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Chapter 4

Oh my god! Alex comes home today! I'm so excited! It's been two weeks since we've spent any real time together, the few hours that we spent together that one night, were nothing compared to the days and weeks that I would spend with him now. That night that he spent with me, had solidified our relationship. It had made us stronger, I was more confident within us.

We still managed to keep close contact, texting at least once a day and talking at night and I'm sure that's what got me through those two weeks, was hearing his voice at night; hearing how much he missed me and wanted to be with me and how he couldn't wait to get home. All I wanted the entire time was for him to come home and now that he was on his way, I was a bundle of jitters. I had been at school all day, midterms were coming up and I just knew that they would kick my ass. So on top of stressing about that, I was stressing about Alex. I knew that he loved me, and I knew that he wasn't scared to show it. And I knew that he was willing to wait until I was ready. But I just, was worried that I was making him wait too long. I wanted to have that special moment with him, but it just didn't feel like the right time. Maybe it would never feel like the right time and I would just have to do it? I didn't know, I just knew that I had to wait and as much as it killed me to keep him waiting, I just, I had to. As much as I wanted to make his coming home surprise THAT special, I wasn't ready for it, and I had a feeling that he knew that.

After classes, I had gone home to clean up. I started in my room, knowing that that would 1. Take the longest, and 2. Be where we spent the most time. From my bedroom, I moved to the bathroom and then on to the kitchen, where I knew inevitably, I'd be cooking for him. I couldn't wait for him to be back in my house. Eventually, we'd go to his place, where I'd never been before. I was nervous to go to his house but I wanted to see where he lived. I wanted to see his house, his photos, everything. I wanted to be able to walk barefoot on his I'm sure plush carpets. I just couldn't wait for him to be back, where I could kiss him and hug him and love on him. I was a ball of nervous energy and I finished cleaning almost every room in the house, in a matter of hours.

At around five pm, I received a text, stating that Alex would be late. His flight had been delayed and he was sitting in the airport, waiting for them to announce his flight is back on track.

Alex: Baby, ugh this is so dumb, I just want to be there already. What are you doing? Keep me distracted.

Me: I just finished cleaning up, I'm laying on my bed waiting for you. Do they have any idea when you'll be able to fly out?

Alex: None. This is ridiculous. I miss you.

Me: I miss you too, babe.

I heard the doorbell ring downstairs and my mom must've answered it. I wasn't expecting anyone, well, not yet anyways.

"Asher! Can you come down here please?" my mom called up to me. I couldn't think of what she wanted. I had cleaned her fricken house for her. So I was sure, it wasn't because of it being messy.

"Mom! I don't wanna come down, what do you want?" I walked to the top of the stairs and felt my jaw drop when I saw who was at the door. "Baby?!"

"Hey..." he almost looked bashful. I ran down to him, shocked, excited, I had been waiting for him to get here. I didn't care that my mom was there, I took Alex into my arms and hugged him tightly and kissed him deeply. This is right where he's supposed to be, right here, right in my arms. He should never have to leave. I wanted him here forever. Maybe he'd stay here forever. His lips were pressing against mine and I sighed happily, this just felt so right, so perfect.

When my lips finally left his, I smiled at him. Seeing his face right now, was making my day, was making this moment the best moment ever.

"I missed you," I whispered, still looking into his eyes.

"I know, I missed you too. Can I come inside?" I had completely forgotten that he was still half outside.

"Oh, yeah! Duh!" He came into the house when I moved to the side. I just wanted him in my arms again. It had been too long since I had had my arms wrapped around him, his head on my chest. Alex took my hand and started leading me upstairs to my bedroom. This was the first time that he had ever lead the way upstairs. What did he have in store for me?

"I want cuddles, I want kisses, but most of all, I just want you."

Well...I guess that explained it.

"Deal, baby."

He continued upstairs and I just followed. We made it to my bedroom and he closed the door behind us, switching the lock. I had turned towards my bed when I felt his arms around me from behind. His arms around my waist and the smell of his cologne calmed me, like nothing else could. I loved the smell of him. That perfect mix of Alex musk and Diesel cologne. It just comforted me like no other. Before he left for his two week on site shoot, I made him cuddle my pillow and leave me a sweater, both of which didn't get washed during those two weeks. They still smelled like him. They had comforted me when no one was around and when Alex was busy taping and I needed him. The shirt and pillow were the perfect remedy when I needed them. The feel of his lips on my shoulder is what woke me from my day dream.

