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Chapter 1

I knew it was special, me getting to meet the cast of Beastly, I hadn't expected it but my parents had told me that it was an early birthday present...my birthday wasn't for another 5 months.

See my family was well off and while I knew it, I made sure not to flaunt it. I paid for my own things, I worked a part time job while I went to school and I made sure that I never flaunted my worth. My father was worth over 3 billion dollars from his work in the entertainment industry and my mom...she was worth probably close to 10 billion dollars in old money. So yes, we were worth a lot but we really didn't let it show...much.

My dad had been one of the lawyers for the cast of Beastly, he kept close watch over the each actor and helped them make all their difficult decisions. Today was the one day where staff's family got to meet the actors. I was excited merely because Alex Pettyfer is probably the sexiest man alive. I sat in the passenger side of my fathers Escalade and waited, watching out the window as we drove up to the studio. They were set to be filming today but the director had a family emergency to deal with so the actors were just to hang out around the set, and wait for further instruction. The director had okay'd the presence of the crew's families, as long as it didn't get too out of hand.

I guess, maybe you want to know some stuff about me? My name is Asher Lenox and I'm currently 19, although I'll be 20 in January, 5 months away. I'm sure you've already guessed that I'm gay and well...not the stereotypical gay either. Yes, I like the odd chick flick, but I LOVE comedy and action movies too. One of my all-time favorite things to do is to read. I'll never know why, but curling up in my beanbag chair with a good book always seemed to calm me.

I'm about 6' even, a mere 1.5" taller than Alex...oh Alex... Anyways! I have dark brown hair which is almost black and bright blue piercing eyes. I know I'm attractive, I'm not stupid, but I'm definitely not the sexiest thing to walk the earth. I see the way that girls look at me when they think I'm not looking, I know what they're thinking because I often think the same thing about other boys. If I wasn't wearing a shirt, you would see a six pack of abs that I work hard to keep, plus a few tattoos. Across the back of my shoulders I had 6 stars, 1 for each of my family members, 3 brothers, me and my mom and my dad. Then on the inside of my left wrist, I had two intertwined hearts, a tattoo I got with each of my 3 closets friends, always together and always loving each other. Then I had a rosary on my right wrist which wrapped around with the cross sitting on the top of my hand, just below my wrist.

Other than that, my body was toned and fit, I worked hard to keep my body in shape, although I often deviated to snack on things that definitely weren't synonymous to my work out routine. I dressed in a way so as to accentuate that I was fit, but not to draw too much attention. Fitted jeans, that hugged a larger than average basket, and a shirt that hugged my pecs and my biceps.

I brushed my hair out of my eyes and gave my head a little shake, I wanted to be at the studio already, I wanted to meet Alex, I wanted to know if he was as hot in person as he was on screen.

When we finally pulled up to the studio, I could hardly contain my excitement. My father was sure that I was excited to meet Vanessa Hudgens or Mary-Kate Olsen, he hadn't quite figured out that I was gay, yet my mom had confronted me awhile ago. My father and I never really spoke or saw each other so there was no real point in telling him, plus I wasn't sure how he would take it. I swore my mom to secrecy and so far, she had kept her word.

"Asher, are you ready?" my father asked. I was almost shaking with excitement.

"Yes, father," he had always been adamant about my calling him "father", never "dad" or anything like that. Yet, mom told me that she was not only a mother but a mommy, so I could call her anything I wanted. It seemed as though father had taken the "old money" route while mom took the relaxed I-just-came-into-money route.

My father stepped out of the vehicle and I followed suit, I straightened my t-shirt and shook the legs of my pants a bit, letting them relax into place. I was nervous, what if Alex thought I was some stupid kid and didn't wanna talk to me. My father led the way into the studio and I had no choice but to follow him. I wanted to meet Alex more than anything, but I also wanted to meet Neil Patrick Harris, he's so hot. And his being gay and out and still super popular had me curious about how he handled it all, maybe I could talk to him about it.

When we walked in, I all but gasped at the sight of Alex. He was standing there drinking from a bottle of water and it's almost as if time slowed down as I watched his adam's apple bob as he swallowed. How cliché.

My father walked up to him slowly and stuck out his hand in way of greeting, Alex had already met Mr. Robert Lenox. Once they had greeted each other, my dad waved me over, I took my time, trying to calm my nerves as I made my way over.

