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Chapter 2

The next morning, when I finally awoke...I was greeted by the sight of blonde hair in my face. What the fuck? What's going on here? I lifted my head to look around my room, shocked at seeing Alex Pettyfer in my bed. What happened? Why is he in my bed? Why is he all banged up?

In my stretching I must have pressed against him, he started to wake and while he was waking, he pushed his butt up against my morning wood. While it was a nice ass, I couldn't help but wonder why he was in my bed. Until it all started flooding back...the meeting my dad set up, the conversations, the texting, the accident, the phone call, the...kiss...

Instinctively, I tightened my grip on him, once I remembered everything that had happened. He felt good in my arms, no, better than good. He felt perfect in my arms, right where he should be. I placed a soft kiss on the side of his head and whispered, "Morning."

"Mmh, morning," he seemed to have remembered absolutely everything and he moved his hand over to mine, which was resting on his belly. "Thanks for letting me stay."

"No need to thank me," I tightened my grip on him and just pulled him in closer to me. I had nowhere to hide my morning wood and so it just pushed against him. "I really gotta pee."

"I'm sure that's not the only thing contributing to that. But go pee before I don't let you leave this bed," he smiled at me and as I stood, I tucked my dick up into the waistband of my boxers.

"I'll be right back," I scampered off to the bathroom and quickly did my business, as I was washing my hands, I felt arms snake around my waist. I instantly tightened up.

"Hey...it's just me, relax," I slowly relaxed, and leaned against Alex.

"I'm sorry, I used to get picked on a lot. And they used to make a joke about wrapping their arms around me and what not...I'm sorry."

"No, baby, don't be sorry. Sh, it's fine."

I put my hands on top of his and relaxed then slowly turned and pressed my lips to his.

"You should go pee, and I'll go see about breakfast?"

He nodded at me and once I left, I could hear the torrent of piss as it hit the bowl. I made my way downstairs and into the kitchen, where my mom was sitting and drinking coffee.

"How did you sleep?" Oh god, did she have to ask? I just wanted to make some breakfast and get back to the handsome man upstairs in my room.

"Good, mom, I slept really really good."

"And Alex? He stayed?"

"Ya, he stayed," right on cue, Alex came down the stairs and into the kitchen, wearing the sweatpants that I had leant him. I couldn't help but stare at his naked upper body.

"Good morning, Mrs. Lenox," he smiled at her, in the way that only Alex had perfected.

"Good morning, Alex."

He walked over to me and kissed my cheek, "Breakfast?"

"What did you want?"

"Something delicious," he winked at me and I blushed and grabbed all the ingredients needed for a simple pan scrambler. As I cracked eggs and chopped veggies and meats and got all the spices ready, Alex jumped up onto the counter and watched me, stealing little pieces of peppers or little pieces of meat. My mother took this opportunity to leave the room. I took a pan from the cupboard and started heating it. "How do you know how to do all this? Why don't you guys have chefs?"

"Well, it's important to my mom that we act as normal as possible, so we only have chefs when we really need them. My mom's taught me a few things here and there, she wants me to be able to be self sufficient and she's an awesome cook," I started throwing all the veggies into the pan with the meat and some of the spices, stirring them to get them cooking. I heard Alex jump off the counter and felt his arms wrap around me again. His face pressed into my back.

"Teach me?" he whispered. I just smiled and shook my head.

"Nah, I'd rather cook for you."

His grip around me tightened and I started adding the eggs to the pan, stirring them around. I grabbed two plates from the cupboard and the ketchup from the fridge. The thought suddenly hit me that we were moving super fast, everything was in fast forward and there was no way to stop it and no way to slow it down. I froze up and suddenly couldn't breath.

"Asher? Hey! Asherrrrr!" Alex was shaking me and I slowly started to calm down. "Where'd you go?" I just shook my head and dished up the food, handing him a plate of it, with a fork.

"Don't worry about it, I'm fine."

