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Chapter Six

I was faced with the question of whether to go to my last class of the semester or to skip it and instead spend my time with Alex. When I thought about it though, I decided that skipping class was not a good idea...even if it was the last one. I knew that class was important and Alex could wait until I was done. This class would be the final review before finals. How did it get to be December already? Next week finals would start and that meant much less time for the world's greatest boyfriend. I was a straight A student and there was no way that I was going to let my relationship get in the way of my scholarship. I know, smart rich kid...but it's not what you think, I honestly spend a lot of time studying. By a lot of time, I mean whenever I'm not with Alex. I honestly spent most of my time working my way through each chapter, sometimes before the teacher had even assigned it.

Once I was finished with exams, I had planned to get my Christmas shopping done. I wasn't sure what to get anyone on my list and thank god that my parents had given me a credit card to use for the purchasing of said gifts. I didn't have a job, I tried that when I first started university and I couldn't keep up with my studies. My scholarship was more important to me than any stupid job. There was no way I was giving up the money that I had worked so hard for. My parents agreed to support my lifestyle as long as my grades remained high and my morals remained strong. They promised to help me out until I found a permanent career. They were confident in my capabilities both as their son and as their student which warmed my heart like nothing else. There was many a time when my parents let it be known that they were proud of me. It was an awesome feeling to know that my parents were happy with how I was leading my life.

Almost halfway through my first year and I knew it was going to get harder. What with my time with Alex and how difficult my classes were bound to become, I wasn't sure how I was going to cope, but I knew that I had to if I wanted to make something of myself and have a healthy relationship with the man of my dreams. I knew it was going to be difficult and I also knew that Alex would understand and be great about the whole thing. Now, I only had to figure out how to tell him that I wouldn't be able to spend much time with him until my finals were over. Hopefully he wouldn't be too disappointed.

As I drove to my last class of the fall semester, my thoughts continually drifted to those of Alex Pettyfer. I had no control over my thoughts and where they drifted. They were completely controlled by my feelings for Alex. I just hoped that they could be controlled enough for me to pay attention in class. I just needed to get through this one class and I could begin studying.

"Hey," I whispered to Jessy as I sat down beside her.

"Hi! Where you been? He's almost ready to start."

"I got stuck in traffic," what a lie! Oh well, she'd get over it.

"Oh, okay! Party at Chrissy's tonight, you in?" Fuck! A party, really?! I couldn't show up with Alex and I promised him tonight would be just me and him.

"Actually, I can't tonight," I had to lie, yet again. God, I hated lying to my friends but this was warranted.

"Why? What's more important than your friends? Especially when finals are just around the corner," Jessy asked.

"Uh...nothing, I'll cancel my other plans. I'm sure he'll understand."

"He'll? Who???? Who are you seeing? And why haven't you said anything?" She was like an inquisitive child...an annoying one.

"For that reason! I don't want all the questions, we're keeping it on the down low, so hush. I'll tell you when we're ready to tell people. Let me tell him and then I'll be there tonight," I whispered to her as the prof started his lecture.

Me: Babe?

Alex: Yeah, m'love?

Me: We have a code red.

Alex: Why? What's going on? I thought everything was good.

Me: Nosey friend alert. Jessy invited me to a party at Christine's but I promised you that tonight would be just us. And it's not like I can just bail on them and I basically told her I'm seeing someone. So it's not like I could just show up with you and be all BAM! I'm dating Alex Pettyfer. You aren't ready to be out and I'm not about to out you.

Alex: OK! Listen, take a deep breath. We'll hang out before the party and afterwards I can come pick you up. It'll be the perfect solution.

Me: Alright, but don't take advantage of me :P I'm a horny drunk.

Alex: Don't tell me these things! You'll make me wanna act on the feelings that I'll have. God, you're mean.

Me: I'm sorry babe, I don't mean to be mean. But I'm just warning you so that you aren't bombarded by me later.

Alex: Alright, well I gotta go Mark and Liz are beckoning. I'll talk to you later, I love you. Don't get into trouble. :P

Me: I gotta get focused back on class anyways. I love you so much. I'll see you later. Don't let Mark get on your nerves too much. Text me later if you want.

I put my phone away and tried my hardest to focus back on the professor. Dr. Christie was the hottest professor I had and even right now, he wasn't bringing on any feelings. I was worried about the night ahead. I didn't want to come on too strong to Alex but I also didn't want to be a prude. I was sure that I was going to come on strong and I was probably going to ask for...everything, but I trusted him that he would stop it and put me to bed if I got to be too much to handle. I just had to hope that he wouldn't hold anything against me from that night.