"Alex Pettyfer, this is my son, Asher. Asher, meet Alex."

I stood there stunned as Alex extended his hand, I was on auto pilot and stuck my hand out, moving mine into his to grasp it and shake his hand. I knew my palms were sweating but I just couldn't help it. He made me nervous, and I'm sure he was used to it.

"Hi," his voice was like silk.

"Oh...uhm..hi!" I couldn't help myself, I stared into his eyes, the green of them, driving my wild.

"Your daddy here, talks about you all the time," oh god...I blushed so bright, I couldn't help it. Nobody calls my dad "daddy" not even me! At this point, my dad made the smart move of leaving us to our own devices.

"Dude, I don't even call him daddy, how you got away with it, I have no idea..."

"Ah, you forget, I'm Alexander Richard Pettyfer, I can get away with anything," his English accent was coming through more and more and I couldn't help but smile.

"Oh gosh, I hope you aren't seriously this pompous," I thought I had said that in my head but as I saw his face screw up a little bit, I realized that I had said it aloud and I wanted to smack myself. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean it." Good save, Asher. Fucking idiot.

"It's alright, man. I swear, I'm not actually like that, I was hoping you wouldn't let me get away with all that shit."

"What do you mean...?"

"I don't even know, I just hoped that you wouldn't treat me like everyone else does, cause well, your dad does talk about you a lot and he tells me that your computer history has a lot of `Alex Pettyfer this' and `Alex Pettyfer that'. Is there somethin' you wanna tell me?"

I blushed bright red and ducked my head.

"Well, if we can go talk somewhere, I could probably tell you it all and then some."

"Well it'll probably be about half an hour or so until I can get away. You maybe wanna grab a drink and sit on that sofa over there?" he pointed to a sofa on the set. "It's not the comfiest, but it's away from people, most don't dare come on set."

I smiled and nodded. What was I doing? I couldn't help but think about all the shit that I had stored in my brain about him, all of the dirty stories I had read, all of the wanks to his shirtless photos, dreaming of what it would be like to run my tongue over every inch of that rock hard body. He led me to the couch, while my mind was playing mean tricks on me, letting me think that his glances at me were more than him just being friendly. When he sat down on one end of the couch, I made sure to leave plenty of space between us before I placed my ass on the couch.

"Look, I'm nervous as fuck and being nervous sucks," I almost whispered.

"Dude, why are you nervous? I'm just a regular dude."

"I want to believe that, I really do but if you knew what I thought about you, you'd be running as far in the opposite direction as you could."

"Oh come on, I doubt that...well unless you're thinking about murdering me or something," he laughed just a bit until he noticed that I barely cracked a smile. "Dude, seriously, don't be so serious. You like me, big whoop, shit happens. You're gay, I'm gay, not like anyone can stop that. You just gotta keep going and think of the positive. You probably think I'm hot and well-"

"WAIT WHAT?! There is no way that you're gay. None. At all!"

"The only reason I tell you is because I trust your father and seeing as how you're in the same boat that I am, I know you won't just go around telling anyone. I can tell you're pretty closeted, I'm sure you think your dad doesn't know? Well he does, otherwise he wouldn't have set up this whole meet and greet, he knew you were obsessed with me and decided that you should meet the object of your obsession and decide that I was straight and maybe you'd stop lusting over me. But, news flash! I'm gayer than a $3 bill." I had to laugh at that, he really was just an ordinary guy.

"Alright, so you know, my dad knows. Well yeah, I think you're fucking sexy as hell," I blushed a bit even as I said it, he probably knew all the thoughts that were working their way through my mind.

"AHA! I knew it!" He laughed at himself and got up. "I don't know about you but I'm fucking hungry, wanna go to the food carts?" I nodded and stood with him.

We walked to the food cart at the far end of the building and I passed by my father. As I walked by, I gently grabbed his hand, giving it a soft squeeze as my way of a thank you and also a `we'll talk later'. We both knew that we'd have to discuss what happened and decide what it meant for our relationship, he wasn't exactly hostile with me so it couldn't be all that bad, could it?

When we got to the food cart, I grabbed a plate and started loading it with fresh fruit and veggies, trying to stick to my "diet". Alex just looked at me.

"What?" I asked quietly, feeling like I had done something wrong.