I didn't want to tell him that I was scared things were going way too fast and that eventually he'd get tired of me and leave. No, I wanted him to stick around. I liked the feeling of him being in my life, even if it had been only 24 hours since I met him. I was scared that telling him how I was feeling at this very moment would mean that he'd leave. I liked him here. So instead I just took my plate of food and sat beside him at the table.

"Asher, what's bugging you? Obviously it's something, you're quiet all of a sudden. What's up?" he seemed genuinely concerned and I felt guilty. I guess I should tell him.

"It just hit me all of a sudden how quickly things are moving. I just met you, I just had my first kiss with you, I just had you spend the night, I'm making breakfast for you. Next thing I know, I'll be spreading my legs and moaning your name. I'm not like this, I don't move this fast. It's scary. I don't know how to handle this, I've never been in this situation, I don't know what to do or what to expect, I'm scared of what might happen. I'm scared that you'll leave because even though I've only just met you, I like having you around. I like how you felt in my arms, I like this. I do, I'm just so scared," I knew I was rambling and it just kept spilling out for probably a few more minutes. Until I felt his hand on my cheek. Alex had turned my face towards his and when I really started paying attention I saw him leaning in. He was gonna shut me up with a kiss, wasn't he? When I felt his lips pressing against mine, I closed my eyes and just relaxed. He was so perfect, so amazing and I was taken aback by how he would ever want me.

"You talk a lot," he whispered just after his lips broke apart from mine.

"I'm sorry, I don't mean to."

"I know, don't worry about it, it's cute. Maybe we do need to take a step back and slow things down. I'm not gonna push you at all. When you're ready for anything, I'll be ready."

"Why are you even here? You don't know me. You don't know if you'll even like me."

"Asher, shut up. Remember yesterday, how we talked for almost 6 hours. Yeah, 6 hours. We talked non-stop and I got to know you pretty well I like to think. But, if that's the way you wanna play it, fine. I don't know you, at all. I'll leave now, and we can text and talk and whatever until you're comfortable and then we can go on a date or something. Because as far as I can tell, so far, I like you. And that should be what matters."

I just blushed at him, I had no idea what to say. I bit down on my bottom lip, I didn't want him to leave. But how could he like someone he just met? How could he like me? Why was he kissing me already? I didn't know that yesterday we had talked for 6 hours, I was sure it had only been like 2, maybe 3. I liked him, but I had already read a lot about him online, and from our conversation, him and I had gotten along great.

"Maybe I'm just cracked out."

"Don't say that...is this your first chance to be with a guy like this? Like...the first time you've known that the guy likes you as much as you like him?" I just nodded, I didn't want to voice my most embarrassing moments. Damn near 20, and I've done nothing with my life.

"Please tell me that you aren't some whore or something, that this isn't your umpteenth fling or whatever you want to call it?"

"Asher...I really hope you don't think of me that lowly. I've been in like 5 relationships that matter, I'm not a virgin. And this isn't just a fling. I hope you know that," he was almost whispering. Why did I have to bring up all my insecurities right now? Why couldn't I just be happy and keep moving along. I just wanted to be happy and I thought that I would have a chance at that with Alex.




"For what, babe?"

"Being so damn awesome," I couldn't help but laugh a little bit, it was driving me crazy. I really wanted to kiss him again and it seemed he read my mind when he leaned in and pressed his lips to mine. I had to smile, I was kissing Alex Fucking Pettyfer! I broke out in a fit of laughter and had to pull back from the kiss.

"What did I do?"

"Nothing, I was just thinking."

"About what???? I wanna know what has you laughing so hard!" I just kept laughing and shaking my head.

"I was kissing Alex Fucking Pettyfer!" he just shook his head at me and laughed quietly.

"Eat your breakfast, doofus!" I laughed and started back in on his breakfast. I started eating mine again as well and kept looking over at him and smiling. When we were finished, we both stood, I took the dishes and set them in the sink.


"A little bit, whatchu got?" I opened the fridge and looked inside it.

"Uhhhh...little bit of everything."

"I'll have some orange juice if you have it."