During class, I paid attention, I kept detailed notes. I didn't bother trying to talk to Jessy, she knew that I was busy with trying to keep my grades up, and so just ignored me and tried to keep her own focus. By the time that class was over, my wrist and hand were sore, my head ached from the Dr. Christie's voice. Although he was hot, he tended to yell. His voice, normally, could carry quite far but he was 75% deaf in one ear and so...he yelled. And my GOD! It was a yell. By the end of an hour long lecture, you wanted to shoot your brain out.

Before I got up to leave his classroom, I grabbed a bottle of Aspirin from my backpack and took two with a bottle of water that I had conveniently placed in there that morning. When I stood, Jessy was standing there right in front of me, staring. My phone had been vibrating violently on my desk and apparently she noticed.

"Who's Alex?" Are you kidding? She had looked at my phone? Oh boy, at least I hadn't put his last name in. If only she hadn't been so nosey, if only she could mind her business.

"Does it matter?" I knew I sounded rude, but man, I didn't want her to know everything about my life, she didn't need to know who he was. Not yet.

"Do I know him?"

"Not really, no."

"Oh, so I do know him, I just don't KNOW him?" she kept asking. I knew she wasn't going to stop.

"It's the guy that I'm seeing, I'm not going to tell you anymore. I don't need the entire world knowing and I'd really appreciate it if you wouldn't badger me about it. I like him, a lot! I don't want to ruin it by outing him before he's ready, so please. No one knows except for him and I and my parents. Just please, leave it be."

"Wow, alright...so much for being best friends," she muttered and walked away quickly. I knew I had upset her but she had no right to intrude on my life like that. I explained to her what I needed to. I knew that I was being a bit harsh, but really? If I'm not ready to tell people, I'm not ready to tell people.

Beth, isn't people. See, I told Beth and ever since, she's been great. She'll cover for me with Christine and Jessy so that I can spend time with Alex without seeming odd. We had even hung out, us three, plus Channing Tatum a handful of times. Beth and Channing seemed to be hitting it off pretty well, but that's for another story. Beth had managed to keep everything a secret from everyone, even her budding romance with C. How she did it? No one will ever know, but man, she did well. Christine and Jessy had barely talked to me since I had started seeing Alex and had to start lying. I was sure they saw through my lies, but I mean, there was no way around it at this point. They had to realize that when the time came, I would tell them everything and they would understand. And if I didn't tell them, the media would .

I still worried every day about what would happen to Alex when the time came to share his deepest, darkest secrets. I knew that I would stay beside him throughout it all, but I just hoped that he knew too. Honestly, I just hoped that he knew that he could rely on me throughout it all, and that I would be there and I would try my hardest to be his rock, even if in most situations, Alex was my rock. But I knew that if him and I were going to last through this all, I had to be the rock, I had to be strong for him if he broke down at night and if he wanted to hit something, I had to help him talk it out. I knew that I would be there for him through it all, even if it killed me.

On my way to my car, I realized that I was officially done class hours for the semester, what a relief. I put my backpack in the backseat of my mustang and climbed in. I started my car and just sat there, waiting for the air conditioning to cool down my car. Even in December it was 9,000,000 degrees out. As my car began to cool down, I put on my seatbelt and put it into reverse. I wanted to go to Alex's but I wasn't sure if he was free. On second thought, I knew I should go home and start studying and getting ready for the party. I would hang out with Alex later anyways. And he could help me pick out what I would wear. I pulled out of the parking lot and headed towards my parents' house. The place I grew up in and I didn't even call it my house. I always felt weird calling it that because essentially, it wasn't my house. My parents paid for it, they kept it running the way that it was. The only thing I ever did was live there, eat their food, and do the odd chore.

As I pulled up to the house, I moved towards the back where the entrance to my garage was. I had my own garage for my car while my parents had their garage in the front of the house. I parked my car, grabbed my bag and headed inside.

"Mama! I'm home!" I called out to a seemingly empty home. My mom often hid in the weirdest places and you might not think she's there, but she's definitely there.

"Hi, Sweetie! I'm upstairs in my room, come see me?" she called back at me. I ran up the stairs, dropped my bag at the door to my room and headed on towards my parents' bedroom. I knocked on the door and waited for my mom's voice. "Come in, honey."

I opened the door and smiled at the sight of the beautiful woman in front of me. For being 49, my mom looked fucking good. She still had her cute little figure, just the right amount of curves and didn't have many wrinkles. She dyed her hair to hide the grey hairs that she had accumulated. But, she was my mom and no matter what anybody said, she was beautiful, and damnit, I loved her.

