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Chapter Three


"DAD!" I called out to my dad as he attempted to scale the stairs by himself. "You can't be doing this on your own! Stop. Let me help you."

"I'm a grown ass man! I think I can handle going up and down the stairs by myself."

"You've also had surgery recently and you're still in a cast. Please, let me help you," I took his arm and gently helped him up the stairs, taking most of his weight on my body. When we made it up the stairs, I helped him into the bedroom where he sat and started to relax on the bed. "We'll have to get you a nurse or something so that you can get help getting up and down the stairs."

"I don't need a nurse, geez, I'll be fine!"

"Alright, alright, geez!" I laughed quietly. "Alright, if you're good, then I'm gonna head out. Got a date tonight, afterall."

"A date?" my dad asked like it was some big deal. "It had better be with that boy who has been texting you nonstop today."

"Actually, it's not. Beth and I are having a friend date. Just us two, going shopping and out for dinner. Alex on the other hand, can wait his turn." It was true, Alex had been texting me all day but he knew that every third Saturday was reserved for Beth. We were both incredibly busy and this ensured that we would have a day completely to ourselves as well as minute days in between. This had been our tradition since I graduated from university. Some months, that Saturday was the only day we actually got to see each other.

I left my dad in his room and went to mine. After locking the door, I started stripping down, getting ready for a hot shower. I sent one last text before dropping my phone on the bed.

Me: I'm getting in the shower, I'll text you when I'm done. Don't worry about tonight. It will just be me and Beth. Nothing to worry about, you'll see.

When I stepped into the bathroom, I smiled. Some of Alex's things were in my bathroom. We had been switching off, some of the nights at his place and some nights here. He was leaving to finish his onsite shooting soon and we were trying to spend as much time together as we could before he got on that airplane again. I cleaned some of his stuff away from around my sink, and grabbed the toiletries I would need and laid them out. I moved to the glass encased shower and turned on the water as hot as I could handle it. I really loved hot showers, they allowed me to escape for a little while and think about everything that was on my mind.

Once the water was as hot as I liked, I got into the enclosure and closed the door behind me. Alex's shampoo, conditioner, and body wash were staring at me from the shelf in the corner furthest away from me. I smiled to myself and started washing my body, starting with my hair. I applied my tea tree oil shampoo and let myself relax as the shampoo did its job, relaxing my scalp. I started thinking as I massaged the shampoo into my hair and quickly got distracted. Thinking about Alex usually did this. Lately I had been questioning myself on whether or not it was time to move back in with him or if I should stay where I am. If I should start wearing my ring again or if I should wait for him to ask me again. It was very confusing, I really had no answers, that was why it would be so good to hang out with Beth tonight. I was getting to spend the night with a girl who understood the way that I felt and knew how I would react and would help me see what I was going to do anyways. I managed to finish my shower on auto pilot then got out and started drying off. I looked at myself in the mirror and rubbed my cheeks, I had just over a day's growth of stubble on my face and I thought it looked good, made me look a little rough. I decided to keep it and brushed my teeth and did my hair in the mirror, dancing around a little bit to the music that was playing in my head.

After I finished getting ready, I went into my closet. I stood, looking at all of my clothes. I knew that I was going to get recognized and barraged for autographs so I wanted to look good. If people were going to be taking pictures of me, I wanted to look hot. I picked out a pair of jeans that hugged my ass but went straight down my legs and hung just over top of my shoes. Under them, I wore a tight pair of boxer briefs. I put a genuine leather black belt through the belt loops and synched it around my waist. I took a while to decide what shirt I should wear on top. I stood in my jeans, running my hand up and down my abs slowly. I thought of Alex's hands on me and quickly had to stop before I got myself riled up. I found a navy blue shirt that hugged my shoulders and sit nicely on my pecs but didn't show too much. I looked at myself in the full length mirror and did a slow turn, checking myself out. I donned my expensive watch, looking at it closely. It was flashy but I didn't care, I liked how it looked. I decided to forgo any more jewelry other than a thin chain with a small locket, this I tucked under my shirt, keeping it to myself. Inside were a picture of my mother and father and a picture of me and Alex. No one knew that I even had it. I slipped on my favorite pair of cloth flip flops, sprayed myself with some cologne and checked myself in the mirror once more. Perfect. I grabbed my phone and texted Beth.

Me: Hey B! Are you ready to be seen in public with this mess?

Beth: Always. Well, actually I'm not quite ready yet. Channing is being distracting.

