Disclaimer: This story is fiction, and is not intended to imply anything about the true sexuality of the celebrities mentioned or any personal knowledge about their private lives, other than what I read in the news.

This story contains descriptions of homosexual relationships of a hardcore nature between consenting adult males. If it is illegal for you to read this material, then don't, or at least don't let anyone find out. If these sorts of things offend you then the same applies as above.

Author's Notes: This isn't my first story on Nifty, but it's been well over a year since my last posting, so I'm a little out of practice. This story was inspired mainly by a picture of David Beckham and Wayne Rooney I found on a website. I'm posting a link here to the picture, which is hopefully not against Nifty rules as it's a link to my own profile.


I was also inspired by several authors:

`Beck Home' by Austin Fan -- a great pairing of David Beckham and Ryan Giggs

`Sexy Stars at TOTP' by Mac Smith -- great for British Celeb fucks!

And `Achilles Hole' by Kairal Medal, that inspired me to write the story.

If you like this story, I'd take the time out to track down these stories and take a look. They all should be in the celebrities section (though Beck Home and TOTP may be in the pre-2002 file by now)

Anyway, after that lengthy opening, you can get to the story now!

Old Trafford

David Beckham

Wayne Rooney

John Arne Riise

David Beckham was walking through the stadium ground of Old Trafford in Manchester, not too distant memories of when he had played for the club entering his mind's eye. He was walking along the front row of the North Stand, heading anti-clockwise around the edge of the pitch, where Manchester United had just beaten Newcastle two-nil, heading for the Player's Tunnel, which would take him to the dressing rooms. The stadium was empty now, but Dave could almost feel the presence of the crowd that had been there less than an hour before, still smell the adrenaline and cheap cider in the air.

Heaving a nostalgic sigh, he carried on in front of the West Stand until he reached the Player's Tunnel, taking one last look at the expansive stadium before turning and taking the familiar route along the corridor further into the building.

Continuing his self-guided tour, Dave took a quick look around the player's lounge, with its familiar pink toned walls, red carpet and pine furniture, before carrying on to the dressing rooms.

He took a quick look around the Away Team dressing room, as he hadn't ever had much opportunity to go in there before (both dressing rooms were basically the same) finding it still splattered with mud from the Newcastle player's boots, before moving on to the Home Team changing room.

It was when he reached the Home changing room however, that he finally stopped. He was standing just outside the entrance to the room, the smell of deodorant, recycled air and just plain footballer stinging his nose, listening to an oddly familiar sound echoing against the walls inside.

"Oh man, oh yeah! Fuck me!"

"Yeah! Fuck, you've got such a sweet tight little arse!"

Dave grinned to himself as he recognised both voices, and understood immediately what was going on. Taking a quick glance around to make sure that the corridor was completely empty, he walked inside.

The scene he arrived on took his breath away. Wayne Rooney was sitting on the continuous changing room bench around the wall, still in his game kit of red shirt, white shorts and white socks, only now the hem of his shirt was pulled back behind his neck, exposing his broad slightly muscled and also slightly hairy upper body, and his shorts had joined his socks around his ankles, along with his white supporting pants (briefs in the US). And sitting in Wayne's lap was none other than the stunning figure of John Arne Riise, the Norwegian Newcastle Midfielder, his dark blue Away kit shirt on the floor a few feet way, his shorts stretched over his knees as he bounced his firm hairless butt up and down on Rooney's knob, both his hands beating on his own 8 inch dick as he bounced, groaning and grunting in satisfaction.

The sight of the extremely cute and fit Newcastle player fucking himself on the slightly broader built Rooney's fat cock sent blood pumping directly to Dave's own big dick. A huge bulge began to protrude from the crotch of his Adidas training tracksuit, as he folded his arms over his chest and smirked in enjoyment at the free porn he was being offered.

After a moment or two, Wayne looked up and saw David standing in the doorway looking very cocky, and grinned at him, sticking his tongue out and panting to display non-verbally to Dave how horny he was, as he pumped his grossly thick 9 inch cock into John's fresh backside.

"How's it goin' Becks?" He said lightly, not slowing the fuck for a second "Didn't expect to catch you around here!"