"Hi, mama," I crawled up onto the bed beside her and looked at the TV above the fireplace directly across from us.

"How was school?"

"It was good, the last class hour was today, now I just have to start studying for finals. I'm a bit scared though, I'm nervous that I won't do well, if you haven't noticed I've been a bit distracted lately."

"Speaking of distractions, have you talked to him today?"

"Yeah, a bit, why?"

"Well, he called here looking for you, I found that odd. Is there anything going on?" I knew she wasn't worried, she was still flicking through channels on the TV. She was always trying to decide on something to watch.

"No, I must've just missed his texts or something while I was in class," it was then that I realized that I hadn't checked my phone after it was going ballistic on my desk. I grabbed my phone from my pocket and gasped at the high number of missed calls and text messages. "Oh boy..."

"Go, call him. He's worried about you," she rubbed my back gently as I stood from the bed and went off towards my room, dialing Alex's number as I walked down the hallway. It rang for maybe a millisecond before he answered.

"Where have you been?! I've been so worried!" he honestly sounded worried.

"Woah, baby, calm down, I was in class and I had completely forgotten about my phone, I was talking to my mom and she reminded me about it. What's going on that you need me so badly? What's wrong?" Alex knew my schedule so his incessant phone calls were worrying.

"I think it's time. Mark and Elizabeth think that if I come out now, nothing bad will happen. I'll still be okay, but I need to talk to you about it first. Are you ready to deal with it?"

"Woah! Wait! They want you to come out? And you're sure it's not just Mark being a jackass?"

"Yeah baby, I talked to Elizabeth about it for a few hours without Mark being there. I think it's a good idea but I need to know if you're okay. They don't want me to just come out and say it, they want us to get caught together around the city, holding hands, talking, getting really close. Which, I wouldn't mind doing every day, but after that, we'll have a press conference and then everything will be out in the open. How's that sound?" He was excited, I could tell by the way he was talking. His voice was a higher pitch and he honestly seemed super excited.

"Sounds good babe, but can we wait until I'm done exams? I can't risk not passing, I need to keep this scholarship, it would look bad if I didn't because my movie star boyfriend decided that he should jump out of the closet."

"If you don't want to do this, we won't, it's okay, we can wait longer."

"No, baby, I want to, we just need to wait another couple weeks until I'm done finals, when I start back at school it'll be better."

"Alright...What time do you want me to come over to hang out before the party?"

"How about 7? I want some major cuddle and lip time before I have to even think about getting ready. I miss you baby, I want to hold you and wrap my arms around you and never let you go. Don't make me let go, Alex. I never ever want to let go of you, I love you so much and it's crazy, I know. But, I really do, I can't explain it, but I love everything about you, even the fact that you're a millionaire movie star who's about to come out of the closet, with me on your arm. Why me Alex? You could have so many better people, why me?" I was letting my insecurities come through, but man I loved him. I wanted nothing more than to be with him forever.

"Baby, I love you because you're perfect for me, everything about you is perfect, I love you. I can't explain why, it would take me too long and frankly, no matter how hard I try, the words in my vocabulary would just fall short. You are perfect for me in every way and that should be all that matters, right? Now, don't worry about a thing. I'll be there in four hours, I want you to go, buckled down and study for those four hours. When I get there, you can have a shower and then we'll cuddle and I'll help you get ready. I miss you baby, and I love you, so don't worry about anything." That right there, was why I loved him, no matter what he always seemed to lift me up. It never failed, if I was upset or hurting or anything, he could make me feel better about it.

"Alright babe, I'll see you soon, I love you."

"I love you too, bye."

"Bye," I disconnected the call and then sat at my desk, my book bag beside me. I opened it up and grabbed my books out, I had them in order of exams from first to last. I guess I should start with the first and then work my way through. These entire four hours would be filled with English Lit. My first exam would likely kick my ass and make me scream its name. Taking exams hadn't been the same since I met Alex, I found myself often letting my mind drift, to focus on Alex or anything else, other than the task at hand. No matter what I did, I found Alex drifted into my mind quite a lot. There wasn't a time during the day that I didn't think about Alex, about the way his hair looked when he woke up in the morning. The way his green eyes sparkled when he smiled. Oh, god, the things he did to me.

Okay, time to focus, I gathered the few things I would need to study: a pencil, a pen, a highlighter and my notebook. I turned my desk lamp on, stood and turned my overhead lights off. I sat back down, created an alarm on my phone and started in on my studying. I started at the first chapter and wrote down everything I thought was important.