Me: What's he doing? Walking around shirtless. Man that boy has a rockin bod.

Beth: Hey! Keep your hands off. But yes, that's exactly it. He's walking around in a towel, acting all sexy and trying to get me in bed.

Me: Well, he doesn't really need to do that. Usually you just drop your panties when he walks into the room. LOL.

Beth: Oh shut up and get your ass over here and if you look better than I do, I'm going to freak shit.

Me: Alright, I'll be over in a little while. DO NOT sleep with him! I need you to not look so slutty when I get there.

I looked at the time, grabbed my wallet and keys and quickly headed out to my car. I got into the vehicle and started it up, quickly leaving the garage and the estate. I rolled my windows down all the way and turned my stereo up loud. I was in an extremely good mood and the whole world was going to know it. I danced and sang along in my vehicle while I drove down the interstate towards Beth and Channing's house. I pulled up to the gate and typed in the code, quickly gaining entrance and making my way up towards the door. I parked my car and stepped out, I walked up to the door and I could hear Beth on the other side.

"Chan! Put some clothes on! Jesus! Asher is here! Oh my god, he does not want to see that!"

I walked into the house and laughed, Channing was at the top of the stairs in just a towel, doing body rolls.

"I don't know...looks pretty hot from down here," I winked at Chan and laughed harder.

"Do not antagonize him!" Beth was starting to break down and laugh. I hugged her and kissed the side of her head.

"You look great," I smacked her butt and then ran up the stairs and stole Channing's towel and ran back downstairs. He made no effort to cover himself up. "Alright, on that note, let's head out."

Beth did really look great in a pair of tight jeans and a tight t-shirt. Her hair was in soft curls and her make-up was simple and elegant, it really brought out her eyes. She grabbed a cropped leather jacket and slipped it on then grabbed her purse. I saw her blow a kiss to her fiancÚ and I laughed softly.

"Dude, go put some clothes on, and call Alex. Get him out of his stupid house and take him somewhere. Please!" I laughed quietly and Beth and I left, getting into my car and heading out to our favorite mall. It wasn't large, but it was just the right size for us. We could do all the shopping that we wanted to do and then we could go and eat at a nice restaurant and then be done. Sounded great to me.

When we pulled into the parking lot, I could see that it might be tough for us to get around. The parking lot was very full and it took me a few minutes to find an open spot. Quickly, I fit my car into the spot and we got out going to the mall entrance. Already, I could see this was going to be a long day as three young girls walked up and started asking for my autograph.

"Looks like we're gonna be followed today," Beth remarked as I signed a few pieces of paper and continued into the building.

"Sorry. Where do you wanna start?" I asked and wrapped my arm around her neck, squeezing her to me gently.

"Jewelry! Always jewelry," she laughed quietly and we headed towards the jewelry store. "Anything you wanna buy, or is it just me looking?"

"I'm thinking that I might wanna buy something for Alex. He's always buying me pretty things, I think it's time I return the favor."

We walked into the store and immediately were swarmed, by fans and personnel alike. I'm not even famous, all because I'm dating someone famous and because Beth is dating Chan. I shook my head and went to the counter, I turned towards the crowd.

"Listen up, I will kindly sign any paper, magazine, anything you want AFTER I finish my shopping in this store. In order to finish quickly, I need you to leave this store, unless you're doing shopping of your own. I promise you, I will sign whatever you want signed afterwards and I'm sure that Beth would do the same. But please, give us space so we can do our shopping."

I watched as almost all of the people in the store cleared out, leaving just a few shoppers and the employees of the store. I started shopping through the glass cases, looking and looking for the perfect gift for Alex. What would he like? What would be the best thing for him? What would he wear the most? I finally stopped at a case full of chains and lockets and beautifully ornate shiny objects. I quickly made a decision for a masculine locket, on a simple silver chain. Something small and discrete so nobody would notice it if he wanted to hide it. But it was flashy enough that if he wanted people to see it, they would see it, no problem. The locket itself had a few small diamonds and two places for birthstones. I decided that my birthstone and Alex's birthstone would be the best idea and quickly hailed the employee to take my order and take my money. I quickly gave her my order and credit card and then went over to Beth.

"What are you thinking of getting?" I asked as I slipped beside her, wrapping my arms around her.

"I'm thinking this bracelet," she pointed to a small gold bracelet with a few small charms on it.

"Oh that's gorgeous!" I gasped and smiled, squeezing her gently. "You won't let me buy that for you, will you?"