"Nothin', it's just not everyday that you see a teenage boy going for fruits and veggies when there's a bunch of donuts and cakes over there," he pointed to the far end of the table.

"I used to be overweight, I care too much about my body to eat all that and then have to spend 3 hours working it off, I'd rather just eat healthy and then do my normal workout routine. I treat myself to desert almost every night after supper, but that's the only real sweet thing that I allow myself, I don't wanna go back to what I used to be," I knew that I was being long winded and for some reason, I felt comfortable enough to tell him all this. I'd never told anyone that didn't know me when I was overweight.

He reached out and put his hand on my shoulder while stealing a piece of pineapple of my plate.


"You bitch," I whispered under my breath. He just smiled and ate the fruit like he didn't have a care in the world. His touch was burning through my t-shirt and all I could feel were the ridges of the muscles in his hand. He slowly moved his hand away and I felt naked, like a part of me was missing. What the hell, I had only just met the guy, what was wrong with me? I looked into Alex's eyes and it's like he understood what I was feeling, he slowly withdrew his hand and shook it as though that searing heat was coming from me. I blushed and ducked my head.

"Why do you do that?" he questioned.

"Do what?"

"Duck your head like that when you blush. You have a beautiful face, you should show it. Stop getting so embarrassed." I blushed harder.

"I've always ducked my head when I blush. I don't want to risk anyone seeing my bright red cheeks, it's embarrassing. Plus, when I was in high school I used to get made fun of a lot and I just...always duck my head. I'm sorry if it offends you or something."

"K woah, I never said it offends me. Chill out, man."

He placed his hand back on my shoulder and gave it a little squeeze and I visibly relaxed under his touch.

"Let's go sit?" I offered and nodded back towards the uncomfortable couch, that really didn't feel all that uncomfortable when Alex and I had been talking. He nodded at me and started walking towards it. As we walked, I looked around, there were no other kids around and it looked as though there was only me and Alex and a few of the crew around. "This wasn't actually for the crew's kids was it?"

Alex shook his head and smiled a bit. "It was specifically for you, your dad set it up. He wanted you to have the chance to meet me and talk to me without getting too freaked out. He needed an excuse and this was perfect. He knew that we were finished shooting and he just wanted you to relax and have fun for a change."

I nodded at him and smiled, slowly eating my fruit and veggies.

"What should we talk about?" I asked, almost laughing, finding myself at a loss for words, which rarely happened.

"Uh...good question. I don't know what to talk about, your dad told me so much about you, which is weird. It's almost like he knew about me and wanted to set us up. I don't get it."

We continued to talk and joke around for what seemed like hours. Around two o'clock my dad came onto the set and looked at me.

"Kay, Asher, it's time to go." I just laughed at something that Alex had said.

"Just one sec, pops," before I could catch my mishap I grabbed a permanent marker from my pocket and then reached for Alex's hand. I pulled his arm towards me and across the veins in his wrist, I slowly wrote my number, paying special attention so he could read it. "Call me." I stood up and walked off with my dad after winking at Alex.

What an amazing guy! So down to earth, so easy to get along. I recounted our conversations about his family, about my family, about coming out, about everything. We talked and laughed and joked around the entire time, at one point I had even forgotten my fruit and almost spilled it all over when I stood up to act out a stupid scene my friends and I had done.

"So?" my dad asked, drawing out the last syllable.

"So what?"

"What did you think?"

"Dad, really? What did I think? He's awesome in everyway and fucking GORGEOUS!" I clapped my hand over my mouth and blushed a brilliant pink. "I mean..." My dad just laughed and smiled.

"I thought that you would think so. He's a pretty good guy, hey? I didn't know if he was like you, but from the looks you guys gave each other when we were leaving, I'd say you're smitten!" my dad grinned at me and I blushed even brighter.

"About that...how'd you know that I'm gay?"

"Well, when you were telling your mom, I had just walked in, I was trying to surprise you guys and I managed to get the surprise. I heard you telling her and I thought that it was just some joke. So I started paying more attention to you, the way you ate, the way you walked, the way you'd smile at boys in the grocery store. And then came the clincher. That day that I borrowed your computer cause mine was broken, you forgot to clean out your history, and you forgot to close out of your browser. I saw every single page on Alex that you've ever looked at and then I found some...porn sites. I wasn't sure what to think at first until I talked to your mother and she just solidified it even more."