"Babe? Where'd you go?" he whispered with his lips still against my shoulder. I just laughed quietly and turned around. My arms found their way around his waist and pulled him into me.

"Just was thinking about you, but, I don't need to day dream about you, you're right in front of me," I kissed him lightly. I never wanted his lips to leave mine, it just felt so right.

The kisses slowly became more and more passionate and when my hand came up to the back of his head, I paused to take a breath. I moved away from him just a bit, using my fingers to play with his hair lightly, I was taken back by his handsome face, his green eyes and those beautiful lips. I smiled, noting the slight 5 o'clock shadow. The smirk did not go unnoticed and Alex smiled at me, his eyes obviously scanning my face as mine drunk in every detail of his face. Nothing felt more right then his eyes on me. His eyes were the only ones that I wanted to look at me this way, ever. He had this way of stripping away all my tough outer layers and getting right down to the deep dark insides.

I reached up and brushed his bangs out of his face, his smile let me know that my touch was welcome.

"Baby, I want to try something..." I whispered to him, leaning down and kissing him again.

"What do you wanna try?"

"You'll see," our whispered conversation came to an end when I started kissing Alex's lips passionately. His tongue breeched my lips and as our tongues battled, my hands found their way to his hips where they grabbed at the hem of his shirt. I pulled him into me more and grabbed his hips hard. I wanted him so badly at this moment, I wanted him in everyway possible. I felt myself getting dizzy with excitement and I just couldn't stop it. The way that he made me feel, started in my toes, the tingling sensation moved up my body and when it connected with my heart, it automatically sent messages to my brain, almost shutting it down but at the same time, sending it into a frenzy of love and passion. While my hands had staked their ground on Alex's hips, I slowly lifted him up and felt him wrap his legs around my waist. With my eyes closed, I walked to the bed, holding him up in my arms. I could feel him starting to grind against me. His pleasure was obvious and I couldn't help but smile. I loved that I could turn him on so easily and that he could turn me on so easily. It made foreplay an easy matter.

I gently lowered him to the bed, laying down on top of him. His legs never once left from around my waist.

"I told you, I missed you, I just don't want to let you go," he told me, slightly out of breath. We had stopped kissing for a few seconds to try and catch our breath. I started guiding my lips down along his jaw, kissing and biting and licking slowly over to his neck and down.

"You're done taping for awhile, yeah?"

"A couple weeks maybe, why?"

"No reason," I bit down hard on his neck and started sucking. This time, I could leave a mark. Well, it didn't matter if I couldn't, I was going to anyways. I was marking my territory. Alex's moans just reinforced that what I was doing was wanted and liked. After a few seconds, I moved my lips away from his neck, the moans stopped.

"Why'd you stop...?" he asked while running his hands up and down my sides and back.

"I didn't want to make the mark too big, babe," I continued kissing and biting as his neck, starting to push my pelvis down onto his. I knew he could feel my arousal and I could definitely feel his. I pulled back and sat up, my hands on the hem of his shirt. "Sit up, pleaseeee." He sat up and I pulled his shirt off over his head and almost gasped at the sight of his gorgeous upper body. His perfectly cut pecs, abs, and Adonis'. God, this boy is just fucking perfect. I couldn't help myself, I let my fingers trail over his entire upper body, paying special attention to his tattoos which I traced slowly with my finger. How was he so perfect? How was the body of this man under me, so fucking perfect? And how was I the lucky one to be the one above him?

I slowly leaned down and kissed Alex again. His lips felt so perfect against mine and I drank in the feeling of pure love that he sent through to me. I knew that he loved me and that made me want to please him even more. I moved from his lips back down to his neck where I kissed and licked. I then proceeded to lick and kiss my way down his upper body, stopping to tongue each of his nipples until they became stiff little nubs. I slowly slid further down his body, licking my way between each of his abs. The firm muscle now glistening with my saliva. I traveled further down his body, stopping at his belly button and then again stopping at the waistband of his jeans.

"Baby...you don't have to do anything."

"Shhhh, just let me do what I wanna do," I smiled up at him and felt his fingers in my hair as he stroked the locks slowly.

"Do whatever you want to me baby, just...don't push yourself at all."

