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Olly Murs And Dougie Poynter Requested by Josh

There he sat in the studio. I had made a guess appearance on McFly's new album. I watched as he played his bass like a pro. Hell he was a pro. I smiled as I thought about everything that I could and would do to him if I ever got the chance. I was so lost in thought that when they were finished recording and he was talking directly to me I didn't hear a word he said. I Olly Murs wanted a piece of that hot hunk Dougie Poynter from the band McFly.

When he walked over to talk me it took me a few minutes to realize that he was talking to me. I smiled before answering his question. “ Dougie I am so glad that I was able to feature on the new album.” Dougie smiled and before I could notice leaned in and gave a small peck on the lips. I looked up astonished. Te love of my life had just given me exactly what I wanted. I sat in silence before looking at him and smiling. He smiled back before asking “How long” 3 years I replied looking at his lovely smile. We kissed again before departing after getting each others numbers and where we could meet each other.

A Couple Of Days Later

We were together a few after our first encounter. I didn't want it to seem that I wanted more even though I did and he knew I did. Dougie knew I wanted his British cock. We kissed again before he asked, “Olly I really want you to have me” I looked into his eyes and I melted. Had I heard this right Dougie Potnter wanted me to have him. I smiled at him and simply replied but I want you to have me. The two men smiled at each other before ripping each others clothing off.

Once both men were naked I proceeded to lick his chest. Running my tongue over his sensitive nipples I got a moan as my prize. I slowly made my way down his body being sure to dip my tongue into his navel and kissing the base of his British cock. I kissed the head of the hard 8 inches. He moaned and I took the whole thing in at one time. Now I had never sucked cock before but I really wanted to please him so I fought through my gag reflex and took it all down. I worked it in and out bobbing up and down getting several moans from Dougie. He was really enjoying this. I looked up in his face to see his beautiful smile and his eyes that said anything but stop. I licked from the base to the tip before taking it in again and bobbing. He worked his cock hard before he pulled out and said “ I wanna cum inside you” I looked up at him and smiled turning my body so that my ass was in his face. He took the sign and slowly began to probe my ass with his long pink tongue. I moaned as I felt the warm tool run down my ass crack. I was in heaven. I had finally gotten this hunk to have me. He removed his tongue and let out a moan or irritation but soon shut my mouth he skipped step 2 and was now pushing 8 inches into my ass. I moaned loud as I had never been stretched. He was having a hard time going in so I relaxed and opened up a bit. Once he was inside me the pain subsided and turned into pleasure. I was there. He was ramming in and out going hardcore just he way I wanted him too. I was so in the mood I hadn't realized that he hit my prostate until I saw 5 globs of hot cum leave my aching 7.5 inch cock. I kissed him before pushing back on his cock encasing I in my ass. He moaned and let out his load and we were done. He let out 6 shots of hot cum in my ass and I was loving it. He pulled out his softening cock and I leaned up and kissed him before heading to the shower. I was in heaven. I had finally gotten the hottie to fuck me. I was so ready to do anything I wanted to, just from that one thing. I felt like a complete man.

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