I filled almost all of the notebook in that 4 hour span. And when my alarm went off, I was a bit startled. I finished the last line of the sentence I was writing then stretched my arms above my head. I hit the intercom button.


"Yes darling?" her voice came through the intercom.

"I'm gonna jump in the shower, if Alex gets here and I'm still in the shower, just let him in please."

"Of course."

I stood from my desk, left my books how they were, went to my closet and grabbed a clean pair of boxer briefs. I moved into my bathroom and started the shower, this was going to be wondrous. A nice hot shower, was just what I needed to relax my body after studying for so long. I stripped down and got into the shower, I stepped under the water and let the water run over my entire body. I then grabbed the shampoo and started lathering it in my hair, once finished, I rinsed it out and then ran conditioner through my hair, from root to tip. Then, while it worked its magic, I started lathering my body, letting the conditioner sit. I rinsed off my body and then rinsed my hair out again. Just as I was finishing, I heard someone coming into my bathroom.

"Alex, hand me a towel," I turned the water off and stuck my hand out of the shower.

"How did you know it was me?" he grabbed the towel and handed it to me and I wrapped it around my waist.

"I could smell your cologne. Nah, just kidding, I always know it's you," I stepped out of the shower and kissed him gently, before moving away to start drying off and getting ready. I stood over the sink and started shaving my face when I felt arms wrap around me from behind.

"I missed you."

"I know, baby, I missed you too. What are you going to do tonight while I'm at this party? If I get bored, you know I'm going to call you, right?" I continued to shave and when I finished I brushed my teeth. Then, I washed my face with Oxyclean wipes.

"Yeah, baby, you can call me whenever you like. And more than likely, I'll be laying around, watching the telly, waiting for your call," his arms remained around me as I turned to face him, my lips met his.

"Alright, so...call you as soon as I get there so that I can go home with you?" A smile radiated from my face and was met with one of Alex's.

"Noooooo, I want you to stay and have fun and party and get drunk and just, be you with your friends for a while. Beth will make an excuse for you, if you need one. But as soon as you want to come home, I'll come get you," his lips grazed mine and he turned me back around. "Brush your teeth while I go pick something out for you to wear."

"Fiiiinnneeee," I grabbed my tooth brush and started brushing my teeth while Alex made his way to my closet. "Don't pick anything toooo gay, I just want to look like me."

"I know, I know, I'll find you something, just relax," I could hear him rifling through my closet as I continued to brush my teeth. Once I finished, I walked into my closet and smiled at the sight of Alex laden with clothes.

"I am NOT trying all that on, I'll pick something from it though."

"Alright, that'll be good enough," he moved over to the island in the middle of my closet and laid out the outfits. Picking would be easy, he had picked one good outfit and the rest were horribly tacky. I grabbed the light blue v-neck and dark black jeans and started dressing in them, forgoing underwear completely. "Babe?"



"Nah, too much work, it'll be fine like this. Plus, later it'll just be easier for you," I tried not to blush at what I had just said, but looking at Alex, I could see that I had embarrassed him a bit. "I'm sorry, I shouldn't have said that."

"No, it's alright, I just wasn't expecting it."

"Okay..." I continued to get dressed and then went back into my bathroom. I put mousse in my hand and started spreading it throughout my hair, then I took my blowdryer and started drying my hair, hoping the curls would stay put. I didn't hear Alex enter the room, but I could feel his presence in the room. When I was finished drying my hair, I turned off the blowdryer and set it aside, I looked at Alex in the mirror.

"You look good, babe."

"Thanks, you know that no matter what, I'm coming home to you, right?"

I saw him nod and move towards me. His arms wrapped around me and I sank into his touch.

"I love you, so fucking much," I felt his lips on my neck and I sighed happily.

"I know, I love you too," I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. "We should get going."

"Alright," I grabbed a pair of flip flops and took Alex's hand. We walked downstairs and when we left the house, we dropped hands. I got into his car and watched him as he got in on his side. Once we were both settled and buckled in, he started his car and started backing out of the driveway.

I directed him towards Christine's house and when we got about a block away, I told him that he could drop me off anywhere along the street. But, instead of listening to me, Alex drove right up to Christine's house and parked his car. I looked over at him and he brought his head in close to mine. His lips pressed against mine and I melted into him, my lips moved gently against his and we slowly parted.

"K, I'll call you as soon as I'm ready to leave. I love you, so fucking much," There was a knock on the window and I turned to see Beth. "I'll see you later."

I got out of the car and closed the door then watched Alex drive off. My heart ached a bit, as I watched him leave but I gathered myself and walked into Christine's house with Beth, laughing and joking on our way.