"More like I caught you!" Dave laughed "See you've still got the Old Trafford tradition still going strong there, Wayne!"

The Old Trafford tradition was that the player who scored the winning goal in a match got to fuck one of the other players from the loosing team. Rooney had obviously scored the `2-nil' goal, and had chosen John as his prize. David would probably made the same choice. John Arne Riise was a quality fuck indeed!

Hearing another voce in the room, John's eyes suddenly opened, a look of surprise and slight guilt crossing his face, until he noticed the unmissable prominence in David's tracksuit trousers.

"Enjoying yourself David?" he asked in his sexy Scandinavian accent, indicating Dave's bulge with a nod of his head.

"Not as much as you clearly!" Dave replied, reaching down to grip and squeeze his growing dick through his trackies as it expanded down his right leg.

"Well, you know I don't mind sharin' mate!" Wayne said, poking his wide shaved head under John's arm to look at Dave. "If you want to enjoy yourself a bit more, you're welcome to his gob!"

"Aw, that'd be great!" Dave replied enthusiastically, feeling his dick grow a couple more centimetres down his leg. "Victoria won't suck me off anymore. She reckons I'm too big for her throat!"

"Aw yeah, I'd love to take care of that for you!" John said between grunts as Wayne began to pump his dick harder up inside him.

"Then let's get you in a better position!" Wayne said with a laugh. He grabbed John around his slim waist and, without removing his dick from John's arse, moved him carefully to the floor in front of the bench, so that John was now on all fours with Wayne kneeling behind him, still banging his big fat cock in and out of his hole.

David moved into the room now, shucking off his Adidas fleece as he went, leaving him in a white vest that showed off his arms, chest and six-pack. Getting to his knees on the floor, he moved in front of John. He then fished out his throbbing cock from his pants, and hooked it over the waistband of his trackies.

John gazed at Dave's cock for a moment, tantalisingly bobbing and swaying in front of him, a long and veiny ten inches of meat with the foreskin rolled back to expose the shiny plump head, which smelled strongly of David's precum, with a faint hint of knob cheese as well. Leaning forward on his arms, John eagerly sucked the bulbous head into his mouth, cleaning off all the precum that had gathered in his foreskin with his tongue before taking about two inches of the wide shaft into his mouth as well.

"Oooh, fuck yeah!" Dave hissed as a warm mouth closed around the sensitive head of his cock for the first time in almost half a year. Getting more confident he let his narcissistic side reveal itself slightly "Fuck, yes, suck it Arne! Suck it! You like big Beckham dick, I'll bet! Bet you've been dreaming of it for years, just like everyone else in Europe? Yeah? Have you? `Course you have! Everybody wants Beckham's cock, don't they?"

"Hmm yhhh!" John answered, his mouth full of Beckham cock. In his case, Dave's arrogant ramblings were mostly true. He'd been wondering for years just how big Beckham's knob was, what it looked and tasted like. And now he had about three or four inches of its ten inch length wedged in the top of his throat! "Fffk yhhh!"

"How `bout me?" Wayne grinned, feigning hurt feelings "Haven't you been wanting my fat dick as well, Arne? Have you wanted to feel me shoving in your tight hole? Eh?" He pushed his point by pressing his dick deeper into an unexplored region of John arse.

"Ooohh sht!" John mumbled and slurped. Dave's sweet precum was now beginning to saturate his taste buds, and with Rooney pounding his big thick cock deeper and deeper into him on almost every stroke, he was in heaven.

"Yeah, shit!" Dave growled moving his hands to the back of John's head and mussing up his fashionable bleached-tip `feuxhawk' hairstyle (shaved quite short at the sides, but long on the top and back, and gelled up into a ridge along the top like a Mohawk). "Ah yeah, come on, swallow more of it! You're throat's bigger than that isn't it? Come on, show me how much of my big dick you can take!"

Without waiting for John to reply, Dave used his hands to pull John's head closer to his crotch, forcing more of his monster into his mouth. John struggled a bit and snorted through his nose to get enough air, but Dave didn't let go, until he finally felt John's lips press against his pubes.

"Oh shit, yeah, he did it!" Dave gasped, actually surprised "Aw, fuck yeah Wayne, he's swallowed my whole fucking knob!"