"No chance in hell," she laughed and handed over her credit card to the attendant.

I kissed her temple gently and we left the store, Beth carrying her small bag with the bracelet inside. Immediately outside the doors there was a mob of people wanting things signed. I sighed to myself and started smiling for pictures and signing things that were shoved into my face. After about ten minutes, I just couldn't do it anymore, I wanted to finish my shopping and hanging with my best friend. I quickly started turning away people and grabbed Beth's hand.

"Let's go, honey, I wanna finish shopping and get some food," we quickly made our way through the throng of people and continued on our shopping trip.

"Man, I wish they weren't so clingy. We aren't even the famous ones," Beth muttered and I squeezed her hand, reassuring her.

"Let's go do some clothes shopping and then go and eat some dinner and head home. I know you're just dying to get back to that naked Adonis living in your house," I laughed softly and started heading towards a clothing store that we both loved.

"Yeah, like you're not dying to get back to your own Adonis. Puh-lease," she hugged me and we quickly started doing our shopping. We stayed together, showing each other clothes that we thought would look good, whether on ourselves or the other. Quickly, our arms were full and we started laying things on the counter. We already knew what sizes we needed and what would look good on us. This was our regular routine, we tried to try on as little as possible in the stores to save time, because we knew that people were lurking just outside, waiting for us. We continued our way through the store until we finished and stood, waiting to pay for our things.

"So...I have a question for you," I started, looking down at my toes instead of looking at Beth.

"What's wrong?"

"Should I wait for Alex to ask me to marry him again? Or should I just start wearing the ring again?" I asked, fidgeting with my fingers, I slipped my card into the card reader to pay for all of my stuff as the cashier put it all into bags.

"Well, what would you want him to do if the roles were reversed?"

"I'm not sure, that's the part I'm having trouble with," I answered. I grabbed my bags and stood, waiting for Beth to be rung through and to pay.

"I have a feeling you want to wear that ring again, right?" she asked, sliding her card into the card reader.

"Yes, of course I do, I've wanted to since the day I forgave him."

"So then why aren't you?"

"Because I don't know if I should get him to ask me again, are we starting over or are we just picking up where we left off? If I just start wearing it again, is he going to cheat on me or break up with me again...? Is it just going to start a loop? If he asks me again, does that mean that we really are starting over and that it'll mean more and be better this time?" I asked in a rush. I grabbed Beth's bags for her and we slowly walked through the mall towards Montana's.

"Honey, stop!" Beth stopped me in the middle of the mall.


"Stop doubting him. That man loves you, he fucked up and he's been trying to fix it ever since. He hasn't given up on you, why are you giving up on him? If you want him to ask you again, fine, so be it. But you should be talking to him about this. He needs to know where your head is at," she was now holding my face in her hands and I could see the flashes going off around us. Ugh, great, this was going to be in the tabloids.

I bit my lip, effectively hiding tears, "What if he doesn't want to marry me anymore?"

"Stop it, just stop. Breathe. Once we're done hanging out, go and talk to him. He loves you more than anything, so just let him in."

She let go of me and we continued through the mall, our arms around each other. When we got to the restaurant, we were quickly seated in a booth. I enjoyed the privacy that it provided, while Beth enjoyed the comfort of the cushy seats.

"I've been trying to let him in, but I just, I'm scared," I said softly.

"And you have every right to be," Beth replied.


I turned to see a blonde head of hair and a chiseled jaw and brooding eyes. Oh, Chad Michael Murray, why must you be here?

"Oh! Hi, Chad, how are you?" I asked, unsure of myself.

"I'm good!" he slid into the booth beside me and started chatting me up like an old friend. "How is everything going?"

"Well, thank you, just working and relaxing. Letting Alex do his filming thing and being home when he gets there, yanno the regular stuff," Chad kind of shifted at the mention of Alex. I heard Beth cough, "Oh! This is Beth, Beth this is Chad Michael Murray."

They greeted each other and I could tell that Beth didn't like him. She was doing her square shoulder, cold eyes thing. Ohhhh boy, she really didn't like him. And Chad didn't show any signs of leaving. When I looked over to Beth, she was texting away and I frowned, knowing who she was texting. Ugh, the drama that this would create.

"Don't," I said, looking over at her.

"I thought that he'd like to join us," she knew exactly what I was talking about.

"I thought we had agreed that it was just going to be us two for dinner," I responded, Chad looked a little put off.