"AHA! Orange juice!" I grabbed the bottle of orange juice and poured two glasses. One for him, one for me. As I was drinking mine, Alex came closer to me and stood in front of me, his chest against mine. I wrapped one arm around him and rested my hand on the small of his back. "Oh, hi."

"Hey handsome, wanna have a party?" I laughed at the creepy smile that had crossed his face.

"You're crazy! And you need clothes and to go home, so that I can finish my homework for tomorrow. I got too much to do to have a sexy man around me," I moved my hand up his back and leaned in for a gentle kiss.

"Alright, alright. If I must, I will go. You wanna drive me, or should I call a cab?"

"You should call a cab. That way I can't stalk you," I laughed softly and slide my hand back down to the small of his back. "You wouldn't want that, now would you?"

"Hm...probably not. But you'll text me, right?"

"As soon as you're out the door," I lowered my head a couple inches and rested my nose against his.

"Good," he whispered and let his lips just barely touch mine. "We should get dressed though."

"Nah, I'm gonna stay in pjs and study, you on the other hand. You need to get dressed, I don't want just anybody seein the goods," I laughed and slid my hand over his rock hard abs.

"Alright, alright. You keep doing that and I'm never gonna get outta here," he slowly disengaged himself from my arms and made his way upstairs to my room.

"Do you need to borrow clothes again? You probably don't wanna wear those bloody ones ever again," I asked.

"Yeah, actually, if you don't mind."

This is when being almost the same size helped out a lot, I went to my walk in closet and grabbed a pair of jeans, a pair of sweats and a t-shirt.

"Sweats or jeans?"

"Uhhh, sweats."

"Alright," I handed him the sweatpants and the t-shirt.

"I'll bring them back to you."

"Don't worry about rushing it, I'm sure I can get them from you sometime," I smiled at him and kissed his cheek. "Alright, get dressed while I go call you a cab." I left the room and went to the nearest landline, in my father's office. I dialled the cab's number and gave them my address. Once finished, I ended the call and made my way back into my bedroom. When I got there, Alex was dressed and looking at some of the pictures I had along a shelf.

"Who are these people?" I walked up behind him and started pointing.

"Well...that's Christine, Jessy, and Beth. They're the only friends that I really have."

"They're pretty."

"They sure are!" I smiled at him and when we heard the honk of a taxi, I led Alex down the stairs, to the foyer. "I'll text you as soon as you leave, and I better be seeing you sometime soon."

"You will, no worries," he leaned in and kissed me. As my arms snaked around his waist, his came up around my neck. I didn't want to break the kiss, I wanted to stay there forever with my lips pressed against his, that's the ideal, right? Right. But, that ideal was not to be mine. When he pulled back, my lips felt lost. "I'll see you later."

One last peck on the lips and he extricated himself from my grip. He walked out the door and waved at me. As he made his way to the cab, I stood at the door and watched him, I waved as the car pulled away. Once he was out of my sight, I stepped back inside, closed the door and made my way upstairs. True to my word, I texted him as soon as I made it to my phone.

Me: Hey, here's the promised text. I miss you already, I'll text you as soon as I finish my studying, deal? If you need ANYTHING let me know. It's on vibrate, so I'll hear it. Xoxo

With that text sent off, I started in on my studies. I worked hard for 2 and a half hours before I put my books away, I went over to my bed and laid down. My phone in hand.

Me: Hey handsome. I'm done studying, what are you up to?

Alex: Finally! I'm sitting around, watching tv.

Me: Awh cute! What's your favorite colour?

Alex: Orange, yours?

Me: Purple -blushey face-

Alex: Perfect. What's your favorite food?

Me: hmmm, probably pizza or something super unhealthy like that. Why you planning to cook for me?

Alex: Dream on loverboy, this actor don't cook for nobody!

I heard a knock at the door and I stood and walked over to it. I opened the door to see my mom standing there.

"Oh, hey!" I was shocked, normally she just walked into my room after knocking.

"Hi, you busy?"

"Not overly, why? What's up?" I asked her quietly.