Once inside the house, I laughed quietly at all the decorations.

"Fuck, it looks like a gay convention, are you sure that a bunch of fairies didn't decorate this place?"

Beth looked a bit hurt at what I said and then busted out laughing, "Oh my god, thank you for saying that! I thought so too, but NOOOO no one listens to me. I told them that for this type of party, there doesn't need to be any decorations. Just music, and people, and some alcohol."

"That sounds like the perfect party," I went to the kitchen and grabbed a beer, not noticing Christine in the corner of the room.

"Drinking already?"

"Somebody's gotta start this party off. By the way, what's with the decorations?" I looked right at her.

"I wanted it to be a bit more festive; I wanted it to look nice."

"That's fine and dandy, Christine, but for a party like this, you don't need any decorations. People might think it's weird," I hated hurting her feelings, but my god, these decorations were horrible. There was pink and orange and blue streamers and balloons, it looked like a clown threw up.

"Oh god, should I take them down?"

"I would, Chrissy. You have time. Just turn the music up loud, make sure that there's a large enough section of your floor open for a dance floor and then we'll be good to go," I felt like a complete ass, but I couldn't have her looking bad in front of all of our college friends.

"Alright," she looked dejected but she went and started to take down all the decorations, I watched her and went and talked to Beth again. My phone started vibrating in my pocket.

Alex: hey baby, I'm missin' you already.

Me: I know babe, I miss you too. If you wanted to wear your disguise, you could come, I'd just be worried about people recognizing you. Because if you were here, I would be able to keep my hands off you.

Alex: I know baby, I'd want to be with you the entire time. How abouttttt, when I come out, we have a party and then we'll be able to dance and whatnot and you can invite whoever you want.

Me: Sounds good to me. I'm sure Christine and Jessy won't know about you and I until they hear on the news that you're out and dating someone.

Alex: BAHA! Probably. Look, I miss you so much. Text me when you're done and I'll be there in a flash, I'm just driving around, I might go to Denny's and grab a bite to eat.

Me: Alright, sounds like a plan. I love you, I'll text you later. People are starting to show up and they'll start questioning me if I've got my face in my phone.

Alex: I love you too. See you soon <3.

Everyone was showing up and I put my phone into my pocket, I grabbed another beer and headed over to Beth, who was standing with a group of boys. The rule was, if they're overstepping, we step in. Otherwise, we let the others work their magic. It looked like everything was going fine until I walked up and heard her yelling, I grabbed her and gently pulled her away.

"No fights," our second rule. No one was allowed to fight anyone, no matter what they said or did. We were not going to break into fights and ruin our chances of having parties. We went over to the DJ booth and turned the music up louder and her and I started dancing in the middle of the dance floor.

Since we were best friends, we could get away with dancing like we were gonna get naked and go at it on the floor. We ground our bodies together and ran our hands all over each other. As we danced, more people joined us, and soon the floor was packed with people and it was starting to get really warm. I was a good dancer, not to toot my own horn or anything. But, I could hold my own out there and so could Beth, so we kept dancing, moving our bodies to the music and just having fun, we were laughing and smiling until I felt arms encircle me. I stopped smiling and looked at Beth, hoping for a signal, she just smiled and nodded my head. I turned around and saw dark sunglasses hiding green eyes and a hat hiding blonde hair.

"Hi," Alex whispered into my ear.

"Hey," I started dancing with him, now moving my body against his. I took his hands and wrapped them around my waist. Finally, he started moving his body with mine. I started hearing voices around me and I just hoped and prayed that nobody recognized who I was dancing with. I heard Christine behind me and turned to look at her, I kept moving my body against Alex's and felt his grip tighten on me as people started asking questions.

"Who's that?" Christine asked into my ear.


"Why's he wearing sunglasses?"

"He wants to."

"Oh, okay."

I kept dancing with him and smiled up into his face, I leaned in and kissed him, I felt him stiffen up but then relax and start kissing me back. Then I pulled back and grabbed his hand and started leading him to the kitchen, I got myself another beer and drank it quickly and then poured myself another. The only time I drank beer was when I was at a party, it was easiest to just grab a beer rather than have to mix a drink and blah blah blah. I looked at Alex and gasped a bit when I saw that someone had taken his hat off. Someone was going to recognize him, I quickly drank my beer and grabbed his hand.

"Let's go."


"Someone's going to recognize you and that'll just cause problems. Let's go."

We raced out of the kitchen and wove our way through the crowd towards the door. Why did Christine have to have such a huge house, I just needed to get Alex out of here.

"Is that Alex Pettyfer?" I heard through the crowd.



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