When the waitress came over, I quickly ordered my meal and let Beth order hers, and hoped that Chad wouldn't order anything, but I wasn't so lucky.

"So did I," Beth muttered and I frowned at her. It's not like I wanted him to stick around. I really did want it to just be us two. That's how it was supposed to be.

We continued having polite conversation, until our food came to our table. I started eating slowly and looked up at the entrance to the restaurant when I felt him getting closer. Chad slid his body tighter to mine and I quickly tried to squish against the wall of the booth, wanting to be as far away from him as I could. When Alex sat down next to Beth, I knew I was in trouble.

"Hi," he said, looking right at me.

"Hi," I muttered, continuing to eat slowly.

"Good, you're eating."

"Yeah," I looked down at my food and kept eating, for no other reason than to keep myself busy.

"I thought that it was just going to be Beth and you, I didn't expect an invite."

Oh boy, here it comes.

"Yeah, it was supposed to be just us two, we had an unexpected guest," I glanced over at Chad and for his part he looked ashamed.

Alex reached his hand across the table, "Hi, I'm Alex, Asher's boyfriend-"

"FiancÚ," I corrected him.

"Sorry, fiancÚ, nice to meet you."

I could feel the ice just shooting from Alex.

"I'm Chad, nice to meet you as well."

"So, what exactly made you decide to sit here and eat with these two people?" I kicked Alex gently under the table for being rude. For his part, he showed no signs of being touched.

"I saw Asher, and wanted to talk to him some more after that charity event a couple weeks ago," Chad looked over at me but I continued to look at and eat my food. I was having no part of this conversation. It probably made me look guilty as all hell, but it was not my fight.

"Ah, the charity event," Alex looked right at me. "Can I talk to you for a minute?"

I nodded and Chad got out of the booth so that I could step out, then Alex lead me to the back where the bathrooms were. After stepping into the men's bathroom, Alex locked the door and quickly started in on me. "Why didn't you tell me that you met him at that event? Why is he sitting with you guys? What the hell, Asher?!"

"I talked to him for all of two seconds, didn't really seem important. He sat down, uninvited. I didn't have the heart to tell him that he had to sit somewhere else, you know that I'm not like that. And don't `What the hell' me. You're guilty here too! You didn't have to come. I can handle myself. You know that I'd never do anything to hurt you. Fuck, have some trust in me, why don't you," I muttered and backed away from him, coming up against a wall and slowly slid down it to sit on the ground.

"I do trust you, it's him that I don't trust," Alex moved to squat in front of me. "I know you can handle yourself, but I worry. Especially when Beth texts me about this guy making passes at you."

He put his hands on my legs and I sighed softly, "I don't want to fight with you, I love you."

"I know, I love you too," he reached into his pocket and pulled out my ring. He slid it onto my finger and looked at me. "I didn't know if you wanted me to ask you again, but I guess you answered my question. What made you change your mind?"

"I decided to stop doubting you," I whispered. Suddenly I felt Alex's hands on my cheeks as he leaned in and kissed me, deeper than any of his other kisses since we got back together.

"Oh, baby, I've been waiting to hear that for so long," he kissed me again and again.

"Maybe we should get off the floor now?"

"Good idea," Alex replied and slowly we stood from our spot on the floor. "I love you, so much."

"I love you, too, sweetie," I kissed his cheek. "Can we go out so I can finish my meal now?"

"Of course," Alex took my hand and lead me out of the bathroom, we walked over to the table and I sat back down where my food was. I shot Alex a look, telling him to trust me.

As soon as I sat down, I felt Chad's hand on my thigh. I sighed and blinked once then reached over and cupped his balls in my hand, squeezing quite firmly.

"Touch me one more time and I swear to God, these won't exist anymore. Got that?!" I almost screamed in his ear. I glanced over at Alex to see him grinning and trying to hide it. I quickly let go of Chad and felt him move as far away from me as possible on the seat. When I looked at Beth she just smiled and winked at me. They both knew me so well. They knew that I would never actually hurt him, but I had to defend myself, I couldn't have anyone defend me, especially in this case. Chad quickly finished his meal and left enough money to cover his meal and most of ours.

"Sorry for being...anyway, sorry," and he quickly left. Alex slipped over to my side of the table and put his hand on my thigh.

"You gonna squeeze my balls too?" he asked quietly.

"Mmph, maybe later," I winked at him.

"Ew, get a room," I heard from the other side of the table.