"Yeah, I told you that you'd enjoy yourself!" Wayne grinned back. He could tell it wasn't going to be long before he lost his load into John arse, so he decided to try and speed things up a bit. "Go on Dave, fuck his mouth, fuck him in his fuckin' throat! Bet he loves that!"

Dave looked up at Wayne's grinning face, and grinned back lopsidedly. He took a firmer hold of John's head, and eased his cock out of his throat.

"Ohh yeah!" he half laughed as John's throat muscles dragged on his knobhead, trying to suck it back in. When all but his head was out of John's mouth, he pulled his head forwards again, to feel his cock stretching John's throat muscles, easily gliding back in.

Dave continued this motion over and over again, until his cock was pummelling thoughtlessly into John's gullet, his loins crashing against John's jaw, as John slurped and snorted as he sucked down all the precum that Dave was providing so generously, hoping he'd get to taste the main course.

But that wasn't to be. John felt Wayne speed up his pounding almost double. Then Wayne's back arched as he slammed his hips against John's butt and held them there, yelling out loud as he released his big sloppy teenage load deep in John's guts.

Everything stopped for a moment, as Wayne came down from his cum-high and John savoured the feeling of warmth spreading through his arse. Shit, Wayne had pumped a big load up inside him! As Wayne pulled out, he felt some of it dribble down past his balls and down his rigid dick onto the floor.

"You done up there yet, big guy?" Wayne asked Dave, trying to slow his panting.

"Hardly even close!" Dave leered at him.

"Wanna switch then?" Wayne panted "I've loosened him up for you back there."

"Looks like you've lubed him up more than enough as well!" Dave laughed, seeing the small puddle forming on the floor under John's hole.

"Yeah, I s'pose!" Wayne admitted with a touch of pride. His balls never failed to produce an above average sized load, and he'd got so horny screwing John's fresh Norway butt that he'd shot enough up there to allow a horse smooth entry!

Pulling his dick from John's mouth, slightly reluctantly at that, Dave switched positions with Wayne, so that he was now at John's arse, and Wayne was at his head.

"Come on then, cocksucker, clean my dick for me!" Wayne commanded.

While John gently sucked Wayne's soft cock into his mouth, Dave positioned his fat knobhead at his hole. Despite Wayne's giant load of spunk already up there, Dave could tell he was going to get resistance from John's hole. Very few women had ever taken more than a few inches in them, but for some reason, guy's arses seemed more flexible somehow.

Trusting to this theory, David put his knobhead to John's hole and pushed hard. His hole suddenly seemed to give way, and without meaning to, Dave had slammed his gigantic cock deep into John's body, with more than half his bodyweight behind it.

John yelled at the top of his voice. It had hurt, certainly, but Dave's huge fucker had struck where no other guy had before. He spread his legs, pressing himself against Dave's hips, trying to get more in; more, more!! More huge Beckham cock!

"Oh FUCK!!" Dave growled, as his hands came up to stroke his belly and chest as his cock sank deeper into John's butt. He could feel his shaft sliding around John's white hot hole on a layer of Wayne's thick young spunk. He instinctively began to slide himself in and out of the slick hole, drawing out to almost halfway, before stuffing his cock back inside, John's arse gobbling the shaft, trying to suck more in.

"Awww...my god!!" John shouted as Dave's huge cock spread his arse cheeks apart, drawing out and then driving back home, each inward thrust causing him to bump his forehead against Wayne's belly.

Wayne was now beginning to get hard again. John's sucking mouth had long ago removed all trace of cum and butt funk from his cock, and now it was already nearly half-hard, his fat purple knobhead showing itself over his foreskin again. He started running his fingers through John's messed-up hair, as Dave had done, but just let John lick and suck on his head, not allowing him to take the whole fat sausage in his mouth, not yet anyway. He just wanted to hold off cumming again for a while longer; he wasn't ready for this to end just yet.

"Mmmm yes," Wayne sighed as John moved his heads downwards to lick on his furry balls, which were already beginning to boil with another huge slimy load. John's deep throated groaning sent vibrations through his nut sack that went straight to his cock, sending it to full mast again. "Yeah, let's turn him over Dave!"