"So...you don't hate me or anything...do you?" I asked tentatively, I didn't want him to hate me. I just wanted him to love me, and be happy for me and with me.

"Of course I don't hate you! I still love you kid, I may not always show it but you're my son, I can't deny you the happiness you deserve. If you're happy with a man, then so be it, you're happy with a man. I'll stick by you no matter what and if you ever want to publicly come out, I'll still stand by you and I'll hire you a damn good lawyer so that no matter what you have the help you need."

We were pretty well always in the public eye and while I wanted to come out, I knew that it would just hinder my parents' reputation. I couldn't risk that, I wanted them happy and I was fine being in the closet for the time being.

"Thanks dad, I'm glad you understand."

"Oh and by the way, what was with the `pops'? You never call me pops!"

"I know, I'm sorry. It just kind of slipped I wasn't really paying attention to what I was saying, and it just kind of happened." I ducked my head, feeling slightly ashamed of what I had done. How could I be so stupid? It was so unlike me to slip up in anyway, but Alex just had my mind all frazzled. I couldn't think straight when I was with him, I could hardly see straight. I felt a small buzz in my pocket and when I realized it was my phone signalling a text message I took my phone out and read the message.

555-123-8594: Hi, Asher? This is Alex. Just making sure I have the right number. Get back to me. ;)

I immediately texted back with a huge grin covering my face, after I saved his number into my contacts.

Me: Hey handsome, you sure do have the right number. What are you doing?

Alex: Oh! I've made it up to handsome status, have I? I'm sitting here, wondering what the fuck I'm still doing at the set when there's no one here. RESCUE ME!

Me: LOL! Nah, I'm gonna feed you to the wolves! Have fun suffering. This car ride is fuckin awkward as shit. Why do I put myself through this?

Alex: Because you're cute, and you know that you have a celebrity's phone number because of it ;)

Me: Well, maybe I don't want this celebrity's number. He seems like a bit of a jackass, no?

Alex: Wow! Fine then. -.- Delete it.

Me: I was obviously joking babe. Now hush. What in the world is happening here. I feel myself starting to go crazy Mr. Pettyfer. Wow..my phone does not like your name. Please, save it's soul while it can be rescued!

I hoped that I wasn't being too weird for him and we continued to text my entire way home. He was flirting with me and I couldn't help but to flirt back, he was cute as all hell and I just...couldn't stop myself. As soon as my father put the Escalade in park outside of our house, my stomach let loose a loud grumble.

"Hungry?" my dad asked me.


"I saw that huge plate of fruit, why didn't you eat that? Why didn't you guys go to the fruit cart and eat?" he laughed softly at me and then looked at his watch. "Ah, you're in luck, supper will only be in a couple of hours. I suggest you go upstairs and work on your homework so that your mother's not on your case about what happened today. Unless, of course, you're ready to tell her how you met Alexander Pettyfer and fell at his feet."

Wow my dad could be an asshole. He was obviously joking but man. I reached over and playfully punched him in the arm then got out of the vehicle and went upstairs to my overly large room. I never needed this much room but I had asked for a large room so that I could basically have an apartment in my room. As I sat down at my desk to start in on some reading assignments for the next day's classes, my mind kept drifting back to Alex and all the signals that he kept sending me. When my dad paged me through the intercom to get back to work, I blushed a bit and set it on my studies. I had to focus, I had to graduate ASAP. While I loved working my part time at the restaurant, I really wanted to become a teacher and help shape the lives of the next generation. Two hours later, I was shaking from my studying mode at the incessant ringing of my cell phone. I reached over and hit the speaker phone button.

"Talk to me."


"Alex, is that you?"

"Yeah, what are you doing?"

"Just working on some homework, what's wrong? You sound upset." I could hear him softly crying in the background.

"I need your help, I got into a car accident. Can you come to St. Vincent Medical Center and pick me up? I'm okay...I think, I just...please..."

"Yeah. I'll be there in like 20 minutes. Do you wanna keep talking to me while I drive, or will you be okay to just wait for me?"

"Please don't hang up..." he sounded so small. So innocent. I grabbed my phone and turned it off speaker phone, holding the phone up to my ear, I ran around trying to grab everything I would need.

"Do you need me to bring anything? Clothes, food, water?" I was starting to panic a bit and grabbed my backpack.