"We have one," I smiled innocently at Beth. "Call Chan, have him meet us for a movie, yeah? Why don't we have a double date movie night? We can just relax and be together and I'll get to spend time with my favorite people."

"I already texted him."

"Boo, you whore," I mocked Beth.

"Oh shuddup," she stuck her tongue out at me and Alex just sat back laughing at us.

"Eat some more, baby," Alex gently nudged me. I was actually quite hungry, so I quickly started eating my plate of food. Soon I was done and we were about to leave.

Alex stepped out of the booth before me and as I slid out after him, I started to feel sick, dizzy, nauseas. When I stood up to follow Alex, I couldn't support myself and quickly found my ass connecting with the floor.

"Babe?!" Alex was right beside me, holding me up a bit and supporting my head as I slowly laid back. The world went black with him holding me.

When I awoke, I saw Alex staring down at me, I had his sweater under my head and his eyes were stormy. He was worried.

"What happened?" I asked, my voice kind of husky.

"You fainted babe, just stay here with me for a few minutes, okay? Do you feel okay? Nauseas? Headache? Sore?" Alex asked me, speaking quietly, just to me. He was focusing on only me.

"Headache, and really..." I turned away from him and proceeded to vomit up everything that I had just eaten.

"Oh baby," Alex murmured to me and stroked my hair gently. He was trying to relax me and I slowly stopped vomiting.

"I wanna go home," I whined.

"Not yet, we have to go to the hospital Ash, you could have food poisoning."

"Nooo, home," I kept whining. "Wait, where's Beth?"

"She's in the bathroom, she's in about the same position as you except without the fainting. Channing's taking care of her."

"I'm sorry," I whispered, my eyes leaking slow tears.

"Don't be baby, it's not your fault," he leaned down and pressed his lips to my forehead. "Please don't cry."

I wiped my eyes and yawned, "I wanna go home, Alex."

"Soon baby," he was stroking my hair as I looked up into his eyes.

I heard the paramedics before I saw them.


"Yes, baby, I can't carry you, and it's the safest way."


"I'll get someone to pick them up later. Don't worry about it. I'll be with you the entire time."

The paramedics moved me onto the body board and onto the stretcher, where I laid, I held out my hand and instantly Alex's hand was in mine. When I looked over at him, it looked like he had tears in his eyes and that made me want to cry. I felt my eyes welling up and sniffled. Alex's eyes locked on mine.

"Don't cry, handsome," he whispered and kissed my forehead gently while they strapped me to the stretcher.

"I won't, if you won't."

"Deal," he kissed my forehead again and stroked my hair gently. The paramedics lifted me into the back of the ambulance and Alex followed, sitting beside me on the small bench, he held my hand the entire way. When we got to the hospital, it was a bit of chaos. No one really knew what had happened, including me and Alex.

After a few minutes, they put me into a room to start doing some tests. They were sending away for the tests and had me change into one of those stupid gowns. Alex was standing there laughing at me I merely glared at him and then got into the hospital bed, quickly covering with the blanket. The doctor came in to ask me a few questions and I stared at him.

"Hi, Asher, I'm Dr. Ross. I'll be the one looking after you until we figure out what's going on okay? So, have you fainted before?" he asked politely.

"Uhm...not since I was like 16 or 17," I answered him.

"Alright, and were you doing anything strenuous when you fainted?"

"No, I was getting out of the booth at the restaurant to go to a movie."

The doctor turned to Alex next, "Did you notice him doing anything unusual?"

"No, I really didn't. He ate more than he usually does. And he was more willing to eat, but I didn't think that was weird at all," Alex answered. I looked at Alex and instantly he was at my side. "What babe?"

"What if...could Chad have put something in my food?"

"I don't know, maybe."

"But Beth was right there. She wouldn't have let him do anything..." I started coughing a little bit and Alex stroked my hair and kissed my head.

"Relax baby, we'll figure it out, okay?"

When I looked up, the doctor was gone. He must have left while Alex and I were talking. I moved over in the bed and let Alex sit beside me as he continued to stroke my hair. A few minutes later, a nurse walked into the room to give me an IV and start giving me fluids.

Alex and I continued to talk quietly with him constantly touching me in some way, whether it be holding my hand, stroking my face or hair, or any number of other things. When I looked up again, I saw Beth standing in the doorway.

"Hi beautiful," I whispered as she ran up to me and hugged me tightly. Alex stepped out of the way and Beth moved to lay on the bed beside me, still clinging to me. "How are you feeling?"

"I feel like shit, but more than anything, I'm worried about you. Chan's worried about you too."