I looked into his eyes while I popped the button on his jeans, and then slid the zipper down slowly. He lifted his butt to aid me in getting his jeans off. This would be the first time that I had really looked at Alex naked. My god, I'd have a naked Alex Pettyfer in my bed. What a wonderful sight. With his jeans now off and on the floor, I took his socks off and then slid my hands back up his legs to his very tight boxer briefs. He had to have known that this was going to happen. His boxer briefs were obscenely tight but sexy and made my mouth water, just looking at him. I could easily see the outline of his dick and I traced my finger over it slowly.

"Let me know if I do something wrong," I leaned in, and with my face now pressed against his crotch, I inhaled. As strange as that may sound. My nostrils were filled with a smell that was completely and utterly Alex. I started moving my mouth along his cloth covered dick slowly, soaking the fabric with my saliva. I could hear Alex moaning above me and I smiled to myself, knowing that I was at least doing a decent job. I continued to lick and suckle at his dick until the fabric could no long hold my spit. I sat back a bit and started to pull his boxers off. He was still moaning and groaning, starting to writhe a bit. The sight of him twisting and turning, with his eyes closed and his head tilted back.

With his boxers now off, I finally got a good look at his package. And might I say, the boy was packing some major heat. I couldn't help myself, I leaned in and slid my tongue up from the base of his dick to the very tip. What a perfect dick for a perfect man. His moan signalled his approval of my ministrations and I could feel his muscles starting to tighten. Oh boy, I was getting into this just as much as he was and I wasn't even touching myself. Wow, the feelings that this man could bring out in me.

As I continued to lick up and down his dick, I decided it was now or never. I grabbed his dick in one hand and held it up. I lowered my mouth down over it and closed my eyes, I couldn't get much in at first, but I'm sure he was okay with that. I closed my lips around his shaft and started to bob up and down slowly, sliding my tongue around as much as I could with my mouth wrapped that tightly around his cock. With my free hand, I had to hold his leg down so as to stop him from moving too much. He was really getting into it and moaning loudly and that made me want to make him that much happier.

I continued my ministrations, bobbing my head up and down and sliding my tongue around his cock. I wanted him to cum, I wanted his juice in my mouth. As I continued to suck on him, he was moaning louder and writhing more. I moved my hand and started cupping and stroking his balls. I wanted him to feel good. While I played with his balls, I felt them starting to pull up towards his shaft, and his moans were getting louder, more urgent. I continued to suck his cock, giving him all I had. I wanted to show him that I could do this, that I wanted him to feel good. While I continued to suck him, his balls tightened up further and he started arching his back, his body was tightening up and he let out a strangled moan of my name and I felt him starting to unload in my mouth. I swallowed as quickly as I could, not giving myself to think about what I was doing.

When he was finally finished, and I had swallowed it all, I moved back up his body and kissed him deeply.

"I love you," I whispered to him once we had parted lips.

"I love you too, baby."

I felt his hands at my waist and then I felt him popping the button on my jeans and unzipping them. Oh god, I don't know if I could handle him going down on me, but I'd definitely be okay with his hand being on me. I needed to release. My dick was aching against my jeans and I reached down and pushed my jeans down to my knees, staying kneeled over Alex. He pushed my boxers down and started kissing me deeply, his tongue probing my mouth and waging war on mine. I felt his hand wrap around my cock, which was already leaking precum like a faucet. He used my precum as lube and stroked me slowly, while his tongue continued to wage war against mine. I was moaning into his mouth, turning into puddy above him. I was starting to thrust into his hand, while moaning continually louder. His hand felt so good, I just wanted him to know. But I couldn't talk, I could only moan. And as I continued to moan louder, he got the hint and stroked me faster and squeezed me tighter. The tingling sensation was starting again. Gaining momentum from my toes and working it's way up my body, but this time when it hit my heart, it brought with it a torrent of cum that released itself from my balls and all over Alex's beautiful chest and stomach. When I was completely empty, I collapsed on top of Alex's chest, I was breathing heavily and whimpering a bit. I had missed his touch so much but this was something that I had not planned on us doing. It was as close to sex as I was ready to go, but with him it just felt right...so right.

I must've fallen asleep because sometime later I awoke to find Alex no longer in bed with me. I got out of bed and stretched my body, pointing my fingers up and reaching for the sky. I went into my closet and grabbed a pair of black basketball shorts. Before leaving my room, I checked my stomach to make sure that I didn't have dried cum all over the place and then I started my trek downstairs. When I got downstairs, I went into the kitchen and the sight that I saw was one that I was sure I'd never see.