"Maybe we should talk...?" Oh god, what did she want to talk about, what was I supposed to say, oh god, please don't let this be THE talk. "So, Alex spent the night, and I'm assuming he slept in here, because none of the other bedrooms are messed up." We walked into my room and we went into the sitting corner I had created. I took a seat in my beanbag chair and she sat on the chair opposite me.

"You're right, he slept in here."

"And did anything happen?" Oh god! How embarrassing!

"No, mom. Honest, we just laid here, watched part of a movie and fell asleep."

"Are you starting to develop feelings for him? I've never seen you bring boys home before, and never seen you have anyone in your room or spend the night. What's going on?"

"Yeah, I like him. But, you're right, I've never done anything with anyone because I was never comfortable to do so. Alex and I are going to take it snail slow, I'm scared of what might happen if we move too fast," the questions continued as my phone kept vibrating in my pocket, obviously texts and many of them.

After about half an hour, my mother finally stood, "Well, I guess I should leave you be to your phone. Somebody's obviously trying to get ahold of you. Be good, I love you, and I always will." She leaned over and kissed the top of my head and then left the room, closing the door behind her.

Alex: Where'd you go?

Alex: Asher? Did I do something wrong?

Alex: I'm laying here, thinking about you and how good it felt to be in your arms last night. I miss that already.

Alex: I really hope I didn't do anything to upset you or something, I hate that you're not replying to me. I'm lonely in this big ole house, I just want your arms around me again. I loved waking up to you this morning. Please don't be upset with me, I just want to feel your body against mine again.

Me: I'm so sorry, Alex! My mom cornered me into having THE talk, and I didn't really have a chance to text you and tell you. Babe, I'd love to have my arms around you right now, I'd come over if my mom wasn't going all Nancy Drew on me. Please don't be upset, everything's fine. She wanted to know if you and I did anything, because you spent the night. Gosh, she's nosey. I'm okay, if you're okay.

Alex: Oh good, I thought you were upset. I'm gonna hit the hay though, it's starting to get late and I have to be on set at 4am. Have a good night babe. xoxo

Me: Night babe, good luck tomorrow. Text me whenever you get the chance. Thinkin of you <3

I put my phone on the charger after realizing that it was almost 9 o'clock and I hadn't eaten supper. I got up and raced downstairs to the kitchen. I was so hungry, all I wanted was food! I went into the pantry and looked around. Hm...chips? No, too fatty. I grabbed some chocolate chip cookies and ate a few of them while standing there, then got a glass of milk and made my way back upstairs. I was tuckered out, I had school in the morning and I just wanted to sleep. When I made it up to my room, I slid off every piece of clothing then laid down under the top sheet.

All my thoughts drifted to Alex, how he looked without his shirt on. The ridges of his abs, the way all his muscles moved under his skin. God he was so sexy. Without even realizing it, my dick started to get hard. Fuck, what was wrong with me. He wasn't even naked or in front of me and I was hard just thinking about him. How the hell did he have this power over me. I heard my phone vibrating beside my head and grabbed it quickly.

Alex: Can't sleep. Thinking about you too much.

Me: I can't sleep either. All my thoughts are on you baby.

Alex: what are you wearing babe?

Me: LOL! Uh...nothing... -blush-

Alex: Good, me neither.

Me: I'm so hard thinking about you, Alex. How do you have this control over my body?

Alex: are you serious? You're hard? Good, I am too. Thank god I have control over something cause I don't have control over my body right now either.

Me: no control, hey?

Alex: I can't stop thinking about how your dick felt against my ass this morning. I wish that you never had to move, so that you could've just stayed there and had your way with me. God, you're so sexy, Asher.

Me: baby you're mistaken, you're the sexy one here. I'm so fucking hard right now. What do you want me to do baby?

Alex: Oh god, ash. I want you to touch yourself. I want you to think about me touching every inch of your body, exploring and discovering all your spots. I wanna kiss and lick your body everywhere.

Me: alex, come over.

Alex: you don't mean that, you're just horny.

Me: no, Alex, I want you to come over, I want you to sleep in this bed with me and I want to touch your body and feel your muscles. I want you here. Come over, please.