"Aw yeah, ah...good idea..." Dave moaned as he thrust back into John's velvety furnace again.

Wayne pulled his nuts away from John's tongue, stood up and took him by the shoulders. John looked up at him, puzzled.

"Ok then Dave, get his legs and flip him." Wayne said.

Dave, trying to resist thrusting in and out again, took John by the thighs just below his hips, and stood as well, bringing John up with him, with Wayne holding John up at the other end. They then began to turn him over, John's arse turning around Dave's cock.

"Oh, FUCK YEAH!!" they both shouted. Wayne and David then put John back down to the floor, now lying on his back, with Dave on top of him.

"Aw yeah, I'm gonna fuck you so hard!!" Dave moaned as he took hold of John's legs by the ankles and pulled them apart, leaving John completely open to him. He began thrusting hard with exaggerated movements of his hips, snagging his cock on John's prostate with each stroke, causing him to moan louder. Dave remembered fucking Victoria exactly this way when they first started going out, although she hadn't responded quite so positively to his relentless pounding and huge overlarge cock. John seemed to enjoy it much more!

Wayne stood over them both watching, jerking his almost fully hard cock in his left hand, while playing with his nipples and chest hair with the other. He wanted in on the action, and just then, he came up with the perfect solution.

He pulled off his white shorts which were still around his ankles and threw them on the bench. He then kneeled down again, this time with his knees on either side of John's head.

John looked up from where David was kneeling between his spread legs, and saw Rooney's furry arse-trench directly over his face, and guessed in an instant what was coming.

"Oh yea..." he managed to get out, before his speech was cut of as Wayne plonked his big arse down on his face. John inhaled the scent of Wayne's sweaty crack, still fragrant from the earlier match, before he focused in on his hole and started licking and sucking.

"Oh, my...Aw shit!!" Wayne gasped as his sensitive hole was attacked by John's large tongue, which quickly forced its way inside him tasting his arse funk and spreading his hole. "Yeah, that's it Arne! Yeah, munch on my fat arse, aw fuck, eat that hole!!"

Wayne's cock was fully solid now, pointing skyward diagonally, bobbing under its own huge weight and the movement of Wayne's hips as he moved around on John's tongue.

Dave meanwhile was beside himself with lust. He had never gangbanged anyone before, it had always been one-on-ones, even with one night stands and quick fucks in a public toilet, like when he'd shagged Robbie Williams in the loos at the BBC studio with his wife two rooms away. But now he realised he'd defineley been missing something! The moans, groans and grunts of two other guys, rather than just one, was so much more stimulating.

Dave wasn't sure how much more he could take of this, and all at once, he felt the inevitable sensation in his balls meaning that the end was approaching. He knew he wanted to slow down to prolong this further, but he was so caught up in the fuck that he just kept going faster and faster, unable to stop.

"Fuckin' hell Wayne, I'm gonna shoot!" He gasped, his mind fogging and his hips jolting out of rhythm.

"Oh yeah Dave, shoot that big Beckham load up his arse!" Wayne coaxed softly, although his voice was filled with almost angry lust, and his lips began to snarl with pleasure as he rode John's mouth, looking down at John's greatly defined yet lean body, completely hairless from top to bottom, his neck disappearing between Wayne's legs, a pool of clear precum gathering on top of his chest beneath Wayne's cock.

Dave reached the point of no return.

"Oh fuck yeah!! You fuckin' bitch!! Take my FUCKING CUM!!!" Dave screamed as his spunk suddenly raged up from his balls, spurting a load almost equal, if not larger than Wayne's had been earlier, overloading John's arse so that cum squirted out around Dave's cock.

Nobody moved for a moment. Then Dave carefully pulled his softening cock from John's hole, stood panting, and gingerly sat down on the bench behind him, leaning against the wall in exhaustion, beads of perspiration running down his face and chest, soaking into the white vest he was still wearing.

John let Wayne's beefy cock slip out of his mouth, where it proceeded to dribble precum and saliva down his chest, and looked around at Dave sitting there on the bench, all out of breath, his flaccid cock lying between his legs, obviously as spent as the man himself.

John still hadn't blown his load yet and was still fully horned up, but an idea popped into his mind.