"Chan doesn't worry about anyone or anything. Except you."

"Shut up, assface. I do worry about things. Especially when one of my best friends collapses and is rushed to the hospital," Channing said as he walked closer to me, he walked over and ruffled my hair, making me glare at him then sat in a chair beside Alex.

"I'm fineeee! I just want to go home," I really did want to go home, even though I was spending some quality time with the most important people in my life. The doctor was walking in and kind of took a step back at the sight of these two new people in my room.

"Hi, Asher, how are you feeling now?" he asked politely.

"I'm ready to go home," I said, looking directly at him.

"Unfortunately, that can't happen just yet," he said to me as my face dropped.

"Why, what's wrong?" Alex asked, getting a little bit worked up.

"It appears as though you are extremely dehydrated."

"So I have to stay the night to get pumped full of liquids, right?" I asked.

"Basically, yep."

"Oh, wonderful," I said sarcastically. Alex gave me a look and I shut up.

"I promise you, we'll get you out of here as soon as we can," Dr. Ross replied to my sarcasm.

"Thank you," I said, politely this time.

"But why was Beth puking?" I heard Alex ask.

"WAIT!" I looked into her eyes and I saw it. I started laughing and hugging her tightly. I held her against my body as tightly as I could. "You're pregnant."

"Yeah," she laughed and started crying, hugging me tightly.

"Seriously?" I heard Channing beside me, I looked up to see him a little bit shaken.

Beth looked up at him and bit her lip, "Yeah, I'm about three weeks along."

"Oh shit..." he slowly kneeled down to the floor, breathing quite heavily.

"I'm sorry...it's not like I meant to..." Beth moved from where she was beside me to the floor beside Channing.

"I know, I just...wow. I'm gonna be a dad?"

"Yeah, you sure are," Beth took Channing's hand and raised it to her stomach where she let it rest gently.

"On that note, I'll let you guys all celebrate and what not. Asher, stay in bed unless you have to pee. I'm serious! And if you're hungry, page a nurse. NO outside food, got that?" he asked, looking directly at Alex, Beth, and Channing respectively.

"Yes, doctor," I answered and then smiled at him. Alex moved back up into the bed beside me and stroked my hair slowly.

"I love you," he whispered in my ear. I smiled and repeated the sentiment, we were in our own little world, leaving Chan and Beth to be in theirs as well.

"Hey, we're gonna head out. You guys look like you wanna be alone and honestly, we need some sleep and to talk and figure all this shit out. SO! Feel better, we'll see you tomorrow, hopefully you're out by then. Love you," Beth said as she leaned down and kissed my cheek.

"Thanks babe," I smiled at her.

"Yeah, we'll see you later," Channing leaned over and kissed my forehead and I gave him a look. "What? Can't a guy kiss his friend on the forehead."

"You're weird. Get outta here," I laughed and relaxed on the bed.

Alex was practically glued to my side and I was holding him close to me. He wouldn't let me go even if I asked him. When the nurse came in to check on me, she looked at us disapprovingly and made some clicking noises with her tongue. She attempted to ask Alex to go home for the night and when he refused, she asked him to move from my bed but again he refused.

I didn't sleep like at all that night, I don't sleep well in hospitals, they freak me out. But it didn't help that Alex wouldn't move and every time I moved to try to get comfortable, he woke up and I couldn't stay still. Finally we both gave up and just talked all night. We talked about anything and everything and started making more wedding plans, all while I continued to be pumped full of liquids. At about two in the morning I started getting quite hungry.

"I'm hungry, baby," I said as my stomach made a very loud grumbling sound.

"I'll go ask the nurse for some food for you, okay?" he asked and then kissed me softly. I smiled and nodded.

To be honest, I was a little bit sad. I was happy that Beth and Channing were going to have a baby, but I was sad that I wasn't. That the only way I was going to have a baby was by adoption. It was killing me a little inside to know that the baby, possible babies, that Alex and I have would not have any part of him or I in them.

Alex came back a few minutes later with a tray filled with food. Nothing that looked particularly tasty, but I was hungry so I proceeded to eat it all. I even shared some of it with Alex.

"Are you sad?" Alex asked me once we had finished eating and were laying back down, comfortable together.

"Yeah," I responded.

"Because of the baby?"

"Mhm," I cuddled into him more. I really didn't want to talk about this, but he probably needed to know.

"It'll be okay, we'll figure it out. But first, let's worry about getting married, yeah?"





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