Alex: if you're sure, I can be there in half an hour, but, if you're gonna tease me, I'm going to stay here. So tell me now, do you really want me there, or are you just teasing me?

Me: Alex, shut up and just come over here! Text me when you get here, k?

Alex: Alright. I'll be there soon, don't fall asleep on me.

Me: I wouldn't dream of it.

I started getting a bit nervous. I wanted to touch him, I wanted to feel his body against mine. I knew that earlier I was worried about moving too fast, but right now, I just needed him. I needed him to be sleeping in my bed, with me.

While I waited for him to get here, I decided to take a quick shower, just to freshen up. I washed every inch of my body, making sure not to miss anywhere. I didn't want him to be turned off when he was touching me. After my shower, I put on a cute pair of boxer briefs and a pair of gym shorts, then I started cleaning up my room, I made sure that there was lube in my nightstand. I didn't want us to get sore or anything.

Just as I was finishing tidying up, I heard my phone vibrate and I ran downstairs, not even bothering to check if the message was from him. I turned off the alarm system and opened the door.

"Hi," I said breathlessly.


I opened the door wider and motioned for him to come in.

"Just go on up to my room. Are you hungry or thirsty or anything?"

"No baby, just come with me," he grabbed my hand and laced our fingers, he led me upstairs to my room. When we stepped inside, I closed the door and locked it. I'm sure he could feel my hand shaking. "Don't be nervous, baby. I'm not going to hurt you, and we're only going to do what's okay with you."

"Okay," I leaned in and kissed him deeply, my tongue slipping into his mouth, where it was met with his. His hands moved up to my bare sides and he seemed almost tentative. I grabbed his hands and put them on my waist, closing his hands so that he could grab me fully. I broke the kiss to whisper, "I won't be nervous, if you won't be nervous."

"Deal," he whispered to me and kissed me again deeply, his passion showing through the kiss. I didn't know how far this would go, but I didn't care, I wanted him against me. I needed him against me. My hands moved to the hem of his shirt where they slowly started to make their way up, pulling his shirt off slowly. "Slow down, babe. We don't need to rush."

I blushed, I couldn't help it, I liked him without his shirt off. But, when I felt his lips on my jaw and then down onto my neck, my knees buckled and his hands had to support me.

"Bed," I managed to voice. Alex just nodded and gently moved me towards the bed. When the backs of my legs touched the bed, I sat and then laid back. His body came into full contact with mine as he laid out on top of me. I moved one hand up to cup the back of his neck as I pulled his face back to mine to kiss him again, my tongue moving into his mouth, it felt at home in his mouth. His hand was back on my side as it ran up and down slowly, his fingers just grazing my skin. I was starting to whimper, my dick hard from the contact of his body on mine and his kiss. I moved my hands to his sides and started to pull his shirt off. When it got to his armpits, he took over and sat up, pulled his shirt off and dropped it on the floor.

"Better?" I just smiled at him and nodded, I ran my hands over his chest and down over his abs.

"God, you're hot," I mumbled. I could see the bulge in his pants growing and I just barely let my fingers graze over it. His moan was strangled and he leaned back down on me, pushing my head to the side gently with his head. He started to kiss and nibble on my neck while grinding down on me slightly. "Oh god..."

I had my eyes closed and my hands were running over his back, I raised my legs and wrapped them around his waist, giving him more room and getting us both comfier. I used my legs to pull his pelvis down onto mine hard. He felt so good against me, I couldn't think straight, I wanted him naked but I didn't know what I wanted, I was going crazy. I lowered my legs from around his waist and kisses him deeply as my hands slipped down the back of his shorts and grabbed at his boxer covered ass. Alex got the hint and sat up a bit, he looked at me and I just nodded. His hands moved to the waistband of my shorts and started to tug them down, I lifted my ass to aid him in the removal. Once he had my shorts off he dropped them to the floor next to his shirt.