"Alex, babe, what are you doing?" He had flour everywhere and looked completely lost, standing in the middle of the kitchen.

"I was trying to make pancakes, but then I couldn't figure it out and now I don't know what to do," the poor guy looked like he was about to cry, I felt SO bad.

"Heyyyyy," I walked over and wrapped my arms around him tightly. "Want me to help? We can make them together?" He just nodded and rested his head on my chest. I leaned down and kissed the top of his head. What a perfect man, even if he couldn't cook.

And so we began, we threw out his try at pancakes and started over. But, after we had it mixed, we set it aside and I started frying some apples in cinnamon and brown sugar. He was watching me move around the kitchen. This is where I was most comfortable in this house, other than in Alex's arms of course. I looked at the clock and smiled when I realized that it was well passed 11pm. We continued to cook, I added the apples to the pancake mix and then took a new frying pan out and added some oil to the pan. I started to fry them, wrapping one arm loosely around Alex.

"I'm glad you know what you're doing, I'm useless."

"Awh, come on babe, you're not useless. It's okay, I'd much rather cook for you anyways."

I continued to cook, keeping him close to me. I put the finished pancakes on a pan and put them in the oven on a low temperature. Alex continued to just watch me, he seemed content in watching me.

"How about you make the coffee? Or get some juice? Or whatever you want to drink, I don't really care what it is," I offered him while I continued to cook pancakes, we were almost ready to eat, and to be honest, I was quite hungry. Alex went through the refrigerator, looking for something to drink. When he found the fruit punch, he took it out and proceeded to pour two HUGE glasses of it. There was no way that I'd ever EVER drink all that. At least in one sitting. What did he think I was? A camel? "Wow, babe. Do I need to make a reservoir or something?"

"I'm sorry, I didn't know how much you'd want," he looked bashful, almost about to cry.

"Hey...it's okay. It's just juice. Come here..." I held out my hand to him and he took it and stepped closer to me. I kissed him gently then whispered, "Is something bugging you babe? You don't seem yourself."

"We'll talk about it later, okay? Can we just eat, I'm hungry," he whispered back. I relented and grabbed two plates, piled pancakes onto both and grabbed forks and knives. I grabbed the syrup out of the refrigerator and poured it onto both stacks of pancakes. Alex was already sitting down in the breakfast nook when I was finished and I brought the two plates in. I set one in front of him and then sat down beside him with mine. "I love you, you know that, right...?"

"Of course I do babe."

We started to eat and every few minutes I would look over at Alex and smile, trying to be reassuring. I was worried about him, what if something was seriously wrong, what if it was something I couldn't fix? I wanted nothing more than his happiness and I wondered if this was a circumstance in which I would be useless. Alex had finished eating already, while I continued to think. I had barely touched my food when he touched my hand.

"Baby, eat. We'll go talk when you're done."

I nodded at him and finished up my pancakes quickly, then I grabbed all the dishes and put them into the dishwasher. I started walking upstairs to my room with Alex trailing behind me. Once we had entered my room, we went to my sitting corner, I sat down on my beanbag chair, allowing Alex to have the couch or the chair or the other beanbag chair.

"Talk away."

"Asher, this is serious..." Oh god...this was serious???? What happened?!

"Baby, tell me what happened?"

"Okay, well...I was talking to Mark and I was talking to Elizabeth. Mark still hates me, and doesn't want to talk to me or manage me or anything, but Elizabeth just said to give it more time, two weeks wasn't enough to really make a decision. So, I'm listening to her on that, but the other thing she said was that it was probably a good idea for us to come out publicly as a couple. And I don't know if you're ready for that, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not, and it's freaking me out because...once everyone knows then we won't have ANY privacy and I like that I can come here and not have any cameras follow me because no one knows I'm coming here. And what if girls stop watching my movies now because I'm gay and they know that they REALLY can't have me. I'm just freaking out. I don't want to be out yet, I just want to be the straight me for just a little bit longer. I don't know if I can handle being out," he finally took a break and just looked at me. He was still standing, just in front of me and I stood up to look at him, I mean, really look at him.