He stood up, and whispered in Wayne's ear, who grinned. Wayne then moved to sit down next to Dave on the bench, their bare legs touching.

Dave looked over at Wayne, smiled, and then moved in to plant a kiss on his lips. Wayne responded by pulling Dave towards him and crushing their mouths together.

In a few seconds, the two football stars where going at it like they hadn't fucked anything for months, rather than both having fucked John less than five minutes ago. One of Wayne's hands was on the back of Dave's head, holding their faces together, the other underneath Dave's vest, massaging the hot sweaty muscles that it concealed. Meanwhile, Dave's hands were stroking Wayne's thick thighs, the other pushing three fingers into Wayne's big arse stroking the teenager's prostate, making him moan in hunger.

Without wasting any more time, Wayne decided to get on with the plan and leaned over on the bench into David's lap, grabbing his cock around the root and slurping the rest of the flaccid yet still relatively fat shaft into his mouth. Dave's dick was thick and meaty, and even when soft it filled Wayne's mouth over halfway.

"Oooh, yeah!" Dave groaned, stretching his arms and putting his hands behind his head in a relaxed posture as Wayne cleaned off his cock, lapping up the excess cum from under his foreskin and the cum and juices from John's butt. Even after having shot just les than a few minutes ago, he felt himself beginning to get hard again. He smiled to himself, recalling how much Victoria enjoyed it when he was able to fuck her several times in a row. And not only his wife. He seemed to remember the cries and moans of pleasure of the young Michael Owen as he was fucked and bread up his arse three times in a row in just an hour.

In another two minutes, Dave was at full mast again, while Wayne was now so fucking hard that Dave could see every vein on his shaft, and his foreskin was pulled back completely, showing off his huge fat knob. John was sitting a bit away down the bench, watching the two studs going at it, Wayne's face stretched over Dave's monster, and Dave's sexy features screwed up, sucking in deep breaths through his teeth every few seconds, moaning and groaning every other second.

"Whoa, Wayne, you give good blowjob!" Dave exclaimed as Wayne took his shaft down to the root and back again "You never used to be this good! Who's been training you? You haven't been goin' down on Ronaldo, have you?"

"Nah," Wayne responded, removing Dave's cock from his gullet for a moment "I was in the shower with Gary and Ryan a couple of years ago; they got hard lookin' at my arse, so I sucked them both. They've been givin' me lessons ever since." He finished, before going down on Dave again.

"Fuck, that's hot!" Dave hissed, as the image came into his head of Wayne getting gang-banged by Gary Neville and Ryan Giggs, whom he had both done in the past, picturing Wayne grabbing hold of Ryan's copious chest hair as Gary railed his own thin yet very long cock into his arse.

With these pictures in his mind, it wasn't long before Wayne had Dave approaching no return, an eventuality he announced rather loudly.

"Oh, fuckin' shit, Wayne, yeh I'm gonna shoot! Don't stop, fucker, it's coming!"

"Hey, stop!"

Dave opened his eyes and saw John now standing in front of him, hand on his hips with his still loaded eight-inch dick straining up from his groin.

Wayne pulled Dave's cock out of his gob again and glared up at him.

"What D'yo want, Riise?" he asked, jokingly.

"You guys haven't made me cum yet," John complained through a grin "Becks shouldn't be wasting that load into your cum dump of a stomach, Wayne (Wayne growled at this). Why not make use of it, as in getting me off?"

"I've already fucked you once, mate, you want another round already?" Dave laughed.

"Fuck yeah!" John exclaimed enthusiastically, taking his cock in his hand and fisting it slowly "Anything for a bit more Beckham Dick! Now get that sexy ass down on the floor and let me ride you!"

"Okey-dokey, mate!" Dave chuckled, finally pulling off his vest, revealing his lightly muscled chest and abs shiny with his sweat, then sliding off the bench to sit on the floor, supporting himself on his arms with his legs spread out, his irresistible ten inches rearing up from his loins "Climb aboard!"