"Your's too," I nodded towards his shorts. He winked at me and removed his shorts slowly, giving me the honor of staring as his body came more and more into view. His shorts got added to our pile of clothes and if it had been brighter in the room, I would've been able to see the outline of his dick, maybe even the veins, every single ridge. When his body came back to rest on mine, it was welcomed by open legs that wrapped around his waist again. He was at home when he was on me it felt like my body was made for his. I could feel the muscles in his ass tensing and relaxing as he started to thrust against me, his lips glued to mine. Our tongues were battling as I moaned into his mouth, unable to control myself anymore.

His mouth left mine, "Shhh, baby, we don't wanna wake up your parents."

"Don't worry, they're in the other half of the house and my dad snores so loud that my mom would never hear us."

"Are you sure?"

Instead of replying, I kissed him. I slid my hand down to his ass and grabbed it hard, eliciting a moan from his gorgeous lips. I lifted my hips to meet his. I was new at this, I wasn't sure what to do but I just wanted his body on mine, I wanted every part of him. I moved my lips from his and down across his jaw, darting my tongue out to drag across his skin. When I hit his neck, I bit down and gently started to suck, not really thinking of who's neck I was sucking on.

"Mmh, no marks, make-up artists will kill me," I pulled back even though his moans were driving me crazy.

"Sorry," I kissed his lips again, mine were starting to puff up and his were bright red, we were kissing hard and we meant every single one. I felt his hands at my hips again, he was tugging at my boxers. I bit his ear and that signalled to him that it was okay. I lifted my hips once again and he pulled my boxers down slowly, letting my cock slap me in the stomach. He sat up and pulled them all the way off and then added them to our collection of clothes on the floor. My dick was already leaking precum and I was starting to shake a bit, not from nervousness but from pleasure, all nerve endings were on fire, asking, no begging, for more. He slipped off his boxers and laid back out on me, I moaned from the mere feel of his dick against mine. Both of our cocks were leaking profusely and there was no need for lube as he thrusted his cock along mine.

I had my head tilted to one side and I was moaning profanities as I raised my legs up and wrapped them around his waist again, my ankles locked together and my heels dug into his ass as he pushed against me harder. I grabbed his head and pulled him in for a kiss filled with as much passion as I could muster. I had one hand on the back of his head and the other was roaming his back, feeling his muscles contract and relax with each thrust. When Alex's hand wrapped around my dick I froze up, I wasn't ready for him to touch me like that. Maybe it was stupid of me to act like this, seeing as how I was lying naked underneath him but I wasn't ready for him to take my cock into his hand and have his way with me like that. He sensed me tightening up and he instantly pulled his hand away.

"I'm sorry, we won't go there."

"I'm sorry, babe, I'm such a prude."

"Hush...don't worry about it," he started kissing me and then kissing my neck and ear, he resumed his ministrations with his hips and I just moaned, turning into puddy under him. I wasn't sure if this was the smartest route, having him here, on top of me, but there's nothing at this point that I wanted more. I wasn't ready to go all the way with him, but I was sure ready to bust a nut all over the place while he was on top of me.

I could feel the army gathering in my balls, the tingling starting at my toes. I was arching my back, pushing my chest against Alex's and I'm sure he could tell that I was getting ready to go off. I was starting to shake as he continued to thrust against me, my cock continually flowing with precum. What I didn't realize was that Alex was just as turned on as I was and just as close, his precum was mixing with mine. Both of our moans were getting louder and more urgent and finally, once the tingling orgasm had reached every inch of my body, I arched up hard and groaned loudly. My cum rocketed out of my dick and coated both of our chests. As soon as I was finished, while I laid there breathing deeply, I felt Alex's entire body tighten up and his cum join mine, coating my upper body. His chest suddenly fell to mine as he lost his strength and I laid there stroking his hair while we both tried to catch our breath.

As we continued to breathe deeply, he slowly sat up and reached for my boxers, he wiped the cum off of both of our chests and then rolled to the side, he rested his head on my chest. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders and pulled him in a bit closer, I looked over at the clock and saw that it was much later than I thought.