"If you're not ready to be out, then don't be out. I'm gonna stand by you no matter what and if and when you're ready, I'll be ready too. There's nothing to be scared of. But just know that while you're not out, we have to hide our relationship and our love for one another. Nobody can know about us, we can't go out anywhere. Like...that's hard enough as it is. Add to it that we can't even be seen in public together because there's no real reason for us to be hanging out. I have no ties to you once so ever. I'm nothing to you out in public. So while you're in the closet, we can't be anything outside of closed doors. And Elizabeth is right, Mark will get over it eventually, it's just going to take some time. Hell, it takes everyone time. Mark's wrong to be acting the way that he is...but you have to understand that this is probably his first encounter with a gay man and he wasn't expecting it to happen, ever," I was visibly shaking, I didn't know what to do. What if he didn't want to be with me anymore because of this whole stupid situation. What if everything that we had created wasn't strong enough to last through this turmoil? What if he doesn't want to be with me anymore so that he can be in the closet and still make movies and do everything else that he did before me. I knew that he could see me shaking and that made me shake more. I didn't want him to see how truly scared I was of what was happening.

"Baby, if you think that I'm going to leave you, that will NOT happen. I'm not going anywhere. Asher, don't you understand? I love you. I don't just like you, I LOVE YOU. I'm in love with you, I want to spend the rest of my life with you. I know that's fast considering that we've only known each other for a little while. But, I love you, Asher. I'm not walking away from this, not now, not ever," he stepped closer to me and rested his hands on my hips. I was still shaking a bit, he leaned in and kissed me softly. "Don't worry about a thing because I'm not going anywhere."

We continued our talk, now close together, touching at all times. We decided that we would wait and see what happened, once Mark was comfortable with how we were, Alex would start making it known that him and I were in a relationship. As long as I was with him, I didn't care what we did. As long as he never left my side.

Alex and I fell asleep on the couch in my sitting area, it was perfect. Just him and I.


The next day, late in the afternoon, Alex called me on my cell phone from his place.

"Hey, baby," I answered.

"Hey, I have a proposition for you," his accent was thick in my ear and it made me melt just a bit.

"Oh? And what would that be?"

"Well, how would you like to join me tonight for a night of fine wine and dining?"

"And where do you think we're going to go for that?"

"Well, I thought that we would order in, you'd come here, and then we'd take a walk on the beach and then come back here for a movie and some major cuddle and lip time."

"That sounds perfect baby boy, what time should I be there?"

"Can you try for eight?"

"Yeah babe, of course," that gave me 3 hours until I had to leave. Oh man, nervous ball of energy was making it's way back into my body. I had three hours to make myself presentable to the sexiest man alive. My sexy man. Knowing that he loved me, made getting ready easier because I knew that he would love anything that I put myself in. but I still took my time and planned out my outfit. I settled on a black pair of jeans that hugged my hips and butt then went straight down from there; not form fitting my legs. To pair with that, I decided that a royal blue polo would do the trick. My bathroom was calling my name as I made my way in there. I started by shaving my face, and my pubic area. I didn't want to look eager but I didn't want to be all gross for him either. After I shaved, I started the water in the shower and stepped under the rainfall showerhead. That amazing feeling of water cascading down your body, is one that you'll never be able to reproduce. Once my body had been thoroughly drenched, I started lathering my hair with my shampoo and then I rinsed it out, followed up with conditioner and then rinsed again. Finally, I lathered body wash all over me, coating my entire body and not missing an inch.

Once I had rinsed the lather off of my body, I turned the water off and left the shower. I grabbed the nearest towel and started drying off my body instantly. Looking at the clock, I realized I had less time than I thought. I'd have to really kick it into high gear if I wanted to make it there on time. And trust me...I wanted to make it there on time. I didn't want to be late for my first date. Oh god...my first date, what if I make a fool of myself? I don't want him to think I'm some stupid little boy! Oh boy...what am I going to do? I can't have him thinking that I'm an idiot. Oh god, I hope that I'm good enough for him.

From there I started getting dressed, starting with a tight fitting pair of black boxer briefs then the jeans and the polo, flip flops adorned my feet. I sprayed myself with cologne and applied deodorant and then went into the bathroom again to fix my hair. I wanted it perfect, absolutely perfect. Everything was going to be perfect, I just knew it.

I continued to get ready, pacing around. Why was I so nervous? It was just Alex, I had been spending most of my time with him anyways, or thinking about him I guess. He was all that I thought about and all that I needed. He was everything that I needed to live. I visibly relaxed and gathered some sweatpants and a t-shirt in an overnight bag. My toothbrush and deodorant were next. I was sure that I would be spending the night, and even if I didn't, it's good to be prepared, right?

