the masturbating duties. Frank's eyes opened in shock and his breath was taken away as John's hand on his rock hard cock felt so much better than his right hand...John felt that tingling feeling in the back of his cock and driving his cock harder, deeper, faster, more powerful into Frank's arse, he brought that good, menacing feeling to the head of his cock and with a almighty roar, he emptied his cum filled balls into the arse of his sexy, georgeous Chelsea teammate, Frank Lampard, his hands leaving Frank's cock and holding onto Frank's sexy stomach while his balls was drained of their love fluid. The feeling of John Terry's cock expanding and shooting its juice into him made Frank turned around, facing the exhausted John. Frank leaned over John and started to wank his cock to top of John's face. His hand on his cock was an utter blur as he pumped his cock and his balls worked overtime to create that white mane of sperm that was so proudly the symbol ot the male human being. Frank's cock had enough for the night and he spurted his second load of sperm onto John's face and upper chest. Frank heaved to get his breath back and then licked his own cum off John's face, before finding his face and kissing his John Terry deeply. Frank layed on top of John, feeling his cum underneath them and after a final kiss, both of them fell asleep in eachother's arms.

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