"You need to sleep, you have to be up soon," I whispered. But it fell on sleeping ears. I smiled and wrapped him up in my arms, I pulled the blanket up with my feet and covered us both. As I was drifting to sleep, I couldn't help smiling, Alex Pettyfer was in my bed. We had just gotten each other off and now he was sleeping in my bed.

I slowly drifted off, holding him tightly in my arms, I never wanted him to leave. I was perfectly content with him staying in my arms forever.

At 4 am, I was awoken by movement in my bed.

"Shit! Fuck! Goddamnit! I'm gonna be late," I heard Alex whispering angrily. I rolled over to see him trying to get dressed.

"You can borrow clothes from my closet if you want."

"Oh shit! Did I wake you up?" he leaned over and kissed me gently, "Go back to sleep, babe."

"I will when you leave, you can borrow some of my clothes if you want, and there's an extra toothbrush in the bathroom cupboard. Help yourself," I laid back on the bed and watched him move around this room, this was the first chance I really got to see him naked and MAN he looked good! He had low hanging balls and even soft, his cock was large. Oh man, and that ass! Fucking perfect, in every way.

He went into the bathroom and I could hear his piss hitting the toilet, I had to laugh quietly to myself. I listened to the flush and then the sink run as he started to brush his teeth, he was humming to himself quietly and I smiled. I couldn't stop smiling, Alex fucking Pettyfer was in my bathroom, naked, just chillin. What did I ever do to deserve this?

"Hey, Ash?"

"Mmh, yeah?" I got up and walked into the bathroom. "What's up?" he grabbed me and kissed me hard.

"Morning," I laughed softly and wrapped my arms around him.

"Someone's a lot easier to deal with once he's had his morning whiz. Do you have time to eat or is it just time for you to go?"

"I gotta get going once I get some clothes on," he laughed and went back into the bedroom where he grabbed his clothes from last night. He dressed quickly then walked back over to me. "Thanks for a great night, I'll text you later okay?"

"Alright," I kissed him gently and smacked his butt. "Go, or you'll be really late."

I went and slipped on my shorts and followed him down the stairs to the door, I turned off the alarm and unlocked the door.

"I'll see you later, handsome," he kissed me gently and left quietly. So fucking perfect. I closed and locked the door then turned the alarm back on. I went upstairs to my room and went back to bed, sleeping through until almost 8:30. Oh shit! I was gonna be late for classes. I had to run to get ready, first I had to shower and then shave and oh god. I didn't have time to shave, but I had way too much dry cum on my stomach. I needed to shower. I stripped my shorts off quickly and ran the water for my shower, I quickly rinsed off and washed my hair. I got out of the shower and brushed my teeth quickly and then went into my bedroom to get dressed.

I threw on a pair of tight fitting jeans and a fairly tight shirt, grabbed my phone and saw I had a text.

Alex: Hey babe, have a good day. Thinking of you always.

Me: Awh, thanks babe, good luck with the taping. I'll see you later. Missin you already xoxo

Alex: No worries babe, I miss you too. Have a good day at school. Gotta go though, text me on your lunch break.

I had a permanent smile on my face as I made my way out to my car and then drove to school. God, he made me so happy and I just met him. What was wrong with me? There was no way that I felt this strongly about a man I hardly know. I know nothing about anything he hasn't said in interviews. And...really, how much does he know about me? I wanna say that I like him, a lot, but I don't know him. I really need to talk to him more, maybe tonight, instead of having him over, him and I would just talk? I needed to get to know him more, I needed the chance to get to know him and just...talk.

If he was around, I knew that I'd want to just jump his bones and get it on constantly, I couldn't risk that. If I was going to build a relationship with him, I'd have to really get to know him. Not all at once obviously, but I needed to know more about him. It had only been like a day and a half and already I was falling at his feet. What if he was just using me to get his rocks off and then he'd be gone. I didn't want to risk that, I wanted him in my life. I almost needed him around me. It felt good to have him near me and I really, really enjoyed it. Maybe this day would turn out okay, and maybe he and I would have a good conversation and something would come of it? I sure hope.

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