When 7:30 rolled around, I got a text from Alex, with his address. I left the house, remembering to grab everything I needed and then went out to my car. I took a deep breath and got in. I had to keep my cool, I just had to get there and relax and everything would be fine. I drove to Alex's obviously speeding and pulled up to the gated lot.

At the gate, I rolled down my window and pushed the red button on the speaker.

"Yes?" an unfamiliar voice came through the speaker.

"Hi, my name is Asher, I'm here to see Alex."

"Oh yes, of course, come on in, you can park anywhere," there came a buzz through the speaker and the gates slowly started to open. I immediately started to drive through the gate, slowly moving along the driveway and gaping at the mansion that unfolded before my eyes. There was no way that Alex lived here, by himself and used every room. Maybe his family lived with him. That would get awkward if I stayed the night, wouldn't it? I wasn't ready to meet his family, what if they didn't like me? What if they didn't know he was gay and then he could only introduce me as his friend? Wouldn't it be weird if I walked in with an overnight bag? I parked my car in the driveway in front of the main entrance, I decided I would leave my overnight bag in the car, just in case. And if I was staying the night, it wasn't like it was a long walk to get it.

I removed myself from my car and looked up at the door as it opened slowly. Low and behold, there stood the most gorgeous man I have ever laid eyes on. But to my shock, there was someone beside him. Oh my god...that couldn't be...oh my god, holy shit. What do I do?! I'm so glad I left my overnight bag in my car. I started walking up towards the steps.

"Hey!" Alex called out to me.

"Hey, what's going on?" I gave him a look, wondering what he was doing with this other person.

"Asher, meet Channing. Channing, Asher."

"Uhm hi," I stuck my hand out towards Channing Tatum and shook his hand then looked at Alex again.

"Ash, we need to talk about some stuff and that's why Channing's here."

"Okay..." I was starting to get nervous, was he breaking up with me? Had he been cheating on me with Channing fucking Tatum? I couldn't hold a candle to Channing...oh god, please don't let it be that. Alex lead us all back into his house and towards the sitting room.

"I'll give you a tour later, right now, we need to worry about something serious."

"What happened? Why are you being so mysterious?"

"Well...um...normally I wouldn't have anyone here with us when we talk about this but, Channing's the one that heard it so he needs to relay it so that you can hear it."

"Alright," I looked at Channing, waiting for him to relay the information.

"Okay, so, my publicist told me this, merely so I would know because Alex and I are fairly close. So, here it goes. Mark told my publicist, April, about Alex being gay and how he's shaking up with `a cock sucking faggot who does nothing but bend over for Alex' - his words, not mine. Anyways, so, he told her that and then told her about how he's going to out Alex during all the publicity things for Beastly. He's going to somehow get a picture of you and Alex kissing or holding hands or something and then `leak' it out to all the press. I'm warning you guys, so that doesn't happen too soon. And Alex, I think you should look into getting a new manager," he looked at me. "I know that you guys haven't been dating long, but this is going to suck, it's going to be hard, but until you're both ready and you have a reliable support system. Don't let it out now, not until you guys have been together long enough that it won't phase you so badly. I know you guys have probably talked about this, but just...don't do it yet, build your relationship and be happy and then test the waters. It's good that you told the important people, but don't tell anyone else, and don't let Mark catch you guys doing anything."

His words made sense and worried me all at the same time. I looked at Alex who was almost crying and moved to him.

"Hey...baby, it's gonna be okay. You wanna know why?" he just nodded, this poor boy. "Because I love you and you love me, and together we can make it through this. Now if you don't mind, Channing, we have a date night planned and as much as I enjoy your being here and meeting you, I'd really like to put a smile back on my boyfriend's face."

I shocked myself with how calm I was with Channing Tatum sitting right there. He smiled and put his hand on my shoulder then kissed the top of Alex's head which made me pause for a second, but I shrugged it off. I stood and showed Channing out, even though, he pretty much lead me, I didn't know my way around this house yet. I shook his hand and we said our last goodbyes and then I retraced my steps to Alex.

He looked up at me, "What do you feel like having for supper?"

"I'm pretty much good with anything, what do you feel like?"

"Well, I could go for a pizza and breadsticks and then we can make sundaes and curl up to a movie, sound good?"

"Sounds perfect, baby," I walked over and pressed my lips to his gently. "I meant what I said, yanno? I love you."

"I know, babe, I love you too." he stood up, kissed me again, gently and to order pizza and breadsticks.