Licking his lips, John moved over Dave and kneeled down to straddle his hips, Dave's hot Beckham cock rubbing up and down along his furrow, making it wet with precum. Making Dave gasp as the tiny hairs along his crack scraped over his sensitive dickhead. Finally, John aimed up his hole over Dave's pole, and lowered himself, gasping as the head popped inside him again. He then sat down fully, cramming the whole lot into his chute. It wasn't at all painful, John's hole having been invaded and lubed by Dave only ten minutes ago, so all he felt was pleasure and the feeling of having David Beckham wedged in his guts, his sexy face grinning up at him cheekily.

"What are you waiting for?" Dave asked, curious as to why John was just sitting there on his dick, which was screaming to be unloaded again.

"I want Wayne to get behind me and get his dick up there as well!" John announced, looking up at Wayne, whose eyes bugged out at the mention of this. "I want both your huge cocks in my ass!"

"You want both of us up you?" Dave questioned dubiously, a hesitant look on his face. "I mean, I'm fucking huge, and Wayne's got a knob like a can of Guinness! If we both go up you we'll bust you open!"

"Fuck, I can take it!" John said impatiently, wiggling his arse about on Dave's hips, moving his cock around inside himself. Dave cried out in panic.

"Ahhh, fuck Wayne, get yourself up him fast, I'm not gonna last too much longer!"

"Fine, if you say so, man," Wayne conceded, moving around the two of them, looking sceptically at John's hole being stretched so wide by Dave's giant, and then looking down at his own fat cock "But I dunno if this will work."

"Trust me guys, I can do it!" John repeated, dying to feel something moving about inside him, but desperate for it to be both these two footy hunks.

Deciding not to argue any more, Wayne kneeled down behind John, spat on his hand and lubed up his cock with it. He then cautiously placed his fat knobhead at John's entrance and pushed.

He was shocked when John's hole seemed to loosen up entirely, allowing him to work his huge head inside.

"Holy fuck!" Wayne gasped in both surprise and delight, as he sank himself deeper in to join Dave in the dark warmth of John's seemingly elastic arse, feeling Dave's huge rigid shaft riding against his own.

"Awww, owww!" John, grunted, his face screwed up in pain as Wayne bottomed out inside him, stretching him wider than he had been for a while.

"You alright, mate?" Wayne asked, stopping his movements.

"Yeah, fine," John groaned through gritted teeth "Just don't move for a sec."

He took a minute or two to let his butt loosen up some more and for the muscles to stop hurting, before he wordlessly began to gyrate his hips around, moving his sweet cheeks in circles on top of the two huge boys inside him.

"Ohh yeah!!" Both Dave and Wayne groaned simultaneously as their shafts began to rub together through John's movements.

"You like that guys?" John teased, sweat pouring off his from the effort. "You like having both your knobs up me?"

"Believe it fucker!" Wayne growled, deciding that John had had enough time to stretch himself, and grabbed him round the waist and began to pummel his cock hard and fast into John hole.

John screamed in pain and pleasure as he was stretched wider than ever under Wayne's crazed fucking. He could hear the sucking of his own hole as Wayne railed his thick fat cock in and out of him, reaching round his chest from behind to grab his nipples, twisting them cruelly in his fingers, making John scream and holler even louder. This just drove Wayne into a deeper fuck lust, and he snapped his hips forward harder and harder on each stroke like a runaway piston.

Dave had until now just been lying there with his eyes closed, concentrating on John's cries, Wayne's growls and the feeling of a tight ass around his cock alongside another huge cock, as well as the smell of the other guy's sweat and funk. But as John's cries got louder as Wayne raped him mercilessly, Dave's eyes suddenly flew open as the fuck-lust took him too. He bent his legs slightly, and slowly but determined he began to lift his hips up and then drop them again, sliding his own dick in and out of John as Wayne pounded the living shit out of him.

"Ahh, you big dicked mutherfucker!!" John yelled as he felt Dave begin to move inside him as well, reaching further into his guts than Wayne, and he rose from a hands-and-knees position until he was sitting up straight on Dave's lap, bringing up his hands to grab Wayne's as they continued to massage his solid pecs.

"My God, you're a sexy little bitch, Arne!!" Wayne grunted as he began to bite and nibble at John's nape and suck at his ears, bringing tears to John's eyes.

"He sure is!" Dave hissed, grabbing John by the waist and beginning to pound him harder, trying to match Wayne's pace.