"Can you bring sweatpants and a shirt or something, mine are all covered in dirt and blood."

"Oh shit. Yeah, Alex, of course I can. Are you okay? Are you hurt at all?" I grabbed a pair of sweats and a t-shirt, shoving them into my backpack then grabbed a bottle of water from my mini fridge, I ran downstairs and kissed my mom on the cheek. I quickly explained what happened to her and left after getting the keys to the Escalade.

"I'm okay. Or I will be. I got some stitches, I'll explain it all when you get here. Just please hurry Ash...I'm kind of scared." I could hear the shakiness of his voice and it freaked me out. I was already on the road to get there.

"I'll be there as soon as I can Alex. Just hold in there for me."

"I'm gonna be okay, right?"

"Oh, Alex...of course you're going to be okay. Don't worry about a thing." We continued talking for the next 20 minutes until I pulled up to the hospital and into a parking space, I jumped out and let him know I was here.

"Where are you, Alex? I need to know what floor, and where."

"Ash, don't worry I'm practically out front. Just walk in the front doors and take a right, you'll see me." I followed his instructions and walked in, when I saw him I shut my phone, I almost ran up to him. "Oh my god...what happened?"

"I'll explain in the car, just please get me out of here. I can't be in here anymore."

"Alright babe, let's go," I helped him out of his chair and put my arm around his waist, moving his arm up and over my shoulders, helping to support his weight. We signed him out and then I helped him out to the Escalade. I opened the door for him and gently lifted him into the vehicle, using my upper body strength. I went around to the drivers side and got in, I started the vehicle to get the air conditioner going and then looked at Alex. "Alright, spill it. What happened? Why were you in there?"

He then slumped his shoulders and recounted the entire story of how when he was leaving the studio, he took a corner too fast and tried to correct himself but then lost control and sent his car into a fence. He was okay, other than a couple stitches and a bit of a concussion.

"Do we need to go pick up a prescription or anything?" He just shook his head, he looked guilty so I reached over and put my hand in his. "Hey...it's okay, you're safe with me. We'll do whatever you wanna do and we'll go wherever you wanna go, deal?"

"Okay. Hey Asher...?"

"Yeah babe?"

"Why'd you come get me?" I looked over at him, trying to figure out the right way to answer this question.

"Because I'm pretty sure that if I were in the same position, you would've come and got me. Now shuddup and tell me where you wanna go." I smiled at him to help ease the almost harshness of my words then squeezed his hand to relax him a bit.

"I don't wanna go home, can we go back to your place?" I smiled at him.

"If you're okay dealing with my parental unit," I laughed a bit and started backing out of the parking space, I reached behind me and grabbed the bottle of water out of my backpack. "Drink this babe." I was getting comfortable with the use of babe, and I wasn't sure how he felt about it. I decided that if he said anything about it, I would stop, but until then, it was mine to use as much or as little as I wanted.

"I think I'll be okay with your parents, as long as I don't have to see them too much. Can we hide out in your room or something? I really don't feel like getting yelled at by your dad, which is I'm pretty sure what would happen. I doubt he'd be too happy that I got into an accident that he'll have to defend me about."

"Of course, we can just stay in my room," I pulled out my phone to call my mom and warn her that I would be bringing Alex home and that we would just be staying in my room. She made a sound like she knew what we were gonna be doing and I laughed softly. "No! Not like that mom! We're just gonna chill and watch a movie or something...Yeah we'll have supper up in my room...No, ma, you don't need to worry, he's fine, I'm fine, everything's fine." I finally got the chance to hang up the phone and smiled over at him, I drove a little bit slower on the way home than I did on the way to the hospital.

When I pulled up to the house, I parked the SUV and got out, I grabbed the backpack and then helped Alex out of the vehicle. He smiled sheepishly and I walked with him up to my room, I opened the door and let him in before me. I blushed when I realized that it was a bit messy.

"Sorry about the mess..."

"No worries, mine's no different," he walked over to my bed and sat down slowly. "Do you have something I can wear, I'm tired of being in these clothes and I really need something comfy, and something not covered in my blood."

I grabbed my backpack and took out the sweatpants and the t-shirt, "These okay?"

He nodded at me and slowly started to pull his shirt off, wincing the entire time. He asked quietly, "Can you help me please...?"