"Make sure you get ranch dipping sauce! Andddd cheese too!"

"Alright," he called back then continued with the ordering system. I started walking around his sitting room, curious about this place. As I had guessed, he had superbly plush carpets that felt wonderful underfoot. I heard him enter the room again and as he got closer, I could smell the mix of cologne and just simply Alex. He stepped closer and wrapped his arms around my middle. "What are you thinking about?"

"How you couldn't possibly live in this entire house by yourself. It's simply too big for one person," I placed my hands over his and leaned into him just a bit, I wanted nothing more than to be in his arms forever. This is where I felt at home.

"It comes in handy when family comes down for holidays and what not, otherwise I just have a lot of places to dance around and be stupid in. Hopefully, someday soon, I won't have to worry about being all alone in this big ol' house."

We continued talking and Alex gave me a quick tour of his 18 billion room house and then made our way back to the sitting room. Just as we made it to the entrance of the room, the doorbell rang. The security guy must've let him up.

"I'll get it, you stay here," I took out my wallet and headed up to the door, I opened it and took the pizza then paid the boy, leaving a large tip. "Thanks."

I headed back to the sitting room and smiled at the sight of Alex stretched out on the couch. I went through to the kitchen and set the pizza on the counter.

"Baby, plates?" I heard him stand and walk into the kitchen. Together we plated our pizza, grabbed a beer each and sat at the island. We ate our pizza and drank our beer, laughing and talking the entire time. I really loved this man. He could make me smile like no other, laugh at the stupidest of jokes, and feel things I've never felt for anyone, ever. Once we had finished our food, we cleared away the dishes and put our bottles in the recycling, then put the remaining pizza in the fridge. With that finished, I walked out to the sitting room and then remembered my overnight bag. "Baby, I'll be right back. I need to grab my bag."

"Alright, baby, just hurry back," I quickly left the room and ran out to my car, I grabbed my overnight bag and ran back inside. I wanted to spend as much time with this man as possible. Once inside, I locked the door.

"Baby, how do you set your alarm? I don't want us to be bothered at all."

"Oh! Just hit 5973 and then arm and it should arm itself," so I did. And luck would have it that it worked. I walked into the sitting room and once again, Alex was spread out on the couch.

"Any room on there for me?" I asked him, hoping and praying that he'd want me as close to him as possible.

"There's always room for you," he moved forward a bit and I smiled. I slipped behind him and pulled him tightly against me. "Mmh, perfect."

He always felt so good in my arms and this time was no different. I wanted nothing more than for him to stay here forever. I held him tight against me as he flipped through the channels on the ginormous T.V. directly across from the couch. I had my hand under his shirt resting on the bare skin of his abs. He turned his head towards me and I kissed him, my lips rested there, not wanting to move from his. He was home for me, every piece of him. His kisses, his touch, his hugs, his eyes, everything was home.

"I love you," I whispered with my lips just barely touching his.

"I know, I love you too," he whispered back to me with his accent thick in his soft tone. My arms pulled him in closer and we settled in to watch Tangled, which was playing on one of the basic channels.

As the movie played, he found his way onto his back in his super deep set couch, with me still on my side beside him, my head found his chest and that's how I rested, watching the movie peacefully. We didn't talk, we didn't kiss, we merely laid there, our arms around each other, revelling in the feel of our bodies next to each other.

About halfway through the movie, I looked up to find Alex asleep, I smiled to myself and slowly extricated myself from the couch and turned off the T.V. I picked up Alex and carried him up the stairs to his bedroom, I gently stripped him to his boxers and laid him down in the bed, I pulled the covers over him, then stripped down to my boxers and climbed in beside him. I was going to have my arms around him the entire night, he was not going to move from me. I pulled him gently into my arms and spooned up behind him.

"Mmh...baby?" he groaned and rolled over to face me.

"Yeah, babe, I'm right here," I whispered, gently brushing his hair out of his face.

"I love you, thank you for staying."

"I never planned on leaving," I pulled him in closer to me and pressed my lips to his forehead. I could feel his breathing evening out again, signalling his sleeping state. I soon followed him.

I never would have guessed that I would be dating a super well known actor. That I would have fallen in love with him. We weren't prepared for the drama that would come with him coming out of the closet. We weren't prepared for any dangers that would come our way, but we were strong and we were getting stronger day by day. We wanted nothing more than to be strong and together. We were in love with each other and that's all that mattered then and now.

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