"Aaaahhh, fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!" John howled, right before Wayne pulled his head back by his hair and shoved his tongue into his mouth, snogging him roughly like the horny teenager that he was.

It wasn't long before Dave began to pant out that he was getting close again.

"Aww, yeah, it's finally coming, John! Get your tight little butt ready for my second load!!"

And with that he began to pump John full of his seed for the second time, making his arse nice and slippery for Wayne, who threw his head back and bared at the ceiling like a rutting dog, bringing his hands down to work on John's bloated cock.

"Oh yeah, Rooney, yeh, go on, don't stop, don't...ahhh!!" John managed to babble out before he finally released his load, spraying Dave with his boiling spunk, who licked it up eagerly from his face.

"Yeah, not long to wait, fucker!" Wayne growled deeply, red with the effort of keeping up such an energetic fuck pace, his furry chest matted with sweat "Here we go...here we GO!!!!!!"

And with that he spouted his second gigantic sloppy load of the afternoon, making John's butt awash with both his and Dave's spunk.

Wayne slowly withdrew from John's butt, not noticing that John kept his ring tight over Dave's spent shaft to prevent any fluids escaping, and sat down on the floor next to them both, panting heavily like a rhino. A moment or two later, Dave pulled his receding cock from John as well, also failing to notice that John again made sure that he lost none of it.

"That was fuckin' amazing!" Dave panted, smiling at John "Where the hell did you learn to take two guys up that tight arse?"

"Well," John began, standing up straight with a slight wince as he felt his sphincter muscles twinge slightly "I got fucked by Ally McCoist when I did `A Question of Sport' a while back." When they both looked a bit blank, not having had the opportunity of seeing Ally in the buff, he elaborated, "He's about an inch or two shorter than you, Dave, but thickness wise he's bigger than the both of you put together!!"

"Jesus fuckin' shite!" Wayne guffawed in mirth "I'm guessing that's not the last time you had him, given that you're so fuckin' stretchy back there!"

"Don't even get me started!" John chuckled, remembering the quick yet devastating fucks he'd shared in pub bathrooms with Ally since the first time!

It took a while for the guys to clean up the mess of splattered cum they had made, but in twenty minutes both Dave and Wayne were fully dressed again in their tracksuit training gear.

"Well it was great to see you again John!" Dave said sincerely, reaching out to shake John's hand.

"Likewise Becks," John said accepting the handshake "Hope we can do this again sometime!"

"Me too." Dave smiled.

A few minutes later, Wayne and David were walking through the car park of Old Trafford stadium heading for their cars. They luckily seemed to have avoided the press and fans after spending so long inside.

"So, hows it feel to be back?" Wayne asked Dave as they reached Dave's car.

"Wish I could stay longer!" Dave said, only half joking "I've missed all the fun."

"We've all missed you too Becks!" Wayne smiled at his mate "Hey, can you still, you know, do it three times?"

"Oh, yeah!" Dave said, a horny smile coming to his lips.

Another few minutes and they were driving, Wayne following Dave's car to his hotel. The afternoon wasn't finished yet!

Back in the dressing room, John was just pulling on his briefs again, when he turned to see a familiar figure in the doorway. He smiled, as Stephen Gerrard, also of Liverpool, entered the room.

Stephen smiled as he saw John, and moved over to plant a deep and gropey kiss on him.

"So, what you doin' here so late?" Steve asked John with a knowing grin "Been busy, have we?"

"Fuck yeah!" John said as Steve squeezed his ass. "You'll never guess what I've got for your dinner!"

"Tell me!" Steve said, a big smile lighting his features.

"Two double loads from Wayne Rooney, and David Beckham!"

"You're shittin' me!" Steve yelled, his eyes lighting up in glee "I thought I smelled Becks' cock when I came in here! Well, what are you waitin' for? Get those pants off and let me at those loads!"

John grinned as he pulled off his pants, got down on the floor again and felt Stephen's long tongue groping inside his chute for the wonders within. He didn't care what the fans or anyone else thought, he was fuckin' glad that Liverpool had lost to Man U at Old Trafford!

Well that's it! Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did! If you don't know what the celebrities involved look like, just type their names into Google Images, you'll find loadsa pics.

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