I moved over to his side and slowly started to lift the shirt off, trying my hardest not to stare at each inch of skin as it came into my view. When his shirt was finally off, I helped him into the clean shirt. He then stood up and popped the button on his jeans. I immediately stood up and turned away, I really didn't want to throw wood in front of this man. I walked over to my desk and sat, making it obvious that I was trying my hardest not to stare at him.

He walked over to me at my desk and wrapped his arms around my neck, "What, you don't wanna see the hot celebrity naked?"

I sighed softly at his touch, "You know I do, but not like this. You're hurting and I just wanna make sure you're okay."

I could feel his muscles tighten and then relax a bit as he let go of me, it seemed like he was disappointed.

"Yanno...everyone always wants what they can't have. You're the one person to say no." I turned to look at Alex and grabbed the sweatpants, I helped him into them slowly and then kissed his cheek softly.

"I already care about you too much to just jump into the sack with you. As much as I wanna feel your body on mine and all of that, I'm not ready for it..." I blushed a bit, I didn't wanna admit it, but he had to know. "I'm a virgin and as much as I'd like to have sex with you, I doubt that it's happening anytime soon, sorry if that's all you want is just another conquest." I stood and walked into my bathroom, I started running the water in the sink, about to wash my face and just take a step back when I felt the presence of another person in my bathroom.

"You're not just another conquest, I'm just. I'm not used to this. I normally wouldn't call anyone when this stuff happens, but for some reason I knew that I had to call you. And normally no one would come, or if they did, they'd want something in return. But you don't. You came to rescue me and you didn't expect anything. I just. I don't get it," he was almost whispering by the end of it.

I slowly made my way over to him and put my hands on his slim waist. He looked up at me and I could see the sadness in his eyes, the hurt, and the fear. I reached one hand up and slowly wiped the tears off his cheeks then kissed his forehead gently.

"I need nothing more than your safety and happiness. Yes, I want so many things. But I won't get my hopes up in case you don't want those things or in case you can't have those things in your life...especially with me. Plus, you hardly know me, and I only know of what I've read on the internet, I don't actually know you," I was looking into his eyes the entire time, studying the way his face softened at my touch and at my words.

"I'd like to get to know you..." he whispered as his hands slid up my arms.

"Oh really...?" I whispered back to him, his hands traveled farther up my arms and finally came to my neck, one hand moved to the back where it cupped it gently.

"Mhmm..." he gently pulled my face down towards his and I met his lips in a gentle kiss. I think I went 60, or maybe he went 60. What the fuck. I don't care. I was kissing Alex Pettyfer. It was nothing more than soft lips on soft lips, but it spoke volumes. I loved the way that his lips felt on mine, they were velvety and soft and smooth and he kissed so gently. At one point, I completely forgot why I was kissing him and I started to freak out a little bit, I pulled away and looked at him as his eyes slowly reopened. "What's wrong...?"

I blushed, he wasn't supposed to know that anything was bothering me.

"That wasn't your first kiss...was it...?" he whispered to me and I blushed even more. "Oh my god, I'm so sorry. I shouldn't have-"

"Shut up, you're ruining it. It was perfect, just sh. I just need to think for a second. My first kiss was with Alex fucking Pettyfer."

"You could have your second one with him too, if you wanted." I blushed bright red but ducked my head a bit and pressed my lips to his again gently. I was hoping for it just to be lips on lips, I wasn't ready for his tongue to invade mine, so when I felt his tongue trying to enter my mouth, I pulled back.

"Sorry," I whispered to him, hanging my head.

"Hey..." he raised my head a bit and rested his forehead against mine. "You have nothing to be sorry about, I'm the selfish one here. If I move too fast or if I do something you don't like, you need to tell me. Deal? I'll listen to you, if you listen to me."

I nodded and blushed more.

"I just...I'm so not...practiced or skilled. I just don't wanna be bad at it." the red tinge didn't leave my cheeks. My first kiss was with Alex Pettyfer, I was almost 20 and it was just happening now? What the fuck was wrong with me?

"Ash, you don't need to be practiced. At all, nothing with you could ever be bad. You're too great for that."

"You don't even know me."

"Ash, stop. We'll take this as slow as we need to, it doesn't bother me. I think I'd rather take this slow and know for sure that it's something real rather than just a quick hook up. Okay? We're gonna make this work. If you'll have me of course..."

I turned my head when the intercom buzzed, I walked over to it and hit the button.

"Yes mama?"

"Supper's ready m'love. Bring Alex down, or you can come grab it and take it back up. Just let me know which it is, please," I looked at Alex.

"We'll come down," he said into the intercom as I continued to hold the button. I took his hand and linked our fingers, I leaned over and pressed my lips to his.

"Thank you," I whispered while my lips were still touching his.

"For what?"

"For understanding," he said nothing as we left my room, we released the other's hand and went down the stairs and into the kitchen. "Where we eatin' mama?"

"In the breakfast nook, honey, your dad had to go back to the office," she looked over at Alex and gasped. "Oh! I didn't know it was THE Alex Pettyfer coming into our house for dinner." She winked at me. Damn mothers.

I blushed and introduced Alex to my mother, Olivia. Then, I showed Alex to the table and we both sat down.

"You spend a lot of time blushing," Alex leaned over and whispered in my ear. I put my hand under the table and put my hand on his thigh, right under his basket.

"Might wanna be careful what ya say," I squeezed his thigh gently and smiled innocently at him.

"Asher Lee, play nice!"


"But nothing, be nice, he's a guest."

"Yeah Asher Lee, I'm a guest," he laughed softly as he made a face at me. I leaned over and bit his lip and squeezed his thigh hard. All that elicited was a small whimper and I smiled, removed my hand from his thigh and sat back while my mom set down a steaming bowl of spaghetti in front of us along with some freshly grated parmesan.

"Help yourself, boys," I immediately started dishing Alex's plate, waiting for him to say when.

"OKAY OKAY WHEN!" I laughed quietly and started serving up my mom then served myself, a much smaller serving than I gave Alex. "Brat..." I placed my hand back on his thigh.

"Who me? Nahhhhh," I smiled innocently.

"Asher, get your hand out of our guest's lap and eat your dinner."

Both Alex and I blushed brightly and started eating earnestly.

"What's for dessert, ma?"

"Um...nothing, I forgot about it. Sorry."

"Oh that's fine Mama! We don't need it," I smiled at her and then continued to eat my supper. I was surprisingly hungry and had two servings before I helped my mother clear up the dishes. After loading the dishwasher and kissing her on the cheek, I winked at Alex and motioned to upstairs. "We're gonna go upstairs and watch a movie, Mama."

"Sure thing, baby, be good...Both of you," she winked as us and I smiled. Alex and I raced up the stairs and to my room, I flopped on my bed and grabbed the remote.

"What do you want to watch?" I asked as he slowly laid down beside me.

"I don't really care, just as long as it doesn't have me in it."

I laughed and scrolled through the options on the tv, finally choosing one I looked at him and winked at him.

"I think I need to practice," I leaned over and pressed my lips to his, revelling in the feel of his soft lips once again. This time though, I took lead and slid my tongue along his bottom lip, waiting for him to open up to me, when he finally did, I slipped my tongue past his teeth and met his with mine. I was met with a soft sigh on his part as his hand came up to cup the back of my head. I could feel his fingers tangling themselves in my hair as I continued to kiss him, my hand moved to his side and my tongue continued its assault on his. When breathing became a problem I pulled back and looked at him as his eyes slowly opened.

"You don't need any practice, not that I didn't enjoy it," he whispered and pecked my lips again. I laughed softly and shook my head slowly. He was driving me crazy, I really hoped that he hadn't felt my cock, raring and ready to go, against him. I tightened my grip on his side, twisting his shirt into my first. "Yes, baby, I felt it."

I blushed bright red and turned my head away. "Sorry..."

"I'm not," he smiled and grabbed onto my bottom lip, giving it a small tug. "It's kindda hot knowing that I can get you hard with just one kiss. Now relax and kiss me again."

And I did. I didn't stop kissing him, okay well maybe I did. We kissed and kissed and kissed until it was nearly 1 AM and we both realized just how tired we were. I stood and stripped down to my boxers before crawling back into bed, not letting him choose whether he was staying or not. I then pulled the covers back for him and smiled as he stripped his sweat pants off then his shirt and crawled in with me.

He curled up against me with his head on my chest and my arm wrapped around his shoulder, and that's how we slept. Quite peacefully in fact. The best sleep that I'd ever had...and all because there was a boy in my bed, that just seemed to occupy every thought. Now if only this feeling never had to end.



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